Kay Adams Believes In Baker Mayfield

October 5th, 2023

Jumping on bandwagon.

Kay Adams is in the tank for a good rebirth story. And she’s found one in Baker Mayfield.

Like so many across the NFL landscape, Adams, the former it girl of NFL Network and current host of “Up and Adams” seen on FanDuelTV, weekday mornings, thought the Bucs’ quarterback was basically NFL roadkill after last season. The only way Mayfield could be salvaged was if he turned into a game manager and a handoff artist.

Alas, Bucs offensive coordinator Dave Canales has Mayfield throwing and Mayfield and the Bucs are thriving.

Joe is not throwing shade at Adams, but this summer Adams said Mayfield shouldn’t put the ball up often and instead should support a ground attack. (So too did Joe.)

“It’s hard to do and he’s doing it,” Adams said of Mayfield changing everyone’s narrative about him. “He has been the driving force — they are sitting there at 3-1 people.

“As far as the offense is concerned, it’s Baker. … Baker is living his best life down there.”

Adams noted that Mayfield’s numbers are better than Tom Brady’s last year “in this offense.”

Whoa! Not so fast Kay. It was nitwit SpongeBob Leftwich who ran the car off the embankment when he was handed the keys to the electric Bucs’ offense last season. To the best of Joe’s knowledge, Leftwich might be coaching youth football these days.

Adams did catch herself and gave offensive coordinator Dave Canales a shoutout for the work he has done. Meanwhile, Adams is fired up Mayfield has found success with the Bucs.

“I love this for Baker!”

You can watch Adams’ full take on Mayfield and the Bucs in the FanDuelTV video below.

29 Responses to “Kay Adams Believes In Baker Mayfield”

  1. Chris Says:

    Joe didn’t give “Spongebob” any credit when the Bucs had a top 5 offense from 2019-2021, but as soon as they dropped off it was all his fault. Embarrassing.
    First, it was Todd Bowles who fired Leftwich, not Joe. Second, there’s plenty in the archives of Joe giving Leftwich credit for early success, but he was given a ton of hands-on support and direction from Tom Moore and Bruce Arians. In contrast, Dave Canales calls his own shots now.–Joe

  2. Duane Says:

    The nitwit is JoeBucsFan, whichever one writes these stupid diatribes blaming Leftwich for the utter failure of the offensive line which of course caused the utter failure of the running game, worst in the league.

    Tell me, o nitwit – how does a “nitwit” win a Super Bowl and the first NFC South division championship in more than a decade, improving on Tom Brady’s performance from his two last years at New England including a Super Bowl win, and producing the NFL’s no. 2 offense both season?

    You’re astoundingly weird for a self-proclaimed football writer. No other professional football writer who covers the Bucs sounds like a stupid fan as does JBF. No other professional football writer covering the Bucs continually writes rah rah crapola, flinging infantile juvenile names around, instead of, you know, just covering the facts.

    JBF writes like a perpetual 13 year old.

  3. Brandon Says:

    Blame Leftwich all you want for last seaaon’s failures but i 100% guarantee he wasn’t the one constantly audibling to those ineffective smokescreens and he also wasn’t the one prematurely checking down. It’s funny how these plays happened ad nauseum during the first three quarters and then in the 4th quarter, Brady would magically get protection and be able to throw the ball down the field. Makes one think he’d have been able to do jt the whole game if he’d just ran the plays that were called. The biggest problem with last year’s offense was with whatever was going on inside Brady’s chest. He was in self survival mode for.three quarters of every game and tried to win for one quarter. That’s on Brady.

  4. BuddhaBuc Says:

    Duh-ane – If you think JBF is such a “nitwit” and you think JBF “writes like a perpetual 13 year old”, what are you doing here? Sounds like you like punishing yourself, so who’s the real “nitwit”? Look in the mirror.

    I don’t always agree with the writers on this here site, but it’s still BY FAR the best Bucs site on the planet, so move along and find a site that always agrees with your narrative, whatever delusional fantasy that may be.

  5. MelvinJunior Says:

    Someone must’ve whispered in her ear to remind her about the Leftwich thing!

  6. caradoc Says:

    All the butthurt Leftwich fanbois out already. I especially like how they pretend he was actually the OC when Arians was here rather than a glorified waterboy.

  7. Mike C Says:

    Duane BA was holding leftnuts hand during the superbowl….. and….. like why would you defend him? You his brother or something?

  8. A Bucs Fan Says:

    Leftwich was so bad he didn’t get any offers anywhere to bounce back.. NFL… college… CFL… USFL… Indoor.. not even sure a HS team would hire him. Nada. That says a lot about what people inside and outside of the building thought about his body of work.

  9. My Momma Says:

    Hey Brandon! Did you play HS ball locally?

  10. My Momma Says:

    Brandon. Does the name Andrew S. mean anything to you? Remember “Golden Arm”?

  11. orlbucfan Says:

    The 2020 Stupid Bowl Bucs team was assembled by jason Licht and a series of movable chair head coaches. I don’t have a dog in the Leftwich fight; I’m glad we’ve got Canales. Methuselah Brady was past his expiration date, and played like it last season. Fact! Glad he finally got it through his thick skull to retire.

  12. Lt. Dan Says:

    And yet Duane – you continue to read all things JBF and you won’t go away. Hypocrisy much?

  13. Joe Says:

    Someone must’ve whispered in her ear to remind her about the Leftwich thing!

    In some circles, this is also known as a “producer.” 🙂

  14. Joe Says:


    Thank you.

  15. Senor Harry in Costa Rica Says:

    “…It was nitwit SpongeBob Leftwich who ran the car off the embankment when he was handed the keys to the electric Bucs’ offense last season.”

    Correct Joe. BUT it is basically the same run game, as in the Bucs having an All Pro in R White running it up the middle for no gain (sarcasm). And I admit, I did not expect the Oline to be doing as well as it is in Pass Pro (run blocking still sucks, its not all on the RBs). Canales has been super impressive. Canales and Mayfield make a really good combo.

    Leftnut couldn’t figure how to get around the problem with the running game or the bad Oline last year. Brady also could have demanded more Play action passing, or whatever he wanted, but his head was crushed by his ex and he needed to go to Krafts Bday. He just wasn’t the same guy,

    Last, apparently Mr TB might be ok as a HC

  16. rriddler Says:

    It’s funny.

    There are so many obvious anti-Buc trolls on this site, yet Bucs fan continue to engage them.

    Like all internet trolls, if you ignore them, they eventually go away.

  17. Jeebs the Honey Bear Says:

    Lol Boron must have a Google Alert with his name so he can be the first to comment at his own defense when rightfully criticized, attacked, and put down.

    No offense “Chris” “Duane” “Brandon”, but you were terrible as a coach and a stubborn child in interviews. I wish you the best, but get a life!

    In Canales we trust!! Go BUCS!!

  18. Since76 Says:

    Leftwich was bad and when asked why his offense was struggling we got the ” we do what we do” phrase. That alone should put the issue to bed.

  19. not Says:

    OK Joe, that photo of Ms. Adam’s and her mouth open is posted to garner my attention and thoughts !
    Really, this is a family site no ?

  20. ElioT Says:

    I’d like to jump on Kay’s bandwagon, if you catch my drift.

    Go Bucs!

  21. Joseph C Simmons Says:

    All this arguing is a waste of time.

    Leftwich’s offense probably would’ve been fantastic last year if we still had an amazing offensive line. Without one, and with an immobile 45-year-old QB, it wasn’t. It was pretty damn dreadful.

    If Brady hadn’t retired, there’s no way he could’ve played in Canales’ offense, which compensates for a mediocre OL with rollouts, bootlegs, and moving pockets.

    I don’t care for how JBF throws Leftwich under the bus–Lefty has probably forgotten more about offensive football than the Joes will ever know–but it’s their website. Thankfully they’re one of the few websites left that still allow you to comment.

  22. Paul Says:

    They have a point you sometimes sound like a pissed off fan and can be bias.
    They got you on the Leftwhich thing.
    He’s out of NFL, Tom Brady was the OC.

  23. Crickett Baker Says:

    She still seems to have the longest fingers that I have ever seen on a woman.

  24. Dave Pear Says:

    Leftwich needed Arians. Without him in AZ he was godawful, as he was last year. The fact that is coaching at ZERO LEVEL is telling. Some goobers love to live in the past. There was some question whether Bowles was inhibiting Leftwich. This is clearly not the case. Leftwich was incapable of adjusting, further inhibited by Tom’s statuesque style.

  25. Joe Says:

    Leftwich needed Arians. Without him in AZ he was godawful, as he was last year.


  26. mark2001 Says:

    Kay, as I get older it gets harder to do. But looking at you, all I can say is that in your presence I think you would have to say that for me “It’s hard to do and he’s doing it,” LOL.

  27. 1#bucsfan Says:

    Joe while I agree leftwich gets blame but soo to should Bowles. Bowles told leftwich and everyone else that he didn’t want to run BAs offense. Then didn’t help with making a new one ? I don’t know if helped but seemed like he handcuffed leftwich. I ask agree that good OCs know how to adapt and leftwich didn’t but let’s not forget Bowles had a hand is the worst offense in the league last year.

  28. garro Says:

    That settles it Kay loves Baker, so he is officially THE man!

    LOL. Just kidding …seriously we get some run game going …look out!

    The O line is better than expected but anylitics says all we got is Wirfs and even he is not top level in the run game. We simply need better blocking in the run game.
    Win rate as a whole is near the bottom.

    Go Bucs!

  29. Mark hardt Says:

    What are her qualifications? Is she a former all pro QB? These talking heads are there to look at not to listen to. Same with Stephen A. Not qualified. Just a screamer. What does Boomer
    Esaison think? Bernie Kosar? Doug Williams?