Javonte Williams And The Bucs

October 16th, 2023

Broncos RB Javonte Williams.

Until proven otherwise, Bucs running back Rachaad White is not an RB1. Joe’s seen enough. And so have Bucs fans.

While White is good catching the ball, he is over his head as a running back. He’s touched the rock in 23 Bucs games. Of those 23, he’s had one good game.

One game out of 23! Why in the world would you keep feeding this guy the rock and expect any production? He’s averaging barely over 3.4 yards a carry. That’s just not good.

Over in Denver, there is a team that has just about hit rock bottom and it is so bad, the Broncos may be in the running for Caleb Williams (#CollapseForCaleb). In fact, Broncos coach Sean Payton looks like he may hold a fire sale. He said last week everyone was on the market.

So how about the Bucs go get running back Javonte Williams? The third-year back is averaging a yard more a carry than White. And here is something that should interest the offensive line haters (you know who you are): Williams averages 2.3 yards after contact.

Williams can catch, too. He averages 6.3 yards a catch. White? Try 6.0.

There simply is no way the Bucs can claim they are serious about winning if they continue to ignore the league’s worst running attack.

The Bucs’ run game needs to be addressed. It should be addressed. It must be addressed if the Bucs want fans to believe the team’s goal isn’t just a one-and-done playoff appearance.

The NFL trade deadline is two weeks from tomorrow.

61 Responses to “Javonte Williams And The Bucs”

  1. Lt. Dan Says:

    Yea – count me in ref White. I too have seen enough.

  2. Leopold Stotch Says:

    He’s injured and is coming back from an acl. Sean Payton is HC over there. He’s a 2nd year player, no way they’d be giving up on him that early. Someone else has to be available. I’m not holding my breath for Licht to do anything tho.

  3. A Bucs Fan Says:

    Any other RB not on the roster is welcome to try their hand at this point. My question is would Sean Payton help the Bucs in any way without forcing them to overpay?

  4. D-Rome Says:

    Anyone paying attention knew White was not good enough to be a RB1 heading into the season.

  5. LVMYBUCS Says:


  6. DS Says:

    White ain’t it ! I’ll take Williams for a late round pick

  7. Leighroy Says:

    White is a 3rd down back in this league not an RB1. I will say though, trading for a new RB doesn’t solve the other half of the problem which is the OL run blocking. It’s a 2-part issue for me. Yes White must be upgraded, but we need more out of everyone on the OL not named Whirfs.

  8. Rick Says:

    usually a fire sale involves getting something of value for your players not giving this guy away for a 6th round pick, but would love to have him.

  9. kgh4life Says:

    Rashaad Penny is buried on the Eagles depth chart, he was with Seattle when Canales was there. When healthy and that’s a big concern, Penny was explosive and a home run threat. Maybe the Eagles will take a day three pick for him.

  10. Tardis Feathered Says:

    When four yards a carry looks really good…. There’s yer sign, Mr. L.

  11. Conte Piscatelli Says:

    Penny isn’t a bad choice, or perhaps Jeff Wilson from Miami, he is buried on their depth chart and would likely be a good compliment to White

  12. Scott Says:

    They don’t even stick with White. I saw way too much Vaughn yesterday

  13. bucsfaninOregon Says:

    R. White is not the only Buc that is way over their heads. There is a guy that is listed as OLB and plays edge rusher often. He is a total waste of space. I think he touched the QB once and that was when about three other Bucs were in on it. He was often in coverage and was never around the ball. Any guess?

  14. Easy The Great Says:

    Derrick Henry is who we need!

  15. Popcorn Mike Says:

    Very true. Not sure about that particular trade but, the Bucs has to replace White Vaughn is not the answer either What’s up with the rookie #44 ? Is he hurt or just not ready?

  16. KC Buc Says:

    I mean I’d be OK with dealing Vaughn or Edmonds for Williams and throw in a late draft pick. RW isn’t getting it done on the ground but he does make for a strong 3rd down back in the pass game which is worth something. I don’t want to give up serious draft capital though and we don’t have cap room for much. I’d love for King Henry but that just ain’t happening without draft picks and the Titans eating his salary, all for a guy who maybe only has a year or 2 left in the tank.

    Hell I’d take a flyer on Javonte’s backup, even he looks good out there.

  17. orlbucfan Says:

    Didn’t Bucs D knock Montgomery out of the game? I could care less about Javonte whoever flapping his gums. Make him posterboard material at OBP.

  18. stpetebucfan Says:

    Depends on the cost! How many draft picks and is Williams on his rookie contract therefore not a cap buster like Jonathan Taylor or Derrick Henry.

    BTW tanking for a QB draft is not smart. The two QB’s yesterday were top draft picks now playing for other teams. IE QB’s can be found on the open market.

    RB’s are actually easier to draft than QB’s.

  19. Chris Says:

    Jason Licht used 2nd/3rd round picks on Sims, Rojo, Vaughn and White and went 0/4. He has a serious blindspot for RBs.

  20. Pelsbuc61 Says:

    Someone needs to help Licht find an actual RB. Rashad White is the Roberto Aguayo of RBs. He’s not even a decent back up.

  21. Dew Says:

    Fournette would be better.

  22. Jerseybuc Says:

    I would def make a move if possible but if not sneak and tucker will get a chance. Starting with tucker

  23. NYbucsfan Says:

    I am not wasting a draft pick on anyone. We have not shown we can beat a quality team.

  24. Fansince76 Says:

    I am on board with getting a feature back.
    White is a good third down back and clearly not an RB1.
    Can the Buc’s please get an RB1!
    LFG already!

  25. ElioT Says:

    When things are this bad (running game) it’s not one person’s fault, it’s a combination of:

    – RB Talent
    – Offensive Line Talent
    – Offensive Scheme
    – Want to


    With that said, I’m all for looking for additional options at RB. Going into the season with just White as a capable “RB1” it was going to be hit or miss.

    It’s been a big miss!!!

    White thinks he’s Laveon Bell, too much dancing behind the line, whatever the reason, I’m over it.

    Go Bucs!

  26. Defense Rules Says:

    Ravens are carrying 2 RBs on their active roster (Justice Hill & Gus Edwards) but have 4 RBs stashed on the PS (Melvin Gordon, Kenyan Drake & Owen Wright) and Reserve/Designated to Return (Keaton Mitchell) plus JK Dobbins on IR.

    Gordon (6’1″ & 215 lbs) & Drake (6’1″ & 216 lbs) are aging vets admittedly (30 & 29 yrs old), but they’ve both performed well in the past & may have something left in the tank. Personally prefer Drake with his 4.5 YPC career average, but Gordon’s no slouth (4.1 YPC average). Several FAs also available who might be looking for work.

  27. TampaBayBucsFanSince1976 Says:

    ROJO is ready to go and if you do not bring him in for a workout Jason you are cutting off your nose to spite your face.

  28. RagingBrisket Says:

    Fix the trenches and the run game will improve. Canalas doesn’t pick the players and no one is willing to discuss putting the blame for that at Licht’s feet. The oline cannot run block. Anyone can see that plain as day but the excuse makers love to scapegoat the lousy backs because the real problem is much harder to fix. People are just intellectually lazy maybe but the oline sucks and every day it isn’t being acknowledged we waste our time because the team cannot get better.

  29. Aceofaerospace Says:

    Get somebody else. Almost anybody else. White’s a bust. Simple as that. I’m sick and tired of watching him run to the line and stop.

  30. Andrew Branley Says:

    I feel like my twitter post to joe thursday night inspired this!

  31. DBS Says:

    If ROJO was any good he would be employed. How many teams have had him in and passed? KC, Dallas?

  32. Joe Says:

    I feel like my twitter post to joe thursday night inspired this!

    Was that you? Wanted to give you credit. Couldn’t remember your Twitter handle. Only remembered you’re a LtJG.

    Yes, you did inspire this post. It was a smart observation. Thank you and Anchors Aweigh!

  33. Andrew Branley Says:

    Joe, thanks i appreciate it! Now only if Jason Licht will read joebucsfan.com and agree with us

  34. Bring back the lawn chairs Says:

    Playoff Lenny is an upgrade at RB because he can block. Not only can he block, but he blocks blitzes well. Just ask that chump DE on the cowboys. You know the one with a big mouth. Yesterday R. white gave a blitzer the ole treatment, pretending he was a metador in a bull fight and mayfield got creamed by the blitzing DB as a result. When you have a bad running back that can’t block there’s consequences that are far reaching.

  35. Statguy Says:

    Chargers are under achieving again. Rather trade for someone like Eckler than making a move for someone that’s just another guy.

  36. Andrew Branley Says:

    Ekeler will want a big contract, and isn’t he pushing 30? Javonte is still on his rookie deal. Chargers have playoff aspirations, broncos do not.

  37. geno711 Says:

    I like the low level JaVonte Williams trade. Make it happen, Jason.

  38. tucker Says:

    Like someone posted above its more than just the running back its the scheme that needs to be adjusted throwing another rb at it isn’t going to fix the problems with the scheme and execution.

  39. BucsFan81 Says:

    White is a problem. He is best at receiving and blocking. Dances around too much instead of hitting the hole. Some of it might be the run blocking though. When I watch other teams there seems to be way bigger holes to run through. The Bucs haven’t been good in awhile running. The superbowl of 2020 in the playoffs with Lenny and then back when we had Doug Martin and he went off his first couple years. I really thought yesterday they would have thrown more to set up the run. Maybe some screens or short passes but no to many times running right up the middle for a loss or no gain.

  40. Ed Says:

    Not hard to find a practice squad or rb off the streets better than White. No burst, stops and starts and runs into the backs of his blockers.

    Bad player on the worst rushing team in the NFL.

    Bucs are going to have to do some snaps to Godwin, he could get a yard now and then.

    When you are as horrible at running the ball as the Bucs are, you have to change what you are doing.

    It’s not getting better with White. Joe is very right on about him and Joe Tyron needs to be a backup, he stands out as a player every week with nothing stats.

  41. Bucfan37 Says:

    Running on empty, riunning dry.

  42. Tony Says:

    BRING BACK BO JACKSON MIKE ALSTOTT & WARRICK DUNN! They should’ve had Detroit sign Barry Sanders for the throwback game yesterday & the Bucs could’ve signed Bo Jackson & then the two of them could’ve battled it out again. I’m sure both of them would still be playing better than the Bucs RBs now.

  43. Lord Cornelius Says:

    Yes do it

  44. Jack Burton Mercer Says:

    Welcome to the party pal. I said that over a year ago.

  45. First Name Greatest Says:

    Licht is too busy scouting OL players from colleges we’ve never heard of to entertain trades offers or request.

    Bucs will ride the season out with who they have

  46. Hodad Says:

    He dropped a pass yesterday, he’s not even a third down back.

  47. TURBO 808 Says:


  48. TOMMY MORDUE Says:


  49. Lakeland Steve Says:

    The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result. I don’t think anyone with the Bucs is insane. So that leaves just plum stupid or the other possibility is something we all hope couldn’t be true.

  50. orlbucfan Says:

    JCOAC, I really hope the Bucs CRUSH Atlanta, refs and all, next Sunday so all the hot air pollution on here will split. TURBO 808 and TOMMY MORDUE, what rock did you 2 crawl out from?

  51. DJB Says:

    Both White and Vaughn have the jump step-to-nowhere thing going on.

  52. Swampy Says:

    I’m thinking no available running back could do well with the
    Bucs’ offense line. Winning the NFC South and losing the first playoff game would make fans of the other teams in it feel good. A somewhat better running back would not improve the team enoght to go further. We need to use short passes on first down more often, use two tight end formations with no running back. Maybe some jet sweeps or reverses with Tompkins/Palmer would loosen up defenses and improve the running game a little. Hoping they will work out their frustrations by sacking Riddle a half down times Sunday.

  53. Go Bucs Go Says:

    Are we trying to win for a respectable record this season, or shall we collapse for a future QB like Caleb Williams?

    Go Bucs!

  54. garro Says:

    Go for it, but we are giving up draft capital for maybe 8 games after he learns the scheme? No thanks.

    Go Bucs!

  55. Sacker58 Says:

    With a good Run blocking offensive line white would be great,however blocks are few and far between and white doesn’t seem like he wants to put his head up in there.
    Too much hesitation before he decides to hit the line.

  56. Mord Says:

    I had been expecting to see more touches for Tucker, but I’m guessing he’s not getting on the field because he’s unreliable as a blocker or otherwise not comprehending the offense. (Who was the other guy the Bucs drafted some years back that looked promising but “not smart enough-ed” his way out of football?)

  57. Alex Says:

    Honestly, White isn’t the issue. We still have a o-line that’s new to each other respective position and are learning to mesh still. He’s a fine RB, but another good RB would be great to have split time with him like Jovonte Williams. But King Henry would be a better fit overall.

  58. Millerton Says:

    I don’t think Denver will trade williams. I would be all for it if they did though. I’d also like the idea of trading with the packers for AJ Dillon.

  59. H-Town Darryl Says:

    Yeah we definitely need a RB on a cap friendly rookie contract. It’s time for the front office/coaches to be honest with themselves and do what’s right for the team. Play action isn’t going to fool anybody if they know the RB ain’t a dang threat.

  60. BucsBae Christina Says:

    Agreed! We need a run game or we are dead in the water

  61. Jesus morales-Lara Says:

    I say in all honesty let’s give Javonte Williams a chance with the broncos with all of the respect that he has with the Denver Broncos.