Baker Mayfield With The Line Of The Day

October 18th, 2023

Rim shot!

Often, press conferences by NFL folks are full of predictable canned quotes. That’s why it was so refreshing for the Bucs to have past team officials like Bucco Bruce Arians. You had no idea what he might say.

So today, Baker Mayfield got off the one-liner of the day.

On Sunday, Joe couldn’t believe all the Lions fans that filled The Licht House. They weren’t just tourists from Michigan or transplanted residents of the Tampa Bay area. Even popular influencer Jenna Berman was in attendance from her South Florida residence — she’s a Michigan transplant.

Joe joked at the time that Red Wings fans were breaking in their new Lions jerseys — (Red Wings fans always show up at the Ice Palace).

What Joe found very interesting was that the exact same sections that were solid green filled with Eagles fans last month were the same sections with blue filled with Lions blue on Sunday. Coincidence?

Anyway, Mayfield was asked about all the Lions fans in the stadium. Joe guesses on the low end it was at least 40 percent Lions fans. Mayfield knocked the answer out of the park.

“I’d want to come to Tampa, too,” Mayfield deadpanned.

Rim shot!

Joe wasn’t shocked by all those Lions fans. Joe saw something weeks ago that Michigan is one of three states with the most transplants in the Tampa Bay area. When Joe first moved to the Tampa area in the 1990s, Michigan and Ohio transplants were all over the place (think I-75).

Joe was surprised that Lions fans may have outnumbered Bucs fans Sunday. It really was a creamsicle throwback kind of day where an old NFC Central rival’s fans nearly took over a Bucs game. That used to be the Bears or Packers.

Sunday may have been the first time Joe can remember Lions fans invading the place to that extreme.

49 Responses to “Baker Mayfield With The Line Of The Day”

  1. SB Says:

    Tampa is a nice place to visit. I was born in Naples grew up in Tampa and lived there until I was 37. Then I found Montana! I go back every year so we can see my family but by the time I leave I am SO ready to leave.
    However if I were from Detroit I would LOVE to go to Tampa

  2. Gofortheface30 Says:

    Hard to say if Mayfield will ever be a franchise quarterback, or to the level of what is necessary in todays game anyway – but I do love guy. He’s really bought in to the team, city, etc and guys on the team love him. From that perspective he’s everything that you want, and he moves the needle nationally. Pulling for him, but I know he needs to string together some (many) 22-32 for 280 yard and 2-3 touchdown type games if he wants a long term contract and for the Bucs to win. BAKER knows that more than anyone

  3. Beejezus-belt Says:

    Not mention Lion fans (all Detroit sport teams) are bandwagoners of bandwagoners. So when was the last time they were relevant would be the last time you saw that many fans.

  4. DBS Says:

    Sorry. Not even nice to go down there anymore. Traffic is terrible. Can’t even tell it is Tampa anymore. The whole entire area has been ….. Well just look at how many Bucs fans are in the stadium. Better in Tallahassee area area where you can breath and not be told how to.

  5. HC grover Says:

    Dunno. Are we getting hit by the Mayfield Curse? There was always a lot of Lions fans back in the Black and Blue days. Falcons game coming soon. We have to sweep the NFC South to be legit.

  6. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Well, after 687 years of top draft picks and losing, they are starting to win…..

  7. HC grover Says:

    Black and Blue refers to what they called our division in the start. Bruises nothing else.

  8. Duane Says:

    It’s always been a problem that way too many Bucs season ticket buyers are just “investors” who flip their tickets to whoever pays the most at scalped prices, which is usually opponent teams’ fans.

    The Lightning have stricter controls over how season ticket holders use their tickets, and take action against those that are professional scalpers. So when the Lightning have a home game it’s not taken over by the visitor fans, which includes a lot of large market teams up north who also love to come to Tampa.

    Apparently the Glazers have never cared to manage this phenomenon, which is really aggravating to Bucs fans, not just those in the stands but those watching games on TV and can hear the massive cheering for the other team that is, or ought to be, embarrassing. Maybe looking the other way is the only way the Bucs can sell a lot of season tickets. It’ll probably never change as long as the Glazers own the team.

  9. Joe Says:

    Apparently the Glazers have never cared to manage this phenomenon

    Not sure how you “manage” it. If they start revoking season tickets, for every ticket that’s thousands of dollars less revenue lost. How do they make that up? By gouging loyal Bucs fans for more?

    (This would also p!ss off the rest of the league as teams share ticket sales revenue.)

    For Bucs fans watching on TV that are upset by this, they can help solve the problem: Buy tickets.

  10. Joe Says:

    Black and Blue refers to what they called our division in the start.

    Yup. And the “Norris Division.”

  11. HC grover Says:

    The Black and Blue nickname was what our starting division was called…Bucs, Packers, Bears, and Lions.

  12. HC grover Says:

    Remember ‘Batman’ Woods.

  13. Proudbucsfan Says:

    They can stop it by making the tickets none transferable. It makes me 🤮 when I see that many opposing teams fans in the stands. That will stop the greedy ticket scalpers.

  14. Craig Says:

    Bucs fans traveled pretty well in the second year of the Brady experiment. Now the Lions are on a roll, so let their fans finally have their day.

    The Bucs aren’t selling out games because they are not really a good team. If Baker did a little more , more folks would shell out a few hundred bucks to see the Bucs in person.

    If Bowles’ vaunted defense played better, the same thing.

    If we had the reincarnation of Mike Alstott, ditto.

    People will pay to have fun and boost their egos by watching their guys win. They will not pay big bucks for a case of depression.

    If the Bucs were a quality product, their fans would make it a home game.

  15. Bucs'n'Bucks Says:

    Stadium fans stink! Last game I went to, I was told to sit down because the people behind couldn’t see when they looked up from their phones. They’re not there for the game or the team. They just want to dress up and tell everyone they were at the game.

  16. Mike Johnson Says:

    I can only imagine the Cold in Cleveland and Detroit. But I did do 2 winters in Buffalo. Man, I’d better be cool less I get censored. But I can tell you all, you feel that cold in your soul. I was singin that old song, We gotta get outta this place if its the last thing we ever do. I got the hell out of there too.

  17. ModHairKen Says:

    Detroit dominated. The Bucs were lousy. They got outmuscled. The weaknesses continued to be glaring.

    Blow it against Atlanta, and it will get ugly around here.

    My unlearned observation of Mayfield is that he starts way too hyped up. Then he settles in. Last week, he never settled in. He may need to burn some plant materials before the game in the locker room. Chill, Bake.

  18. gbuc Says:

    Why is it the same sections that are infiltrated by the other team’s fans every week? Seems fishy to me. Could it be the Glazers selling block of tickets to out of town travel agencies? Hmm…

  19. Schindler Lisp Says:

    These assholes can show up to watch the eagles and the lions (same fans) but can’t figure out a traffic circle… please get the “f” out of Florida- stop sucking up all my central air and ruining my commute… if Philadelphia and Detroit are soooo good that you can’t cut allegiances than take your candy-asses back to where you came from

  20. D-Rome Says:

    They are loser fans who wear their Bucs gear any other day. Detroit, MI sucks.

  21. Duane in Sanford Says:

    Its a great destination with tons of stuff to do. They bring in money and go home with a nice sunburn. Win/Win.

  22. Knucknbuc Says:

    Side with all of the lions fans on it Is mainly the side that gets 90% of the sun on game day. Makes sense that most ppl would del those tickets because1.Your in the sweltering heat(not so bad that day, but a day like the Chicago game… my god was it hot) aren’t the best in Florida weather . 2 this is the first time lions have been this good in what forever why tf would you be mad the people who payrd hard earned money for season tickets want to sell them 3. The east coast is cold right now (trust me I live in Pennsylvania it’s cold in Tampa it’s great) 4. For all the people bit$hing about season ticket holders selling their tickets to ppl have you been to the game day experience lately?? This game was great I have season tickets but beers 10+ hotdog 8+ water 7+ parking for this game was 65$ at the stadium alone @joe won’t tell you that so I will so shutup and stop complaing. Come to the games then buy the tickets if it bothers you so much or have the glazers make prices reasonable for the diehards to go. Water should be free not just in Tampa but any stadium in America not to mention the over inflated prices for food drink and parking.

  23. Pelsbuc61 Says:

    I wished the ragged on Evans for his drops as much as they criticize Baker. What’s the guy supposed to do without a running game and only one reliable receiver (Godwin)

  24. TF Says:

    Those Lions fans are most likely “permanent” Florida transplants from Michigan like the other 65 percent of Florida residents. That’s why it’s so hard for the Florida sports team to really build a deep loyal fan base. The Florida teams are often these transplanted Florida residents “second choice”. And in this case, this is the absolute best, most hyped and talented Lions team since 1990s so the Michigan transplanted Florida residents who normally cheer for the Bucs are being fair weather fans and going back to the Lions. Picking the best team. Guess I don’t blame them. 25-30 years is an eternity to taste a division title. Let them go ape $hit. At least we are not the Las Vegas Raiders or Los Angeles Chargers.

  25. Statguy Says:

    It’s like their best start in damn near history so I’m not surprised

  26. DavidBigBucsFan99 Says:

    Tampa Bay fans are fair weather fans. Only support the team when they’re great or have Brady. Seattle and Cleveland, now they have real fans!

  27. Mike C Says:

    They have a team for the first time in forever of course every sorry as lion fan in 200 miles is going to pay through the nose to get tickets.

  28. stpetebucfan Says:

    “Blow it against Atlanta, and it will get ugly around here.”

    That’s truly entertaining, hilarious actually. “ModHair” you just posted an incredibly UGLY post. You’ve already shot your wad. Your threats are ludicrous.

  29. David Says:

    The stadium would be filled by Bucs fans if the team had a good coach and a franchise qb. a coach and a qb with losing records. Bucs fans just do not think this is a super bowl winning team especially when you get blow out twice in your own stadium. There is no future with this team. Bucs do do not invest in draft picks especially qb’s. They always want to win now to sell tickets rather to be a potential super bowl winning team every year.

  30. NutterBuccer Says:

    Lifelong bucs fan from CT…my brother and I were at the game and hotel we stayed at was packed with lions fans. We just knew it would translate to the field. But 55 degrees back at home in CT and same in Detroit. All the fans said they had that game circled due to weather and the Creamsicle game.

  31. Popcorn Mike Says:

    If we win Bucs fans will come. That’s a fact

  32. gp Says:

    The one time I visited Cali, one of my sons and I saw the Rams get beat soundly in LA.
    The stadium was roughly 40/40 Bucs/Rams fans, the rest were a hodge podge of all other NFL teams.
    Face it, Tampa is a tourist destination. We will ALWAYS have fans from the north escaping their particular he11hole to come visit for a week or two.
    As long as they spend all of their expendable money here before returning, I’m OK with that.

  33. Mark hardt Says:

    I grew up in Ohio but it was not a direct line. Years in parentheses Ohio (20) to Kentucky (1) to Germany (2) to Boston (4) to Phoenix (2) to LA (13) to St. Pete (15).:Baker is a natural comedic actor and he will have a post football career in Hollywood.

  34. SlyPirate Says:


    Baker has been sacked 5 times

    That ranks 34th in the NFL. Not one starting QB has been sacked less and a few backups have been sacked more! Raiders and Colts have two QBs above the Bucs.

    With an offensive line like that, maybe Canales should throw the ball to set up the run?

  35. unbelievable Says:

    Saw a video claiming it was the home opener for “Ford Field South”… and that’s what it looked like. So many goddamn Lions fans.

    Their coach said he thought the Bucs were going to have to use a silent count on offense at certain points.

    But the truth is the Bucs have always had a pathetic fan base.

  36. Pete Says:

    Make tickets, parking and concessions affordable while eliminating 3rd party brokers and the stadium will be full of Bucs fans every game.

  37. 74 Bucs Fan Says:

    HC – Batman Woods was my favorite player! Oh, and living in Tampa is still pretty sweet. Been here my whole life, 54 y/o now. Love this city, and used to live in Tally for college. Will take Tampa all day long.

  38. adam from ny Says:

    there’s just a deflation of sorts after the TB12 era here in tampa…

    it was going to happen…the franchise is doing all they can to manage it as best as they can – while being cap strapped…

    there was going to be a let down after the goat leaves…only logical…

    i do think they’re trying to not let the culture plummet in the process…which is a good thing…a real good thing…

    but it is a bit of a process to climb out of…and this year we feel it the most as fans…

    we are competitive – we are not part of the 6 or 7 elite teams right now…we are hopefully somewhere in the 8th to 12th best teams…like maybe a seattle or baltimore or dallas or jacksonville…

    tickets are not selling well either post brady…the bucs ticket market has crashed and anyone trying to sell tickets is getting hammered for a loss…excluding a couple top tier game offering like philly and detroit…ticket resellers are getting handed their azz for this upcoming atlanta game

  39. Defense Rules Says:

    ModHairKen … ‘Detroit dominated. The Bucs were lousy. They got outmuscled.’

    That wasn’t my takeaway at all. I don’t think we got ‘outmuscled’ or that the Lions ‘dominated’. We held their vaunted rushing attack to 40 yds on 22 attempts (1.8 YPC). We sacked Goff 3 times but just couldn’t put enough consistent pressure on him. The difference in the ballgame was 3rd down performance (Lions were 9-for-16 while we were 2-for-12). Their FG was scored off of a short-field INT (kudos to our defense for holding them to a FG BTW). Their 2 TDs were a 27-yd pass and a 45-yd pass that were both screwups (sadly they happen).

    On the offensive side, our rushing attack sucked yet again (16-for-46 … 2.9 YPC) and our passing attack was limp (Baker went 19-for-37 … 51% … instead of his previous 69%). Detroit has a very good defense (currently ranked #9 overall and #1 against the run). But even on offense, we weren’t ‘dominated’. We just played crappy, and the game plan was ‘uninspiring’. Sometimes however those types of games make the best motivators.

  40. D1 Says:


    What pick was jameis Winston?

  41. Mr. Editor Says:

    Don’t Detroit my Tampa!

  42. Fansince76 Says:

    That’s why the Bucs played lackluster ball and were flat coming out of the Bye.
    When your at home more than half the fans are rooting for the other team it definitely kills the MoJo!
    That is one thing that has always sucked at the Buc’s games and should be changed.

  43. Beej Says:

    At least we paid $4 million for Baker to have a sub-par game.

    Philly paid $51 million for Hurts to throw 3 picks and 28/45 for 268

  44. garro Says:

    He aint wrong! Who wants to go to Detroit and Philly. I wouldnt want to even drive through either one.

    Go Bucs!

  45. Deadwood South Dakota Says:

    Mike is a stud and still gets open but he has seem to drop more passes that he has made in the past.. I wish we would use more hurry up in close yardage.we just started with this team playing together/ no pre season.. Both losses where against good teams and we had chances.. the execution will get there..just practice that long ball man we were inches or foot or 2 from big plays they were open. these guys will get there timing. DONT 4 GET we are in 1st place.. Let’s Go Bucs!!!

  46. Debbie Says:

    Hey Craig Says….Obviously you are not a Bucs fan. Your opinion stinks. My opinion is that you should comment on how to avoid making enemies. Hope you never move down here. Florida is closed.

  47. Jeremy Says:

    Man all you MFrs just like to bitch. Fuggin awful fans. If all the Detroit fans their bothered you that much then start buying Fn tickets. We got outplayed by a good football team

  48. Pappabill Says:

    Buccaneer fans are the world’s worst fans….
    It’s so predictable the way they think and act….constantly belittling its players, especially Baker Mayfield, because they lack the knowledge of the game and have no thought on how they appear at games effect the players also …..
    The stadium should be filled with Buc colors not the visitor’s. I don’t know about you, but it would effect me as a player to see so many visiting colors in the stands knowing that these fans live here . It shows lack of “school ” spirit towards the team and it shouldn’t; but does; effect how some players play….
    It seems miniscule, but it’s not . It’s a mental thing ,and in sports mentality is 90% of the battle…

  49. Steve Says:

    Baker(What a name) is from Austin but chose to play at Zero U. Shows how smart he is. I think he has an alligator mouth and a canary ass. He starts big but he will flame out. He was a system QB that won the Heisman. Just hope the creepy little turd stays out of Texas. He wouldn’t make a wart on a real Texans ass.