America Gets The Creamsicles

October 3rd, 2023

Much of the nation will now see the return of the creamsicles.

If Joe had said two young quarterbacks who had seen some postseason success but whose original teams had given up on them, would lead their new teams with rich histories of losing to be flexed nationally over a game involving teams from New York and Philadelphia, people would have Baker Act’ed Joe.

But here we are.

Yes, Joe brought you the news yesterday that the NFL decided to flex the Bucs’ next game, when they host the Lions on Creamsicle Day, to a 4:25 p.m. kickoff on Oct. 15. That means much of the nation will see the Bucs on FOX. Wearing the creamsicles.

The Lions-Bucs game, featuring quarterbacks Jared Goff and Baker Mayfield, is now the nationally broadcast game in that FOX broadcast window. The Eagles-Jets and the Cardinals-Rams games will be regionally broadcast at the same time.

Who would have ever thought a year ago that the NFL would want to highlight Goff and Mayfield over a game that is bound to get eyeballs, the Eagles at the Jets?

Call it the power of the creamsicles!

This is what happens as a result of the Bucs spanking the slimy Saints, raising their record to 3-1 and being in sole possession of first place in the NFC South.

50 Responses to “America Gets The Creamsicles”

  1. HC Grover Says:

    I like the uniforms but not the helment.

  2. Onetrickpony Says:

    The return of Bucco Bruce.
    Lord, help us

  3. August 1976 Buc Says:

    The Helmet is still one of the best in league history as far as helmets go. I prefer the current skull and cross swords though. But to say “our Legacy continues” Well as a fan since the beginning of the franchise, the legacy of these unis is a horrible losing record, not much of a legacy, and one that nobody wants. Maybe the Pewter and Red is just a little better, with 2 Lombardi’s in the Case at 1 Buccaneer Palace, that is more of the legacy that any fan would want to associate with.


  4. August 1976 Buc Says:

    I do not care who starts at QB, just play well. But….. Speaking of being Baker acted, the Tyrannical Trask Gang has been Baker Acted , at least for now lol lol lol

  5. Dreambig Says:

    Those uniforms represent 0-26 and some of the worst bumbling football possible. I hate for us to have to wear them. Reporter: What do you think about the teams execution? John McKay: I am all for it!

  6. stpetebucfan Says:

    Lots of QB’s have had success later in the careers…Jim Plunkett and Rich Gannon to name a couple. No reason to think Baker can’t flourish on the right team.

    @HG Grover

    “I like the uniforms but not the helmet”

    Bucco Bruce? They love him out on Fire Island and gay enclaves around the nation! “Thay you silly savage”.

  7. Leighroy Says:

    Those uniforms also represent a lot of names in the ring of honor, including a HOFer Lee Roy Selmon, turning it around from 0-26 and going to the NFC championship game. The teams first win was vs the Lions in those uni’s.

    Those unis also represent Hardy Nickerson and a few young rookies drafted by Wyche and McKay starting to turn the franchise around in the early 90’s.

    You can choose to look at the negative or the positive, but for me I’ll be sporting my creamsicle 47 jersey with pride in 2 weeks.

  8. CHRISTOS Says:

    I like the creamsicle unis. But even if i didnt like em i would still want the team to wear them one game every year.
    Take it from a Bucs fan in Greece that started watching American football in 1998 and for some odd reason the Bucs called to him. At that time we had the red and pewter colors. But the creamsicle is the history of the team. I didnt live it but its our history and i want it to be represented one time every year.
    Go Bucs

  9. garro Says:

    I am of the opposite opinion August.

    I was at every single home loss in 76-77 and the support for the creamsicles was amazing. I look at those uniforms as a badge of honor for the perseverance of the players of that era and that of the fans. The fans continued to fill the Old Sombrero despite our poor record. I for one am proud to wear anything with Bucco Bruce on it!

    Go Bucs!

  10. TDTB Says:

    May I request an article on JTS’ involvement in the Saints game? I suspect he will be used/not used similarly the balance of this season.

  11. Zoocomics Says:

    The Orange on this uniform could have gone really wrong, like maintenance worker look wrong, instead this tone of orange is damn near perfect, pleasing to the eye, it’s unique, a great combo of colors on the uniform, with the white helmet and logo. ALL fans would think more fondly of this uniform if not for the years of bad football teams that wore it.

    I also think this uniform was a little before it’s time, I was 90’s teenager and that era, especially later 90’s ushered in the Dark Colors, Bulls, Marlins and Mets were wearing black alternates. Unfortunately, the era outgrew the creamsicle look, so the red and pewter was just fitting for the time and new start to the franchise. In the last 10/15 years though vintage is back, and this uniform is great if you give it a chance. I would like to see us wear it a couple of times of years against old black and blue foes in their throwbacks. Oh, this uniform in Green Bay, Fire.

  12. Bbro Says:

    Not a fan of the creamsicle uniforms they remind me of our 0-27 start the ucs

  13. SufferingSince76 Says:

    LOL, Christos. How’s the American football community in Greece?

    Some of you guys take the jinx thing too far. The Bucs have had stinko teams wearing pewter and red, too.

  14. Rickym Says:

    I agree with Garro. I love the ol uniforms and helmets including bucco bruce. Todays NFL uniforms are Basically the same design for many teams but with different colors.

    The Bucs success in later years was primarliy from a change in ownership. The uniform change just a coincidence. Many of the Bucs greatest players wore the creamsicle. Leroy Selmon, Jimmie Giles, Doug Williams and Ricky Bell just to name a few.

    The Bucs Vs Lions game may be the most physical day of football seen this year. Both of these teams play with a philosophy of pounding their opponent physically and this game will be a war.

    Bucs with an advantage of being the home team as well as coming off the bye week. The Lions are for real. This game is a toss-up.

  15. Beej Says:

    I bet Bruce talks with a lisp

  16. August 1976 Buc Says:

    Rickym… The Lions Offensive Line is much like the Eagles, they dominate the Oline, the Lions and Eagles are 1-2 as far as Olines go in the NFC, this is a real test.
    Hopefully the Bucs fare better this time against a very physical dominant oline,
    I would say the Lions are 3rd best behind SF and Philly in the NFC.
    This game is a legit measuring stick game.

    GO BUCS!!

  17. Tampa Stadium on Buffalo Says:

    Joe, see if you can find a picture of Warren Sapp when he rocked the Afro in a game with the creamsicles at Tampa Stadium. He actually balled out that game. I believe it was the only game he rocked the Afro. All other games he had his corn rows. These are the best uniforms in all of sports you will see it on October 15 th.

  18. Buc4evr Says:

    I am from the beginning with the first creamsicle cap offered by JC Penny. It looks like a Tenn Vols hat with iron on Bucs logos and Bucco Bruce on the front. lol. The cool thing is that I got Lee Roy to autograph it years ago right after he got into the HOF. So yeah the old creamsicle uniforms are a badge of honor for the terrible decades we Bucs fans have endured.

  19. Todd Says:

    1 – 26 in those uniforms after 10-15-23!

  20. orlbucfan Says:

    I LOVE THE COLORS, UNIFORMS AND THE HELMET LOGO!! I was at those playoff games in 1979 at Tampa Stadium. I am so psyched over this game. I had just finished graduate school in the summer of ’79, and had no idea that there was a NFL team here in central FL. My beloved MIL (RIP) turned me on to the Bucs. She was a devout Bucs fan and tolerated the Dolphins. Heh-heh. Culverhouse croaking did take the curse off the Bucs, but it was a slow process, believe me. I have a funny feeling we’re going to win this one. I didn’t have it about the Iggles. Go Mighty Bucs!!

  21. SB~LV Says:

    I saw the first home win
    Conrad Dobler and the St Louis Cardinals

  22. Bring back the lawn chairs Says:

    Conjures up memories of past greats: rod ‘toast’ jones, the throwin Samoan, and my favorite; capece is kaput! Only in tampa!

  23. go dawgs Says:

    st pete buc fan? What the hell are you talking about??? Baker Mayfield is 28 dude???? Those guys were in their late 30s when 35+ year old qbs were like 50 year old men?

  24. go dawgs Says:

    Mayfield is in his 6th year…

  25. Cobraboy Says:

    It is ironic how a symbol so painful and frustrating 30 years ago is now retro-cool.

    I witnessed some of the most horrendous NFL football ever played wearing those uniforms.

    I look forward to the creamsicles…

  26. Razor Ramone Says:

    Brantley decleating ( decapitating?) Hipple.

  27. Wild Bill Says:

    I don’t care if they wear Creamsicle underwear with candy sprinkles as long as they win games!

  28. HC Grover Says:

    They should of gone with a Gasparilla Style Pirate instead of Bruce

  29. Jeff Says:

    Bucs have a habit of playing bad football during nationally televised games. And with the distraction of the old uniforms, I like Detroit in a big way in 2 weeks.

    Wake up call game for the Bucs. Detroit 27 Bucs 17

  30. THOMAS PFALZ Says:

    Although I like the present day uniforms better, I didn’t mind the creamy’s.

  31. Oxycondomns Says:

    This has a more florida feel. Feel like we should wear these more at home

  32. August 1976 Buc Says:

    SB~LV Says:
    October 3rd, 2023 at 8:04 am
    I saw the first home win
    Conrad Dobler and the St Louis Cardinals

    In the Twitter clip about the Bucs legacy, the picture with the goal posts being torn down is from that St Louis Game in 77, I went all over the place telling anyone I saw that the Bucs won lol lol. That win against St Louis cost Don Coryell his Job, and Hank Stram lost his from the Bucs first win ever against the Saints the week before lol

  33. PewterStiffArm Says:

    I didn’t like Aaron Rodgers getting hurt but thank you Aaron Rodgers. Now, no one is interested in watching the Eagles and the Jets.

  34. Tye Says:

    The BEST decision this organization has ever made (no close 2nd) was to change from these goofy uniforms…
    Their modern unis are FAR MORE respectable!

  35. Biggun Says:

    LOVE the promo video spot on!!!! GO BUCS!!!

  36. HeavyE Says:

    Best Uniforms Ever!!! Period!!! Let’s Go Bucs!!!

  37. BUCman Says:

    Worst uniforms in the history of the league. Was bad enough they were going to wear them at all. Now we have to suffer the embarrassment of the whole country watching us in those horrible uniforms. Not only are they the ugliest uniforms I have ever seen but they are from an era when the Bucs were the worst team in history. Why would they want to bring those memories back? 🤢🤮

  38. Timbucs2 Says:

    I mean, if a certain Achilles was in better shape, Eagles-Jets would still be the main event. But I like the Bucs getting some love.

  39. Baker Costanza Says:

    BUCman said it… these are very ugly Halloween costumes, and the winking pirate logo is comically bad.

  40. Oxycondomns Says:

    Creamsicles would be a good joe poll.

  41. BillyBucco Says:

    TDTB you should post that on a different thread!!! I liked YaYa being in there more, and that play where he dragged Kamara down for a 5 yard loss was LEGIT. My problem with JTS is his run support. Sure he has more sacks than Shaq, but he misses too many assignments. Yaya looks like the better player.

  42. Hunter's Crack Pipe Says:

    August 1976 Buc Says:
    “… the picture with the goal posts being torn down is from that St Louis Game in 77,”

  43. Hunter's Crack Pipe Says:

    August 1976 Buc Says:
    “… the picture with the goal posts being torn down is from that St Louis Game in 77.”

    Fond memory! My family was walking down Dale Mabry to where our car was parked, and I remember there were people who had stormed the field carrying big chunks of turf torn from the field as souvenirs.

  44. JN Says:

    I was 9 in 1976 and we had season tix until I went to college. Even though we sucked (with exception of 79, 81,82), it was a blast as a kid. Something I got to experience with my brother, father, uncle and aunt. While I didnt like the creamsicles then I love them now. Great memories, especially at the Sombrero. And we had some outstanding players, especially on defense. If only Culverhouse had re-signed Doug Williams and not screwed over Bo Jackson. The 80s could have been much different. Then again, we couldnt even get it right with Steve Young.

  45. Aaron Says:

    Orange on Orange!

    If there was ever an era to have a winking Pirate on a sports helmet…its now.

    Go Bucs!

  46. Hunter's Crack Pipe Says:

    JN Says:
    “i was 9 in 1976…”

    I was 8. We only went to a couple games each season, but at that age, we had fun win or lose.

    “If only Culverhouse had re-signed Doug Williams and not screwed over Bo Jackson. The 80s could have been much different.”

    It wasn’t just those guys. I read a piece recently (wish I could remember the author) about why we missed on so many draft picks back then. Joe might have linked us to it. Remember back then, there was no rookie pay scale, and teams had to negotiate top dollar contracts for top draft talent. The Bucs regularly passed on the top college players, even when they had high draft choices, because Culverhouse didn’t want to spend top money on draft picks. The main reason we sucked for years had nothing to do with coaching, for sure.

  47. Hunter's Crack Pipe Says:

    Aaron Says:
    “If there was ever an era to have a winking Pirate on a sports helmet…its now.”

    LOL. Will probably be popular with our cheercreepers.

  48. stpetebucfan Says:


    I certainly take your point. Mine was not so related to age as to guys who were written off. So forgive my imprecise language.

    As a genuine old dude I think like you…age is different now that when I was growing up. Brady played till 45…only guy I recall older at the position was George Blanda who had morphed into a FG kicking specialist but was forced into action after injuries…he played until 48 but that was after he went back to being a kicking specialist. IE he really didn’t play QB till the end but he was a great story.

  49. Darin Says:

    You’re god dam right I ordered the code Orange

  50. Mike Johnson Says:

    Bucs will be almost at full strength against the Lions. We will need all of it. The Lions are a greatly improved team on the rise. This should be a great game.