Yes, Todd Bowles Has A Personality

September 7th, 2023

Let his guard down.

Joe knows some fans gripe about Bucs coach Todd Bowles and his stoic ways on the sidelines.

Joe would much rather have a coach deep in thought than one losing his mind wigging out. There may not be a more overrated element in the game than whether a coach is hollering all the time or not.

Bowles actually does have a fantastic personality. Thing is, unless you see him a lot, you’d never know from TV. Bowles locks up a gregarious side most of the time whenever a TV camera is near.

Yesterday, he slipped up. A little. Bowles was asked what he hoped to see in the Bucs’ season-opener at Minneapolis on Sunday. Bowles has a pretty good sense of humor and excellent timing. So he couldn’t pass up that big fat fastball hanging over the middle of the plate.

“Hopefully, seeing us win,” Bowles said.

[Rim shot!]

When Bowles finished laughing he added he wasn’t looking for anything specific.

“I’m not looking forward to seeing anybody,” Bowles said. “As long as we can win, I’m good.”

Joe’s confident most Bucs fans would be good with that as well.

15 Responses to “Yes, Todd Bowles Has A Personality”

  1. garro Says:

    As good a Bowles coach speak non answer as he has ever done. Shades of John McKay. LOL

    Go Bucs!

  2. Todd Says:

    Todd Bowles has a great first name!

    Know what I mean?! 😎

  3. Pewter Power Says:

    Who cares about a press conference. Dead on the sideline no energy no emotion?

    Seattle in Germany looked no different than getting destroyed in San Fran. Brady was the only one with any kinds of heartbeat. Should be fired simply for being uninspiring on Sundays

  4. Brandon Says:

    Only low IQ fans worry about a coach’s personality. It makes virtually ZERO impact on a team. Tony Dungy, Joe Gibbs, Tom Landry, Bill Walsh, Belicheck, I’d take all of those guys over the manic bi-polar guys like Gruden, D Vermeil, Herman Edwards, Dennis Green, Brad Childress, Raheem, and others.

    Is he a leader of men? Does he let his coaches do their jobs? Does he put guys in the right spot to succeed? These are the biggest factors by far… not being a freaking cheerleader. Rah rah guys get tuned out faster than the quiet ones, especially lf they don’t answer the three questions.

  5. Duane Says:

    Pewter Power – Energy on the sideline is utterly useless. Just ask Bill Belichick, the GOAT of all NFL head coaches, he of the utter stone face during games.

    That’s some shallow thinking ya got there!

    The players who know Todd Bowles best freaking love him, and say so repeatedly.

    Coaching is NOT about yelling or acting like a lunatic along the sideline. This is not high school or college football with a bunch of teenagers on the roster who don’t understand that NFL football is a man’s game, not a boy’s game.

  6. Pewter Power Says:


    Keep it to yourself if you’re gonna make up something to argue about. I said nothing about yelling or acting like a lunatic EXAGGERATE MUCH!!!

    I think you’re the low Low IQ one goofball. For all the slow finger thugs out there I didn’t say I said I didn’t like it. I don’t worry about it either it’s called an opinion but thanks for that ground breaking knowledge, that’s champion stuff

  7. BA’s Red Pen Says:

    Todd is a great dude and one of the best D-coordinators in the game, unfortunately he doesn’t seem to be a good Head Coach. I’m not one of these a holes on here that hate the guy on a personal level, but
    • Little Confidence

  8. go dawgs Says:

    Brandon^^ 100%

  9. Glass Half Full Guy Says:

    Emotions can cloud your judgment. Just because he’s not ranting and raving on the sidelines doesn’t mean he isn’t mentally engaged. We’ve all heard the saying “Cooler heads prevail”. HCs have a lot to process in real-time (play calls, voices in his headset from upstairs, watching the clock, etc, etc). He doesn’t need to entertain us with antics on the sideline. Yes, showing some “fire” can motivate some guys, so I get what some are saying.

    Players all say Bowles has a great sense of humor. Maybe he’s more of a Stephen Wright than a Robin Williams type. Lol. (The same is said about Belichick, old stone-face himself)

    Guys like Parcells, Rex Ryan, etc were fun at pressers and fans enjoyed them but that doesn’t win games.

    Best coach zinger of all time imo was coach McKay:

    Reporter: “What do you think of your team’s execution, Coach?”
    McKay: “I’m in favor of it.”

    Funny as hell but didn’t help him win many games (44-88-1)

  10. Duane Says:

    Pewter – you referred energy or emotion on the sideline, and I refuted your illogic by pointing to the NFL’s greatest coach ever who never shows ANY emotion on the sideline. Yelling and acting like a lunatic on the sideline is about energy and emotion. Better read up on some definitions.

  11. Pewter Power Says:

    Yep most of those guys are ancient. Dungy is my guy and didn’t want him to get fired. I wasn’t a fan of Gruden attitude but he got us our first SB. Belicheck Had Brady so I get him even though I don’t like it in him anyway that’s his personality.

    All these coaches are old as hell dude, how many coaches like beyond 2013. Greg schiano used to be fired up doesn’t mean I like him. I would like it for Bowles once in a while not all the time

    For some reason these comments became about me. You can have your own opinion but not your own fact and because you disagree so what girl. No need to be a drama Queen turd burglar.

  12. Just Saying Says:

    I don’t mind his stoic energy, what I have an issue with is the fact I’ve never seen him say a word on the sidelines.

  13. Fred McNeil Says:

    Look, the coaches just have to be themselves. Bellicheat and Landry kept relatively calm and we’re very successful. Gruden and Madden were animated and both were also successful, but they didn’t last as long. Don Shula was somewhere in between, but he had that ice, ice cold stare. Very successful. The end of Vince Lombardi’s career came about before I really was old enough to really pay attention to football, but I’d read that he was prone to terrible tantrums on the plane ride home if the Pack lost; even kicking trays onto the floor. Still very successful. Iron Mike Ditka…holy crap what a hothead. Still successful.

    It doesn’t matter. It depends on the man.

  14. Pewter Power Says:

    Yea agreed not everyone can be a Pete Carroll type coach, don’t think Mike Tomlin is as low key as a Bowles but some coaches just have better personalities than others. I think everyone can agree Canales stroke of coaching is gonna make him a great head coach

  15. Dale Says:

    Football is played and coached wit emotions,if u don’t have that go to church on Sunday s.