“Chills” At Practice Gave Fans Indigestion On Sunday

October 22nd, 2023

Had no explanation.

Good grief did the Bucs play sloppy today. Almost as sloppy as the Dixie Chicks.

Dismal Desmond Ridder lost three fumbles in the red zone. You know why Joe doesn’t ever remember that happening before? Because, per BSPN, that has not happened in 45 years!

The Bucs committed so many penalties it was embarrassing. You know the kind, the kind where a player has his head up his rear. Not snapping the ball (“Everybody but the center”). Offsides. Illegal procedure. Just downright dumb.

Joe found this, well, unique. Last week, Bucs offensive coordinator Dave Canales mentioned the Bucs’ offense had one of the best practices he’s ever seen. Canales crowed how all the offensive players were very vocal, holding each other accountable, demanding sharp play. Canales said he was getting “chills.”

Sunday, Bucs fans threw up on their shoes.

Joe asked Bucs coach Todd Bowles how a team that supposedly was practicing so sharply last week could play like it was a first preseason game just four days later.

Bowles admitted he had no answer.

“Couldn’t give you an explanation,” Bowles siad. “”We did practice well. We’ve got to bring it to the game on Sunday.

“We had more penalties than the law allowed, offensively. All three phases had a hand in it. but we’ve got to be able to score points to win ballgames.”

And folks, there is a reason. Please name a run-oriented team that scores a lot. Joe can only think of one and that is Barry Switzer’s old Oklahoma teams when they ran a wishbone and had Billy Sims tearing through defenses. Or Tom Osborne’s Nebraska teams with Tommy Frazier bowling over linebackers and corners.

Running teams don’t score many points, in part because they rarely have quick-strike offenses.

Joe has a novel, perhaps simple idea: If Bowles and Canales really want to score points, how about feeding Mike Evans and Chris Godwin the ball more than Rachaad White?

Now that would be a nice start to turning around what looks to be right now a school bus driving down the road on fire.

57 Responses to ““Chills” At Practice Gave Fans Indigestion On Sunday”

  1. Vegasbuccaneer Says:

    Extremely hard being a bucs fan

  2. Bucs13 Says:

    This team needs a drill sergeant on offense. Too many players wanted to be coddled this year, starting with Godwin.

  3. Rod Munch Says:

    I know it’s all doom and gloom, but people need to remember we have the NFL’s best punter.


  4. Bucsfan951 Says:

    Wasn’t this new offense supposed to be cutting edge and do things we’ve never seen before as Bucs fans? A lot of movement and getting baker to move around?

    It is week 7 and the offense is getting worse. I mean, you need 1 flipping yard to move the chains and they can’t even do that. It’s pathetic and the head coach and offensive coordinator needs to be put on notice.

    It’s freaking ridiculous and pathetic.

  5. Fishhawkbuc Says:

    Sloppy coaching. The team takes on the personality on their head coach. Erckle is the head coach and Pee Wee Herman is the OC.

  6. Thisisouryear!! Says:

    Joe- I think they tried to get the passing game going today but that wasn’t working either. It seemed they went away from the run late in the game today. But 35 yards on 17 carries is pathetic.

  7. Thisisouryear!! Says:

    If we lose Thursday, I can see us tearing it all up. Evans, white and many others could end up on the block.

  8. Saskbucs Says:

    Another brutal Sunday across the NFL not just our Bucs. Incredibly hard to stomach these guys today. All the hope they gave us fans through 4 weeks they completely pissed on these last 2 weeks outta the bye. Must have spent the bye reading power rankings with them in the top 10 and sniffing their own gas instead of getting better.

  9. Bojim Says:

    Canales is probably pretty embarrassed for saying that.

  10. WTF? Says:

    Season is over. Plain and simple

  11. Rod Munch Says:

    Repost… Todd Bowles addresses the players before the game:


    Dear my fellow Buccaneers, I stand before you today, not merely as a coach, but as a shepherd leading his flock through the storm of modern delusions, towards the sacred endzone of tradition. I am often accused of being out of touch with today’s game, yet I say unto you, it is today’s game that has lost touch with the essence of football. The football field is not merely turf, it’s holy ground, and the game we play upon it is not a mere sport, but a divine test of wills.

    In the book of Gridiron Genesis, it was written, “And the Lord said, ‘Let there be Football’, and there was Football. And with it, came the sacred act of running the ball. Through the storm of adversary’s defense, every yard gained was a testament to one’s faith in the timeless truths of the game.” It is through the act of running the ball that we honor the age-old traditions, laid down by the almighty playbook from above.

    We are inundated with the cacophony of modern tactics, the passing game, a temptation that veers us away from the sacred act of ground and pound. They say the forward pass is the future, yet I say unto you, it’s a path of ephemeral glory. I bear witness to the truth every Sunday on the field of valor, where the righteous run the ball, and in doing so, run towards salvation.

    Oh, brethren of the gridiron, let us not be seduced by the flashy allure of the aerial game. The pigskin was not meant to soar through the heavens, but to be cradled in the arms of the steadfast, charging through the gauntlet of heathen defenses, each yard a step closer to the promised land, the end zone.

    Let us not forget, the root of our game is in the holy trinity of football – blocking, tackling, and running the ball. When the modern world shouts, “Pass!” We shall humbly and boldly respond, “No, we shall run!” For in running, we find purity, in running we honor the game’s noble heritage, in running, we forge our path to victory, one holy yard at a time.

    In the name of Lombardi, the Bear, and the holy spirit of the game, let us march forth with the ball tucked close to our hearts, and our faith unshaken in the timeless essence of football. The path of righteousness is not through the air, but on the sacred soil of the gridiron.

    Let us all say, “Run the ball!”

  12. Old School Bucs Says:

    So lets continue to look at skill players. Lets not look at the oline that has been a disaster for at least two years. I guess since this team is way better without Brady we dont need to look at the real issues with this team.

  13. Bucnjim Says:

    A lot of blame to go around but this one was on the coaching staff. Piss poor defensive game plan against a one dimensional team. Bend but don’t break only works against passing teams. Running teams just wear you down. The offense right now is mentally weak. Dropped passes, offsides, holding, can’t line up right, and lack concentration. Ever since the bye week this team has been on vacation and can’t seem to get that edge back. Too bad we were looking pretty good on both sides of the ball. Now we can’t get out of our own way.

  14. Bucswin Says:

    I really want to like coach bowls. But this team is not well coached..,

  15. TonySoprano Says:

    Yeah that “chills” line from Canales is even more cringey now than it was 6 hours ago.

    Canales seems like a nice guy, but his whole schtick of ‘everything’s sunshine and all the players are awesome’ is becoming tiresome and disingenuous.

  16. Miller5252 Says:

    When you can’t run any penalty’s like these are just making it 1000 times worse. My kid and I were talking about how we use to average 30ppg and how much fun that was watching it. Way too much talent to be this bad

  17. TF Says:

    Modern football calls on teams to have an effective running game. The Eagles run the ball in many different ways. Jet sweeps, QB runs, toss pitches and various other creative methods. Philly is still a 50/50 run pass team while most NFL teams are 55/45. The rules have changed to favor the offense, especially the passing game. The infatuation with running the ball really is passé, the last Super Bowl Champion who won by playing great defense and controlling the clock was the Ravens w Dilfer and Jamal Lewis rushing for 2,000 yds. We need an aggressive, modern offensive minded coach who understands that it is a different game than it was just 10 years ago.

  18. Shane247 Says:

    Just another “We came out flat” game. What has happened to the defense? To start the season they were fast, swarming & gang tackling. Now they look a lot like years past, out of position, confused & slow. Have these corners ever heard of passes defensed? It appears to me they are more concerned with the tackle than preventing the catch in the first place. A perfect example of this was the Scotty Miller play. Carlton Davis was right there and he didn’t even try to swat at or contest the catch. Instead, it looked like he waited for the pass to be completed.

  19. YucsBucsYucs Says:

    Is Logan Hall injured and is Devin White on the Vita “ Soft “ Vea diet ? Rewatching and Atlantas offensive line was moving JTS and others like rag dolls, but just shows how soft they are and the only one I will give an Atta boy is Winfield!!! How Neal plays is mind blowing and how can’t this organization find a RB because White should be a receiver and 21 is so bad that I’m not sure how he’s even an option ?? Like he’s really bad and now we are seeing why no one wanted Baker ( struggles throwing, moving around minus the 30 yard play, and lack of vision ) not the same player from the first two games. I don’t care if players have his back, but what’s the other option? PJ Tucker is 2-0

  20. YucsBucsYucs Says:

    Walker for the Browns

  21. YucsBucsYucs Says:

    Licht needs to be fired as well and not letting Bowels and others take all the blame

  22. Popcorn Mike Says:

    I hate big time staff changes because team have to get acclimated to the new staff which usually take time. But, I am starting to think as one fan has already said, next year we will have an entire new staff. I’ve watched the Glazers over the years and I am almost willing to bet that they are already looking at replacements

  23. Jack Clark Says:

    “Please name a run-oriented team that scores a lot”

    The Ravens have the most rushing attempts in the NFL and they put up 38 points against the Lions… you know the same team that we could only score 6 points on? The Falcons have the second most rushing attempts in the NFL, and if not for those 3 redzone turnovers would have blown us out today worse than the Lions did. The Falcons ran for 156 yards against us btw. The Lions and Eagles also have the 6th and 7th most rushing attempts and both of their offenses are top 10 in scoring.

    “Joe has a novel, perhaps simple idea: If Bowles and Canales really want to score points, how about feeding Mike Evans and Chris Godwin the ball more than Rachaad White?”

    Todd Bowles is too stubborn to adapt his offense to his personnel’s strengths and weaknesses. He rather try to fit a square peg through a round hole and continue running the football even when run blocking is his offensive linemen’s biggest weakness.

  24. TonySoprano Says:

    I hope the Bucs are doing everything g they can to trade either Devin, Carlton or Dean before the trade deadline. No way am I paying White what he wants; I don’t even want him at his current salary. CD and Dean got paid are just stealing paychecks at this point.

  25. dbbuc711 Says:

    I think it’s time for the Glazers to let Bowles go. It’s not like the team would be worse off with an interim coach.

  26. MelvinJunior Says:

    Idk where you saw that GODWIN wanted or expected to be “Coddled,” Buc13… UNLESS, you have some kind of ‘inside’ knowledge now, THAT is ridiculous, just as with most of the irrational comments you spew. But, that’s the first I’d heard of those “chills” comments (lol wondered what someone in an earlier post was sarcastically, referring to), by Canales!!!! This is nothing but one HUGE “Clown Show” then, at this point. This guy has GOT TO BE a one ‘n dunner 💯… I’m VERY afraid tho, along with Bowels, that won’t be the case. VERY Concerned about that. This team 💯 has the ‘identity’ of their coach & it’s s obvious. I’ve been hoping and praying for the past few weeks that ownership has already reached-out and are planning on making a ‘SPLASH-move’ by aggressively pursuing Harbaugh. That roster & Defense HE built in San Fran was RIDICULOUS. They always, just looked ‘different’ than everyone else in the league (outside of Baltimore), to me. They were Bigger AND Stronger and played faster and HARDER than anyone, by a long shot. The weak a$$ GM at the time, just couldn’t STAND that Harbaugh got all the credit for who ‘built’ and ‘developed’ that team was the ONLY, reason he was pushed out. Which, then led to the hiring of Lynch not very long after LoL. Dude just literally, cut his OWN throat Hahahah. They say he can really wear on ya, but it’s exactly what this Bucs team and organization desperately NEEDS in a complete rebuild and total makeover… If, we can just get him the right QB, you better look out. Bring back the good ole days!!!!

  27. Jack Clark Says:

    “Please name a run-oriented team that scores a lot”

    1. Ravens #1 in total rushing attempts scored 38 points this week
    2. Falcons #2 in total rushing attempts ran for 154 yards on us and defeated us
    3. Bears #3 in total rushing attempts scored 30 points this week
    4. Jaguars #4 in total rushing attempts scored 31 points this week
    5. Colts #5 in total rushing attempts scored 38 points this week
    6. Lions #6 in total rushing attempts and is the #4 ranked scoring offense
    7. Eagles #7 in total rushing attempts and is the #10 ranked scoring offense
    8. Saints #8 in total rushing attempts scored 24 points this week
    9. Browns #9 in total rushing attempts scored 39 points this week
    10. 49ers #10 in total rushing attempts and is the #3 ranked scoring offense

  28. MelvinJunior Says:

    He should be, “Bojim.” 💯. I would’ve been right after I’d said it. Wouldn’t you!? LoL

  29. Bucs13 Says:

    @MelvinJunior. Just read his comments from the preseason and the season. This team is soft!!

  30. Mort Says:

    If the best fix to the run game is to stop running the ball (currently you can’t argue any different) then you need to simplify and execute. If you can’t, then might as well just pass it every down. Unless those 2 yards on 1sr down mean that much to you…

  31. Richard Says:

    If Mayfield could see White waiting for a dump off behind the defensive line today he had a lot of green in front of him it seemed.

  32. Fred Says:

    I was there in ‘76. Even before that when exhibition games were played at the sombrero to see if there were enough fans for the NFL. Had season tickets for years, got skin cancer, watched from the skybox, I did all I could do. Now? I can’t watch another mid 1980’s Buc team. Today showed no promise for the rest of the season. Coaching is bad and motivation doesn’t look good. I’m almost done with it all.

  33. Aubpierce Says:

    Rod, Thank you for making me laugh.

  34. Winny Testaverde Says:

    Ol’ Can-Do Canales…the 10th pick as OC for lame duck Bowles…has taken his hyperbole and desperation to a new level/low. Something tells me the Canales is a hot HC commodity chatter will quiet down a bit. As will the extend Baker rhetoric.

    What should begin immediately if not sooner is the trade talks…Mike Evans, Devin White and some junior high might want that midget Tompkins.

  35. Bucsfan951 Says:

    Yeah, I do believe 8 of the 10 top rushing teams have a winning record. The difference between them and the Bucs are they actually have running backs that produce.

    The Bucs just suck at running the ball but that is what they get for relying on white and sneak.

  36. Mike S Says:

    Funny thing now is the opposite of what Bowles intended game script is happening. Without playing with a lead the intensity on defense is dialed up and these guys get gassed and give the game away late – usually involving Neal getting toasted somehow.

    This is not what this team is. Its not a road grater pound the rock team where you can run out some wiley scrambler QB to checkdown on 3rd and manageable and dominate on defense. This isn’t that squad. I love nostalgia as much as the next guy, but Mike Alstott isn’t walking through that door. Warren Sapp is doing podcast interviews these days.

    This is a high flying WR rich squad that’s going to get you a lead and then blitz the eff out of you. That’s what this team is – so the right move is to strap up the 6’5″ prototype and start slinging the rock around to your big play receivers.

  37. gotbbucs Says:

    We just threw the ball 42 times and ran the ball 20 times. Is that run oriented?
    Teams that can run the ball score way more points than straight up passing offenses.

    It’s time to start accumulating draft picks. As much as I’d love to see Evans retire a Buc, the best thing for both sides is to trade him to a winner and get some draft capital in return.

  38. BucsFan81 Says:

    I was the one preaching at the end of last year they should have blown this thing up and started over. Now we’re a year behind with the same damn results. If the losing continues time to start trading what you can for draft picks so we can get a complete re build with a new coach and keeping the good young players we have.

  39. rrsrq Says:

    Feed Godwin, Evans and White (in the passing game), he could be a great 3rd down back, but that’s it

  40. Bobby Says:

    Here is an idea? Just putting out there to see what the responses are…I know the Pats beat the Bills today. That’s a very good win for them. I suspect that will not continue happening for remainder of season though. Regardless I suspect Belichick is still on the hotseat. We have Jason Licht here who is connected from his Patriot days. What if the opportunity arises for Bill to come here with Jason still as the GM???? But we need to have an good OC to go with Belichick. I bet the Glazers would be licking there chops if the opportunity rises to get Bill Belichick as your next Tampa Bay Buccaneers HC. Hopefully things improve for Bowles and the Bucs this season. If not though, this scenario I’ve presented could be interesting. Let’s Go Bucs!!!

  41. Mike Malarkey Says:

    Dolphins score alot of points this year and lead the league in rushing

  42. DFW Buc Says:

    Bowels is leading this team to the crap**r! I’m one of those that votes little to no confidence. I want someone is willing to cut bait and make changes for next year. White, Neal, Vaughn go now. Find someone from a practice squad. It can’t be worse. See what we have in Trask to see who will be next year’s backup after the draft. Anything to get through purgatory (coaching, salary cap) while moving forward.

  43. Boomer Says:

    This is not good.
    Canales needs to take some criticism to heart and take a good look in the mirror. The penalties on offense were offensive – and that is coaching.

    In Bowles last season with the Jets….. games. The Jets (4-12) were competitive in almost every game but they sabotaged themselves with ill-timed penalties and late-game meltdowns.

  44. Mike S Says:

    gotbbucs sounds like its on Baker then

  45. Jeffrey M Says:

    If/when we get boatraced Thursday night… It would make sense to start trading some players to get draft capital for 2024, and not lingering and hope for compensatory picks from 2025. Would think Devin White, Evans, Barrett, Ryan Neal and even JTS could clear some cap space and bring home 5-7 draft picks

  46. Jeff Says:

    Just Classic Clueless Todd leading his team nowhere.

  47. Rod Munch Says:

    This offense today gave me the ‘chills’, just the douche type.

    Can you even say that? Probably not. Lets see.

  48. RGA Says:

    Rod Munch, great, creative post, thank you. I understand what Canales wants to do, he needs a defense to respect the run to take advantage of play action. Unfortunately the offensive line is not on board and is losing the line of scrimmage. This offense does not have a QB to overcome that lack of rushing deficiency, Baker Mayfield is not a game changer and is not capable of putting the offense on his back as a thrower of the football.

  49. No Mercy Says:

    I got chills watching the Bucs today too, due to the high amount of stress from believing in a team that looks so pathetic. This offense is one of the worst in the league on par with the Arizona Cardinals. After last weeks loss I knew the falcons were going to beat us, I just hoped for a better offensive showing and we didn’t even get that. Being a Buc fan going to Raymond James must be an absolutely miserable experience.

  50. No Mercy Says:

    Todd Bowles is no doubt an exceptional DC but as a head coach he is not the guy you want leading your team to battle. Every Sunday I feel we are at a disadvantage just from a coaching standpoint. He needs to go. Get an Offensive minded coach in here to pair with a young QB so we can at least have some type of growing optimism that isn’t shattered by week 6 every year. The Baker experiment was cute but I’m ready for a real franchise QB, and if anyone thinks he’s that guy tell them I have a couple bridges for sale

  51. Nope Says:

    “Time to Bake.” Some cookies? 🤪

  52. Crickett Baker Says:

    The coach needs to levy HUGE fines for the players who commit penalties. Not money. BIG fines. Like calling them out in meetings and making them the water boy in a practice or two. There are no excuses any longer. The Times said the Buc’s most consistent plays were penalties. ARGH!

  53. WyomingJoe Says:

    No Mercy: I KNOW that Baker is a franchise QB from watching him very closely over the last 6 years. There are a number of “franchise” QBs with 2 and 3 losses so far this season, but their fan base isn’t running around with their hair on fire like many Bucs fans are. What a joke!

  54. Mike Johnson Says:

    There was no sense of urgency. We had a chance to go 4-2. Thats big carrying momentum into Buffalo. Many here say its the offense fault. But I must have been watching a different game because I saw no pass rush at all in the 1st half. None whatsoever. We were lethargic & lackadaisical. Atlanta left 4 touchdowns on the field. We left 2 for sure. That 6 game win prediction many of us made prior to the season is starting to sound just about right.

  55. BillyBucco Says:

    I like all the posts about forward thinking and starting to accumulate draft picks etc. but it doesn’t sound to me like this team is giving up.
    No way does Bowles change to Trask right now. Someone tell me why Tucker is listed #2 still. Who is stroking Vaughns ego? I seriously thought we would CUT him and he is still out there trying to cut outside when there is a hole straight ahead. And White lowers his head at the LOS and has ZERO lateral quickness.

    Honestly at this point, I wish we would TANK for Williams. I heard someone talking about the Bears who will probably get him AND Marvin Harrison JR to go with him, also talking about bringing Lincoln Riley in as well to the Bears as HC.
    Quickest way to get Caleb going early IMO.
    Now if we could swing that, then I’m all for it.
    I can’t take watching this team every week. 1-3 at Home now.
    I bought tickets after the Saints game to watch them play Tennessee with 3 friends. We do it every year.
    I’m seriously thinking about selling them for a huge LOSS.
    MIGHT not be able to Give them away at this point.

  56. Hodad Says:

    Bucs seem to put to much stock in their practices. We didn’t see the starting offense much during the preseason because Bowles feared injury, and he said they got so much more done during practice. New offense, new O line, OC, starting RB, and you were good not playing these guys in preseason games? No competition at RB, center, LG, and RG, all spots gifted in training camp. Jobs were not earned, by players like Mauch. That’s why this team is soft, and unfocused, jobs were handed out, not earned in the dirt.

  57. Alanbucsfan Says:

    If you’re getting outplayed physically, it can get into your head and affect concentration