Baker Mayfield: Don’t Blame Mike Evans

October 19th, 2023

Offense will be fixed.

Damn, it still irks Joe that early in Sunday’s loss to the Lions, Baker Mayfield had a wide-ass open Mike Evans at least 15 yards behind the Lions defense and Mayfield’s pass was tipped.

Who knows how that game ends up if Mayfield just put a few inches of air under that pass?

Joe is seeing fans starting to become irritated with the best receiver who ever played for the Bucs. So Mayfield was asked about if he and Evans are on the same page.

Mayfield said don’t point fingers at Evans.

“First thing I’ll say – I’m not worried about Mike,” Mayfield said. “When it comes to certain drops, you can go the same way with my stuff, certain missed throws. I’m not worried about it. We’ll get it fixed. The physical stuff – we’ll get that corrected.

“It’s never about hitting the panic button. It’s still instilling confidence. The ball is always going to come his way. I’m still going to find ways to get him the ball.

“And especially Chris [Godwin] obviously – a tough guy for us – he took a few shots for us late in the game. Just continuing to give them chances to make plays on the ball. They’re great players for a reason.”

Joe thought that was awfully big of Mayfield to basically say he’s equally guilty as Evans for drops because Mayfield makes bad plays, too. That’s a good teammate.

The more Joe thinks about it, the more he thinks Bucs offensive coordinator Dave Canales called a decent game. The plays were there. Canales cannot go out there and execute.

Evans was wide-ass open. Evans also dropped a would-be first down. Then there was Rachaad White fully missing so much green grass to his right he could have tripped and still gotten a first down.

And of course the overthrows to Trey Palmer. The plays were there, folks. Lot of cleanup work for the Bucs to do in order to beat the Dixie Chicks on Sunday.

34 Responses to “Baker Mayfield: Don’t Blame Mike Evans”

  1. Barbosa Says:

    There was no way Mayfield could keep up the completion percentage pace that he was at, especially on third downs. Can an average Baker completion rate with a lower turnovers be enough to succeed? I hope so because the intangibles are there.

  2. Mike C Says:

    I thought it was a “blow out”, this article has it sound like a closer game than a ” blow out loss”

  3. Hodad Says:

    It ain’t the X’s, and O’s, it’s the Jimmys, and Joes.

  4. K_bassuka Says:

    Evan’s dropped one 1st down pass while Maybefield missed on at least 5 would be long gaines or TD passes last game (has over 15 such occurrences this year) only the blind and the members of Barker’s fanclub will blame any other player besides the natural born leader himself.

  5. #99 the big fella Says:

    Kenyon drake was released from ravens. We should at least kick the tires..

  6. BucU Says:

    It’s no coincidence we don’t seem to execute against the good teams. Until that changes I wouldn’t hold my breath that we’ll win the division and/or make the playoffs. Right now this offense is just bad. Philly and Detroit put them in their place. I don’t want to see another game like that. It’s very disheartening to know we’re just not good enough to compete with good teams.

  7. gogagbuc Says:

    Joe Says: “In short,”

    That’s the problem.

  8. Bring back the lawn chairs Says:

    Hey, everyone has an off day. It’s a long season.

  9. Duane Says:

    The fair weather fans here at JBF just kill me, compounded by the Mayfield fanboys, who instantly jump all over the receivers to blame them for incompleted passes that, BY HIS OWN ADMISSION BAKER MAYFIELD SAID SUCKED!

    Baker Mayfield simply has to play better against good defenses, and play great against bad defenses. The teams like Atlanta and New Orleans and Chicago, Mayfield should be putting up 30+ points, 3+ TDs, and no INTs. Against the middling to good defenses like the Lions and Eagles, they should put up more points than our defense – which is the strength of this team – is allowing.

    That’s the goal, isn’t it? To WIN games … not just to barely beat bad teams and get our asseskicked by good teams.

    I am not anti Mayfield. He is our starting quarterback, and if the Bucs are to do well he must do well. If he continues to falter, then I would hope that Bowles and Canales will take action, because we have another quarterback on the roster who enjoys some advantages over Mayfield, including better passing accuracy, the number one skill of a good quarterback.

    Bowles and Canales have bet their jobs on their selection of a starting quarterback. I do not want them to fail either, because that means the Bucs fail. Let’s see how this plays out over the next several weeks.

  10. gp Says:

    It’s very disheartening to know we’re just not good enough to compete with good teams.
    Sorry, just can’t agree with this. I think we have the talent on board to beat any team in the league, IF we’re properly prepared and have a custom game plan for each opponent.

  11. SB~LV Says:

    Mayfields deep balls were too flat trajectory

  12. Colonel Angus Says:

    It’ll come together. Rather have them playing their beat ball in December and January. Only 5 games in a new system, 1st time play caller, new QB, etc. like Joe said, the plays were there to be made. We need to make that trade for Derrick Henry, get some power on the offensive side. Make it happen Licht. Do it now!

  13. BucsFan2520 Says:

    The second overthrow was on Palmer. The guy lost stride when looking for the ball. May have been the case on the first one as well. Mayfield was not perfect but they had chances. They need a rb with vision not a bootleg Leveon bell.

  14. Alanbucsfan Says:

    Better blocking by the TE’s would help the run game as well– agree with Joe- the plays were there.

  15. ModHairKen Says:

    The game turned on about 4-6 plays both ways. Most games do. Detroit was more prepared and executed. Goff threw it into the dirt at least 3 times. That kind of confidence and maturity is notable.

    Baker is right. They will fix the overthrows and the drops. No doubt.

    But this team appears to have a ceiling. Beat Atlanta. Beat Atlanta. Beat Atlanta.

    Then go shock Buffalo.

  16. Cobraboy Says:

    A loss to the Falcons and the wheels come off.

  17. Jeff Says:

    Trade Evans now while he still has any value left. Yucs could get at least a 4 round pick for him. 100% worth it. He’s too expensive and has absolutely lost a step or two.

  18. JD Still Says:

    Just for arguments sake, let’s say We go out and get whoever it is you consider the best receivers in football to be, (personally I think we’re pretty much there already), and we replay the game against Detroit, and the throw to Evans is once again tipped in the same way, does having that new ,” super receiver “ change the outcome of that play? Or if your , other new “Super reciever number two”, with the greatest speed and greatest hands in football is overthrown so far he can’t get his hands on those two overthrown balls either, what changes? So if it’s not the receivers , what is it that needs to be changed to get different results and get those twenty-one points and the additional one hundred yards in offense the completion of those passes would have given us ? (Besides the probability of opening up the shorter passing routes and running lanes, chipping away at the one full quarter of time of possession advantage Detroit had and a possible 27 to 20 victory for us?)

  19. Jeff’s grandpa Says:

    Go put your sisters iPad back and get to school little boy or no cookies for you tonight Jeffrey

  20. Glass Half Full Guy Says:

    This upcoming game is a great “get it together” opportunity. Yes, we had chances against the Lions and some “plays were there” for the taking but that happens in every game. A handful of plays “that were there” doesn’t make up for a game plan where the overwhelming majority are not.

    Baker, ME and others need to be “clutch”. If Evans drops a 7 yard pass on 1st and 10, it looks bad but you can recover. When he drops a sure-thing first down (or a likely TD throw is missed by Baker) that’s just ugly and not “clutch”.

    We re-group and take care of Atlanta, pull for Trevor Lawrence to be healthy and lead the Jagoffs over the Aints and let Carolina do Carolina things, and we will widen our division lead and at least have more positive vibes.

    Speaking of vibes, can you imagine the lift other players would feel (except R. White) if the Bucs could pull off a D. Henry trade? Because right now it feels like a team that wants to be just good enough in a bad division to get through this “we’re not rebuilding” season to keep butts in the seats and hope for a better team next year when we get some cap relief to deal with some new contracts.

    I still (fingers crossed) can see us winning 10 games, but with a 17-game season, that means 7 losses and says “above average, not great”. 58.8% wins. Not a very good grade but above expectations

  21. zzbuc Says:

    People who question ME13, have no clue what they are talking about…..
    every single great WR past or present drop passes, name me one who doesn’t…..

    People should wash there moths before pointing fingers to one of the best Bucs ever….

  22. Defense Rules Says:

    ‘The more Joe thinks about it, the more he thinks Bucs offensive coordinator Dave Canales called a decent game. The plays were there. Canales cannot go out there and execute.’

    Wait a minute Joe. You’re REALLY saying that the play SELECTION was good, and it was just bad EXECUTION that was the reason for our loss? Watching the ball game, then looking back through the play-by-plays, it seemed obvious to me that we didn’t go with the higher-percentage plays on 3rd down especially. Instead we took some big risks that didn’t pay off. Funny thing about risk: sometimes it pays off big-time, sometimes you get your shorts handed to you.

    Bucs were 2-for-12 on 3rd down. Check ’em out Joe:

    1 – 3rd & 9 … Incomplete short right (White) … PUNT
    2 – 3rd & 12 … Mayfield scrambles for 3 yds … FG
    3 – 3rd & 6 … Complete short right for 10 yds (Godwin) … 1D
    4 – 3rd & 12 … Incomplete DEEP right (Evans) … PUNT
    5 – 3rd & 7 … Complete DEEP right for 21 yds (Palmer) … 1D
    6 – 3rd & 3 … Incomplete DEEP left (Evans) … PENALTY 1D
    7 – 3rd & 3 … Incomplete short left (Thompkins) … FG
    8 – 3rd & 5 … Incomplete short right (Palmer) … PUNT
    End of 1st half
    9 – 3rd & 11 … Incomplete short left (Evans) … PUNT
    10 – 3rd & 7 … Incomplete short left (Vaughn) … PUNT
    11 – 3rd & 2 … Incomplete DEEP left (Palmer) … PUNT
    12 – 3rd & 3 … Mayfield sacked … WENT FOR IT on 4th Dn
    12A – 4th & 4 … Complete short middle (Godwin) … 1D
    13 – 3rd & 10 … Incomplete DEEP middle (Godwin) … WENT FOR IT on 4th Dn
    13A – 4th & 10 … Incomplete DEEP middle (Otton) … Game

    What I see is Mayfield going DEEP on 5 out of the 12 3rd down opportunities. We made ONE via a complete pass, plus another due to a DPI. The other thing noticed is how many of the 3rd down opportunities were LONG (say over 5 yds) … 9 of the 12. Kind of implies that 1st & 2nd down plays weren’t cutting the mustard?

  23. Since76 Says:

    Common theme on offense plays were there but they couldn’t make them happen. 5 games in they need to get it together. They knew Mayfield was the starter when he signed and didn’t give him very many snaps in preseason and he really needs/needed them. I don’t believe the offense is any better than in week 1.

  24. Chris Says:

    The problem is the defensive and offensive lines. They are average if you watch the games against Philly and Detroit both Goff and Hurts where able to stand in the pocket the majority of plays with little or no pressure in their face because they have great olines. While against both those teams Mayfield was consistently under pressure and he was having to move around or scramble to keep the play alive. Also remember both of the teams they lost 2 are top 5 teams on the league at the moment and playing pretty well. Watch both those games over and look at the bad plays Hurts and Goff both made when they where under pressure and couldn’t stand on their spot. Mayfield did miss a very easy touchdown to Evans if he puts 2 inches of air under it instead of trying to throw it on a line. I believe this team is close if you can get a couple of really good linemen on both sides, keep evans or replace him with another #1and get a good running back. I believe Mayfield can lead them to a very good run if they will fix a few of those pieces. He did it in Cleveland which we all know is a clown show of an organization. Plus you can sign him to a cheaper deal and use the money you save at qb fr more talent around him. Only qb that make this current team a contender right now is Mahomes I belive Allen might be able to lead them to 2 wins in the playoffs but not sure about that because he makes a lot of dumb decisions when he is under pressure.

  25. Kenny Says:

    Has Evans stopped practicing?
    Yea, I know he wants a contract…. but man he looks like hes putting in 0 effort.
    Most suspect hands in the NFL in my opinion… Every ball that goes his way Im at the point where I assume it will be a drop….
    And the amount of plays he just flat out gives up on…. I never seen a guy stop running as much as Mike stops.
    Not to mention the body language.
    I love Mike, but man you gotta prove it everyday in my opinion.
    I never wanted to see him leave… but Im getting to that point this year. Hes a liability out there.

  26. Bojim Says:

    They can get back on track this weekend. And they will. I still think it’s hard for a speedy guy and QB to make the long one work. Unless you’re Cheetah Hill or Steve Smith. If you keep missing him, stop throwing to him so much.

  27. 1sparkybuc Says:

    Forget Detroit. Focus on Atlanta.

  28. Glass Half Full Guy Says:

    Excellent post DR. I’ve only had a sip of the Canales Kool-aid and it left a bitter taste in my mouth, so I’m not ready to drink it yet. Had a bit of an almond smell to it as well. I’ll let others chug away for now and maybe after he gets a full year of experience under his belt I’ll take a bigger sip if his “recipe” improves.

  29. Bucs4Life Says:

    Oh with proper execution we would have one that game but that’s football. Play calling was there.

  30. WyomingJoe Says:

    To all the Baker Haters: if you think he’s so bad, then you’re idiots for watching. Please go away…

  31. SlyPirate Says:

    99% (used to be 100%) of Ian Beckles takes are trash; however, Ian told us Mike is declining quickly. I totally agree.

    I love Mike. Greatest Buc ever. Evans came out in games 1&2 ON FIRE! Then, the tires started to show they lack tread. Not only is Mike dropping passes, he’s dropping TDs and 1st that are costing the Bucs games.

    Mike believes he’s worth +$25Mx3 Years. He’s not a #1 anymore. The Bucs have Winfield, Wirfs, D White to pay. The Bucs should trade Evans and focus on the future.

  32. ScottyMack Says:

    I remember in 2020 the naysayers and press, in general, talking about how Brady couldn’t hit the deep pass. That is, until the second half of the Chiefs game when the offense finally started clicking, Brady started hitting on his bombs for the first time and the Bucs rolled from there. It’s early in the season with a new QB, an entirely new offense and a ton of first and second year players.

  33. garro Says:

    Mikes so called drops are mostly BS. Yes he as dropped a few. But some of the ones on his “stat” sheet were what I would call tough catches and were not what I would call drops.

    Mike is fine. We have been spoiled by him making all of those circus catches. So that when he drops an easy one it attracts all the nay sayers.

    Go Bucs!

  34. Pewter Power Says:

    Rachaad White fully missing so much green grass to his right he could have tripped and still gotten a first down.

    That was a good one and probably can sum up his career to this point