Mike Evans Is A Pro

September 13th, 2023

Still balling out.

Joe has to take a moment to embrace how the Bucs have two of the best receivers in the game and two of the best professionals in the game.

Mike Evans and Chris Godwin.

The Bucs won the Super Bowl, in part, by adding a Hall of Fame-level receiver to the mix, Antonio Brown. But Evans and Godwin are nothing like Brown. Evans and Godwin are professionals that ball out and do whatever they can for the team.

For example, Evans wants to stay in Tampa but also has made it clear he wants what he considers fair compensation. Joe has no issue with that at all.

If this were Brown, he would stomp, pout and create a massive headache — and eventually quit on the Bucs in a playoff push and go topless for all to see and wince over.

Evans? Some 24 hours after his agent’s deadline for the Bucs to make a contract extension offer (they didn’t), he goes out and busts his arse for the team.

Half-ass it or not hustle and instead save himself for his new team and contract? Nope. Not Evans.

Look at the video below of Evans being a professional, busting his tail to spring a teammate. The grimy, dirty work of a receive is far from the glamour of catching long touchdowns.

Godwin is the same way. He busts his tail to do whatever the team needs.

The Bucs are so lucky to have these two. Their futures are unclear, so savor having Evans and Godwin for at least the rest of this season.

44 Responses to “Mike Evans Is A Pro”

  1. Joe in Michigan Says:

    Totally agree, Joe.

  2. Bbro Says:

    Yes two great receivers n hopefully next year we’re not down to one. What a catch by Godwin to ice Sundays game 👍💯%

  3. Mike C Says:

    Mike, Stop dropping the easy ones……

  4. Gofortheface30 Says:

    Agree with Mike C. Our offense isn’t exactly Tua to Tyreek Hill where we can expect to go up and down the field like a track meet. We are going to have limited chances, the chances we do get – we have to take advantage. That deeper slant which would have been an easy 20 yard td or so, really pissed me TF off. You have to help your QB there. This has been my only issue with Evans over the yrs – he has these concentration lapses, these mind boggling drops with no one around him. Can we say with a straight face that Davante Adams, Jefferson, Hill drops that? Of course not. Happens too much with Evans, and if I didn’t know any better that deep pass to him earlier in the game was a great pass that he should’ve grabbed

  5. Joshua porter Says:

    Totally agree. I watched the vikes presser with Justin Jefferson and all he was saying is bucs didn’t block me up they just didn’t throw me the ball. Total diva

  6. Marine Buc Says:

    I’m glad Mike Evans can block well. Is he our new Michael Clayton? lol.

    I agree with Mike and Gofortheface30 – Mike Evans needs to catch the dam ball…

    I think he had an OK game but dropped two passes for 50 plus yards and probably a TD.

  7. SlyPirate Says:

    I get the point but …
    1. AB is insane. He makes everyone look good.
    2. Evans would celebrate with his team after the TD.

  8. Eckwood Says:

    Love Mike Evans but that was a poor poor game receiving and his routes were not crisp . Now I think Baker needs to learn that Mike doesn’t have to be super open but then again two times he did throw to Mike in traffic Mike dropped both balls and had lazy sideline awareness. Mike played like a some what mentally slightly worn out 30 year old receiver . But he did still block well !!

  9. RICKYM Says:

    Should be the last season for Evans as many others need new contracts. If Mayfield stays and we don’t trade Trask, I could see the Bucs drafting the best receiver available on the board when the draft comes around. Nothing against Evans but paying so much for a wideout on the other side of thirty is just not feasable when you still have young players like Devin White and Tristan Wirfs to sign.

  10. realistic-optimistic Says:

    I don’t think it matters how angry Mike is with the Glazer boys. His 1k streak is way more important to him than the payday. No way he half-asses with that streak on the line.

  11. BA’s Red Pen Says:

    He has one game a year where he has a couple of drops and it came in game one. Mike will dominate this year. He’s going to have double digit touchdowns and 1000 yards by December first.

  12. 1sparkybuc Says:

    Godwin rarely drops a catchable ball. Evans has his drops, but then makes a one handed catch with both feet down in the last six inches of the end zone. The effort is always there. It’s just concentration that’s missing at times. These guys are head and shoulders above any pair of receivers the Bucs have ever had. Hopefully they both play their entire careers in Tampa.

  13. DoooshLaRue Says:

    realistic-optimistic Says:
    September 13th, 2023 at 9:04 am
    I don’t think it matters how angry Mike is with the Glazer boys. His 1k streak is way more important to him than the payday. No way he half-asses with that streak on the line.

    He’ll get his 59 yards to keep his selfish streak alive.

  14. zzbucs Says:

    Sometimes some fans should calm down, he dropped a pass..so what? Thos things happen to every WR, just take a look at his stats and you realize the truth on ME13, aslo take allok on what a good teammate is, what a PRO he is, what a humble star he is…..

    If GM let him go, I will really get pissed!!!!

  15. Boss Says:

    mike ALWAYS drops the bomb for a TD early in games.

    unacceptable. and they wonder why he has few throws early in games. he comes in after the 1/2 for 10 yard curl routes.

    Any schmuck can do that. I’ll take a WR over a blocker at the WR position

  16. Marine Buc Says:

    @ ZZ

    “he dropped a pass..so what?”

    He actually dropped two passes and it is becoming a trend with Mike Evans.

    If he wants to get paid as a top ten wide receiver he better play like one. Top ten receivers in the NFL don’t drop passes that hit them in the hands on a regular basis…

  17. Craig Says:

    Yep, he’s a pro. When he drops one it is always a big one, that keeps him in the news like a pro.

  18. Duane in Sanford Says:

    While you geniuses are complaining about the passes Evans drops, we pay similiar money to Dean and Davis who NEVER catch the damn ball.

  19. Marine Buc Says:

    @ Duane

    Did you notice that Mike Evans plays RECEIVER while Dean and Davis play DEFENSIVE BACK…?


    I’m not hating on Mike Evans – but if he wants to be paid like a top ten receiver he can’t be dropping passes that hit him in the hands. There are zero valid excuses for this.

  20. unbelievable Says:

    Bucs fans constantly proving how dumb they are.

    You know what got the offense actually moving? Mike Evans.

    You know who has the first touchdown catch? Mike Evans.

    Yes the stop on the slant was bad. But it happens. Y’all acting like he has Kadarius Tony hands or something. Smdh.


    Gofortheface30 Says:
    September 13th, 2023 at 7:47 am
    …. Can we say with a straight face that Davante Adams, Jefferson, Hill drops that?


    Perhaps your forgot, but Tyreek Hill had like 4 drops in the Super Bowl against us, including 2 or 3 passes that hit him right in the face.

  21. unbelievable Says:

    *the drop on the slant was bad

  22. stpetebucfan Says:

    At first I was nervous that ME seemed to lack the “fire” in that game. The contract deal perhaps. But then I came to believe ME has just matured and done a great job of controlling his emotions.

    After the no call on the PI he turned in frustration briefly but he’s learned to stop arguing the call because the Zebras ALWAYS win and you end up in their spit file if you complain about their calls all the time.

    There are better individual receivers in the NFL than Mike or Chris but a better pair. I’ll take nominations with an open mind but remember to include ALL that they mean to the team besides their skill set.

    They are the anti AB effect. No insanity, no team disrupting, egotistical theatrics. I LOVE rooting for BOTH.

  23. DFW Buc Says:

    Thank you unbelievable for the summation. I totally agree. Plus he has been the consummate teammate and community activist. Can’t say that about other names being thrown out.

  24. HomerSimpsonRocks Says:

    100% agree. Bucs are lucky to have them both.

  25. David Says:

    They absolutely need to resign Evans. Extend him out so he can retire here. The guy has restructured his deal a few times for the benefit of the team. Three more years, including this year, and he’s a Hall of Famer.
    Letting him walk at this point is going to turn a lot of fans off, myself included. I know it’s a business, and some like the way Belichick does it, but occasionally a player comes along… Brooks, Evans, LVD, Barber, should have been done with SAP and Lynch, that you don’t let walk, you show a little loyalty. It goes a long way in the eyes of the fan base

  26. Doctor_Berto Says:

    Mike drops way too many easy passes. In no way should he get paid close to 30 mil a year.

  27. Pickgrin Says:

    Not sure why that play would be used as some textbook example of a WR block…

    It started out good – but then Evans let up and his man made the tackle after a short gain….

    If Evans had maintained his contact, kept his legs pumping and power driven his man farther to the sideline – the play would have gained at least another 5-10 yards…

  28. zzbucs Says:

    @Marine Buc
    Check the stats my friend, it´s far away from being a tendency…

    On tampa or away from Tampa he will get payed, you like it or not… I hope is in Tampa…….

  29. Marine Buc Says:

    @ ZZ

    I agree.

    “I hope is in Tampa”

    Been saying it this whole preseason and am still saying it… I hope Mike Evans can retire a Buc.

    HOWEVER – if Mike Evans wants to be paid like a top ten NFL receiver 6 catches for 66 yards – one TD and two dropped passes for 59 yards and one TD is not going to cut it.

    Currently based on game one – I would pay Mike Evans @ $13-$15M per season which is less than his current deal.

    Sorry but that was not a $25M-$30M per season performance.

  30. Marine Buc Says:

    You don’t pay NFL players based on what they did 5 seasons ago.

    You pay them based on what they are currently worth and what their future realistic projections are.

    Or else you won’t last long as an NFL GM…

  31. ModHairKen Says:

    Disagree, MarineBuc. Pay the man. You cannot measure everything by stats. Marino had stats. Dilfer has a SB ring. Evans adds much more than just stats.

  32. zzbucs Says:

    @Marine Buc

    With all due respect.
    Maybe you can be right, again, maybe, that he is not getting the 28mm or whatever…

    But I still think the guy is elite on his poistion, he droped passes the other day, but that´s not my concern….My concern is his age, and in case you extend him, for how long….

    I am old enough, and I saw plenty of bucs great players, the Sapp,s Lynch´s Barber´s, and I have no doubt on my mind, ME13 belongs to that level…He is always gonna be rememberd, and I hate to see him go to another team when the guy can still play at a very high level, for maybe 2 more years..

  33. Marine Buc Says:

    @ ZZ

    Based on his current performance – I would re-sign Mike Evans to a 3 year deal for $40M-$45M with $30M guaranteed.

    Put most of the guaranteed money in the first two years so the Bucs could cut him after year two without too much dead cap money wasted.

    I would be willing to pay more but Mike is going to have to catch those two dropped passes.

  34. Marine Buc Says:

    @ Modhair

    “You cannot measure everything by stats.”

    This is true.

    BUT – most of a WIDE RECEIVER’S compensation is due to catching the football when it hits your hands…

    IF – you can’t catch the football and you are a WIDE RECEIVER I don’t care how well you block or how nice of a guy you are.


    That’s all.

  35. Marine Buc Says:

    Do you guys realize that Evans was targeted 10 times and dropped 2 passes…

    So you think it is OK for a receiver to drop 20% of the passes thrown his way?



  36. Joe in Michigan Says:

    Marine Buc: It’s called being human, we all make mistakes. Mike Evans has more than made up for it in other ways, in my humble opinion.

  37. Marine Buc Says:

    @ Joe

    I understand.

    We are all human.

    BUT – Mike Evans is a human who has made over $110 MILLION DOLLARS as a WIDE RECEIVER in the NFL.

    Mike Evans also wants a new contract paying him $23-$25 MILLION DOLLARS per season to CATCH THE FOOTBALL WHEN IT HITS HIM IN THE HANDS…

    He is not being paid to drive a UPS delivery van or make delicious coffee drinks at your local StarCraps…

    IF – Mike Evan wants to GET PAID – he needs to catch the dam ball when the dam ball hits him in the hands.

    No excuses or explanations.

    20% dropped passes is unacceptable.

    This is game #1 – I hope he can improve in game #2.

  38. Boss Says:

    I can catch better than mive evans!

    maybe not run or get hit….lol but I can catch the damn ball!

    10 Million a year and I sign!

  39. Glass Half Full Guy Says:

    I wouldn’t exactly call that a “block”. More of just getting in the way for a split second. Got them a couple extra yards before Mike’s guy made the tackle. Not exactly something for the highlight reel.

    If the late John Madden was doing the game, he wouldn’t have said “boom” but probably “doink” instead.

  40. unbelievable Says:

    JFC MarineBuc it’s ONE game, in week 1.

    And I would wager money you don’t watch any other teams as closely as you do the Bucs, so I doubt you would know how many other receivers have drops and how often they happen.

    Also, where is this 28m – 30m per season figure coming from? Everything I’ve read has said it’s more in the 20 – 25 range, which is on par for a receiver of his caliber.

    And as far as paying Mike for what he did “5 years ago”, how about we just go look at the past 2 years?

    2021: 1,035 yards, 14 TDs
    2022: 1,124 yards, 6 TDs
    2023 (extrapolated to 17 games): 1,126 yards, 17 TDs

  41. unbelievable Says:

    Total drops for the 2022 season, according to FantasyPros:

    Amari Cooper – 11
    Ja’Marr Chase – 10
    Gabe Davis – 9
    Deebo Samuel – 9
    Davante Adams – 8
    Tyreek Hill – 8
    DeVonta Smith – 8
    Stefon Diggs – 7
    Jaylen Waddle – 7
    Michael Gallup – 7
    CeeDee Lamb – 6
    Justin Jefferson – 5
    DeAndre Hopkins – 5

    Mike Evans – 4

    Welp, there’s goes that stupid narrative.

  42. unbelievable Says:

    And here are the 2022 drop numbers according to pro-football-reference:

    Amari Cooper – 12
    Ja’Marr Chase – 11
    Gabe Davis – 9
    Deebo Samuel – 9
    Tyreek Hill – 8
    Stefon Diggs – 8
    DeVonta Smith – 8
    Davante Adams – 7
    Jaylen Waddle – 7
    Michael Gallup – 7
    CeeDee Lamb – 6
    Justin Jefferson – 5
    DeAndre Hopkins – 5

    Mike Evans – 4

    Dang, there goes that narrative again.

  43. Joe Says:


    Yeah, whispers around the league are the Dolphins and Bengals are tired of all the drops from Cheetah Hill and Ja’Marr Chase and both teams are ready to cut the cord with them.

  44. unbelievable Says:


    I’ve been hearing those whispers too!