The Kancey Man Can (And Did)

October 15th, 2023

Home debut.

So Bucs fans *finally* got to see first-round draft pick Calijah Kancey in a Bucs uniform in person (albeit, creamsicle) with their own eyes. And it was good.

Kancey had missed all but 11 snaps in the season-opener at Minnesota due to a calf injury early in training camp.

So how did he do in his first home game? He made a good impression. Not shabby for someone who admitted he’s rusty.

Kancey finished the loss today with Detroit three tackles, a sack, a tackle for loss and two quarterback hits.

“Knocking off the rust,” Kancey said after the game. “It’s kind of preseason for me.”

Joe noticed the Lions were ready for Kancey. The Bucs sent him on an inside stunt once and the Lions attacked from Kancy’s right side, bottling him up.

Given how Detroit was clearly ready for Kancey, it warmed Joe’s heart to see Kancey produce.

28 Responses to “The Kancey Man Can (And Did)”

  1. Jeff’s grandpa Says:

    Goff didn’t have a spec of dirt/grass on his uniform

  2. HC grover Says:

    Sugar cating a %%%%

  3. firethecannons Says:

    Thanks–I havent watched the game yet so I look forward to seeing Kancy perform. Have to find the good out of this disaster.

  4. DS Says:

    Kid looks really explosive

  5. Sly Pirate Says:

    Yeah. Lipstick on a pig.

  6. Hail2dabucs Says:

    Not bad rook. Let’s talk about that garbage player Neal 🤨 . That guy is terrible & I have no idea why he is starting . We are a mediocre team & we also could not get off the field on 3rd down . The middle was open for the lions all game ! Disappointed in the defence is a understatement.

  7. ElioT Says:

    Yeah and they lost.

    Love Kancey, please don’t turn into GMC 2.0

  8. TonySoprano Says:

    With all the planning the Lions did for Kancey, I was a little disappointed to not see more from our OLBs.

  9. Chris O Says:

    They were just outmatched. Hung in there against a good team.

  10. Miller5252 Says:

    It would be nice if we were talking about the dominance from the outside pass rush as well. If this dude keeps getting better, look out by the end of the year! Him and Vea are gonna wreck O lines and if Shaq can do anything that D line will be scary good. Love to see him being the second coming of Sapp

  11. Posey99 Says:

    We have a star in the making, very exciting.

  12. 1#bucsfan Says:

    Man if the offense played like our defense did we win this game. I know we gave up a bunch of ketches and they moved the ball but it was 1 score most of the game. Deff got gassed at the end. I’m disappointed in Winfield jr where was he all game. LVD was all over the place. Where was Shaq where was white. Our star players outside of LVD we still on the bye and yet we still kept the game close. Man when everyone brings there A-game this team can be dangerous

  13. rrsrq Says:

    JPP is still out there, he wants 100 sacks, he is 5 short, he could get those, because I am not sure our OLBs will

  14. adam from ny Says:

    yeah kancey looked good…but it’s not like teams are game planning for him yet…

    it’s film gathering time…then he slows down some…

    but he looks good out there…adds a completely different dimension…much needed addition up front

  15. adam from ny Says:

    wow detroit must have deflected 5 balls today at the line of scrimmage..maybe more

  16. Jeff Says:

    Kancey and the Punter were the only bright spots today.

  17. SOEbuc Says:

    An L is an L, but those are some serious stats put up against an NFC Championship contender and the number one QB. He is just getting the rust off and with healthy development, he looked damn good today after hurt in TC and and 11 snaps game 1.

  18. SOEbuc Says:


    Camarda is the MVP every week. Great snag Jason.

  19. Rod Munch Says:

    Anyone see his snap count and play percentage?

  20. Joshua porter Says:

    So surprised how bad they have missed on the safety Neal. Ibthought he would be another Shaq…. guess not lol

  21. adam from ny Says:

    i’ve been thinking about neal often as well …like every week almost…he just doesn’t seem to be the safety we need back there…he’s alway a little off the play…

    also i think it’s ok to start calling camarda, “jake guy”…he’s that good

  22. adam from ny Says:

    also there was one particular punt …yet i forget at one point in the game, i was hoping for a jake camarda trick play…like a pass or run…something…but just a punt was called…

    probably somewhere in the 3rd quarter when we really needed a spark

  23. Buccos Says:

    When Canada shanks one it still goes 45 yards in the air

  24. KC Buc Says:

    Taking credit for calling that sack last week…just wish it was earlier in the game and made more of a difference

  25. BA’s Red Pen Says:

    I love Camarda but if the damn punter is the MVP of the team we got huge problems.

  26. BucU Says:

    Massive FAIL by Dave Canales. 2 weeks to prepare. Looked like he had 2 days.

  27. Bucs96NYC Says:

    Kid is special! Constantly was causing havoc. I’m not worried about the defense. Even the long pass on Neal, he made a very good play on the ball but you know there’s other good players on the other side. Williams made a really good catch. If anything this lose made me more of a believer in the Bucs. Lions beat KC x should’ve beat Seahawks. We are getting close to being a top team.

  28. Larrd Says:

    Two good OTs, two good DTs. That is a very good foundation for a team.