“It’ll Benefit Them About Halfway Through The Season”

September 27th, 2023

Todd Bowles is a very patient head coach. That trait can be good and bad.

This season, it’s a positive trait because the Bucs roster has 13 rookies and a first-time playcaller.

Bowles knows he has no choice but to be patient.

At various times during his news conference today, Bowles said players and offensive coordinator Dave Canales are learning valuable lessons that will pay off later. But when is later, Coach?

Bowles sort of pinpointed that yesterday during his sitdown with WFLA-TV sports chief Dan Lucas. “It’ll benefit them about halfway through the season,” Bowles said, referencing his roster learning its way.

Joe is going to hold Bowles to that. This Bucs team, barring injury woes continuing at the current rate, should be better in the second half of this season.

That’s one aspect to why Tampa Bay’s 2-1 start is so encouraging. If the Bucs can find their way to a 5-4 record, the remaining schedule should feature many winnable games with a much more mature roster and offensive coordinator.

25 Responses to ““It’ll Benefit Them About Halfway Through The Season””

  1. Casual Observer Says:

    The whole D roster needs to take a full day to (re)learn how to tackle.

  2. Jerseybuc Says:

    See bring in DBs today.
    Injury firm of Davis and dean are going play out again this week probably

  3. Jack Clark Says:

    He’s so patient that he hasn’t fixed the run blocking yet! And this guy wants to have a run first team?!! What a joke

  4. Popcorn Mike Says:

    Joe that’s my perspective. From Mayfield learning Evans and Godwin , to the offensive line learning each other and the new offense. My thoughts are they should be improved within the next 2 or three games. If not, we have a serious problem brewing. Even Brady first few games with the Bucs weren’t that good. So again I’ll wait another game or 2 before for I start to criticize

  5. The Beer Whisperer Says:

    “The Bucs are just good enough, to get a HC fired”

  6. Bucs'n'Bucks Says:

    I like this! But I hope it starts after the bye instead of after the midway point. Professional athletes should gel quickly.

  7. unbelievable Says:

    Many seem to be forgetting that it took the Brady-led Bucs offense well over 10 weeks to find their rhythm in 2020. And that was with about 70% of the offense already knowing the system from the previous year.

    Patience, grasshoppers.

    (Though patience might not be an option if all of our starting defenders keep dropping like flies)

  8. Mike C Says:

    Unbelievable, facts! I was pissed about the early bye….. now can’t come soon enough with how banged up our defense is already.

  9. JimBobBuc Says:

    The offense is learning a new system and with average line playing new positions. A new QB learning to sync up with other receivers. I will cut th m some slack until the bye. want to see the offense after the bye.

    The defense is an established scheme with returning players, many of which are playing poorly. JTD and Hall were draft reaches and our coaching staff isn’t good enough to bring out the little talent they have. The DL isn’t physical not stopping the run and with no 4man rush. Our entire DB backend was far from good and made Izien look like an All-Pro. I’m not a huge White fan but he is playing well and really gutted it out vs the Eagles playing with an apparently very bad groin. The defense wasn’t tested by the Vikes and Bears, and they failed against the Eagles. I learned that our line is weak and DBs are afraid. What did Bowles learn about our D? Will he do anything meaningfully different?

  10. unbelievable Says:

    Totally agree Mike C, I was upset at the early bye as well but it’s turning out to be much needed, especially for our depleted defense.

  11. Defense Rules Says:

    Joe … ‘If the Bucs can find their way to a 5-4 record, the remaining schedule should feature many winnable games with a much more mature roster and offensive coordinator.’

    Bucs would need to go 3-3 over the next 6 games to get to that 5-4 halfway mark. Those 6 games are: Saints (2-1), Lions (2-1), Falcons (2-1), Bills (2-1), Texans (1-2), Titans (1-2). IF we can stay reasonably healthy, going 3-3 should be achievable.

    It’s actually the last 8 games that’ll be our money games this season though, since half of those are against division foes: San Fran, Colts, Panthers, Falcons, Packers, Jaguars, Saints, Panthers. I would think that going 5-3 against those teams should be doable assuming that our offense ‘gels’ by mid-season, putting us at 10-7 for the season.

    Bucs don’t have the depth that I’d like to see on our roster, but many of our youngsters are getting lots of work & some are gonna eventually hit it big. Can’t wait to see what Kancey & Dennis have to offer once they get healed up. Palmer, Izien & Mauch have already shown that they’re keepers. Jury’s still out on Durham, Jarrett & Tucker. Hayes, Pitts, Watts & Merriweather really haven’t had a chance yet to show anything.

  12. Corey Says:

    Jack Clark, you have to have a solid offensive line to run the ball. Wirfs is the only one that stands out. There are four other spots on the line. We are missing out hard nosed center. Running isn’t happening against a good D.

  13. Robbie Says:

    That’s not good news at all, an excuse to not pull Baker if he starts throwing interceptions. How many does he throw before they pull him by the sound of it….mid season not gonna work!!!

  14. orlbucfan Says:

    Bucs will go 3-1 into the bye week. It comes at a good time cos some sorely needed players will get a chance to heal. Plus, others including coaches will get a break and be able to figure out the rest of the season. That 49ers game looms just like the Iggles. If SF stays lucky and healthy, whew. Whatever, go Bucs!

  15. DMac Says:

    Why is anyone saying they need to work on their tackling, every players has been tackling since Peewee… They know how to tackle. How about they just suck. Get paid millions and they can’t tackle. Maybe they should watch how the other teams tackle since we can’t even get past the line of scrimmage 80% of the time. We got exposed. Poor play calls, undisciplined players, million dollar hands #13 that can’t catch a cold. Teams know how to handle the OC play calling. Our Defense is all hurt..AGAIN. Tank the season get a real QB. Get an experienced play caller and new HC. Jettison any player that wants more money than they deserve. Rebuild. Better than watching garbage games for the next 8yr as they try to hold onto the glory of the past. Saints are going to destroy us and probably put 4 starters on IR half the season.

  16. Darin Says:

    We know he’s patient, he doesn’t even game plan until halftime

  17. MelvinJunior Says:

    I can’t stand hearing a grown (especially old) ass man use the word “grasshopper” like that… Really, anyone. It’s just not a good look. It’s very odd, awkward, cheezy, and a little creepy, or something. Just strange. Uncomfortable.

  18. MelvinJunior Says:

    We’re not “grasshoppers.” I’m sorry, it’s just weird. One of those things that is a definite brow raiser.

  19. BAKERSBucs Says:

    Melvin junior r u an idiot or just stupid,this site has free speech same as the constitution u must be a woke cry baby get u r passifier & blanket find u r little safe space room.weirdo

  20. Wild Bill Says:

    I am not very optimistic about the Bucs defeating New Orleans. They have consistently kicked our buts year after year. After last week I fear we may be the top of the league bottom. We should knock off the weakest teams we play, but probably struggle against the better teams left on the schedule. We looked like boys against men in the beat down by Philly. Those first 2 wins made some on here reference super bowl! Who honestly sees that now? I do think the Bucs will look pretty good against the bottom half but struggle against the rest.

  21. TampabayDJ Says:

    I called it . I said that all of you fake bandwagon fans would start jumping ship the first time our Bucs lost ! I was correct. All of you were saying how great this team was after we pounded the Vikings and Bears . Bucs only allowed 50 yards on the ground in the first 2 weeks , but get beat by a team that played in the Super Bowl last year , and now everything and everyone is terrible. Go Bucs and hit the road you fake fans who sold their tickets to Eagles fans !! That was more disappointing than the loss

  22. Glass Half Full Guy Says:

    We’re only.3 games in and already there are many things to feel good about:

    1. Zach Wilson isn’t our QB
    2. At 2 – 1 we’re still tied for first place in our division
    3. Nobody has beaten us by 50 points like Denver got beaten down
    4. You can still get game tickets very easily
    5. If you do the math, we’re on pace for 11 wins (seriously…it’s MATH)
    6..Zach Wilson isn’t our QB

    Bring on the Ain’ts!!!

  23. Ed Says:

    Just play aggressively and physically. Thats all as fans we expect. Some of the lack of effort looks as if there are players on this team not named Winfield or David that are afraid to tackle. AJ Brown looked like Jim Brown with all of the after the catch YAC because the DB’s were letting him catch the ball in front of them and then trying to tackle this strong man up high.

    Especially in the Minn game the defense was swarming and hitting people. What happened. There is definitely a Monday Night Football curse on the Bucs.

    If you like to wager, any time the Bucs are favored in a Prime Time game with a team 500 or above, take the dog. The Bucs always lay an egg in these night games. They completely went into hiding Monday night.

  24. garro Says:

    If we can get there with our starters resonably healthy I think that is a good goal.

    Go Bucs!

  25. BakerBucs Says:

    while we list to beagles,some said baker sucked well I saw hurts did not put up any lites out play as a matter a fact he had 2 interceptions to bakers 1st of early season they had a unstoppable run that’s were the bucs sucked how the heck did they keep letting the same runt do the same thing all nite long fix that B’s stop the drops & we were in that game