“I Just Don’t Know Who Is Winning With That Team”

September 6th, 2023

Peter King pities Todd Bowles.

It seems a heavy-hitter TV guy and typist of many NFL words is almost willing to give Bucs coach Todd Bowles a pass.

It’s early September. The NFL season begins tomorrow night — tomorrow night! — so it is that time of year to hear NFL insiders speak about how they envision the season playing out.

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The long-time NFL scribe hopped on Chris “Mad Dog” Russo’s SiriusXM Radio show Tuesday, in studio, to talk NFL for an hour.

Russo asked King which coaches are “coaching for their supper” this year. The first coach Russo asked about is Brandon Staley with the Chargers. As King was finishing his point about Staley, Russo interrupted asking, “How about Bowles in Tampa?”

King reacted as if he just realized he lost his car keys.

“Aaawww. That — well, that goes without saying,” King said.

Then King seemed to be sympathetic if not pitied Bowles.

“But, I don’t know. Todd Bowles is a good coach,” King said. “I just don’t know who is winning with that team.”

In the spring, King openly discussed how the Bucs will finish with the second-worst record in the NFL. He hasn’t double-downed on this claim, he’s triple-downed on it.

Like so many others in the Fourth Estate, King is convinced the Bucs are playing some sort of game trying to land a quarterback in the first round by pinning their hopes on Baker Mayfield. But in King’s response to Russo, it appears King isn’t fond of the Bucs roster, much less Mayfield.

If King doesn’t think Bill Belicheat or Mike Tomlin or Andy Reid could win with the current Bucs squad, that tells Joe that King thinks this Bucs roster is devoid of talent.

Is Joe the only guy in the free world that thinks this Bucs defense not only could be legit but possibly damn good?

37 Responses to ““I Just Don’t Know Who Is Winning With That Team””

  1. Cobraboy Says:

    It takes a special kind of moron to say this team is devoid of talent.

    A different story about the HC.

  2. Dreday Says:

    You can’t tell me there’s that much separation as far as roster talent between the Bucs and the rest of the NFC South. Last time I checked Desmond Ritter wasn’t a household name and quite frankly I don’t think Bryce Young is going to light it up this year. Derek Carr is not that much better than Baker. This has absolutely everything to do with Todd Bowles inept ability to coach. Until he does it no one will believe in this team.

  3. PSL Bob Says:

    Fingers crossed, Bucs fans will have the last laugh. This team is just not as bad as most predict.

  4. gotbbucs Says:

    One or two injuries will send this defense into a tail spin. There is ZERO depth in the secondary. ZERO. We basically have one non-injured safety on the roster right now. Winfield is injured, then you have Neal, and then you have an undrafted rookie nickel corner listed as a safety.
    Carlton Davis, Jamel Dean, Antoine Winfield, none of them will make it through the whole season uninjured. Shaq’s achilles is untested, could blow again week 1.

    Well be seeing 10 yard cushions on 3rd and 2 by week 4 if the injuries start happening early, and everybody will be streaming opposing QB’s vs. the Bucs in Fantasy Football.

  5. gotbbucs Says:

    Could the Bucs defense be “damn” good? Yes, but only if the water bottles are filled with holy water and nobody gets injured.

  6. Allen Lofton Says:

    King is living off his past reputation. He’s lost his hunger to get better.

  7. All_da_way Says:

    Too much crying about the Bucs not having depth players but Izien, Hayes and Neal were brought in to shore up the backend with the Bucs returning the other big three starters in Davis, Dean and Winfield. Delaney as the reserve that can play boundary CB, NCB, or S.

    Gaines, Kancey, Dennis, and Diaby were brought in to shore up the front end.

    Only big concern depth wise is really along the OL.

    RB and TE has a lot of young players that need playing time and were robbed of playing time by veteran players last season.

  8. Buc Fan in CO Says:

    This is just his “schtick” now, right? It’s like Matt Damon and Jimmy Kimmel? Just Peter’s running gag?

  9. Voice of Truth Says:


  10. Joe in Michigan Says:

    He had Green Bay in the Super Bowl last year…They didn’t make the playoffs.

  11. All_da_way Says:

    Defensively the Bucs front seven and backend on paper compares very well to the rest of the NFC and NFL.

    Just go out there and win and this dumb chatter goes away.

  12. Hodad Says:

    Bowles ain’t going nowhere. Glazers are not going to pay two coaching staffs the next three years when we’re rebuilding anyway. Glazers are in one of their fiscal spending periods.
    Glazers paid Chucky, Lovie and Schiano and staff to go away. –Joe

  13. Da Bucs Guy Says:

    After the offense can’t get anything going, this defense will fold like a lawn chair.

  14. BigBucJoe Says:

    He lost me at “Todd Bowles is a good coach.”

  15. jerseybuc Says:

    Reminds me of the national love for Lovie. Always talking about how great a coach he was too. Years of poor performance as a HC with Bucs and Illini never seemed to matter. Yes he did go to a SB with a strong Bear team, maybe that got him his following. Both were very good as assistant coaches and both had great character but were not really great as the HC. I remember watching Todd with the Jets up here and his clock management in particular was terrible. My feeling last few years is that Brady ran the offense anyway, and Byron was a hindrance to him more than a help. Bowles is a defensive guy but the missed tackles and guys out of position on coverages concerned me last year.
    I am mildly optimistic this year. Don’t think we make playoffs but don’t think we are in hunt for Caleb either. Let’s see, when everyone has a consensus they are usually wrong.

  16. Sly Pirate Says:


    Faster pass rush. Pro Bowlers at every level.
    New OL. Same Pro Bowl receivers. Better RBs.


    I think analysts only see QBs. No NFCS team has an elite QB. Baker isn’t worse than Carr, Ridder, or a Rookie.

  17. Obvious Says:

    Yeah sure. Why not. We don’t have much else to look forward to besides getting an ACTUAL top line QB. To me it seems there’s REALLY ONLY ONE. Yes. That’s right. “Caleb Williams”…

    ALL OTHERS are okish. It’s not that they aren’t good in a traditional way. They are. But there is only 1 or 2 GAME WRECKERS that hit the market once every decade. Caleb Williams has the ACTUAL ABILITY TO TAKE GAMES OVER! He IS THAT DAMMMM GOOD!

    He runs around the pocket like Barry Sanders. He can and just DID, throw a Dime, falling Backwards, effortlessly for 80 YARDS! (77 actual), FALLING BACKWARDS!. Just did it.

    He has Break Away Speed. This guy IS AN NFL OFFENSIVE TEAM wrapped into one human being. He can LITERALLY TAKE OVER ANY GAME AT ANY TIME if he wants to…. He’s Not Greedy with the ball. On the contrary, He’s more likely to pass than just take off running as shown in his stats but if he does leave the pocket it’s Bye Bye time.

    Slippery. Teleports 6 to 8 feet when a defender is just about to touch him. It “looks like” he’s standing right next to them when he does it. He makes sure they don’t have a proper angle on him and THEN he Barry Sanders them. In terms of movement…… Hard to describe. He sort of thinks in another language when scrambling. And So Much More…

    I KNOW someone is gonna say there is no guarantee. Well, I think you’re right. That is I think you’re right IF HE GETS HIT BY A CAR A COUPLE OF TIMES be for he starts a game! Besides that, HE CAN’T MISS! EVEN THE BUCCANEERS COULDN’T SCREW THIS ONE UP AND WE ALL KNOW THAT’S SAYING A LOT!

    Yeah, ALL the others pale in comparison.

    He is THE ONE QB as a conciliation prize and FUTURE of an Entire Organization, that I’m okish with if we stink this year, to get as OUR FUTURE for the next Decade to 15 years of WINNING! And I do mean Winning Super Bowls! Division Titles would almost be a Give Me every year. Much like the Chiefs.

    I would, if we, “have a winning record”, give 3 first round picks (and try to recoup a couple of third round picks as “change”) to trade up for and not look back with No, NONE, NADA ANY Regrets! He’s Just THAT GOOD!

    Has ALL of Mahomes tools and uses them better and faster, and stronger, with a better tool box. Totally focused non joker and yet is very laid back. Hasn’t even come close to reaching his potential. If I were “X” team I wouldn’t even take 3 first round picks to trade “1” spot to loose him.

    He’s going to Win someone Super Bowles. I can only “hope” it’s us…

    GO BUCS!

  18. Jerry Says:

    King wasn’t impressed with the Bucs roster even when Brady was here. He never believed the Bucs had much talent beyond a the core players. Now that Brady is gone, he thinks it will be a nose dive.

  19. Hodad Says:

    You’re right Joe, they will fire you if they think it’s in the teams best interest. Don’t think this is one of those times. Gruden was fired more because he was becoming a big pain in the rear who refused to draft, and develop a QB. Shiano proved to the world he wasn’t a pro coach. Lovie just sucked. Bowles beat N.O. twice last year. That was an accomplishment. He also won the division, bringing a home playoff game to Tampa. Money in the owners pocket. They are not going to fire him after this season no matter how long you hold your breath. Unless there is a total collapse, and Todd loses the locker room, two things I don’t see happening, he ain’t going nowhere.

  20. Dave Pear Says:

    Mr Obvious needs Thorazine.

  21. Joe in Michigan Says:

    Da Bucs Guy Says:
    September 6th, 2023 at 10:43 am
    After the offense can’t get anything going, this defense will fold like a lawn chair.
    I thought you followed the Saints.

  22. LOL Says:

    LMAO Joe. Peter King might be a rung above Stephen A, Cowherd, Skip…..

  23. BA’s Red Pen Says:

    This division sucks, the Bucs have just as good a chance as anyone else to win it. Is anyone really scared of Derek Carr? Desmond Ritter, please, I’d rather have Trask. A one hundred and seventy pound rookie? How is Baker Mayfield predicted to be horrific but those other clowns are going to be good?

  24. No Mercy Says:

    We’re at a point now where the product on the field will speak for itself. If we go out and blow chunks week 1, all the haters will say I told you so. I think a week 1 win in Minnesota is essential

  25. SufferingSince76 Says:

    Glad to see the red letter moniker back for King. I’m wondering who at OBP pooped in his lunchbox.

  26. Dwayne Cone Says:

    Joe Says:

    Is Joe the only guy in the free world that thinks this Bucs defense not only could be legit but possibly damn good?

    I do but I see nowhere the mention of Defense. Todd Bowles is a Good Coach is mentioned. As being a defensive minded guy you could infer that the defense could be good or not. D might put up 7 occasionally and give good field position but then it in the hands of the Offense.

    Even King’s dislike of Mayfield is written by a third party so believe what you want there.

  27. PSK Bucs Fan Says:

    King is an idiot and has been for a long time………

  28. Dwayne Cone Says:

    No Mercy Says:

    all the haters will say I told you so.

    And even some non haters will too.

    Mike Tomin who decided to get his Rookie QB some game experience risking his consecutive winning season streak instead of trading with Browns.

    Seattle who decided a career back up was better for them and not trade.

    Panthers who let a Starter go mid season.

    All 3 were saying something.

    Shannon Sharp will IM Bayless just to rub it in for sure.

    This is IF and I say IF the QB choice is the problem as King is implying.

    As far as Game 1 being essential. I think they all but a loss week 2 will be telling for sure.

  29. stpetebucfan Says:

    The offense will be better than the scribes believe. But this will not be about the offense! If Mayfield simply recaptures his 3rd year level of performance (if his arm is truly healed and reports indicate he was spinning it in camp) the Bucs will be fine on Offense. Too much talent to not be at least good.

    It’s defense that could explode for this team. If the two stud CB’s both play two full seasons and stay healthy…if Winfield stays healthy…if Devon White recaptures his rookie fire…if the kids are as good as they’ve flashed…this D has a chance to be special. I know it’s a lot of ifs…that’s why they play the games.

  30. Joseph C Simmons Says:

    I don’t know. Honestly, we’re all biased. Last year at this time everyone was convinced we were going to the Super Bowl. We finished 8-10.

    Now EVERYONE except us thinks the Bucs are going to stink. It’s hard not to think it’s only our fandom that is keeping us optimistic.

    Well, season starts tomorrow. I guess we’ll find out soon enough.

  31. Why Not Says:

    I have no idea how this season will turn out, but for Peter King to suggest that this roster is devoid of talent is just plain stupid. Our receivers are top notch. We have one of the best young offensive tackles in the game. Vita Vea is a game wrecker in the center of the defensive line. Lavonte David and Devin White are two of the better inside linebackers in the NFL, and our starters in the defensive backfield are proven, reliable veterans…and Antoine Whitefield is a Pro Bowl safety!

    Yeah, we have questions along the defensive line and outside linebacker, as well as on the offensive line, our running backs, and at the quarterback position. We lack proven depth and Todd Bowles in our head coach. Skepticism at this point is reasonable. Still, there is enough talent on this team that if things bounce right for the Bucs, they could very well have a winning season…or it could all just fall apart. At any rate, Peter King is an idiot.

  32. westernbuc Says:

    Amazing to me that paid writers who watch the game for decades fall into the same traps that ignorant fans do. It’s never just about one guy.

  33. First Name Greatest Says:

    Remember King picked the Aints to be the #1 Seed in 2022, with Jameis Winston hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahhahhahahahahhahahahahhahahahahahah

    NO ONE knows anything this time of year. Last year NO ONE predicted the Bucs to finish 8-9

    NO ONE predicted the Giants and Seahawks to be in the playoffs or the Packers to be out of it. It’s all guesses

  34. Lord Cornelius Says:

    “Is Joe the only guy in the free world that thinks this Bucs defense not only could be legit but possibly damn good?”

    Hey my comments have been pretty consistent in that regard lol. I totally believe it’s possible. We lost a little bit in the secondary, but just having Shaq back alone = a net gain to me.

    Hicks was a dissapointment last year so the Rams DT is likely an upgrade and at worse a wash. Then we have the potential devlopment in year 2 / year 3 for 1st round picks on the DL & edge, plus basically an entire defensive draft class with multiple pass rushers when pass rush/run stopping was the main problem. Oh and Zyon looks like he can play as a backup CB.

    Lets go!

  35. Vlad The Impaler Says:

    So “Peter” is another word for d*ck.
    The Lion King is king of the lions.
    Therefore Peter King is king of the d*cks.
    But hey….I’m just restating the obvious.

    Go bspn…go disney…..straight to hell lol

  36. Brandon Says:

    Are members of the media really that stupid or just lazy? Who can win with that team? This defense will be better this year than last, the special teams will too… and there’s no possible way the offense is worse. We had a 45 year old guy playing QB like you’d think a 45 year old would play. The offense was stagnant, basic, and way too conservative. We will be improved in all three facets. These aren’t MAYBES. These are definites. King is lazy and low IQ if he really thinks this.

  37. garro Says:

    P word King…Yawn…stoped reading…cllick

    Go Bucs!