Could Changes Come This Weekend?

October 25th, 2023

“Where is that text from that two-bit Eastern Illinois scab quarterback in Denver.”

Joe read a column last night typed by Albert Breer of in which Breer said changes could be coming for Buffalo after its game with the Bucs on Thursday.

The element of the column deals specifically with the Bills, but Joe believes Breer’s premise also applies to the Bucs.

… A loss and the Bills would go into their minibye at 4–4, with a fan base sure to sound the alarm. Those longer layoffs can sometimes lead to staff changes for teams, because the extra time allows for an easier transition. I’m not suggesting anything is afoot, but this is clearly a big stretch for Buffalo coming off a really rough three weeks.

Well, guess who also has a mini-bye this weekend? The Bucs. And like Buffalo, Tampa Bay stays in the playoff hunt even with a loss.

So what Bucs changes could occur if the Bucs lose?

Well, one could be the Bucs biting the bullet and trading for a running back. If the team really does believe misplaced slot receiver Rachaad White is their best back, despite his career-long struggles, then this running attack won’t improve.

So, yeah one (smart) change would be to go out and get a dang running back.

If the Bucs can pull that off, it will likely open up things for Baker Mayfield and the passing game.

Joe hopes that late Thursday night, we’re all pounding Bromosas to celebrate an upset and not worrying about changes.

48 Responses to “Could Changes Come This Weekend?”

  1. Tye Says:

    But what RB can the Bucs get that can actually help… Maybe Moss from the Colts…

  2. BucsBeast Says:

    It’s a primetime game…..
    Bucs gonna Bucs and fold.

  3. Mike S Says:


  4. Bobby Says:

    Hey just thought of a really good idea. Bowles has a buddy, Bowles has 2 buddies that are offensive gurus. One of them os on the staff. Bucs have a guy named Tom Moore on the staff. Correct me if I’m wrong but wasn’t Tom Moore Peyton Manning’s OC!!! I say put Tom Moore in as OC right now. Then have Bowles rely on Bruce Arians consultation on week to week basis as well. Come on Bucs use your resources!!! Bruce Arians and Tom Moore are accessible for the Bucs!!! We need there imput on the offensive sode of the ball now!! BA was Peyton’s OC before Tom Moore was too. Come on Bucs we are a former Super Bowl winning front office and coaching staff snd the Bucs can’t figure this out!!???

  5. Thomas F Says:

    Trade for Dalvin and start Trask

  6. ModHairKen Says:

    God. Idiocy with this Trask thing. So is assuming that a different RB will do better. Hainsey and Mauch are lousy.

  7. Bobby Says:

    Tom Moore for OC right now

  8. Joe Says:

    Correct me if I’m wrong but wasn’t Tom Moore Peyton Manning’s OC!!! I say put Tom Moore in as OC right now.

    There is no way Todd Bowles is going to throw Canales off the bridge. That would be the ultimate back-stabbing move. Joe doesn’t believe Bowles has that in him at all.

    If Bowles pulled that stunt, he may never work in the NFL again.

  9. Joe Says:

    Tom Moore for OC right now

    An 84-year old offensive coordinator. LOL

  10. optimisticbucsfan Says:

    I doubt Tom Moore could do any worse.

  11. Dwight Schrute Says:

    Call me.
    I will take this running game to a level you’ve never seen before.

  12. TB bolts Says:

    This team owes bucky midfield nothing. He’s shown nothing but back up level play at best. No playoffs might as well see what Trask can do.

  13. Bobby Says:

    Hey Joe your probably right about Bowles never working in NFL again if he puts Tom Moore as OC right now lol!!! But damn it this offense looks really bad right now. Options are limited with the they way there doing right now.

  14. Bring back the lawn chairs Says:

    Tom Moore would look Good out there as OC. Cane, Walker, hearing aids, stipends, and all:)
    I can see it already!
    Party on!

  15. Bobby Says:

    Bring back the lawn chairs, that’s a long title there. Yes Tom Moore why not lol. If not then Bucs hopefully come up with some new ideas. Season is on the line and these next 2 games will determine. If Bucs lose both I believe Bucs will be introducing a new Head Coach come February 2024. And Tom Moore won’t be here by then if Bowles is gone. I like Bowles too. It’s a shame this is happening to him.

  16. Jaybuc Says:

    Bucs that should leave after this season

    Robert Hainsey
    Matt Fieler
    Rachaad white
    Keyshawn Vaughn
    Devin White
    Ryan Neal


  17. Mike S Says:

    Maybe Canales could take a few meetings with Moore and BA?

    Those guys are coach emeritus now. They are there to sprinkle in a little wisdom, nothing more.

    I’m sure 84 year old Moore wouldn’t mind watching a little film with DC and to talk shop.

    But realistically, those guys aren’t there to grind on the daily. That’s for the young guys to do now.

    But if you got those guys on the payroll and they’re hanging around – probably wouldn’t be a bad idea for Canales to have a sit down. Another experienced pair of eyes? What could it hurt?

  18. Bobby Says:

    Would all of you shush about Trask…jeez… yea he looked good in camp and during one game in the pre-season. He is dramatically improved from previous seasons I agree. But let’s get serious folks!!! If you really think Kyle Trask is going to come as the starter and look like Joe Montana or Tom Brady out there. I got water front property in Arizona for sale at a bottom dollar price for you. Some die hard UF fans on here huh. You know the back up qb is always the most popular player on bad football teams!! I’ve been closely following Buc ball since the days when ESPn analyst use to call our style of offense Buc ball. Yea I purposely miscapitalized that network. They have dramatically gone down hill since long ago now. Anyway, back Trask, Give the Trask drumbeat a rest..I remember last season some of you on here even calling for Trask while we had TB12 under center. Chill out on the Trask talk.

  19. Proudbucsfan Says:

    I said this earlier today. It wouldn’t hurt my feelings to fire Bowels and Canales and convince Arians to be the interim head coach/OC the Glazers are still paying him anyway.

  20. Proudbucsfan Says:

    I also know that the Glazers won’t fire a coach mid season. If history is always correct the front office is going to sit on there hands and let the season finish as it is. Our guys are our guys.

  21. Bobby Says:

    Hey Mike S, 1000% agree with your comment regarding using the Bucs offensive guru resources available like BA and Tom Moore. It’s ridiculous to have an offense looking as bad as it does with Tom Moore on your staff and BA a zoom call away!! Bust won a SB a few yrs ago. This is ridiculous watching this horrible offense. If Jason and the Glazers don’t make changes soon soon then they are tanking for next season. That’s the only logical reason to leave it like it is.

  22. David Says:

    Bench the worthless qb, Baker and give the kid sine experience for next year. Baker be long gone thrown to the wolf by then to his fifth team as aback up.

  23. Joe in Michigan Says:

    David Says:
    October 25th, 2023 at 2:16 am
    Bench the worthless qb, Baker and give the kid sine experience for next year. Baker be long gone thrown to the wolf by then to his fifth team as aback up.
    Please tell me you were drunk and/or high when you wrote this.

  24. Leopold Stotch Says:

    Seems like a very sensible move on the short week. One final evaluation before we pull the trigger on a potential move.

  25. PewterStiffArm Says:

    Even with Friday morning celebrations we still need to make changes to our running backs room. White isn’t going to change anything with one game. Trade I say, trade away.

  26. Crazyhorse54 Says:

    I remember a few years back, zone blocking was attempted and miserably failed. Now, it seems the Bucs are trying it again. Either they are not physically able to do it or mentally not able. You decide.

    Installing a system that you don’t have pieces to make it work and keep beating your head against the wall with it is just plain dumb

  27. WyomingJoe Says:

    I say bench “Bobby and Mike S” because they’re the worst kind of quitters. If Trask was QB1 our record would be 0-6. Let’s face it, the Tin Man from the Wizard of OZ moves better than Trask, and Dorothy has a better arm. BAKER IS BETTER. Get over it and stop whining.

  28. WyomingJoe Says:

    OMG, I forgot. Bench “TB bolts” too. Another quitter.

  29. Jeff’s grandpa Says:

    Gaytor bois living in fantasy land

  30. Beej Says:

    Baker is the #15 QB in the league, I’m not seeing how benching him and putting a slower inexperienced QB in helps the running game

  31. garro Says:

    ssdd Joe!

    Go Bucs!

  32. Bobby Says:

    Lol Wyoming Joe, your funny, Wizard of Oz references oh my, that movie only came out 84 yrs ago, but hey of thats your best. Then go all in Tin Man lol. Your attention to detail is lacking my friend. I never said to Bench Baker in any of these comments. My previous comments was telling the Trask Drumbeat crowd to give it a rest. I like Baker and see him doing well here with a better play caller and a running game. As Ira says in his recent podcast episode. Canales needs to make changes in his play-calling for sure. What he is doing is not working. Lay off the morning big storm brews this morning, there not helping your reading skills Wyoming Joe. Let’s Go Bucs!

  33. doolnutts Says:

    We need to do one of those magical trades for an interior lineman. We got Shaq Mason for peanuts I bet you there is someone we can get of this caliber. Matt Feller is a 30 year old journeyman we know what he is at least Mauch is young maybe he improves maybe not but Feller is awful and not likely to get better.

    I am not even saying White is a good RB but I will say what is the point of trading for RB’s when the run blocking is god awful.

  34. WyomingJoe Says:

    Bobby: You’re right. You weren’t the Baker basher. My fingers betrayed me. My apologies. But honestly, except for the plastic flowers and the munchkins, who doesn’t like the Wizard of Oz?

  35. Bucfan1988 Says:

    Completed my dissection of slow-motion replays of Rashaad White’s last game against Falcons….

    Joe’s, y’all need to re-examine your statements here about White being a bad RB….He was fine…I thought he played well actually for what was there…

    Saw one bad vision mistake early in third quarter, but he still gained 4 yards on the play….

    The problem is we have POOR Tight-End blocking and POOR interior line play…
    1) Cody Mauch is an inconsistent mess right now….Great feet but awful technique and hand-placement..
    2) Hainsey has zero power to move people and he’s a bit clumsy as well..
    3) Feiler is an average run blocker but he showed several leaks in his pass blocking as well….
    4) Calais Campbell schooled Goedeke a couple of times that were important moments in the game….
    5) Ko Kieft missed a couple of blocking assignments & Otton simply can’t block worth a crap….He has no strength and gets blown up….

    There’s your picture folks!!!!

    Alrhough I do like Javonte Williams from Broncos, our issue isn’t an RB problem…It’s Tight-Ends along with Center/Guard issues…

  36. Bucfan1988 Says:

    Oh yeah, Canales really butchered a couple of play calls in that game….

    You wanna run when they play cleft you to pass & pass when they expect you to run…

    The 3rd & 1 play in 3rd quarter was a brutal call….

    That play was in shotgun formation….Mayfield should have made it zone-read,faked the handoff, and kept the ball and ran around right corner…only had 1 cornerback in the flat to beat for the 1st down…

  37. Will Says:

    Correct me if I’m wrong but wasn’t Tom Moore on the staff last year and we sucked? SMH it’s ridiculous that some of you think that he’ll all the sudden make a difference. We continually ran the ball up the middle last year with nothing to show for it and we’re doing it again. The Oline is subpar in the middle get out on the edge run some screens and some draws every now and then. STOP running the ball on 1st down especially up the gut and how about getting Baker on some roll outs. What happened to this “we’re gonna make the defense defend every blade of grass” Canales sold us on in the beginning.

  38. Bucfan1988 Says:

    Will, we can’t run on the edge either cuz that requires average tight-end blocking…. We suck in that category….

  39. Oz Len Says:

    Trade Trask for a running back. Trask will never be worth more than he is now. If he gets in a game his value will start to evaporate. Face it, if the Bucs bottom out they are drafting a QB next year. It’s foolish to keep a career backup on the team if you can get an occasionally serviceable running back now while there is still a shot at the playoffs.

  40. Will Says:

    Put Ko out there he’s a better blocker than Otton although that’s not saying much. However if we CAN’T run up the middle or outside than go to our strengths which is our WR group. Maybe hitting some passes will open up the run game and then Mr I think I’m Leveon will hit a hole hard and get tripped up after a 4yd gain since he’s unaware that you can break tackles in the NFL.

  41. Bucfan37 Says:

    I am missing why the Bucs drafted Trask in the first place since he is yet to see any starting action with this team. Any words spoken by those in charge about what they actually think of Trasks QB ability.? Did Baker sign a contract stipulating that he would start every game?

  42. buccanstopit Says:

    Oz Len Says:

    Baker is the career back up

  43. SlyPirate Says:


    Bucs win is a win. Bucs lose is a win.

    This year is about cleaning up the books and evaluating talent. Licht will let the team play the year out so he knows who to keep and who to replace. The better they do, the less he needs to replace. The worse they do, the better the draft for him to replace.

  44. BucRodgersBDBDBD Says:

    Stupid Story! We have the worst Run Blocking O-line in the game. A running back won’t fix the issues f our line getting pushed backwards 1 – 2 feet per run attempt. Watch the tape Joe & quit blaming the backs. A soft center mixed with a weak rookie is hard to over come. Unfortunately we can’t fix until we fix our cap issue which won’t happen until 2025. So be happy we’re not terribly and unwatchable. Go Bucs

  45. Oz Len Says:

    buccanstopit Says: Baker is the career back up

    Baker might be just that but Trask would still be carrying his lunch pail as the 3rd stringer, not dressed on Sunday guy.

  46. Crickett Baker Says:

    Believe me. Tom Moore and maybe even Arians are advising Canales already a lot. They are both in advisory positions. A title is irrelevant. They all want our offense to succeed.

  47. PowerOfPewter Says:

    LOL @ Trask fanbois. Trask isn’t going in until Light and Bowles decide to tank the remainder of the season. Does Trask all of a sudden make Hainsey and Mauch block better? Does Trask make White an all-pro running back? Does Trask make Neal cover and White tackle? Trask is Ryan Griffin 2.0… a career clipboard-holder and bench warmer.

  48. lanshark Says:

    Put Trask in so we can see what we’ve got: “believe me, the coaches have already seen that — that’s why he’s on the bench, idiots”. No one magically get’s better in the game than they practice.

    As for the RB – it’s not White’s fault that there are guys in his face as he get’s the ball. He does a decent job of making something out of nothing.

    Back to Mayfield – I counted at least 24 plays already this season that should have been sacks, that Baker either ducked under, or threw away, or slid sideways, rolled out, and made a throw. We would have given up at least 20 more sacks with the stiff back there.