Dan Graziano Not Impressed With Bucs Win

September 14th, 2023

Bears QB Justin Fields.

Joe was too busy Sunday covering the Bucs in Minnesota to monitor for a second what was going on in the Packers-Bears game.

Apparently, the Bears looked like shiite.

Nothing so far suggests Bears signal-caller Justin Fields is remotely a good quarterback, unless you like runaround quarterbacks. But according to Dan Graziano of BSPN, Fields is going to do to the Bucs defense what 1 p.m. Kirk Cousins couldn’t do. And that’s light up them up.

Graziano still can’t move from his preseason forecast that the Bucs signing and playing Baker Mayfield is a bat signal to the NFL community at large Tampa Bay will make a run at Caleb Williams (#CollaspeForCaleb) and are low-key tanking.

Graziano would lay cash on the Bears.

Bears (+3) over Buccaneers. As I mentioned earlier, the Bears’ offense remains a work in progress. But they shouldn’t be as bad as they were against Green Bay. And without Packers cornerback Jaire Alexander locking down DJ Moore, Chicago could be able to open things up against a Bucs team that surprised a lot of people by beating the Vikings on the road in Week 1. The Bears should be able to harass Tampa Bay defensively, especially with the questions in the middle of the Bucs’ offensive line.

The Bears, Joe would like to remind readers, are in the midst of an 11-game losing streak.

So let Joe get this straight: The same defense that took out Justin Jefferson in the second half is going to get torched by D.J. Moore?

Now if Graziano wanted to use the angle that Moore has had decent success against the Bucs the past three seasons, that would have made more sense than suggesting the Bucs’ corners are a bunch of lightweights.

And if Graziano would have argued the Bears have a better defense than the Vikings and the Bucs offense, until proven otherwise, operates like it is in quicksand, OK.

Like Graziano won’t budge from his position the Bucs are quarterback hunting in the 2024 draft, Joe is very, very bullish on this Bucs defense.

Joe still thinks if the Bucs found a way to keep Jefferson out of the end zone, they can handle Moore.

42 Responses to “Dan Graziano Not Impressed With Bucs Win”

  1. MiamiBuc Says:

    Sure, Fields is a bust, but drafting him would have been 100% supported by Joe, Joe, Ira, and 99% of the fans on this website. What does that tell you?

  2. August 1976 Buc Says:

    Fields still is not near a dependable winning QB. He still is a very athletic Qb that has not learned how to play his position. So this should be a Bucs win, sure hope so. Now on the other hand…..Without 2 turnovers deep by the Vikings offense, the score could easily have been 31 0r 27 to 20? who knows, the Bucs could have scored on the last possession if needed. But the point is the Vikings were closer to more points being scored., turnovers were the great equalizer, and tipping point for the final score.

  3. Jeff’s grandpa Says:

    I’ve never been impressed by anything pandering Dan has ever said I’ve been dumbfounded but never impressed

  4. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    We meed to contain Fields……take away his running…….We can handle Moore……and I expect more from our offense this week.

    Bucs 27 Bears 16

  5. K_bassuka Says:

    The Bucs should beat the Bears. Fields is not a good QB great scrambler but he’s a walking turnover machine. I don’t see our offense struggling like we did vs MIN and should score more points to help the defense.

  6. Joe Dunn Says:

    Well hell, Dan. Should the Bucs even bother suiting up on Sunday?

    Sounds like they are beaten even before that mistake of a QB, Mayfield, takes one snap!

    I’m that guy that just likes to watch the games, not spend a lot of time disecting what will or won’t happen ahead of time.

    Hopefully Dan has to eat crow and will come out later and admit he was wrong.

  7. TampaBayBucsFanSince1976 Says:

    Just win baby.

  8. Cardiac kidz Says:

    I would like to see us work on the run game and time of possession in this game. A good start would be putting a tight end next to Wirfs and just keep plowing the left side of the line. To shake things up a roll out to the right on the fake should open up plenty of lanes for Godwin and or Evans. Run the ball behind our strongest side, it will keep their dfense dressed in black on the field in 100 degree temps. Simple game plan, hard to defend.

  9. Voice of Truth Says:

    This is one the games we must win the start changing the narrative and the minds of fans, myself included

    If we bring that same team speed and sense of energy we saw last week, we will throttle the Bears

  10. PassingThru Says:

    Fields has a quality arm and is very athletic, but he’s not what you call a fast processor. He always seems a tick or two behind making a good decision in college, and that challenge got magnified in the pros as the players are faster, coverages are much tighter, and defenses are more complex.

    I get what Graziano is saying though, the tenaciousness of the Bucs on a road game was impressive on Sunday, but Cousins and the Vikings do what they always do… they sabotaged themselves.

    I expect the Bucs to beat the Bears, the spread is quite reasonable.

  11. BucU Says:

    Another national media talking head with a lazy, uniformed take on these Bucs.
    I can’t wait to see the Bucs make lazy Dan eat his words on Sunday night.

  12. FortMyersDave Says:

    Don Graziano; who? A Peter King wannabe?

  13. Jimvet Says:

    Devon White needs to go full time spy on Fields

  14. Danny Says:

    His analysis doesn’t even make sense. Does he actually know the Bucs or did he just pull that out of his rear end.

  15. orlbucfan Says:

    Joe Dunn Says:
    September 14th, 2023 at 7:15 am
    Well hell, Dan. Should the Bucs even bother suiting up on Sunday?
    Great comment! I’m still laughing! Seriously, this talking airhead need to study some Bucs history. I like the fact they’re not favored. Poster board material to get our team riled up.

  16. 1#bucsfan Says:

    Dj more has had success against the Bucs but come on he’s not even close to JJ and the Bucs took him out the game in the 2nd half. DJ will get some ketches but he will be limited. Let DW45 n LVD switch off spying on fields to keep him from running. Defense should have a field day

  17. NaplesBucsFan Says:

    1# bucsfan…I think you mean they will have a “Fields” day!!!!!

  18. Joshua porter Says:

    Sry but when did greenbay get a shutdown defense. Bucs defense is way better than the Packers and we have better weapons . This dude is a clown just trying g to get clicks or not beat up in chicago.

  19. NaplesBucsFan Says:

    Also, can we stop the narrative that it could have been many more points for the Vikes if we didn’t have the turnovers…as if we would have automatically lost. With that logic, you make the argument that if not for some drops and one over throw we would have had 30 or more points.
    There’s no woulda, coulda, shoulda in the NFL…we made more plays than the Vikes, end of story

  20. kaput Says:

    Fields doesn’t look the part mentally. Physically he has it all, but he doesn’t throw on time, to the right spot or with a lot of confidence. Doubtful that all comes together in week two.

    Bowles will likely have a very effective game plan for Fields.

  21. Jerseybuc Says:

    Bucs n bowels just smashed fields 2 years ago. No one worrying about the bears.

  22. RustyRhinos Says:

    “But according to Dan Graziano of BSPN” “Dan Graziano Not Impressed With Bucs Win” Dan has his own fan club
    with many, way too many “JBF Fans/posters”… We have a fan base that would rather lose to be “right” than to win the first game and let the final record run its course. Just like good Ol Dan….

  23. Buddha Says:

    I’m worrying about the Bears. They have been lampooned in the Chicago press. They go to KC ñext week. This a must win for them and losing 11 in a row is an embarrassment.

  24. Power Of Pewter Says:

    Why should we care what Graziano thinks? Must be a slow news day…

  25. Leighroy Says:

    Bucs D is healthy and needs to be taken seriously until their health status changes. Are they top 5? Eh maybe more like top 10 but still serious. It’s a bad take to expect the Bears of all teams to defy that status, especially wearing navy blue in the Florida heat and humidity.

  26. Obvious Says:

    Man, the Bears are gonna SUFFER in this heat 🔥! I “almost” feel bad for them. But Hey, they’re young and will bounce back in a month or so.. They’ll be fine.

    In the meantime, we’ll said Naples..

  27. Jack Burton Mercer Says:

    DJ Moore is overrated. He’s a nice receiver but hardly an all star. At best, he will be the third best receiver in the stadium Sunday. I am more worried about a run around QB running around than I am about his passing the ball.

  28. SlyPirate Says:

    TampaBayBucsFanSince1976 Says:
    Just win baby.


    That’s where I’m at.

  29. stpetebucfan Says:

    “but Cousins and the Vikings do what they always do… they sabotaged themselves.”

    Dang this is a tough crowd. The Vikings won 13 of the previous 17 games they had played, losing only ONE at home and winning their division. But they’re chokers eh.

    Cousins btw somehow has managed to hang on for 12 years with a winning NFL record including a 57% win % with the Vikes.

    It been said a gazillion times. They pay the OTHER guys too. The OTHER guys also come from college success.

  30. Fred McNeil Says:

    As far as people saying the Viqueens would have scored more points if they’d not turned the mall over thrice or the Bucs would have scored more if not for the drops…my Dad had a favorite saying: if he didn’t have to stop to take a dump the dog would have caught the rabbit.

  31. Dwayne Cone Says:

    Based on what’s projected the Bears Defense is still a couple rungs closer to the bottom than the Vikings. That would be bottom 5. If this guy is not believable then perhaps the Guy that ranked the Defenses is way off too and the Bucs played against a top 5 Defense in Game 1. That would make the Bears easy pickin’s for a High Powered Offense like the Bucs.

    Perhaps that little shoulder thing being talked about will make the Bucs better on the shorter routes coming out of the gate.

  32. Hodad Says:

    Just keep doubting. He’s right about one thing, the Bucs will be QB hunting in next years draft. Since it’s loaded with QB talent, I’m sure the Bucs will be taking one. The question depending on how Baker, or if Trask has to play is, what round will they be hunting? If Baker earns a three year deal it certainly won’t be in the first round.

  33. Todd Rolls Says:

    The bears got lit by jordan love, its gonna br hot in the stadium sunday and the bears suck, its over fir fields and the bears are epic losers

  34. Power Of Pewter Says:

    If the Bucs are drafting in the top 10, they are probably moving on from Mayfield and will certainly draft a QB. If Bucs are drafting 15-20, Mayfield probably showed a lot of good moments and Bucs will re-sign him. Assuming there’s a run on QBs starting the 1st round, a top OLineman will likely drop into the Buc’s lap. I’d like to see a second OLineman taken in 4th or 5th round in 2024 draft…that’s the greatest position of weakness on the team at the moment.

  35. Esteban85 Says:

    I like it. Keep betting against the Bucs and hopefully you will continue to lose $$$ and fire up our team.

  36. BucsBeBack (Artist formally known as: BringBucsBack) Says:

    The we’re still too many times where Vikings’ receivers were (WAO) Wide A$$ Open. Haven’t we learned as Bucs fans to take NO ONE for granted?

  37. BucsBeBack (Artist formally known as: BringBucsBack) Says:

    “There were”

  38. unbelievable Says:

    I’m sure DJ Moore will rack up some yards and maybe even a touchdown. And Fields will definitely use his legs to run on us after protection breaks down, prob trying to take advantage of us when we go very aggressive.

    But this seems like a game we should win. Which means it’s prob a trap game lol.

  39. Jonny Says:

    I disagree with Graziano being so down on Bucs, but DJ Moore is capable of being a top 10 WR. The guy has had the worst luck when it comes to QBs.

  40. stpetebucfan Says:

    Can we stop with the drafting a QB crap much less lose on purpose for one.

    That’s a total crapshoot!!! Again remember when the Bucs had the #1 pick in the ENTIRE draft the last time? How did that work out? A freaking disaster where we had to pull the picture of the pick off of RayJay before his freaking 2nd season. I was not right that year. I was leaning to Mariota but convinced by a poster here that Fameis had matured and wouldn’t have any off season issues.

    Looking back I was wrong and I now agree with another poster who I wish I could remember. From the beginning with logic and history he pointed out that neither Fameis nor MM were worth that much draft capital.

    He used the chart of draft position capital to show we would have had at least 3 great picks maybe 4. Remember the Niners gave up three freaking first round picks for Trey Lance. How did that work out?.

    I do NOT disagree with the importance of the QB. The position is clearly the MOST important on the team but it’s just as clear that its not the ONLY position and in a team which requires 22 starters…ST’s…a roster of over 50 it takes a team effort not just a brilliant QB. See Dan Marino who had one of the best arms to ever throw the ball and one of the greatest coaches in Shula!!!

    Both QB’s on this team CAN win! Can they carry a team like a Mahomes or Brady in his prime…nah…so I’d rather win with a team than a superstar anyway.

  41. Drunkinybor Says:

    What is the first poster talking about? The clairvoyant ventriloquist speaks fir us all. We want Fields We want fields. I don’t want and never did want Fields ever. Go back and clean off that crystal ball it has to have mud all over it.

  42. garro Says:

    To be honest. For a big change he may be right.

    Impressive was the tough hard nosed never quit attitude we played with as a team. Only three penalties (one was a BS call) was impressive. A few players stood out. Yes. Impressive win? Not really. Three turnovers to zero won this one.

    Lots of chunk plays given up and 34 yards total affense through most all of the first half? Little too no run game till late. Baker was inaccurate in the first half. Godwin saved his and Bowles behinds on the last first down play.

    Win is a win though.

    Go Bucs!