Todd Bowles: Lay Off Baker Mayfield!

October 30th, 2023

Todd Bowles defends.

Joe knows these people lurk.

There is a loud, vocal, largely orange-and-blue-wearing segment of Joe’s reading audience that wants Kyle Trask as the Bucs starting quarterback. Period.

To hell with reason, logic and circumstances, they say. Get rid of this Baker Mayfield and put in a real quarterback. Now!

Well, first these folks must convince Todd Bowles that Mayfield’s play warrants getting benched. Bowles, currently, does not think that way.

Mired in a three-game losing streak, Mayfield’s play hasn’t quite been to the level of when Mayfield led the Bucs to a 3-1 record to start the season.

Joe’s good friend Rock Riley asked Bowles today to give a review of Mayfield’s play. Simply put, Bowles said Mayfield is not the problem.

“Baker’s doing fine,” Bowles said, adding the offense as a whole is struggling, not one specific player. “Obviously he gets all the credit when we win and gets most of the blame when we lose.

“Baker is doing fine. He’s captaining the ship very well. He had no turnovers the last game. We just have to get in synch there.”

So there you have it. Mayfield is your Bucs quarterback. Learn it. Live it. Love it.

Joe is pretty convinced for Mayfield to be stepped over by Trask, Mayfield would either have to be injured or Mayfield would have to be throwing picks right and left.

Always remember and never forget, it’s about the turnover battle. (#Sarcasm)

105 Responses to “Todd Bowles: Lay Off Baker Mayfield!”

  1. Mostly Peaceful Trask Fan Says:

    Click my name

  2. Mike Johnson Says:

    Well Bowles defends Tryon too saying he is doing a decent job. Todds gonna ride Baker all the way until they are both fired.

  3. Bill in Seminole Says:

    Hey, we’re 3-4, better than I thought we’d be almost midway through the season. Ten games left; only two look unwinnable (49res and Jaguars). The rest either winnable or should be close. And, Baker is doing okay; without a run game each game is on his shoulders, along with Evans and Godwin.

  4. Mostly Peaceful Trask Fan Says:

    It’s kind of like leaving a pitcher in because he’s still throwing strikes despite the fact that ropes are being hit all over the ball park and over the fence.

  5. Jeff Says:

    Clueless Todd’s too clueless to know it’s his fault.

  6. A Bucs Fan Says:

    Can’t fix his height but really he just needs to throw the ball more accurately and also to the open receiver… Bucs would be 5-2 if he does that… even with Bowles archaic offensive vision.

  7. TonySoprano Says:

    We get it, Todd. Baker isn’t the problem. JTS isn’t the problem. Ryan Neal isn’t the problem. Devin White isn’t the problem. The scheme isn’t the problem. All the players and all the coaches are doing very well. They just need to get a little better, practice a little more. A

    We’ll be hearing this same, tired response from Todd while he’s cleaning out his office after week 17.

  8. Defense Rules Says:

    Bowles … ‘“Baker is doing fine. He’s captaining the ship very well. He had no turnovers the last game.’

    Gut feel is that Matt Rhule said the same thing at the start of last year when Baker got them to 1-5. Then, oh that’s right, Rhule got fired and Baker subsequently got traded.

    Note to Todd: When the best thing you can say about a QB is ‘He had no turnovers the last game’ you’re reaching. And ‘captaining the ship very well’ does not correspond to losing 4 of the last 5 games.

  9. Lombardi Lenny Says:

    Just STFU Bowles. You are a worthless head coach and leader. Notice how everything went to total dog ish once you took over?

    You are low energy, low creativity, and somehow cant get it through your thick skull that this league has changed over the last many years and it’s all about the offense. Wake up dude.

    Also, any grown man that goes home to celebrate with a glass of milk and Chips Ahoy Chocolate Chip Cookie has issues.

  10. Marine Buc Says:

    @ DR

    I believe it’s time to see what Trask can do. We need to know who he is after several years of development.

    I’ve seen enough of BM…

  11. eric Says:

    How can you say that with a straight face coach, this guy is the exact same Baker but for your sake I hope you are right! I have seen the suggestion that Baker is possibly worth 20 million (I think thats pure crap) but I dare anyone to tell me Tyrod Taylor at 3 or 4 million would not be just if not more effective than baker!

  12. D-Rome Says:

    The hilarious thing about these irrational people is that they claim Kyle Trask outperformed Baker Mayfield in training camp. Umm, ok. How do you know this? Were you there at *every* practice? Nope. You all relied on blog posts, tweets, and irrelevant training camp “stats” to make up your minds and that’s outside of the fact that he played for the Gators.

    This is the Mike Glennon Mob all over again.

    Trash should play when the Bucs are mathematically eliminated from the playoffs. Until then, Baker gives the team the best chance to win. Some of you clowns are acting like you’ve seen something every coach on the Bucs have missed.

  13. Mostly Peaceful Trask Fan Says:

    DR it’s ride or die with Bakey. LOL down we go.

  14. Mostly Peaceful Trask Fan Says:

    D-Rome. Bakey had 5.4 yards per attempt last game.

    That’s not good.

  15. sdm5821 Says:

    Go to U Tube and search for Mayfield carrying the Bucs’ offense. Best video breakdown of the Bucs’ / Bills game I’ve seen. Good and bad of Baker, ME13, playing calling, offense and more.

  16. Rican Says:

    Bowles knows his job is on the line. He’s going to ride with baker until the end, unless he gets injured or throws 3-4 INTs in a game.

  17. Defense Rules Says:

    Marine Buc … Looks though like Todd’s gonna ride with Baker for at least a couple more games. Wouldn’t you love to be a fly on the wall in their coaches’ meetings?

  18. CChead Says:

    Ride Baker or Trask. I don’t think it will make a difference. Its a lose lose as far as the record goes. But on the bright side, Bowles will be gone and Bucs could possibly select a franchise QB in the 24 draft. I see 6 wins for the year.
    Go Bucs!

  19. Fansince76 Says:

    I love it, Mayfield has the attitude the offense needs, is playing decent ball and is not the reason they are losing at all. His demeanor is sort of like Jensen’s except at the QB position.

  20. Darin Says:

    Bowles won’t fire himself either. Shocker. Mayfield is exactly who I thought he was. So is bowles. Bench one of em, fukkin fire the other. C’mon glazers we really gonna keep wasting years of our lives? You dont love the one you’re with you find the one to love

  21. Andrew Fish Says:

    Sure Bowles. Bakers the Captain of an offense that is ranked 27th in PTS/G but that’s because the first 4 games we averaged 21 points. The last 3 we have averaged 12 per game.

    Baker makes no adjustments when he sees a blitz. Has been throwing into double coverage. has had multiple picks not actually caught by the defense and makes the wrong read. And the batted balls every game is old.

    Baker is playing to his normal career stats which is not a Franchise QB.

  22. Duane in Sanford Says:

    Cant say if Baker is or is not the guy. Hard to judge qb play when the center is getting owned, and the running game is horrible. Can you put any QB under center on this team and get greatness?

  23. Jack Clark Says:

    “Baker is doing fine. He’s captaining the ship very well. He had no turnovers the last game. We just have to get in synch there.”

    Baker is doing very well because he’s scoring two touchdowns per game and not turning the ball over? 😂😂😂😂 Our record disagrees

  24. Jack Clark Says:

    We are who Todd Bowles wants us to be. A team that loses because their defense can’t stop teams from scoring more than 20 points

  25. David Says:

    Therefore in four loss he has:58% comp. 4 TD’s, 3INT, 36 QBR scoring 12 points per game. Ranked 🥵😥
    He is not the problem. Any questions folks ????????

  26. Bucfan37 Says:

    It makes sense to take a look at Trask in a live game situation as soon as possible. Otherwise we just look weak and unable to formulate a glimpse of improvement. I already knew you were a Mayfield fan Joe. So tell me Joe how do you really feel about Trask starting instead of the subpar Mayfield.

  27. Nicholas Carlson Says:

    They should absolutely start Trask if they get up to 8 or 9 losses, and/or get knocked out of the playoffs.

  28. Beej Says:

    That’s reasonable

  29. Boss Says:

    Is Nascar still on TV?

  30. Bojim Says:

    I agree. Lay off him.

  31. NYbucsfan Says:

    Joe, you like to do research. Is there an active starting quarterback in the league who has gotten more head coaches fired than Baker Mayfield?

  32. NE Fan Says:

    I am ok laying off Baker if you will admit you’re the problem Todd Bowles. The 2 point conversion bounced off a defenders helmet. Give me a break. Unfortunately I follow two teams New England and the Bucs (it’s become an addiction) and the two QB’s are the same crappy player making the same stupid mistakes. I guess I’m a glutton for punishment. Two defensive minded coaches tanking their teams.

  33. BucsFaninTN Says:

    I’m not a Trask fan club member, I don’t like UF, and I am not a Baker hater. But, if Baker doesn’t start to show he can consistently perform at a level that at least puts him in the top 15 with potential upside, then why not go with Trask to see what we have? I know Bowles isn’t going to do that because he is coaching for his job. But I can still ask for it as a fan.

  34. Popcorn Mike Says:

    Bucsfanintn. I am also not a Mayfield or Trask basher but neither have shown the consistency you need in your QB to be a legitimate playoff contender. This is like Mayfield’s 7th or 8th season in the league and 7th game under this new offense + pre season and spring training that began in July

  35. Give it a Rest, Trask Brigade Says:

    By every metric, Mayfield is a top 10-15 Qb, right now. Including EPA (where he is #10).

    This information is not hard to find.

    And Mayfield is doing this with the 29th ranked running game, 20 penalties across the last two games, and still running the ball on 1st down.

    Of all the problems with this TB team– QB is not one of them.

  36. Usfbuc Says:

    Trask will get the start once the playoffs are out of reach.

    I don’t think Mayfield is the long term answer currently but I also don’t think he is the main source of our issues. He has his issues with accuracy but he has also been able to extend some plays and pick up first downs with his feet. I like Trask and I think he might have some potential but I don’t think he is more athletic than Mayfield so I think those runs of Bakers are either much shorter gains or sacks if Trask is in the game.

  37. HC Grover Says:

    And there it is. Mayfield for the duration. Bowles Blunder of the week. Check back after Houston we have a problem game.

  38. HC Grover Says:

    But he can throw a last chance hail Mary and miss the enemy helment.

  39. Chad Says:

    Yes pile on baker when everyone on offense is to blame. Let’s ignore the interior of the offensive line that gets smashed every game, let’s ignore dumb holding and false start penalties, goldechi had 3 last game. Let’s ignore the fact Dave hasn’t been using baker on rollouts, or anything which is what baker is best at, let’s ignore the fact that the running game is completely non existent and teams know they can play their line backers and defensive backs 3 to 4 yards back, baker deserves some blame to, late on some throws and indecisive at times, I assure you trask would be no better, and I know this cuz the goat Tom Brady was no better with basically the same team. Place blame on all of the offense not just the qb

  40. Confido75 Says:

    BM is not the issue here. There are a lot of issues that have lead to the record the Bucs have. The interior Oline is weak and we have no run game because of it. We have a lot of players on defense getting big pay checks yet not performing to the level they should. If I was Licht I would have been shopping some of these guys for Oline help and/or draft capital. Maybe he did and no one wanted their expensive contracts. Its too late now. The only guy on the defense I have sympathy for right now is Shaq. If I lost my kid like that I am sure it would impact my performance at work. My heart goes out to him.

  41. kaimaru69 Says:

    @Defense Rules

    Cleveland – How many teams give up 217 rushing yards and win. 1 score game. 0-1
    Giants – Chuba Hubbard and WR Chosen each lose a fumble. 1 score game. 0-2
    Saints – Winston throws two ints to Bakers none. 1 score game. 1-2
    Carolina – Baker throws two picks and has a fumble. This loss is on him. 1-3
    49ers – 49ers got out to a 17-3 lead. With Shi Smith (not even on an active roster) their leading receiver. 1-4
    Baker was the reason for them losing one game. You Track lovers just like to make a narrative without fact

  42. NE Fan Says:

    Give it a rest@ Brady finished 2022 as 10th in QB ranking and top 5 in passing leaders but playing for Bowles still went 8-10. Ranking means nothing.

  43. Boss Says:

    if the guy can’t have touch on his throws while throwing over the OL/DL and to a slant or seam…. well, then he is useless.

  44. HC Grover Says:

    OK agree…lay him off along with Bowles.

  45. HC Grover Says:

    If Buc history were to repeat…Stainks win division and Winston to Super Bowl. Its a Buc life.

  46. Tbbucs3 Says:

    The reality is that the majority of Florida Gator Bucs fans haven’t supported 2 of the last 3 Bucs starting quarterbacks. (Winston and Mayfield) and have actively rooted against them…..other fan bases don’t root for their starting QBs to fail no matter what college they went to….SAD!

  47. T. McGee Says:

    Orange and blue has nothing to do with it. I went to FSU and have repeatedly said Baker is not the answer. Trask was a 2nd round pick of the Bucs, not some fringe free agent backup. That means the Bucs organization – NOT FANS – thought he was a desirable player at a premium position.

    Yes, Baker has heart and he can make a play improvising. But he’s not that tier one, must resign, in the mix for a Super Bowl every year type of QB. Because that is true, it isn’t crazy to see if Trask can be that guy. The guy he was evaluated by the organization to be.

  48. JK Says:

    Andrew Fish: Justin Herbert leads the NFL in batted passes since he joined the league. EVERY QB has passes batted down ( a lot of time it’s on the OLineman)
    Mayfield is 16th in QBR…..he ain’t the problem clowns
    Where’s all the hate for the run game?
    The OL?
    The D except in the red zone?
    You’re not happy being in Division contention, i.e. playoffs?
    Mannn, you guys suck!

  49. Voice of Truth Says:

    Captain Mayfield leading the Titanic right into the iceberg….don’t change course Todd- full steam ahead!

    Bowles goes down with the ship

  50. JK Says:

    Man, Carolina is shining now that they got “the guy”…..

    Man, TB looks exactly like they did with the GOAT….


  51. JBBUCS_06 Says:

    shake n bake is serviceable. BUT if we’re not 4-4 by Sunday evening and the offense hasn’t scored 21pts+ then it’s time to dump the Bake, cause we’d be last (cause Panthers don’t count) and not first.

  52. SlyPirate Says:

    TonySoprano Says:
    We’ll be hearing this same, tired response from Todd while he’s cleaning out his office after week 17.


    Agreed 100%. You have to wonder what Licht is telling Bowles. It’s all good? The Bucs have the 29th Ranked Offense. Why would you not try something new?

  53. Kidfloflo Says:

    Baker has thrown well over a 100 tds in reg season and playoff win, Trask has one, in preseason to boot! Plus kid has no running game and is under diress, but his unique scrambling ability keeps plays alive and he can get first downs with his feet, Trask would be sacked 10 times in the buffalo game alone

  54. WyomingJoe Says:

    You are what your record says you are. Isn’t that what all the NFL suits say? No matter how many points you score, or don’t score, right? Hmmm… we’ll the invincible 49ers have 3 losses. Buffalo also has 3. Miami has 2 losses along with Baltimore, Kansas City, Jax and Seattle. Your Bucs also have 3 losses. Yet the fans of the teams mentioned earlier aren’t giving up like some Bucs fans are. The good thing is that you social media-whinnying “fans” don’t speak for the entire Bucs nation. 10 games to go folks.

  55. Sprocket5495 Says:

    If Mike Evans catches 2 more passes that were in his hands
    we might be 5-2. Our run blocking schemes are the major concern.

  56. Voice of Truth Says:

    We have four losses BTW and have yet to beat a team with a winning record….

    We have scored LESS than last year

    We have no run game

    Baker hits more helmets than he does receivers

    WTF are some of you smoking while watching the games?

  57. Red86 Says:

    Points win the game. We as fan ultimately want the Bucs to win no matter who the qb. Mayfield late throw to Evan almost cost us a TD, which is why it was short. Since, the whole offense is about timing. 🤦‍♂️

  58. Buc4evr Says:

    I’m not blaming just Baker. I’m blaming the whole stinking offense. WRs can’t get separation, O line can’t block, RBs can’t run, TEs can’t block or catch, OC calls moronic plays. What’s not to like?

  59. Alanbucsfan Says:

    Well, Mayfield does need to make some better, quicker decisions at times-
    And, the interior OLine needs to block better, RB’s need to hit the hole better,
    WR’s need to block better.
    Bucs need a TE.

  60. westernbuc Says:

    Baker has missed some big throws but there have been drops and a nonexistent run game. I thought Canales would be good. Might be wrong there. Depends on if he can adjust or not

  61. Trask To The Future Says:

    Who cares about orange & blue. It’s about the Bucs future.

    Mayfield is doing “okay” but he’s clearly not the answer for the next 5+ years. So let’s find out if it’s Trask or not. If not then we draft someone else. But give the young guy a chance to play. He’s excelled at every level he’s played at and we invested a 2nd rounder in him.

    Trask is also on a cheap rookie deal for another year. Baker will command $20M+.

    It’s not rocket science to see that Mayfield isn’t our future franchise QB. Why is that so hard to understand?

  62. ModHairKen Says:

    I’m a Gator and I don’t give a dookie about Kyle Trask starting. Just win.

  63. HC Grover Says:

    lay off the coaches….

  64. WalkdaPlank Says:

    Only a fool drafts a QB in the 2nd round and never plays him. Couldn’t care less what the reason is, barring off-field issues. Baker or no Baker.

  65. Popcorn Mike Says:

    I still don’t see Mayfield as a franchise QB. That could change quickly just see the QB in Seattle Mayfield seems to be a Fitzpatrick or McCown type QB. The question I have been asking about Mayfield is, why so many different teams in a short period of time

  66. Irish Laughter Says:

    Todd Bowles sure gives the fans a lot of confidence. Once again the common denominator for failure from last year to this year is not Baker, its BOWLES. So lay off Baker.

  67. JD Still Says:

    Due to the “circumstances “, We find ourselves in, I don’t think the words ,”reason” ,and ,”logic”, mean what the powers that be think they mean!

  68. Mark hardt Says:

    Baker played well against the Bills. Two Td, no picks and a hail mary that should have been caught if Otten had not been mugged or the other guy had looked one second earlier

  69. Antonio Says:

    Fire them both

  70. K_bassuka Says:

    To win in the NFL is fairly simple, you either have a franchise QB and compete every year or you don’t. Barker is not good nor is he a franchise QB, this franchise needs to learn to move on from non-franchise QBs quick so that they don’t let great players walk or sign elsewhere like when we had Simms.

  71. Posey99 Says:

    I often wonder if sports writers are scared to write bad words about mayfield in fear he will call them out and risk their reputation

  72. Marine Buc Says:

    In other news – it looks like the LA Rams are going to sign John Wolford off the Bucs practice squad.

  73. 74 Bucs Fan Says:

    It’s a perfect draft to get, hopefully, a franchise QB. Mayfield should have a short leash to prove he is or is not, then see if Trask is or is not. Very simple premise. If anyone, minus Bowels, can’t see that – well that’s on you.

  74. 74 Bucs Fan Says:

    O a completely different topic – William Golston got his first career int last game. We should all drink to that!

  75. Since76 Says:

    We were 3-1. Mayfield wasn’t the reason. We were 3-1 in spite of him. Big difference.

  76. Chris Says:

    I don’t know what everyone else is seeing….but, Baker has been putting the ball where it needs to be too many times and the ball hits the receivers hands and it ends up as a drop…. I’m not singling out Mike, I’ve seen plenty of drops by everyone in a big play situation… I’ve seen passes that would have been touchdowns or 1st downs that would have kept drives alive….. execution and discipline are the issues I see….drops and penalties that end up as drive killers

  77. lanshark Says:

    OMG – do you guys honestly believe that Trask is sitting on the bench because the coaches are completely incompetent to judge ability and progression, and unable to determine if he can be better than Mayfield? Or does Bowles get a bonus for playing Mayfield over Trask?

    Believe me, as a coach myself, you already know “what you have” before you ever think about putting them on the field. In 20 years of coaching, that has NEVER happened to me – that I put someone in the game and they exceeded what I expected they could do.

    They’ve watched Trask for 3-4 years now. If they honestly thought he was better, he’d be playing. The fact that he was drafted in the 2nd round means NOTHING. QB’s, above all other positions, are usually OVERDRAFTED.. because everyone hopes they will find the next Tom Brady. But I’ll point out that Brady was a 6th round pick – meaning there were over 160 chances for someone else to draft him before the Patriots. And he still SAT ON THE BENCH for 3-4 years before getting to play.

    GET A CLUE people. The problems are a) lack of discipline resulting in loads of penalties b) receivers not getting open and/or dropping passes, c) not a really good mix of play calls, and d) NO RUN GAME THREAT AT ALL.

    Fix 2 of those things, and the Buc’s are 5-2. It’s not time to panic yet

  78. Beej Says:

    “westernbuc Says:
    October 30th, 2023 at 6:57 pm
    Baker has missed some big throws but there have been drops and a nonexistent run game. I thought Canales would be good. Might be wrong there. Depends on if he can adjust or not”

    “That’s the best we have in this price range”

  79. Jim Barnes Says:

    I cannot believe what a lousy bunch of fans with so little football knowledge – your team sold its’s soul to win a SuperBowl – now you have no money to sign a top tier running back – you need help on the offensive line but you have no money to sign any experienced free agent linemen. You have Zero running game – is that Baker’s fault? He has run for almost as much yardage as your running backs and kept drives alive. How many positive plays have been called back because of the penalties? Did he commit the false start, or hold – he barely has time to get the ball out for quick short drop passes because of the pass rush and when he does he gets good throws dropped. The offense is too conservative and predictable – run the ball 1st and 2nd down and end up with 3rd and 8 or 9 every series – those are not winning situations for any quarterback – I commend the effort from his two top receivers and the dews zone defense but there were lots of solid free agents that would have helped this team but you are in salary cap hell. Next year open up some additional funds – and an opportunity to move forward. So. Let’s get the facts on the table be honest.

  80. Greg Says:

    The problem isn’t the win loss ratio. It’s the way they have lost. If you do something and it doesn’t work….do something else. And THAT’S the problem with Bowles. When something doesn’t work he just does the same thing again…and again…and again. If you listen to him you would swear that Ryan Neal is playing lights out…along with JTS and Baker. etc. etc etc. I can understand why he wouldn’t want to throw a player under the bus to the media…. I don’t care what he says to the media or the public it only matters what he does. And right now he is not doing anything we can see. And if you think the minor amount of criticism he is getting is a lot that’s nonsense. Go look at the heat Belichick is under daily in Boston.

  81. Rod Munch Says:

    The team has lost 4 of their last 5, averaging just over 12 points per game over that span, and Mayfield has played 3 straight terrible games – and Bowles says “Baker’s doing fine.”

    Now you know why he punted to end the half vs the Bills. He’s obviously an idiot.

  82. Rod Munch Says:


    I’m the idiot – I can’t believe I missed this. Obviously the Bucs are working on a trade and they’re talking Baker up before dumping him off onto another poor slob team. Ah, now I know why Bowles said that. Sorry I doubted you Todd, you know what you’re doing after all.

  83. David Says:

    I hope so . Bucs will sign John Wolford to their active roster so he can back up Trask whenever they dump the trash Baker to victims another team .

  84. David Says:

    The Baker poor stats speak for itself in the past losses. Bucs can’t showcase him to the other team for possible trade but to cut him.

  85. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    “There is a loud, vocal, largely orange-and-blue-wearing segment of Joe’s reading audience that wants Kyle Trask as the Bucs starting quarterback. Period.” – Joe

    Hey, here’s an idea…how about a poll to verify that there are so many orange and blue people wanting Trask?

    Because, frankly, I want him and I don’t watch or care about any college football program.

    Maybe this is misdirected, but it drives me bonkers when others make assumptions that are not based in fact.

  86. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Lombardi Lenny Says:
    October 30th, 2023 at 3:33 pm
    “Also, any grown man that goes home to celebrate with a glass of milk and Chips Ahoy Chocolate Chip Cookie has issues.”

    I’m lactose intolerant and can only drink ultra filtered milk…you know hown long it’s been since I’ve had milk and cookies? Or a simple bowl of cereal? Or ice cream?

    I wish I could do that!

  87. optimisticbucsfan Says:

    Joe,how has Todd’s head c oaching career panned out?


    Why should I listen to that LOSER?


  88. Don'tBmad Says:

    Time to trade very average Trask and his dick riders….

  89. ToddisToast Says:

    As usual, clueless Todd wouldn’t know a winning QB if he had one – he did and ran him into the ground!!!!!

    Baker is a bust, so is Todd

    Gut this clown show as soon as possible, please!!!!!

  90. power sweep Says:

    JOE: “There is a loud, vocal, largely orange-and-blue-wearing segment of Joe’s reading audience …”

    Because there is NOT a loud, vocal, largely garnet-and-gold-wearing segment of Joe’s reading audience, right? Including one of the Joes, right?

  91. power sweep Says:

    D-Rome Says: “The hilarious thing about these irrational people is that they claim Kyle Trask outperformed Baker Mayfield in training camp. How do you know this? Were you there at every practice?”

    Joe was, and he stated several times in his articles that Trask “outplayed” Mayfield in training camp. Take off your garnet-and-gold glasses and go back and read Joe’s reports. LMAO.

  92. power sweep Says:

    JOE: “To hell with reason, logic and circumstances, they say. Get rid of this Baker Mayfield and put in a real quarterback. Now!”

    To hell with reason, logic and circumstances, Joe says. I’ve spent years wearing my garnet-and-gold and bashing Trask and I can’t afford to have him make me look bad again like he made me look bad in training camp and the Jets game. Get rid of this Gator I mean Trask and keep Bakey in! Forevah!

  93. Oneilbuc Says:

    Landshark. It’s call saling tickets and that’s why Joe refused to criticize Baker Mayfield. We all know what happened in training camp for the first 5 or 6 weeks. Baker Mayfield had 9 picks to Kyle Trask 1 . After they gifted Baker Mayfield the starting job then Kyle Trask went back to practicing with the backups. Baker Mayfield is not a good quarterback again he’s on his 4th team in 6 years and it’s amazing to me how you and the other Faker Mayfield fan club can’t see why that 3 teams has cut him. Right now this fan would rather Ryan Tanahill than give Will Levi’s a chance to see what he has if we were the Titans. Watch and see if Baker Mayfield plays bad against the Texans rather we win or lose you guys will still try to find a excuse for Faker Mayfield.

  94. power sweep Says:

    lanshark Says: “Believe me, as a coach myself, you already know “what you have” before you ever think about putting them on the field.’

    You mean like backups Brett Favre, Tom Brady, Kurt Warner, Brock Purdy (last year), Will Levis (this past weekend), just to name a few? You’re a “coach” my ass.

  95. power sweep Says:

    lanshark Says: “If they honestly thought Trask was better, he’d be playing.”

    Did you say that when Brett Favre, Tom Brady, Kurt Warner, Brock Purdy, and Will Levis, just to name a few, were riding the bench? Go away, Skippy.

  96. Oneilbuc Says:

    If the bucs lose to the Texans it’s over and it’s time to talk about the draft. Baker Mayfield is who he is and it’s crazy that we get call the Trask mob because we have a quarterback that’s has shown why he’s on his 4th team in 6 years and we want to give a quarterback that was drafted in second round a chance to see what he can do. The truth of the matter is Joe bucfan podcast and this fan base are the Baker Mayfield mob . And all this talk about he threw 2 touchdown passes they came off the helmet of a Bills player. What about all those 3 and outs in the first half ?? Lol 🤣🤣

  97. power sweep Says:

    Oneilbuc Says: “The truth of the matter is Joe Bucsfan and this fan base are the Baker Mayfield mob.”


    No, 1,000%

  98. Oneilbuc Says:

    Poor sweep. I’m just tired of the excuses of the Baker Mayfield mob bro !!

  99. Oneilbuc Says:

    Power sweep. I’m just tired of the excuses bro for Baker Mayfield!!

  100. orlbucfan Says:

    Hey WyomingJoe, I’m with ya about the so-called “fans” on here, I’ll bet most, if not all of them, weren’t around back in the 1980s when being a loyal Bucs fan was the pits, and we were looked at like we were pathetic nuts. And how do they know who’s gonna win Sunday? But, like they say, no one forces anyone to get on a blog. The one positive I saw from Buffalo was that Canales is beginning to spread the ball around to all the guys who can catch it. Bills were homers who lucked out with that win.

  101. MelvinJunior Says:

    Tho, I am SEC ‘all the way’ baby, I am from Kentucky… So, I could not really give a damm LESS about the “Gators.” Has nothing to do with that, whatsoever… Even, if he had played for “Kentucky,” I would feel the exact same way. Period. We have already SEEN what this Offense looks like, with Baker!!!! And it’s NOT good… No flow, can’t move the ball, & can’t score. It’s VERY hard to watch. All I’m saying is give the ‘kid’ a SHOT… Let’s SEE What HE Can Do!!!! He obviously, ‘outplayed’ Baker during the Preseason & according to LOTS of people who were there, all said that he looked MUCH better in practices, too… So, why not give him a SHOT then!? I mean, really… WHAT do you have to lose, at this point!? The Offense could NOT be any more stagnant than what it is right NOW… And, it looks exactly, the same way “Baker-Lead” Offenses have ALWAYS, looked. The ‘kid’ stands TALL in the pocket & seems to actually, SEE the field… Then, delivers a nice ball. Maybe, he lights a ‘spark’ under these guys and it lifts EVERYONE, to rally behind HIM!!!! Seriously, it could NOT be anymore boring & just BLAH. We have nothing to lose here, let’s just see what the kid can do!!!! It makes absolutely, NO sense whatsoever, to at least, not see… I mean, are you REALLY, going to Draft a kid in the ‘2ND-ROUND’ completely WASTING a ‘Pick’ just to have him SIT there on the bench for 3-4 YEARS, & just let him ROT away like that, while your current QB/Offense is a complete, & total DISASTER… REALLY!? That’s what you’re going to do!? NEVER even knowing what he can do… It makes ZERO sense.

  102. Drew Says:

    Am I the only one watching these games? Yes, Baker has not been perfect. However, we have had a lot of huge drops. Zero run game!

  103. TheLaughingMan Says:

    Mayfield isn’t the problem here..He’s proven when he has a good supporting cast, he can light defenses up and win games. You tend to lose games with a crap supporting cast and Evans et al cannot do it all by themselves.

    Cut Mayfield and Canales some’s their first season together and working out the kinks n junk. It took Geno Smith 2 seasons to get gud..


  104. BillyBucco Says:

    Wait a minute.
    Some of these posts look like Baker had his friends comment.
    Wouldn’t be surprised if it was Baker himself lmao.
    Joe these posters backing Mayfield are they NEW?
    Like just born new?

  105. Chris Says:

    Baker would have to 0lay perfect football to overcome the Oline, the drops, the penalties, MORE PENALTIES, no running game, and conservative offense. This is basically the Steelers offense from the 90s without Jerome Bettis or the Guards to block for him. The lack of urgency by Bowles and Canales on offense has cost them 2 games already.
    Florida Gatirs fans will want him benched even if he is flawless so those slackers don’t count for muchh in this argument.