Hustle Vs. Loafing

October 22nd, 2023

Trailing by three points with 6 1/2 minutes to play in the fourth quarter of a critical division game is when one might think defensive players would play with all-out effort.

You know, swarm to the ball. Great things can happen. You owe it to your teammates.

On 1st-and-goal from the Bucs’ 12 yard line, Falcons QB Desmond Ridder kept the snap and took off for the left corner of the end zone. Bucs sacks king Shaq Barrett didn’t bother to chase him. Shaq quit on the play before Ridder even got back to the line of scrimmage.

Joe loves Shaq, but that was a horrible look. If you’re gassed or mentally checked out, then get the hell off the field.

Cornerback Jamel Dean recognized the Ridder scramble when Ridder got to the 10 yard line. Dean was at the goal line and gave, in Joe’s opinion, a somewhat half-assed effort to get to Ridder. It certainly wasn’t Dean’s very best effort. (Meanwhile, Devin White was again struggling to shed a block.)

What makes those efforts stand out so much was the contrasting effort on the same play by Antoine Winfield Jr.

Winfield saw the play develop, took a smart and hustling angle to the 2 yard line and met Ridder full stride with a timed and ferocious punch to the ball. Ridder fumbled out of the endzone. Buccaneers ball at the 20 yard line. No touchdown for the Falcons.

The play will be forgotten, but it was one hell of a telling moment — for a lot of reasons.

45 Responses to “Hustle Vs. Loafing”

  1. DBS Says:

    More waste of Glazer Cash. Please do not renew White’s contract. He is not even close to David’s league of play.

  2. AtlBuc Says:

    Defensive players quit when they experience constant futility on the offensive side of the ball, like they did last year after a few games. Time for a QB change

  3. DavidBigBucsFan99 Says:

    Meat loaf, loaves of bread, penny loafers take yer pick soft. Winfield and LVD are beasts

  4. Rod Munch Says:

    When are they giving Winfield that new deal? He is THE best safety in football. Every week he gets more expensive.

    Also what stood out on that play was clueless Ryan Neal with a 0-rating in the Madden awareness column as you can literally see people yelling at him that it’s a run and he doesn’t both turning his head and Ridder is about to run up his backside.

    Plus, Neal gave up the huge play on that last drive, when if it wasn’t blown coverage (not sure form the TV view) he took a terrible angle and let the guy get an extra 20-yards, which cost the Bucs the game. Neal is awful, he should be cut. How many games is this loser going to cost the Bucs before they put him on the bench? Last week it wasn’t just the 2nd TD vs the Lions – on the 1st TD as well when he takes a terrible angle and lets him get outside. The guy is putrid. It should be a huge red flag when a team lets a young guy, who has started for them, and is on a cheap deal, walk for free. And we’re seeing why Seattle was glad to get rid of him.

  5. #99 the big fella Says:

    I noticed this with Anthony Nelson . He just stood there as the running back went right passed him.

  6. Pelsbuc61 Says:

    Seems like every year ( and every game ) there are loafers on defense. Pathetic!!!!

  7. Frank Pillow Says:

    This team is SOFT. 10-ply Charmin with a heap of marshmallow. We’re also painfully slow still. 78, 14, 31, 54 and now 94 play with motor. That’s it.

  8. Mike Johnson Says:

    Detroit wanted it more, Atlanta wanted it more and I suspect..Buffalo will want it more in Buffalo. 2 big home losses. More to come. Grab some wood fellow Buc fans. You are gonna need it before this pitiful season ends.

  9. NJbucs23 Says:

    Was waiting for this article. He totally gave up on that play and it was very easy to see. Shaq is over paid and fat

  10. Miller5252 Says:

    Those are the plays that you get you big contracts. White talks the big game of being a leader but Winfield proves it week in and week out. The only worry I have on Winfield is injury. The way he plays, the concussions in the past, he does take a beating. Right now I’d give David Whites contract and I’ve been a huge fan of White this whole time. He peaked in the Super Bowl run and hasn’t returned. Week in and week out David shows how it’s done. All time Buc great is David!

  11. 1#bucsfan Says:

    No that play will not be forgotten. Didn’t really see Winfield be himself against the lions but today he showed up. That was a huge play.

  12. FortMyersDave Says:

    Yeah Joe, lots of loafing and ineptitude to go around. Ryan Neal unable to tackle the Falcon TE to set up the losing FG stood out as well. Additionally: it would be interesting if someone asked the esteemed OC why Vaughn is second on the depth chart, the guy is waste of a roster space. Today like 4 carries for 7 yards and a key drop. Why not let Sean Tucker get a chance, heck he cannot do any worse! Same could actually be said for White: dude can make some plays on the pass but the run, horrific! Someone should also ask the OC why he keeps going back to the same insane idea of trying to use these 2 deadweights to establish a running game. The fact that they looked good in practice just leads me to believe that the 3rd strings and practice squad guys they scrimmage against must royally suck if Vaughn can look good against them. Is it time for the Glazers to talk Coach Harbaugh’s agent? Finebaum is reporting he will be out of Ann Arbor at the end of the year1 Bowles is dead man walking.

  13. Jack Sparrow Says:

    Bucs is done. Season is over. Time to start looking at draft picks. And FIRE BOWLES and CANALES !!

  14. Jack Clark Says:

    Our defense is going to have to score more points than our offense to win games!

  15. AtlBuc Says:

    Joe! Is it just me or are like 99 percent of our running plays into the line of scrimmage. I can not remember the last time we ran the running backs to the outside. Or, when was the last time we ran a screen play to a rb?

  16. DBS Says:

    Our Defense can’t get itself off the field on 3rd down . It is constantly going the wrong way. How are they going to score? Right now it will be like the Offense. By Accident!

  17. AtlBuc Says:

    As many stars that we have on defense, they are only as good as the weakest link, Ryan Neal. He’s given up 3 long td’s in the last two weeks. OC’s cee this and are targeting him.

  18. Tye Says:

    This team is an extension of their HC…. meek and weak…
    Love seeing all the FIRE Bowles suggestions… Couldn’t happen to a more deserving guy!

  19. TonySoprano Says:

    Bowles’ biggest changes to the coaching this offseason: OC, OLB coach and RB coach. Less PPG, sacks, YPC than last year. Glad he was finally able to hand-pick his own staff.

  20. Old School Bucs Says:

    Joe, never forget that this team is way better without Brady!!! They proved it again today.

  21. Oxycondomns Says:

    Already paid vs about to get paid. Hopefully winfield will be more like david. His pops was a football player so at least its in his blood

  22. Bojim Says:

    I will admit when Ridder was almost to the goal line I turned the channel in disgust. Came back in a few minutes and the score hadn’t changed. Watch the whole game or not!!

  23. FortMyersDave Says:

    ATLBuc: might as well bench Neal and put in Delaney, I know he is listed as a CB and he may suck too but at least he has gotten a couple of picks if memory serves me right against Philly and New Orleans. He can not be worse than Neal as Neal is the weak link of the D, that is for sure.

  24. D-Rome Says:

    I openly questioned if Shaq and others loafed on that play. I guess I wasn’t the only one.

  25. Lakeland Steve Says:

    Kind of reminds me of the old days. The Bucs start out like gangbusters and post a couple wins, just enough to get you excited. Then, about the 5’th or 6’th game reality sets in and you realize they don’t have a chance to make the playoffs and it’s only October.

  26. dmatt Says:

    I was never in favor of bringing in Ryan Neal. He had a few lucky plays in Seattle. He’s nothing remotely close to Jordan Whitehead or Mike Edwards. JTS had a chance to stop the Ritter td but was slow to react. It was the same play Dak Prescott ran on us on the goal line for a td in playoff last year. It would be nice if others played with the same killer instinct as LDavid, AWinfield, Kancey, WGholsten,Wirf,DThompkins,CGodwin, n LGoedeke, who has really surprised me. Why throw to KVaughn, he’s proved he can’t catch n will have attitude when he drop a pass, then he goes into a shell, very demoralizing for the team. I’d put Sean Tucker at rb until Chase Edmond returns n RWhite at wr, he has reliable hands. When ur offense can only score I td in two game then it’s time to get creative n put up points/tds on the board by any means neccessary.I know he’s a linebacker but try Sirvocea Dennis at safety. He seems to be a ball hawk. Maybe he can stop the int drought.

  27. ModHairKen Says:

    The wheels came off today. This was a big game. A big test. They failed. Horribly.

    Nothing to do but play out the season. I have said 11-6 but it was based on 4 more division wins. This team will be lucky to win 8 games.

    Mayfield’s ceiling is now clear. I was wrong.

    Bowles will be gone. Mayfield will be gone. Hainsey will be gone. Mauch will be a bench warmer. Shaq will be done. JTS, gone. White and White will take flight. Dean and Davis will be cut loose. Ryan will commit fraud somewhere else.

    Bowles will be at home with SpongeBob.

  28. Since76 Says:

    I think the coaching staff is loafing especially on offense.

  29. I remember 21 Says:

    That’s why the White(s) and Shaq should be playing somewhere else next season. As much as I hate some of the players in the National Felons League, we need some dogs on D. Deion Sanders had a quote about what you look for in offensive vs defensive players and it was spot on. Shaq always smiling and s#it, just like Geraldini McCoy. I want some D linemen that haven’t smiled since thy were 5. I don’t see Philly’s front 4 always smiling like it’s picture day. DOGS, let’s get some. I’m so sick of Davis & Dean. Always hurt, never play thru it, no turnovers, not even any passes defended! These guys are bums. So glad we kept the 2 that aren’t doing anything while Whitehead, Edwards, and SMB have all had highlight plays this season.

  30. Pewter Power Says:

    Don’t know what it is with some Bucs and reupping players for big money. It’s some kind of Doug Martin. Dean was a baller before his contract now you barely hear his name same for C Davis. We resigned Anthony Nelson knowing he didn’t have a high ceiling but has disappeared too.

    At this point I wouldn’t care if I saw Kyle Trask. At least we’d get to see if he’s worth resigning so he can play out of his mind to be resigned then have a Desmond Ridder type career

  31. adam from ny Says:


    the wheels have come off basically 3 times in a row…

    philly, detroit, atlanta

  32. adam from ny Says:

    we got a ton of breaks today, and it seemed like the nfl wanted us to win…

    i sensed the brady rules in full effect today…we got mad calls…

    i was thinking “dam the nfl wants us to win, and have it come down to us battling the saints for the division”

    yet even with all that we gave the game away

  33. Hodad Says:

    Who’s this Devin White everyone keeps mentioning? I didn’t see him yesterday thought maybe he went horseback riding.

  34. Defense Rules Says:

    Hodad … Agree about Devin White. I kept focusing on him to see how well he was solidifying the middle (especially on runs), and unfortunately on way too many plays, he wasn’t. He was getting blocked out of play-after-play and that left the middle vulnerable. Once RBs got past the 1st level, he wasn’t there to plug the hole & make the tackle.

    I think that’s reflected in his 3 solo & 2 assist tackles on a day when the Falcons ran it 38 times, almost all of those between the tackles. Maybe not though. Seemed like Falcons did something similar to what Eagles & Lions did to us, running us all over the field in the 1st half with their short passing game especially, then pounding us harder with their running game in the 2nd half. one of the analysts mentioned that the Falcons really believe that they’re better conditioned than their opponents, and thus can pound the rock better later in games. Maybe that’s what they were trying to take advantage of. It worked if that was it.

  35. tbc 1 Says:

    Ryan Neal for defenseless player of the week

  36. BUCS4LIFE Says:

    Yes sir!!! I saw lots of half assed attempts by the defense. Frustrating to watch is an understatement.

  37. Zoocomics Says:

    I think Bowles gets another season, so does Canales. Expecting a first-year play caller, with even our WR talent to be super successful is just unrealistic. Our 3rd and 4th WRs rookies, and not high draft pick rookies. Otton is in his 2nd Year at TE, and Payne is a Rookie. I’m actually a little surprised we haven’t elevated David Moore, this is guy a savvy veteran that has shown he can find the opening to move the sticks. Combine that with a horrible running game, it’s just tough sledding to implement ANYTHING imo.

    This Falcons team was not a bad football team, do your homework on their previous game’s stat line.

    I have no idea if there will be a pseudo fire sale on some of better talent we have, but the reality is that we can’t keep everyone next season at least I don’t think.

    I don’t think Bake is playing bad, this team’s margin for error is so razor thin that we hang on every F-ing pass. It’s remarkable how perfect of a game Baker has to play, especially to please this fanbase. NO ONE on these boards were saying Super Bowl either, stop it. Some real d!ck head posters on here that think burning the whole thing down is the way to get back to the Super Bowl, just dumb.

  38. teacherman777 Says:

    Devin White is still hurt. His groin is gone!

    I watched him closely. He’s playing at 50%.

    Sirvaceo Dennis is also hurt and slow as molasses. I watched him a lot.

    We need to take White off the field on passing downs and play an extra DB!

    Please! I’ve been saying it for 2 years!

    Lavonte David is a God!

    Best LB of all time. Overall.

    He makes tackling look like an art! He’s magical!

    Winfield is the Ronde Barber mixed with Lynch!

    He deserves a 7 year extension.

    We need to look at the practice squad of the Ravens and the 49ers.

    We need to steal 2 of their practice squad guys and cut two of our guys.

    We need some Raven blood on our team!

    We’re soft!

  39. BucaneroJim Says:

    Goedeke was a rookie last year playing out of position – the joe fans were pretty vicious with comments. This year he is back at right tackle, up to NFL speed and joe fans are hearts and kisses. The fans might want to give rookie Mauch a break.

  40. Defense Rules Says:

    teacherman777 … ‘Devin White is still hurt. His groin is gone! I watched him closely. He’s playing at 50%. Sirvaceo Dennis is also hurt and slow as molasses. I watched him a lot.’

    Assuming that’s what the basic problem is teacherman, those 2 have no business being on the field. Can’t win many games with guys playing at 50%. Need to let them both heal up & maybe we can salvage a 9-8 season by winning out in the last third of the season. Where’s our DEPTH?

  41. Defense Rules Says:

    Zoocomics … ‘I don’t think Bake is playing bad, this team’s margin for error is so razor thin that we hang on every F-ing pass.’

    I don’t think he’s playing bad either (hitting on almost 2/3 of his throws) but he’s not moving the team. Seems like it’s either him OR how he’s being asked to play. Bucs are built (with guys like Evans, Godwin & Palmer) to take advantage of the intermediate & deep passing game (our OLine is fairly decent this year at pass protection). We’re not doing nearly enough of that IMO (defenses aren’t being spread out enough?). Our short passing game seems to be TOO SHORT, and our running game must have a tell or something because defenses seem to be loading the box on most of them.

  42. Jeff Says:

    Nobody wants to play for clueless low energy Todd.

  43. Lloydmurphy19 Says:

    Our average is 14 points over the last 4 games. 14 points per game!!! You will not win too many games scoring just 14 points. The 1985 Chicago Bears would have a tough time winning if they had to bail out this offense every week. Baker is not good. He refuses to check down to open recievers out in the flat. He just stands there, always trying to hit the home run, and throws momentum changing (key) interceptions. We have a couple of liabilities on defense, but they are really not the problem. We need a quality running back for sure, but the real problem is Baker. Why do you think he’s been with 4 or 5 different teams? He’s not a starter, and neither is Trask. We have another loss coming on Thursday, and my guess is that we’ll win 2 or 3 more games. Maybe that’s not such a bad thing in the long run. We need to draft a quarterback.

  44. james west Says:

    embrace the suck, just going to get worse under this coaching regime, hell toilet bowels could only win 8 games with the goat, jason licht fix this while you still got a job

  45. Capt.Tim Says:

    I said it all day yesterday. The defense looked asleep.
    Other than David and Winfield, no energy, little effort.
    Ive seen defenses play like this before.

    Its when they want a new coach.
    This defense isnt playing for Bowles.