Ira Kaufman Shares Big-Picture Views Of Bucs’ Thrilling W In Minnesota, Talks Kyle Trask And The Jets, And Much More

September 13th, 2023

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13 Responses to “Ira Kaufman Shares Big-Picture Views Of Bucs’ Thrilling W In Minnesota, Talks Kyle Trask And The Jets, And Much More”

  1. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Ira, you are correct that there will be no more punting from the opponent’s 38…..but we won’t go for it….we’ll kick the 55 yard FG.

    As for Trask…..there is no way you let him go for a 4th round pick….you spend a 2nd…..he knows the offense…..he’s capable…..he’s got a couple of cheap years left on his contract.

  2. Joe Says:

    As for Trask…..there is no way you let him go for a 4th round pick….you spend a 2nd…..he knows the offense…

    Whole lot better than him walking away after next year for nothing.

    “This Joe” thinks he’s a steal for a fourth.

  3. Charles Says:

    “This Joe thinks he’s a steal for a fourth.”

    A steal for the Jets, yes.

  4. First Name Greatest Says:

    The “Sage” trying to discount the win by saying the Vikings are a 8 win team…

    Where was this prediction prior to last Sunday?

  5. Lukrazs Says:

    I’m not sure the Vikings defence is actually lousy. I was somewhat impressed by it if anything. In the first half they shut us down and it wasn’t just because of the growing pains of our offense. With all the changes judging them by last year is as misleading as judging us by last year.

    We’ll see anyway when they soon meet the Eagles.

  6. Beej Says:

    If Baker kills it, he’ll be wanting 25 to 35 million for the 24 season. Trask is already locked into something like 1.5 million.

    The way Baker runs, Trask is certainly going to start at least one game this year, we should get a pretty good idea if he can be our quarterback of the future else trade bait

  7. NcKe Says:

    The money we gave Gage could have been given to Whitehead

  8. Mike M Says:

    Joe hasn’t ever liked Trask. Wanted him gone since the draft. That’s okay.though. Trask ever gets the starter job he will only improve each game. Look at year 1 to year 2 as the starter for Florida. He just needs a shot. I hope he does walk after the season. Bucs , press and their fans have done him wrong since the draft. There was never a chance for practice reps or playing time with Brady around. I hope he finds a team will give him the actual shot instead of playing with his career like the Bucs have

  9. Mike M Says:

    Thinking twice. I hope at some point he gets the starter job with the Bucs and still walks at the end of the year after proving his doubters wrong. Would like to see a team that didn’t play games with their QBs and gave legitimate shots

  10. Joe Says:

    Joe hasn’t ever liked Trask.

    Isn’t it Trask’s job to give Joe a reason to like him?

  11. unbelievable Says:

    While the Vikings defense wasn’t great last year, they now have Brian Flores in charge and he’s a dang good coordinator. Definitely need to give him and their defense some props for our struggles. That said, we also had some bad throws and bad drops early.

    Need to get the run game going.

  12. Mike M Says:

    Finally listened to the whole thing. I see the value of it, but why are you so quick to get rid of the guy? Your biggest complaint of him is. He doesn’t have the experience. Yet you are willing to start a rookie QB just because he is a first rounder with no experience??? Still want to see Trask with a team that is willing to be straight with him from the start. No for the Bucs themselves. Go Bucs! It was a Hell of a second half. Excited to see where they go.

  13. Tony Says:

    Trade Trask to Falcons already! Hard to root for Bucs these days.