Todd Bowles Updates On Pair Of Injured Stars

September 23rd, 2023

Discusses dinged-up starters.

Carlton Davis will be worked out tomorrow and will be a gametime decision Monday evening when the Bucs host the Eagles, head coach Todd Bowles said today.

Two other starters are a more certain.

Beastly defensive tackle Vita Vea and linebacker Devin White both popped up on the injury report this week. Vea has a sore pec. White is battling a sore groin.

Bowles seemed more upbeat about their availability.

“Hopefully, with two more days they get the chance to heal up a little more,” Bowles said. “They should be okay by Monday, but we will see.”

If the Bucs are down Davis, Vea and White on Monday, those are significant obstacles to overcome.

Davis is almost always tasked with guarding an opponent’s No. 1 receiver. Vea, of course, is wreaking havoc this season on offensive linemen. White looks as if he has returned to his 2020 form and was a key figure in suffocating Bears quarterback Justin Fields on Sunday.

27 Responses to “Todd Bowles Updates On Pair Of Injured Stars”

  1. Baking with Canales Says:

    Remember Bucs fans win or lose Monday night we still have a solid team which continues to develop in a positive direction. And before anyone says last year we also started 2-0, let me remind you the rookie talent, offensive scheme, coaches and including head coach seem to be upgraded this year. Yes Bowles has a pair this year. LFG!

    Go Bucs!!!

  2. Will Says:

    I remember BA saying that Davis needed to learn to play when he was a bit banged up. I know they’re saying turf toe which is bad from all things I’ve read but still makes me wonder about his overall mental toughness to grind through pain. How many seasons has he played in every game?

  3. A Bucs Fan Says:

    I’m not concerned if they drop this game. Bucs have the bones to be a great team this year and the near future. Canales has my confidence and just two weeks in I see he’s brought a San Fran/Seattle offense and it will work as soon as the oline masters the zone blocking scheme. Hopefully that’s this year.

    The Bucs just need to stay healthy in defense and this will be a 10-12 win team.

  4. SB~LV Says:

    Sit Davis !

  5. Obvious Says:

    Yeah, see that’s the thing concerning Canales. As Joe warned, if he is a success this year (and so far so good) then according to Joe it’s Likely that multiple teams will be scouting him for the Head Honcho position as soon as next year. Especially if Mayfield continues to shine… That’s what’s got me wondering about our new offensive scheme. Will we have someone qualified to continue it next year if Canales gets picked for HC? I know it’s a bit soon to worry about it but I’m wondering why we didn’t sign him up for 2 years (just incase)….

    Ahhhh.. a Bucs life.

  6. Armybucfan Says:

    I would love to win Monday and shut the mouths of the rest of the league who are all doubting us.

  7. teacherman777 Says:

    Ok. Davis is one of the hardest hitting and toughest corners in the game!

    Why are so many fans so negative and stupid!?

    I saw him take on Ham (The Vikings Fullback) head on head in game 1.

    Davis is a badass.

    Ya’ll need to show him more love and support!

    War Eagle!

    Go Bucs!!

    Only cowards and fools kick a man when he’s down!- Josef (me!)

  8. Jerseybuc Says:

    I live 20 minutes from the linc n listen to sports talk religiously.all they are talking about is their passing game not clicking. AJ brown still talking about last week not getting the ball. Lurie wants to pass the fans are also bitching about it. Look for hurts to force balls to brown early n often. Let the coaching staff know this tidbit joe😉

  9. J Ghotier Says:

    This is for sure a major obstacle to overcome if that’s the case and happens.

    Not to mention the Eagles w/ 3 the extra days to prepare and scheme against us is also an obstacle to overcome too.

    Not looking good this week objectively tbh, but even if we lose, and are competitive and put up a good fight against the AFC Champs, that’s a win at this point in the season for us and how we are still in more of a growth and gel phase than the Eagles are currently.

    Let’s go Bucs bayyyyy beeeee!

    Just be competitive and put up a good FN fight is all I ask for….even if not a winning outcome on the record.

  10. Mike C Says:

    So at the Rays game, group of like 12 Philly fans(clearly here for the eagles game) I yell go Bucs! They say ” Go eagles ” I say ” we own the Lincoln, we own the vet” like 3 times…… not a single response hahaha😅 😂 🤣

  11. Mike shoe Says:

    Wish we had the depth that they didn’t have to play. That said I’m digging the scrappy bucs.

  12. Danny Baker Buc Esq Says:

    Not to worry. This game is a lock. Danny Baker Buc Esq.

  13. Lakeland Steve Says:

    Let’s hope the Bucs can pull the upset. More than likely this game could be a measuring stick of where they are as a team. Philly has a very good team in every phase of the game. If we get rolled by them there may be need for concern, but if we are competitive throughout and have a chance to win at the end then win or lose you would have to feel good about this year’s team.

  14. Mr. Editor Says:

    Thank you, MikeC! You represented us well!

  15. Proudbucsfan Says:

    Mike C. That is f—Kin great I wish I was there to witness that. I can’t stand Philly fans.

  16. garro Says:

    So nothing has changed?

    Not an update Joe. All this is info is what we already knew.
    It is Bowles using deferent words to say the same thing. Classic….

    Go Bucs!

  17. Hunter's Crack Pipe Says:

    I just got through watching the Rondé Barber documentary. Very well produced, and well worth the time.

  18. Hunter's Crack Pipe Says:

    teacherman777 Says:
    “War Eagle!”

    I never understood how the Auburn TIGERS wound up with this rally cry.

  19. David Says:

    No dink and dunk by Baker without Davis and a solid defense. The defense has won the past two games with Baker managing the offense without explosive plays.

    Baker has to throw to defeat the Eagles great defense. Baker will have a hell of times to throw over their D-line which will result in batted ball and picks. Baker has to scramble a lot more to beat this defense.

  20. Joe Says:

    I never understood how the Auburn TIGERS wound up with this rally cry.

    Google is your friend.

    Or if you prefer, DuckDuckGo.

  21. optimisticbucsfan Says:

    I still don’t understand the goobers that have to bring politics into every part of our lives. These are the enemies of the Republic. Most of the crap is misinformation because they are poorly educated. If you bring politics on here you are a 1st rate loser in life. NO POLITICS. Losers.

  22. Hunter's Crack Pipe Says:

    Joe Says:
    “Or if you prefer, DuckDuckGo.”

    LOL. How on earth did you know?? 😲

    Cool tradition. What stood out reading about it was the photo of War Eagle III. He had an unusual spread of white flight feathers on just the right wing.

  23. Gofortheface30 Says:

    Hi Optimisticbucsfan – I have a question for you. What to Barack and Hunter have in common?? Give up? They both like smoking crack 🥁

  24. orlbucfan Says:

    No surprise here. JTS is starting to show signs of being a #1 pick. We’ll need him tomorrow night, plus ST. Watch out for the refs, Bucs. I just want you guys to play a good game. Go Bucs!!

  25. FrontFour Says:

    @teacherman777 completely agree. Davis has been a shutdown CB since he got here and he tackles. Most CB’s try to bump guys or dive underneath them. CD III actually goes after people. Yeah, maybe stone hands have soured Bucs fans on him. And his injury history is disappointing. But the guy is a stud. War Damn Eagle!

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