Falcons 16, Buccaneeers 13

October 22nd, 2023

What a heart-attack inducing game by two teams that just weren’t very good today.

Sadly, the Bucs were a tick worse the weaksauce Falcons. Tampa Bay fell to 3-3 and Atlanta now leads the division at 4-3.

The Bucs defense was opportunistic but way too porous and collapsed in crunch time.

Yeah, the defense only allowed 16 points, but Atlanta racking up over 400 yards of total offense is unacceptable with a second-rate quarterback and the Bucs at home. Yeah, a home game is supposed to mean something and the Bucs are now 1-3 this season at The Licht House.

Mike Evans’ 85th career touchdown was a nice high point, and Joe had high hopes on the fourth-quarter, game-tying drive when Baker Mayfield scampered 31 yards for a key first down — on 3rd-and-10 — at the Atlanta 35 yard line. (Mayfield made a some new fans on that run.) But the red zone offense failed the Bucs (what else is new?) and they had to settle for a field goal to tie the game at 13.

The defense offered no resistance on the Falcons’ final drive.

Three Falcons turnovers and the Bucs still couldn’t score. Playcaller Dave Canales needs to look in the mirror.

Zero running game continues to dog the Tampa Bay offense. When’s the last time a Bucs quarterback nearly led the team in rushing with 32 yards, like Mayfield did today? Bucs alleged RB1 had 13 carries for a dreary 34 yards.

Please, Jason Licht. Please address this horror of a run game!

Another day when Devin White didn’t look special and the Bucs’ run defense just isn’t what it used to be, despite some good games this season.

Hat tip to Shaq Barrett for his big strip sack, but Joe is ready to vomit. Why? Because the Bucs just aren’t very good right now.

161 Responses to “Falcons 16, Buccaneeers 13”

  1. FairMinded Says:

    This one is on Baker

  2. D-Rome Says:

    Not having a run game has been killing the Bucs for 2 years. The offensive line is weak outside of Wirfs. The defense was very good most of the game and Winfield Jr. is the Bucs best defender. He should be an all pro.

  3. Carter Says:

    Baker blows. Should be Trask’s backup.

  4. DoooshLaRue Says:

    CD sucks

  5. TheBucsAnthem Says:


    …..the one word that describes this team

  6. White Dogg Says:

    Laughing stock of the nfl… total joke. Their efforts today didn’t deserve then a victory! Embarrassing to watch

  7. ECBucs Says:

    Baker is so terrible get this bum off my screen

  8. Since76 Says:

    Time to move on from the Baker disaster. If bowles refuses let’s move on from him too.

  9. Marine Buc Says:

    Worst offense in the NFL.

    Trask should start the next game.

    Baker is who we thought he was…

  10. King C Says:

    Here you win, I don’t want to win.
    No I insist, you win, I don’t wanna win

  11. Breadwinnerbob Says:

    Daniels from lsu will be nice anybody but shorty Mayfield

  12. Wendell Says:

    The Bucs are a middle of the road team. They beat the bad ones and lost to good ones. The easy schedule to start made people think this team was more than what it really is.

  13. August 1976 Buc Says:

    The Better team won Sad very Sad, and Baker is looking like he is not going to be consistent. The Trask watch should begin to get some momentum This team is not as good as advertised.

  14. FlumundaCheese Says:

    Pathetic effort all around. Winfield is pretty much the only guy that looked like he gave a F.

  15. JTHV Says:

    This offense is garbage. 1st down at the 8yd line to win the game and FAIL.

    We are who we thought we were in July.

  16. PSLBucfan Says:

    The team always is a mirror image of its coach.

  17. Bojim Says:

    White runs like Trump.

  18. Nick Says:

    I’m ready to move on from Baker. Let’s see what the kid can do now. This is incompetence on offense.

  19. BuxfaninTX Says:

    When Bruce Arians was here, he coached to win,
    With Bowles, he coaches to avoid losing

  20. HC Grover Says:

    And the fans sing…Oooh Ooh that smell,,,the smell is all around you…Baker le Phew…They just stink. Ray Jay has a new feature…Surround Stench.

    Worse than terrible.

  21. Jaybuc Says:

    If this is the best version of mayfield we’ll get, just try Trask. See what we have.

  22. Marine Buc Says:

    Our new offensive coordinator needs to grow the F up real quick…

    I just see a totally disjointed mess.

  23. SlyPirate Says:

    Reality has hit …
    1. Canales isn’t an OC
    2. Bowles isn’t a HC
    3. Baker isn’t a starting QB

    No need to waste energy rooting for the team until changes are made.

  24. Jack Clark Says:

    Hey Joe, can we start calling Dave Canales a sorry as offensive coordinator now? Or do our players still need more time to learn his offense? 13 points with 3 takeaways given to him from our defense?! And only 6 points scored after a bye week??? WTF If that were Super Bowl winning offensive coordinator Byron Leftwich you would be screaming for his head!

  25. D-Rome Says:

    This Baker vs. Trask debate is ridiculous. The much bigger issue is the Bucs having the WORST running back group in the NFL.

  26. Colonel Angus Says:

    Fack this team.

  27. RagingBrisket Says:

    Bucs deserve to lose today. Hard to even be mad about it. The offense isn’t constructed to win in the trenches so everything else you want to do falls apart. GM Licht is so f’n overrated around here. Fans love to give him all the credit in the world for the good players and absolve him of responsibility for a whole oline that cannot compete in this league.
    Bucs are about to go through a precipitous slide to the bottom. Mark my words

  28. RuKa Says:

    The defense of the “Defensive Guru” Todd was unable to stop one of the worst passing offenses in the league!!! When it counted, with the game on the line, they allow a 39 yards play!!!! THIRTY NINE!!! What a joke!!

    The offense is bad, bad, bad… can we stop the “Canales for HC next season” talk????

    Bad on both sides of the ball… for the second year in a row… what else did we expect from the HC that delivered the only Brady losing season of his career?!?!

  29. Cody Says:

    Baker wants to be the hero and sn’t selfless enough to check it down in the flat. That last series white was open and could have made the 3rd down more manageable and take time off the clock .

  30. Simeon Says:

    This was complete domination by Atlanta

  31. Fansince76 Says:

    The offense sucks period!

  32. Drunkinybor Says:

    Makes me want to wear long sleeves and cover up my pirate ship and huge hugs flag tattoos.

  33. WTF? Says:

    This team is a joke.
    Baker had his chance to be the guy and couldn’t get it done.
    Season over. Bout to lose the next 2 as well.

  34. unbelievable Says:

    Lucky to get a bunch of fumbles by Ritter, otherwise we lose by 3 scores today.

    Defense was soft AF

    Offense was even soft. And slipper. So. Goddamn. Sloppy.

    Just a pathetic performance. Whatever Bowles did over the bye week has caused this team to implode. Or is Baker just regressing to his norm?

    Also did Canales and Baker just forget Mike Evans existed in the 2nd half? The most dependable and productive WR on our team / in franchise history, and he had like 2 targets all half?

  35. Jbeachbuc Says:

    Let us start the purge with the coaches .

  36. HC Grover Says:

    Shorty is just too short. Short on points….

  37. Drunkinybor Says:

    Huge bucs flag

  38. unbelievable Says:

    *softer. And sloppier

  39. WTF? Says:

    I honestly HATE being a Bucs fan

  40. Bucs 95 Says:

    1-3 at home is sad

  41. NaplesBucsFan Says:

    This is worse than just sucking from the get go…we start to feel k about this team but they sh!t themselves on offense even when the D manages to keep ATL out of the end zone on 3 RZ trips. Only 1 game in 6 with 3 TDs is HORRIBLE. This offense is inept with 2 of the best receivers in the league. I don’t think there’s an answer this year…I just don’t see it when we lose to a team that should have been a win. No confidence against Buffalo, but the sorry ass Patriots kicked their ass today, so maybe, just maybe.

  42. Buc-a-duck Says:

    Falcons give Bucs all those take aways in the Red zone and the Bucs still can’t win. The Falcons should have lost that game by three TDs. Bakers INT shouldn’t have mattered, BUT IT DID! The Bucs have way to much talent to lose a game like that. They will still make the playoffs and win their division.

  43. Hammerhead Says:

    We are a below average team. Weaknesses were exposed today. Quarterback, running back, defensive backs, offensive line, tight ends. Loss next week to the Bills. Try Trask after Bills game. Need a spark. Nothing to lose at this point. Draft a qb in round 1.

  44. Vegasbuccaneer Says:

    Bad coaching. Bad quarterback play. Get rid of Neil.

  45. JA Says:

    This team is going nowhere this year, and Baker has returned to being his old self, incessantly throwing into double coverage.
    Time to give Trask a shot. He’s been standing around for two years watching his draft mates get chances on other teams.
    Give the kid a shot.

  46. Carter Says:

    Joe – “the fourth-quarter, game-tying drive when Baker Mayfield scampered 31 yards for a key first down — on 3rd-and-10 — at the Atlanta 35 yard line. (Mayfield made some new fans on that run).”

    You forgot the prior potential game-tying/winning drive where Baker threw a pick.

  47. Rod Munch Says:

    Rod Munch Says:
    August 11th, 2023 at 12:32 am
    Also, if Mayfield is the starter, that means he’s basically going to be the starter through week 8 vs Buffalo. Looking at the schedule, I can’t see them making a change during the bye week, it’s probably too early, and if Trask plays, I think they’d want to save that until after the Bills game since you figure they’re going to stomp the Bucs and embarrass him – so other than fire the coach, the only other move you can make is to change QB, so you keep Mayfield in until then.

    Well, at least this affirms my belief to bet the under, heavily.


    Hey, look at me!

  48. Lotech24 Says:

    Fire Canales!!! My 3 year old has more imagination than this guy!

  49. DFW Buc Says:

    A lot people called it on Baker in the preseason. First few games were tape for defensive coordinators. I hope the last two games are a aberration. But I don’t think so. Run game stinks more than the gutters in New Orleans French quarter. Sad to be second in a really weak division. Go Bucs.

  50. A Bucs Fan Says:

    Offense is the problem. Defense made key mistakes (Neal busting his coverage in the last drive or D White letting Allgier get behind him.

  51. Bucsfan951 Says:

    Woof, this offense sucks.

    But what is worse than this offense?

    COACHING! We are in week 7 and there is no flow to this offense and the penalties are out of control.

    This is not a well coached team. Not at all.

  52. BucsFan81 Says:

    Team sucks and not going anywhere. We all got our hopes up. Reality is the offense is still garbage like last year and no run game. The defense is average at best and has to rely on take aways to even stay in games. Complete over haul needs to happen at this point.

  53. Mike Johnson Says:

    You get what you deserve in this league. And we came out flat, Defenseless and Lethargic. I don’t feel bad because we did not play well. I said we would win 6 games this year. But thought we might have had a chance. After this coming Thursday night? we might be 3-4. Give Atlanta credit. They came into our stadium and beat us..Period

  54. 1#bucsfan Says:

    JOE it’s both white and the run blocking. How many times is he or who ever the running back is going to get hit behind the before it opens your eyes. You only say it’s white fault while I do agree to some degree. He hasn’t hit open holes when they are there is tru but he n sneak are hit behind LOS more then there are holes. Run blocking is the worst in NFL history. Which is crazy cause they are darn good at pass blocking. Riddle me this please JOE why not play to our RBs strengths why in the hell throw the ball to sneak. He can’t ketch and let white run they need to switch this. Let sneak run and let white be the recieving back. Baffles me

  55. Mikeinlutz Says:

    We suck, we are are like the coaches: OC with no experience, head coach should be replaced, we allowed that catch and run to set up the loss, where was the prevent defense?. We cant even get 1 yard on a run play. Fire them all starting with the HC, we will not win anymore games this year!

  56. JWBUCS Says:

    Bucs were very disappointing today…

  57. Oneilbuc Says:

    If this was a Jamies lead offense it would be his fault on why we lost especially when Baker threw that pick in the red zone. It’s time for Kyle Trask!!

  58. Carter Says:

    D-Rome Says: “This Baker vs. Trask debate is ridiculous.”

    If Trask had been starting and putting up these points you’d think it was a worthy debate.

  59. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Joe has been maligning Ridder all year……but he just thew for 76% and beat us….if Joe is right then what does that say about us.

    Our offense is terrible…..and I’m not giving Canales much more slack.

  60. Marine Buc Says:

    The Bucs should have lost by 17-20 points if it wasn’t for luck and a few Atlanta major brain f4rts…

  61. Drunkinybor Says:

    Makes me want to wear long sleeves and cover up my bucs ship and huge bucs flag tattoos. That was a terrible game. But one the Bucs should have won. 1st and goal with what a minute and. Half left. Terrible terrible play calling. Are we doing the jinx crap again. Look Mike Evans is playing amazing lets mind trick the falcons and iae jim as a… Decoy! Isn’t that brilliant. Sigh Dave is learning on the damn job at our expense. Lucky guy

  62. Dewey Selmon Says:

    Ryan Neal is terrible. That is all.

  63. Tackleblockwin Says:

    Not sure what the NFL policy is, but this team does not deserve a day off from practice for the rest of the season. Get to work!

  64. SB~LV Says:

    Mike Evans can thank the Bucs later for trading him to a playoff team

  65. Voice of Truth Says:

    Time to start Trask – the Baker and Todd experiments are OVER

    Back to six wins max

    Defense tries hard but this is just pitiful

  66. August 1976 Buc Says:


  67. Craig Says:

    Desmond Ridder schooled Baker Mayfield. Now Mayfield is the new Ryan Fitzpatrick.

    The Falcons defense isn’t even that good, so it had to be Baker himself. They did show the NFL how to beat Baker easily, when he throws long get behind the receiver by a few yards, Baker will overthrow and you get an interception.

    Kiss this season goodbye.

  68. Erik Hesson - Fine Artist - Founder of UniqueModernArt.com Says:

    Why were there 2 huge helmet-to-helmet hits on Baker that weren’t called or even mentioned on the tv broadcast???

    And one of them was right before our very last offensive play where Mayfield missed a wide open Chris Godwin in the back of the end zone (and possibly bcuz his bell was rung from the previos play’s illegal hit to the head of the QB by Grady Jarrett, I believe.

  69. Buc4evr Says:

    17 seconds , 3 timeouts. Bowles is absolute garbage – Arrogant and Stupid. What a bunch of weak brained losers. The whole team is rotten to the core and it starts with playing guys on the Oline that have no right to be in the NFL. Hainsey and Mauch are total losers. On the D JTS is a bum and failure and will never get any better. Except for Winfield, the secondary is total crap. Canales game plan is high school at best and Bowles is still making stupid decisions. All and all we need a total rebuild next year. Garbage in, Garbage out.

  70. Bucs13 Says:

    Remember when it was leaked last year that this was a better offense without Brady? We’ve scored 16 points since the leak by Bowles or Licht. This team got arrogant. Players were taking subtle shots at Brady. Fans blamed the entire season last year on Brady!

  71. Bucs13 Says:

    I mean leaked last week

  72. Miller5252 Says:

    Baker threw the ball 42 times this game because the run game just keeps heading south. All the negative plays killed the Bucs on offense between negative runs and all the penalties. Playing behind the sticks kills this team and even if trask goes in it won’t get any better. Got a lot to work on and the season is on the brink of going off the rails quick

  73. BradyGronk Fan Says:

    Why’d they stopped throwing to Evans in the 2nd half. They should always give him a target near the end zone.

  74. Drunkinybor Says:

    Makes me want to wear long sleeves and cover up my bucs ship and huge bucs flag tattoos. That was a terrible game. But one the Bucs should have won. 1st and goal with what a minute and. Half left. Terrible terrible play calling. Are we doing the jinx crap again. Look Mike Evans is playing amazing lets mind trick the falcons and use him as…a……Decoy! Isn’t that brilliant. Sigh Dave is learning on the damn job at our expense. Lucky guy

  75. Pittbucfan Says:

    Wow. Baker sucks. Zero run game and defense that gives up over 400 yards to a steaming pile of dog s(p)it team. Really? This season is looking to be getting pissed away in a division that should be easy pickings. Better look at the a$$h%@es on the sidelines with the headsets. To me Baker playing with guts and balls. Ya, bring back crab legs. Smfh

  76. Baking with Canales Says:

    Bakery is closed!

    Defense is starting to look like last year. They spend to much time on the field and run out of gas.

    Leftwich STOP LAUGHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  77. Dueceswld78 Says:

    Are all baker haters gators fans or just stupid… what is the guy supposed to be without a running game

  78. OR Buc Says:

    What a bummer. Mayfield couldnt come through against a weaker team. I wish we had some of that Minshew swag as he’s having a huge game against Cleveland defense.

  79. NaplesBucsFan Says:

    Let’s not candy coat it…Baker doesn’t throw that ball for an INT and hits White in the flat instead, it’s most likely a different game. Huge momentum swing with that pick after the huge play by Winfield!!!

  80. Bucs13 Says:

    I want you guys to have the same type of negative energy you had with Tom last year!! You threw him under the bus even though the pass pro was awful. It’s much better this year

  81. unbelievable Says:

    Good start > bye week > huge regression

  82. Rayjay1122 Says:

    We are a running team who has not one single RB on the roster who can even gain 4 yards on a carry by accident and forget about breaking an effing tackle. Also the defense is just not good as a whole. Winfield Jr. And David are but all others are Meh. Finally the coaching is failing. Gonna be a long season boys.

  83. J Says:


  84. Rod Munch Says:

    Voice of Truth Says:
    October 22nd, 2023 at 4:21 pm
    Time to start Trask – the Baker and Todd experiments are OVER


    Said this elsewhere, but if you like Trask, you absolutely do not want him starting on a short week, on the road, vs an angry Bills team. The Bucs are going to get destroyed on Thursday night, and you want Mayfield playing that entire game if you’re a Trask fan.

    After the Bills game, when the Bucs are 3-4 and have lost 4 of 5, it should be obvious that you need to start Trask.

    Which of course means Bowles won’t do that, will wait until like week 11 to do it.

  85. Baking with Canales Says:

    Naples! you can say the same thing about Mayfield last week.

    Do you see a pattern?!?!?!?

  86. Bucs 95 Says:

    Even the browns with pj walker can drop 33 😂😂😂 and we cant score over 20 and probably never will this season

  87. Baking with Canales Says:

    Bakery is closed!

  88. StormyInFl Says:

    Bowles has to go. Never should have been gifted the job.

  89. Gofortheface30 Says:

    We are in NO position to call ANYONE weaksauce. Please allow me to list all of the wonderful adjectives that describe this team: boring, listless, stupid, weak, unlikeable. We aren’t dynamic, the Bucs have 2 highly paid corners that make zero splash plays. Literally zero. As good as Evans and Godwin have been, they aren’t as quick in and out of their breaks which partially explains Baker holding on to the ball, they don’t consistently create space and get open and when you compound that with the fact that we do not have a franchise quarterback, a terrible center and terrible guard combo. I also cannot emphasize BORING enough. This team should be buried in 9:30am London games and 1pm games indefinitely

  90. BrianBucs Says:

    If not for a couple of miraculous plays by Winfield on the Bucs 1 yard line the Bucs would have lost this game by 14-17 points.
    Bowles has to go

  91. Nprbuc Says:

    Stop wondering! We are who we are. A totally unimaginative offense and an overhyped D. We have a very good chance to race to the bottom in this division. We have an OC who started out with a decent mix of plays who has already digressed into the second coming of Leftnut. Just because running up the gut doesn’t work 98% of 5he time, we are going to keep doing it because at some point the defensive linemen may fall down and we will bust a big one! That’s how we get better right? Instead of ripping some of the playbook that rarely work and throwing them in the garbage, let’s keep ALL those proven, rotten calls in the game plan. A sure road to success.Even Brady on half a leg would get us 1 yard when we needed it! What a disgrace. These “coaches” and some players should be ashamed to be seen in public after the last 3 games. Let’s not forget. These are highly paid professionals that are serving us this junk.

  92. Mike Johnson Says:

    Our O line has been masking a lot of problems..its weak. And we have no pass rush. That won’t fly in BUffalo on Thursday night.

  93. Baking with Canales Says:

    We are drafting a QB at the draft!

    Bring Trask in and let us get a high pick!

  94. D-Rok Says:


  95. HC Grover Says:

    Question is now if they can win 5. My 8 ball says 2 more losses coming up. A Bills blowout and they may trot out Trask. NFC South is out of the question… 4 more straight losses and the head bags may show up.

  96. BradyGronk Fan Says:

    Bucs13, yeah that was just rediculous. It’s starts without being able to run. We’re talking league worse run game going on 2 years now.

    The biggest missing factor is Bruce Arians. He wouldn’t have passed up the chance to get points at the end of the 1st half.

  97. Voice of Truth Says:

    Todd Bowles is proving to be what everyone thought he was, right along with Batted Baker Mayfield – the losing duo

    Time to clean house of this coaching staff, this team is pitiful although plenty of talent abounds

    Goes for it at 4th and 6 in the 1st qtr and immediately fires up the other team

    Baker is just pitiful, for every decent play are 3 horrible ones – he is the ultimate good enough to get you beat quarterback, just like his HC

    Todd’s handpicked combo of Canales and Baker look like dog spit

  98. Oddball Says:

    Cooper Kupp flashback on that last ATL drive.

  99. Hunter's Crack Pipe Says:

    We got our butts handed to us today. If it wasn’t for turnovers, we were outplayed and absolutely blown out. Never deserved to win that game.

    Baker was staring down receivers half the time, including on the interception, where he never should have thrown that ball to a man who was covered the whole way. At the same time he had the RB outlet who was basically uncovered and could have gotten the first down walking.

    Diva White was horrible again today. He got sucked in on the run fake and totally blew his assignment in the flat on Ridder’s touchdown run. Then later he was responsible for the receiver that he let go on the Ridder scramble throw for a huge gain. And Ridder wasn’t even close to the line of scrimmage when White decided to play the run.

    The 4th and 6 decision to go for it was stupid. 4th and 1 or 2 OK. 4th and 6 early in the game in your own end?

    The 4th quarter drive for a FG? Why are you killing yourself with runs that you know won’t succeed instead of trying to score a touchdown? You play for a FIELD GOAL when you have an opportunity to try to take the lead? OUR COACHING SUCKS.

    Neal bad, and our defense can no longer stop the run.

    The only bright spots for me were badasses LD54 and Winfield.

    I don’t care what Joe says, OUR OFFENSIVE LINE CANNOT RUN BLOCK. PERIOD. Going out and getting a running back is not going to happen, because everyone in that building knows it would be a waste of money thrown at a problem that a running back cannot fix.

  100. Couch Fan Says:

    I’m reading these comments and im wondering why some of you sound so shocked. This is exactly what I’ve been expecting. Im ready for the season to be over so we can find out if the Glazers are smart enough to do the right thing or will us fans be forced to watch another season of this…

  101. Mostly Peaceful Trask Fan Says:

    Baker has to go. This is a bad offense.

  102. BradyGronk Fan Says:

    The offense was bad last year and Brady knew it. Expecting 45yo Brady to carry the team with crap blocking and no run game was a joke. Now expecting Mayfield to do the same is a joke too.

    The coaching changing from BA days hasn’t improved. Need to start with the coaches for the offense to get better.

  103. Paratrooper Buc Says:

    The better of two bad teams won. Bucs offense is bad. Between mistakes and penalties we posed that game away. Run game is worst in league…again. Baker is either too short or too panicky or both to see deep ball options as we had wide open players. You can put Trask in and soon as he gets killed by this Oline and run game, what will happen next? Run it out till end of the season and see what we can do in draft and trades with cap space in a better spot? Cap will be an issue as Winfield, White, and Evans will want money.

  104. Lakeland Steve Says:

    If not for Winfield and Lavonte David this game might have been a blowout. Our offense could not get out of their own way. Everyone is going to try and shout for Kyle Trask, but we had way too many offensive penalties. Just how bad is Devin White? He was a non-factor and made a crucial mistake late on not playing coverage and going after the QB, which resulted in a big play for Atlanta. It may be time for a fire sale Mr. Licht.

  105. Bucsfanman Says:

    It’s time to find a RB. It’s not too late.
    The blitz, in order to be successful, has to affect the QB. If it’s not working, you have to adjust. While they played okay, they gave up way too much in blitzing situations.
    Baker made a mistake, but they can’t keep putting the game on him throwing. Find a RB NOW!
    Lastly, presnap penalties are on the players, not coaches. Way too many in this game to be effective, IMO.
    We’re 3-3, all is not lost. Clean it up!

  106. Kstoges Says:

    I’m so heated at this game rn man we coulda won both these last 2 if the offense was even semi ok instead it was pitiful and the defense was not great/bad but good enough to win today man I’m so sick rn

  107. NJoldbucfan Says:

    This team is just bad. Bad Bad Bad coaching from the start of the game to the end of the game and season. If your on the ten and only plan to kick a field goal run the ball and the clock make them use their timeouts before attempting a last effort endzone throw, then kick the stupid field goal leaving as little time on the clock as possible. The coaching is really really bad and Todd should be fired. Jason has not attempted to fix the run game for years every team in the NFL knows what were doing because we can’t run. Stop the pass and wait for interception and win the game don’t worry about the run they don’t have one “ha ha ha”. This is hard to take. I haven’t written a comment about this team for years and I believe in “team first” but this is just sad!! NJ fan since 1976!!!!!

  108. Hodad Says:

    Baker’s lead one TD drive in 2 games, 8 quarters, If we get blown out Thursday, and baker looks the same, why not turn to Trask?

  109. Gofortheface30 Says:

    Anyone who spells ridiculous with an RE, I can’t take you seriously

  110. bob in valrico Says:

    Winfield did everything needed to win the game. The offensive penalties and the play calls were suspect at critical times. We can’t run 2 yards on 3rd down.
    Offensive penalties killed Drives. Canales wasted too many first downs with runs that were ineffective.

  111. D Cone Says:

    Mayfield first 14 Games 7-7 w/ 14 INT 3 FUM
    Ridder first 11 Games. 6-5 w/ 6INT 6 FUM.

    Based on their first NFL games if Joe is going to claim Ridder is second rate then he must concede that Baker too is second rate. He sure looked it today.

    49 seconds and two timeouts and Second Rate Ridder got his team in position to win.

    Tampa Defense has nothing to be ashamed of. Without two FORCED fumbles and the game is not even close. Never would have been a last minute drive.

    Mayfield has been an embarrassment two weeks in a row.

  112. Bobby M. Says:

    Common denominator to mediocrity is Bowles….slice it and dice it however you wish, Bowles can’t lead a team to consistent winning as a HC. Every year it’s “the offense” yet folks ignore that a defensive minded coach influences the play calling for a consistently sputtering offense. It was that way in New York, was that way last year, same for this year. No OC will find success under Bowles.

  113. Crickett Baker Says:

    Two pretty lousy teams going against each other but at least it was a somewhat exciting game and FOX flexed the 2nd half so I got to see some of the game! We almost won!

  114. HC Grover Says:

    Brady would of won that game.

  115. UKBuccaneer Says:

    Nobody is letting the offense off the hook, but if you think that defense (particularly the secondary) is acceptable then I’m not sure what to say.

  116. Mike C Says:

    45 has disappeared

  117. Mord Says:

    My gaaaaaahd, the doom and gloom here is always astounding. I was at the game. It was hot. It was frustrating. But some of you guys are losing your minds here.

    Mayfield is a decent QB. The OL can pass block reasonably well.

    The defense played well until they were gassed from being out there too much. I mean, Vea and Kancey were standing on the sidelines for the better part of that drive that ended in the touchback turnover. I think they may have run out on to the field just before that play

    The common denominator: these guys just cannot run the football. That impacts Mayfield, the passing game and the defense getting gassed. That is the biggest glaring deficiency, and unfortunately it’s probably not fixable with personnel changes during this season. Still, any improvement in the run game possible with the current RB room should reflect in improvements in every other phase.

    For now, I hope they don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater.

  118. MelvinJunior Says:

    Look, “White Pony,” or whatever… They are absolutely, NOT the “Laughing Stock Of The LEAGUE.” That is just a ridiculous, STUPID, ignorant comment. And, they’re not even close. There were NEVER any real true ‘expectations’ for THIS Team from the get go, AND they have a legit Championship Defense, so let’s just shut THAT down right here, right now. There are farrrrr worst teams and organizations in this league (who are underachieving) than the the Bucs right now, period. With that said, if things don’t get MUCH better for “Baker” & THIS Offense coming off a short week this coming Thursday Night, THEN it’s time to move-on and see what this “Trask Kid” can do NOW, immediately!!!! We HAVE TO start thinking about the future and see what he can do… Otherwise, it doesn’t make any sense. “Baker” is obviously, NOT the future 💯… And I mean, he has to be REMARKABLY Better too, & at least ‘show’ that he can salvage the season, or what’s the point!? Also (if they’re destroyed and he looks HORRIBLE), then you SERIOUSLY, have to start considering moving off of Mike Evans, etc. Cause, we need ‘draft capital’ DESPERATELY moving forward, especially for this LOADED upcoming one!!!!

  119. orlbucfan Says:

    Oh for gods sake, where are the intelligent long time Bucs fans on here? Atlanta ‘won’ this game for 2 reasons: referees (as usual), and Canales not getting the fact that he has a boatload of talented receivers in several positions. Every time that idiot shook up the play calling and threw to the RBs, Osteen, ME13 down the middle, he had results. Hey joes, like when are you going to do a feature on the Bucs special teams?

  120. Bucs13 Says:

    Some players alluded to that they didn’t like Brady’s drill sergeant ways in practice. Just a soft team. You can’t take a little cussing?

  121. DBS Says:

    Nothing has changed with this offense. They couldn’t score last year. Now with changes same results. I don’t care if you start Trask it won’t change. RB’s are bad and the Oline is not good. And don’t give me they mask alot because that is BS. The QB shouldn’t need to be running for his life all the time. Bowles said when he was gifted this job he wanted it to be a nunning team. He will keep it that way until he is fried.

  122. danthebucfan Says:

    Baker Mayfield can’t get it done. You can’t blame the defense when they only allow 16 points and get 3 turnovers. We are a throwing team. Our Oline is a pass blocking Oline. We have some of the best receivers. So, that narrows it down to our QB.

  123. Alvin Scissors Harper Says:

    This team sucks from the top down. It starts with the incompetent, boring Bowles and it’s all downhill from there. We knew before the season, they weren’t going to be very good. We had that early glimmer of hope, but reality is now kicking us in the collective nuts.

  124. NE Fan Says:

    Oneilsuckyall if Brady was playing it would be his fault in you eyes. One common denominator, TODD BOWLES!!!

  125. MelvinJunior Says:

    This Offense is just not ‘clicking’ under Baker and it’s obvious. He had a LOADED Offense in Cleveland with weapons everywhere, AND one of THE best running games/backfields in the entire LEAGUE, & it was a CONSTANT issue there, as well. So, something’s gotta give. Gotta get the kid out there, eventually. We CAN’T just ‘settle’ for THIS. We’re completely WASTING a Championship-Level Defense!!!! 💯. I mean, they CAN’T SCORE. It’s a struggle just moving the ball AND even getting a pass OFF… Just BRUTAL. Very hard to watch. SO UGLY.

  126. Rod Munch Says:

    I can not believe people watch these games, see the running backs literally being hit 3 times before they even get to the line of scrimmage, and think if we just had a new RB, the blocking would suddenly be fixed.

    Really some clueless comments.

    I’m sure all the RBs miss a hole from time to time, but literally everyone does that, but for every hole they miss, they’re hit behind the LOS at least 20 times.

    If I’m wrong on that I’d love to see someone show me the film – and not just one play, I want to see the RBs missing holes a bunch of times each game, since that’s why you’d trade for a new RB, you’re saying there are holes there most of the time and the RBs aren’t hitting them. I absolutely do not see that when I watch the tape, but feel free to prove me wrong if I’m wrong.

  127. orlbucfan Says:

    The good thing about this game is a lot of fair-weather yahoos will disappear.

  128. Kidfloflo Says:

    We caused THREE turnovers inside the 10 yd line and still lost!! Inexcusable!! At home!! After Bakers long scramble I thought we were gonna score a TD to win an ugly game alas we frogged out and let them march down field to not even force O.T. I’m beyond upset

  129. Vancouver Buc Says:

    Doesn’t matter who the QB is with this O Line and HC…reality is this will be blown up come January

  130. SBucs Says:

    The owners will clean house when the lack of crowds in the stadium are embarrassing them

  131. bob in valrico Says:

    Heard an analysis on the radio that points are way down to 2011 levels. One thing that was discussed was the NFL wants to reduce Pass interference calls.
    So defenders are grabbing jerseys, arms and hips etc. They often don’t get called, but
    when they do they only get a 5 yard penalty. The rules committee is ruining the
    game. Atlanta plays this style of defense and is reaping the benefits. How do two PI flags get picked up on the same play?

  132. DBS Says:

    How many times did Atlanta get inside scoring position and we cause a fumble or stopped them? Their Defense gets paid too. We created our own problems but they also made plays that stopped us. The score was 16-13

  133. Oneilbuc Says:

    NEfakefan. Baker Mayfield is trash and I believe he was the reason why the bucs lost. But I see the Patriots won and you probably mad because your daddy Brady wasn’t playing.

  134. Texasbucsfan Says:

    Baker with no running backs is a complete disaster . They belong in the USFL. BAD coaching on all levels. OLine lacking & corners are average, at best. Time to tank & rebuild. A pathetic game, & Canales will give a garbage interview this week, trying to explainis poor offense. Go for a decent draft pick.

  135. Bobby Says:

    Todd Bowles made some bad coaching decisions in today’s game. Remember when the Bucs made got the ball back on offense at near end of 1st half. Bucs get on Offense with 17 seconds and 3 timeouts remaining till end of second quarter. Instead of trying to move the ball downfield to get a field goal or touchdown in that moment. Todd Bowles decides to have Baker and the offense kneel and waste the timeouts and 17 seconds to go into the locker room and halftime. Horrible coaching decision by Todd Bowles. Past 3 seasons with Tom Brady here and seasons with Bruce Arians before that, Bucs would try and put points on the board right before halftime. Todd Bowes is too conservative on offense. He coaches not to lose the game instead of coaching to win the game!!!! I’ve seen enough of the Todd Bowles experiment now. Todd and Dave Canales are too conservative. Baker thew 2 boneheaded interception when the receivers aren’t open. The Bucs offense was horrible with penalties today. There must have been about 10 false start penalties. Penalties, turnovers and calling a game too conservatively is what lost this very winnable game today. Stupid decisions by the Todd Bowles snd Dave Canales and Baker Mayfield. Baker needs to run around more too. He was too hesitant to run on majority of plays today.

  136. Richard Dickson Says:

    I’m kinda hesitant to put all the blame on Baker because when a defense knows you can’t/won’t run, you get the looks he got where everyone was covered. What’s he supposed to do?

  137. Oneilbuc Says:

    This defense held the falcons to 16 points. Offense sucked and Baker Mayfield was the reason why they sucked because again if this was Jameis throwing that pick in the end zone this lost would have been his fault. Lol 🤣

  138. Frank Pillow Says:

    Time to admit the obvious. This team is full of 10-ply softies.

  139. IE Buc Says:

    We need to sign Rojo. White is not the answer at RB1. What happened to Sean Tucker?

  140. Crickett Baker Says:

    Hello NE Fan. Several people around here missed you (not me).

  141. SB~LV Says:

    The interior of the OL
    are a MASSIVE weakness and the whole list of opponents are licking their chops.

  142. Beej Says:

    How many drive-killing offensive line penalties did we have?

  143. Bobby Says:

    Of course it was the 17 seconds before the half that cost us the game. Forget the fact that we couldn’t do squat for 60 minutes….We were gonna light it up in that 17 seconds….

  144. NE Fan Says:

    Oneil, over 6 games Atlanta averages 16.5 points per game and is leading your division. To hold them to 16 points is NO great feat. There are 32 teams in this league and Winston doesn’t start for any of them, you’re in the minority when it comes to blowing his horn. If anyone has watched Baker for any period of time this is his MO. Play one good game 3 bad, turnover machine, that’s who he is.

  145. Cobraboy Says:

    This is a Bowles team. What do casuals expect?

    Canales talks a great game, but he is failing badly.

    I do not expect a bright future.

    This team is a hot mess right now.

    The good news: Bucs are still in The Hunt for Caleb Williams…without even trying.

  146. TB bolts Says:

    The defense saved this game on multiple occasions… blaming them for bakers 13 point performance is pathetic.

  147. Cobraboy Says:

    SB~LV Says:

    The interior of the OL
    are a MASSIVE weakness and the whole list of opponents are licking their chops.

    I could not agree more, especially Hainsey. He is a nothing, and was a nothing at G. Mauch is a rook, so I cut him a little slack.

    In football, if you blow up the middle of the OL, you will win on defense. So far this OL has lost every game.

  148. Jeff’s grandpa Says:

    Den of Depression returns

  149. Maniacxlll Says:

    Why are you so distracted?
    This is exactly BUCS level without Tom and Arian. Losing to Atlanta. The only Tom may roll the wheels of this sh..tty offence for the 4th quarter win

  150. Alvin Scissors Harper Says:

    It’s so nice to watch the late game. KC and the Chargers. Great, competitive game. Incredible environment and lots more skill than the puke we saw at 1:00 this afternoon.

  151. LOL Bucs Says:

    Draft watch 2024 has begun!!

  152. Bucs Guy Says:

    Time to be a seller over the next week before the trade deadline.

  153. Capt.Tim Says:

    I said at the beginning of the Season- Hainsey needs to be replaced.
    And while some of the clueless crew ran to his defense- its still true
    Our Rookie Guard is playing like a good rookie. Which isnt good.
    Feilder looks like a new guy, trying to do his job and Hainseys.
    Our running game is inexcusable for a pro team- and its on Canales, Bowles, and Licht.

    And its mainly on Bowles and Licht. Our running game was so horrible last year, that we wasted Tom Bradys last year.
    Yeah, the greatest QB in history couldnt work around it- yet some of the Clueless crew somehow now think its Mayfields fault.
    Morons. His arm is the only offense we have.

    Browles and licht had all off season to address the running game.
    Both should get canned.

    Oh, and we arent starting Trask because hes a noodle armed excuse for a QB.
    Any questions about that?

  154. Bucs Guy Says:

    If not for ATL’s 3 fumbles inside of the 10 (2 unforced), this would have been a blow out.

  155. DJB Says:

    I guess the Bucs like so many fans thought this game was a gimme win.

  156. Burty Says:

    We really didn’t deserve to win vs the Vikings either. They lost the game with stupid turnovers, and baker got the credit for that win. He really was terrible in the first half and we lucked out for the win. We could easily be sitting here with 2 wins

  157. Does it matter Says:

    Same old Bucs. Zero offense and a Defense that will keep us in more gut wrenchers like the act of futility against the Falcons.

  158. Usfbuc Says:

    This wasn’t a great game but we are still in a better spot than almost anyone predicted. I think we still wind up winning 4-6 more games this season. More than anything the Bucs are lacking a run game. We were supposed to be a more run heavy offense not still a pass first team. The lack of any threat to run the ball is hurting every other aspect of the team.

  159. Les Says:

    Hey bowles and cannels would it kill you to throw a jump ball in the end zone to Mike who is 6’5 and doing it for years .no let’s run to no were it is insanity ! Doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result .bowles is insane .!! Only 2 throws to Mike all second half ? Were are the quick poppers ? The slants ? More screens .more go routs to Mike and palmer ,Godwin in the slot .bowles repeat after me .we are not a running team .we are a passing team in a passing league !!that may open the run by spreading them out !!!

  160. GenocideD Says:

    It’s sad when philly’s 4th and 1 formation gain avg is better than our “RB1″‘s yards/ carry avg

  161. MomBucsFan Says:

    What happened in 2021 was we lost the person who really understood the offense, Arians. In 2022 it was clear no one with the bucs knew what to do about our bad offense. The Glazers went cheap in 2023 and hired a quarterbacks coach with no experience in dealing with offensive line issues. So we have Canales who does not have a clue how to fix the oline. I guess eventually Canales will figure it out…or not.. Hopefully in 2024 there will be a change of heart by the Glazers and they will get an OC who understands how to put together a good offense and also Light will focus on getting great offensive stars. That will be a consolation for us fans who have suffered the last two years with this .mess of an offense!