Baker Mayfield Vows To Fix Poor Execution

October 16th, 2023

It wasn’t like the plays weren’t there for the offense. For a variety of reasons, the Bucs didn’t seal the deal on big plays yesterday, both on the ground and through the air.

In the second quarter in the blowout loss to the Lions, ill-suited starting running back Rachaad White had a massive hole just to his right. Hell, Ira Kaufman could have walked through that line and gotten five yards without needing fuel from a toasted bagel.

White either didn’t see the hole or was too scared to take a step to his right, instead choosing to stand behind an offensive lineman and take a loss.

Then there was Baker Mayfield’s two misses of a wide open Trey Palmer, and Mayfield’s tipped pass with Mike Evans wide-ass open down the field for what may have been a 90-yard touchdown pass in the first quarter.

After the game, Mayfield promised the offense will be fixed.

“Not only those two to Trey, but the tipped interception, Mike was going to score a touchdown,” Mayfield said of his misses. “Just one of those days where I had everything we wanted, but didn’t hit it — didn’t execute.

“It’s frustrating as hell. We have to find ways to make it work and it starts with me, so we’ll fix it.”

The two misses to Palmer, Joe can almost excuse. OK, sure, maybe Mayfield needed to put less air under the ball and maybe Palmer let up on one route. Joe gets it. The miss to Evans was worse, and there was Evans’ first-quarter drop on 3rd-and-long at midfield.

As open as Evans was on the potential deep touchdown pass, Mayfield didn’t need to make a perfect throw. He could have just rainbowed that pass to Evans in such a way Kristaps Porzingis couldn’t have tipped it.

62 Responses to “Baker Mayfield Vows To Fix Poor Execution”

  1. Why Not Says:

    We are getting Mayfield’s best effort. The bad thing is his best effort isn’t good enough. White is a lost cause. Overall, the Bucs are an average team that will likely win 7-9 games. That will be better then expected, but that level of mediocrity will only keep us trapped at that level of performance.

  2. Red86 Says:

    Unless he can grow a foot or foot and a half, then batted passes and not seeing open receiver and defenders are likely to continue. Maybe Drew Brees can help him. It’s rare for shorter qbs to be succeed in the NFL.

    Also, running back here in the past and present sucked at looking left or right and running to the open field. As if going outside the designed play would get them fired or something. Plays breakdown fellas… take what the defense give you.

  3. Darin Says:

    Once again. He is who he is. At least his linemen love him.

  4. Hodad Says:

    Seeing over the line of scrimmage is a problem, so is throwing over it for Baker. One thing I noticed from different camera views yesterday was how you could see Goeff’s head above the line of scrimmage surveying the field, and picking us apart. The only time you see Baker is when a throwing lane opens up, and that’s when he’s at his best. From the pocket tho Mayfield can’t see spit down the field. If we have no threat deep, and can’t run the ball we ain’t going to beat better teams.

  5. Bbro Says:

    Palmer would have had two scores if he didn’t slow in the middle of his route that also leads to but but but and if if if.

  6. ModHairKen Says:

    Now the height experts. I guess Drew Brees was an exception. No other six footer can win a Super Bowl. Oh wait. Russell Wilson. Joe Theismann.

    It wasn’t height that flushed him out of the pocket all day. Height didn’t make White blind or afraid.

    This TEAM has a ceiling. With this O Line. With this group of lousy RBs. With Ryan the Fraud at Safety.

    Mayfield is right. He had a lousy game. Maybe he lost focus with his reclaimed celebrity, standing on sidelines at Ok-Tex game. Or whatever. But it was a bad day yesterday. Can’t afford to do it again.

    But all you Height Anal-ysts, go back to bed.

  7. DavidBigBucsFan99 Says:

    Or he could have pumped and then throw because the guy was already at the top of his jump and Mayfield still threw it, right at his outstretched hand!

  8. TampaBayBucsFanSince1976 Says:

    Burn the game film and the putrid orange uni’s. Would you rather play your absolute best in the first 5 games or the last 5? Last 5 for sure.
    Right now the Bucs are an “average” team , but fortunately they play in a below average division. Bucs will win the South and may get to see Iggs or kitties again and may they be more polished and playing better if they do.

  9. WillieG Says:

    Is it really Mayfield’s fault when Palmer turns to look for the ball 10 yards before he is where he needs to be? Turning while running causes anyone to slow down, even professional athletes. Shouldn’t Palmer run fast as hell and not look back until he’s 2-3 yards from where the ball is going to be?

  10. Manny Says:

    Don’t worry, next week we will beat the lowly Falcons at home and Joe gets to write more love letters to Baker.

  11. m Says:

    baker and his receivers need to go play catch at ray jay like the goat did, that is thier back yard, they looked yesterday like they don’t know each other

  12. Mark hardt Says:

    I believe each of the QB,s had one batted ball each. Is not Goff like 6’5? The lineman was huge with wingspan and timed his jump right. I have seen Baker pump fake before. Joe is right a Basketball lob pass would have been enough to get it to Evans. I think the bye hurt their timing and the celebrity stuff. This should sting and refocus both Evans and Baker.

  13. MerryPlankster777 Says:

    Speaking of throwbacks:
    Q “What did you think of the teams execution?”
    A “I’m all for it!” paraphrasing a bit… Mkay (Southpark teacher accent)
    As for sponging up images of those uniforms again, all I can say is “My Eyes!”

  14. Tackleblockwin Says:

    Most of the players on offense all decided to have their worst performance if the year. Maybe next week will be better vs the Falcons. Was not a fan of some of the play calling on both sides of the ball either.

  15. BuxfaninTX Says:

    The orange uniforms are bad luck… they’re synonymous with a losing culture….

  16. Hodad Says:

    If Baker can’t fix it, the Bucs will have to find someone who can.

  17. K_bassuka Says:

    That’s a lot of “we” coming out of Maybefield mouth and not enough “I” as was the main reason the offense didn’t play well. To make matters worse this happened after the bye, so I don’t expect him to play any better vs good teams moving forward.
    , at least we don’t play that many over .500 teams.

  18. HC grover Says:

    Mayfield eye level is 6 inches too short for NFL.

  19. HC grover Says:

    Get Mayfield some ‘platform’ cleats.

  20. Sumosam Says:

    Put the damn orange unis into the dust bin of history and move on. They are ugly and we moved on form them for a reason. There is no pride in wearing a soft orange color uniform. The players look stupid and they know it.

  21. Boss Says:

    Tampas savior ME lost another one for us yeaterday.

    trade the bum already.

  22. Watch More ALL22 Before Commenting Says:

    Justin Herbert led the league in batted passes in 2022 at 6’6″.

    Some of you can be such morons.

    The passing lane that was deflected would have been blocked if it was thrown by a 7′ footer.

    The passes to Trey Palmer looked like a mix of QB and WR not having their timing down like… you know….

    –a team coming off the bye-week

    –a QB who lost half his reps in a wasted QB competition

    –a rookie WR who turned early on both plays slowing his route down by a stride

    …this whole offense was misfiring and its hard for any player to play well when that’s true, whether QB or RB or WR or whomever.

  23. Bucs13 Says:

    We needed a good pocket QB to win this game. Baker cannot consistently play within structure inside the pocket. Baker’s ability to make plays outside the pocket has been a plus this year. Something we didn’t have last year. The Lions shut down his strength and made him play from the pocket. The pass pro was great yesterday. Brady would’ve feasted yesterday from the pocket. Brady can actually see over the line and wouldn’t get many passes batted down. It’s not just because he’s tall. It’s because he was a very quick release. It’s short and compact. Baker’s elongated release gives DL a chance to reach up and bat the ball down. That’s also on the scouting report for defenses. Put your hand up if you can’t get to him.

    I’m still laughing that someone within the organization leaked out before the game that this was a better team without Brady and then they only put up 6 points! And they average fewer points this year. Just amazing. My guess is Licht or Bowles leaked it to Darlington.

    Honestly, when were down two scores late did anyone really have faith that Baker would bring us back? With Brady, you always felt there was a chance late. He would go uptempo and surgically move the ball downfield. Rarely did he go for the deep shots. He would throw sideline to sideline and mix up some intermediate throws. Baker went for it all on every throw.

  24. BakerBucs Says:

    we all knew the haters wud b on this site today have u noticed not as many as usual probably because we knew they would trash baker! what I saw in crucial times was ME drop a pass in middle of chest on a critical 3rd down then he had a pass interference in end zone I saw many other issues but I think the game turned when with Evans dropped pass which was a perfect pass in-between the #’s most of these good teams are peaking to early let’s hope the bucs peak at the rite time it’s all timing

  25. Oxycondomns Says:

    I like him and all but this type of stuff he shouldve fixed by now in his career

  26. JamesrunningWilder Says:

    Yes, it’s better to be taller to see the field better but it didn’t seem to affect Drew Brees, who stands 1 Inch SHORTER than Baker Mayfield, and went on to set all sorts of NFL Records and garnet a Super Bowl win. In fact Brees was A Pocket Passer. Am I saying Baker is Better Than or As Good As Brees? No, Not at all. But the Height issue is Way Over Blown.

  27. JamesrunningWilder Says:

    *garner (stupid fat fingers)

  28. Jack Clark Says:

    I’ll believe in Baker Mayfield when he starts putting up 30 points a game

  29. Why Bowles Says:

    Two words for you, DOUG FLUTIE, there have been many shorter QB’s, the height card is no excuse he was drafted 1st round. He’s just not that good and he shows it against good teams. You’ll all be blowing smoke up his arse if he throws for 300 yds, 2 td’s and beats Atlanta. Take what the football Gods give you the NFC South Championship and move on. Bowles is not a winner and his coaching is showing why. You put a C QB in as your starter you should only expect average play.

  30. Red86 Says:

    To the one complaining about me mentioning height is an issues. This year will be the 58th Super Bowl. You’ve only name 3 short qbs that won. I didn’t say they cannot succeed. I said it’s rare. 3/57 is a bad percentage.

    Yet, many scouts at the combine focus on qb heights for a reason. Many lost or gain draft positions on height alone. The odds are greater with qbs with some height to at least see over the o line shoulders.

    Yes there were key drops. It’s also true that some defenders nearly picked the ball a couple times. But, hey some don’t want the truth. For every Drew Brees there are many Kyler Murray.

  31. Duane Says:

    You don’t have to be a “hater” to note that Mayfield’s performance sucked. That is the precise exact word he used in the presser to describe his performance yesterday.

    Baker was certainly not the only member of the offense whose play sucked yesterday. It takes a team to make a loss, or a win. But most definitely the poor performance was all on the offense. The defense played great for the first half then was gassed after the offense repeatedly went 3 and out, converting only 2 of 12 third down plays – that’s just pathetic. As in not hitting the end zone once all game.

    Does this game mean anything beyond one game? No. There are still another 12 games to play. But whatever resulted in yesterday’s horrible offensive performance against a team that was ranked only #15 in points allowed through week 5, not exactly a steamroller defense, had better get corrected quickly or those last 12 games will seem very very long.

  32. Duane Says:

    Mayfield’s height matters to the extent that we had another quarterback on the roster who is 6 ft 5 in and played to a tie, losing out to Mayfield only on “moxie” – which moxie earns a team exactly zero yards and zero points – and on “experience” – most of which was bad for Mayfield.

    Hey, the decision to go with Mayfield rather than Trask is all on Bowles and Canales – they will live or die with the results of that decision. All is not lost, Mayfield may get better as the season progresses, though he won’t get any taller. Or maybe what we’ve seen so far is exactly what we get with Mayfield … scores just barely enough to win against bad teams, and gets blown out against even just middling defenses like the Lions.

    But as some say here, there is a reason why NFL teams prefer tall quarterbacks over short quarterbacks, and the percentages favor their judgement, which of course is never 100% but something better than 50% right.

  33. Craig Says:

    Wishful thinking.

    If Baker had the self control to overcome his deficiencies, he would have done it before.

    He is working on his default setting. This is what he really is. He has happy feet that get him into trouble and then he comes unglued and stuff happens; bad stuff.

  34. orlbucfan Says:

    76, get off the grumbling about the old unis. Nothing wrong with them. I’m not getting all bent outta shape after 5 games and a 3-2 record.

  35. RichieRich Says:

    It’s a bad loss but no different than the losses they had last year. ….This will continue to happen unless the Bucs establish some sort of running game.

  36. RichieRich Says:

    Okay Craig so what was Josh Allen’s excuse last night when the bills didn’t score any points until the 4th quarter shut the f up man is he great no he’s best to please the best quarterback in the NFC south. And he’s a bucks quarterback and I will support him until he’s not

  37. Jack Sparrow Says:

    Next sunday will be a nail biter win against the lowly Falcons ( Bucs 9 – Falcons 7)….. hahahahaha….. Bucs life !

  38. RichieRich Says:

    It’s a bad loss but no different than the losses they had last year. ….This will continue to happen unless the they establish some sort of running game.

  39. RichieRich Says:

    Jalen Hurst has seven touchdowns and seven interceptions bench him he’s horrible

  40. RichieRich Says:

    There was low scoring defensive games across the NFL give defense is credit

  41. Architek Says:

    Baker is a starter but nothing more or less

  42. Aceofaerospace Says:

    That first tipped interception with Evans streaking wide open changed the whole game. A TD there and the blowout might have been on the Bucs side. Killer. Absolute killer play.

  43. Alanbucsfan Says:

    Maybe practicing with the young receivers would’ve been a better idea than going to the State Fair of Texas

  44. Why Bowles Says:

    This game also speaks to those that insist you need a scrambling QB, Goff maybe the only QB that would loose Brady in a 40yd dash. Fran Tarkington, Russell Wilson, Flutie, McMann, Montana, Namath, Brees, Fouts, Jowaski, Sims, Rivers etc, not exactly giant’s.

  45. StormyInFl Says:

    “Duane Says:
    October 16th, 2023 at 9:37 am
    Mayfield’s height matters to the extent that we had another quarterback on the roster who is 6 ft 5 in and played to a tie, losing out to Mayfield only on “moxie” – which moxie earns a team exactly zero yards and zero points – and on “experience” – most of which was bad for Mayfield.”

    1. Please point out where it was a ‘tie’.

    2. Mike Glennon was tall, too. Didn’t make him great. Daniel Jones is 6’5″ and he’s awful. Mahomes is 6’2″ and is the next GOAT. Height is overrated, you just have to scheme correctly. That means boots and rollouts, which I didn’t see too much of yesterday.

    How many of those plays where Mayfield buys time with his feet become sacks with a statue like Trask? Add in his slower processing speed (thanks to inexperience).

    Starting when Mayfield is healthy sends message to your vets that you’ve given up on the season. If you’re gonna do that, Licht might as well sell at the deadline.

  46. Joebuc Says:

    We played like creamsicles.

  47. geno711 Says:

    I think this year that at times Baker has looked like an acceptable quarterback.

    Yesterday was a little under acceptable in my opinion.

    I actually at one point thought he might be more like Winston, but I was way off.

    His best is clearly not as good as Winston’s best (but we rarely saw that) and his worst seems like it will be clearly better than Winston’s worst.

    Higher floor, lower ceiling. Would we have won the Super Bowl either of our two winning super bowl years. Probably not. Would he have gotten us to the playoffs. Probably.

  48. Red86 Says:

    Bringing up his height isn’t hating. It’s a big part of not seeing the whole field, which impact timing. Brees confessed that he has to look between blockers just to see his wideout. We don’t have the o line and running backs production Brees had for years.

    If Mayfield has to move just to keep from getting hit or to see, then his footwork could cause under/overthrows or late throws. Chris Godwin could be open between the center and guard, but a linebacker or safety could be in baker’s blind spot at guard and tackle due to pressure at that spot.

  49. Bucfan37 Says:

    The creamsicle uniforms are ugly. Was this some kind of joke? Who thought this up?

  50. Walkergodeep Says:

    Mayfield height is a small problem pun attended

  51. Duane Says:

    Storymy –

    Trask was leading the competition until the very end, according to both coaches Canales and Bowles, but somehow Mayfield ended up being the pick at the last. The only reasons, the ONLY reasons cited by both coaches for picking Mayfield over Trask was “moxie” and “experience”. Again, moxie gets you nothing, and experience of the bad kind is not useful.

    Not once did the coaches ever state that Mayfield has a better arm, or better accuracy, or better judgement, or took better care of the ball than Trask. If he was better in the only areas that really matter, they would have said so.

    The coaches will live or die with their selection – they staked their job on it. While many Trask haters were jubilant over how well Mayfield started out, it was as everybody knows now, only good performance against bad teams. Against average to better than average defenses, his performance has sucked. That is the exact word Mayfield used himself for his performance yesterday.

    Look any player can have a bad game every now and then, but to date Mayfield has never showed a good game against a good opponent, and bad performances against good opponents. The season is far from over, but if what we’ve seen is what we get then the Mayfield pick was a bad pick.

  52. StormyInFl Says:

    Again- i haven’t seen a single quote from either Bowles or Canales saying that Trask was ahead. Only that he was catching up. They were very vague all offseason. If you read that into any of their quotes, that’s more wishful thinking on your part.

  53. StormyInFl Says:

    Mayfield had ONE bad game, and the Trask army comes out from whatever orange and blue ghetto they occupy.

    The only way Trask should see the field:

    1. If Mayfield strings together 5-6 bad games in a row.
    2. Mayfield gets hurt
    3. Mop up duty

    Other than that, he’s right where he belongs.

    Honestly, I didn’t hate Trask (always hated the pick – it was stupid) but you Trask fans make me want to hate the guy. Your insufferable whining and calls to bench Mayfield anytime things even a little sideways is beyond annoying. You guys are literally rooting for Mayfield to fail. It’s ridiculous.

    I thought the Jameis knob polishers were bad – you all are 10x worse.

  54. Since76 Says:

    Stormy people in this room have been moderated for a lot less. Don’t see what you see in Mayfield other than he is tough for a QB I guess. He is not playing well. Except for two quarters he isn’t very good.

  55. TB bolts Says:

    Stormyinfl watches bakes throwing a batted ball pick on the very first play and says to himself… sure beats the 6’5 untested college star!

    stormy watches baker average 19 yards a game with some of the best receivers in the league and says to himself… this is our guy! Lets pay him 200 mil! I’d really like our team to be absolutely mediocre (just like baker) for the next decade.

    You can’t admit that your boy played absolutely horrible. You’re counting out an untested option who has tons of untapped potential. The real knob polisher is you. Stop projecting. We all know where these seasons going with baker behind center.. nowhere.

  56. StormyInFl Says:

    Moderated for what? Hurting your feelings?


    An entire coaching staff of professionals thought Mayfield was better. But a half dozen Gator fans on a message board know better. Ok.

    Good grief.

  57. Brownsfan Says:

    I’ve followed Baker since he joined the Browns then followed him to Carolina , Rams, now Bucs. He’s usually not a savior, but he’s a solid #15-20 among QB’s. some days he’ll look top 10, other times bottom 5. But, he motivates people, has heart and really cares. needs a consistent OC and a line that doesn’t collapse quickly. Carolina was awful, not his fault. Browns he helped get them to mid after they sucked for so long. What really helps is not to worship him but also not to cast him away so quick. Baltimore won a super bowl with an average QB. Baker is good, needs to run the no huddle more and to work on quick release. Ya’ll got him for $4 million. don’t forget that. he’s worth more so leave him alone and work on getting a real RB.

  58. RGA Says:

    Bucs going nowhere with Baker, he’s a good quality back-up QB at best.

  59. Capt2fish Says:

    Yeah….the bucs would be 8-0 by now if Trask was the ararting QB.

  60. ATLBuc Says:

    StormyInFl Says:
    October 16th, 2023 at 4:42 pm
    Mayfield had ONE bad game, and the Trask army comes out from whatever orange and blue ghetto they occupy.

    I wanted Trask to win the starting QB job but when Mayfield “won” the job I supported him. But it is becoming quite clear that his performances have declined tremendously when we play teams with good defenses. I don’t want him to get hurt and I don’t want to go on a five or 6 game losing streak but if we lose to Atlanta and Buffalo and Baker has two more bad performances with batted down and badly thrown passes, I am going to want to see Trask.

  61. Howard wiley Says:

    We need a offensive line, we can’t block

  62. Chris Says:

    Every QB has a dip in performance against great defenses lol. The casuals have been waiting for a bad game from Mayfield so they could call for his head. Just don’t follow football and don’t comment if you can’t be more objective. You aren’t fooling anyone.