Chris Godwin: Clutch = Character

September 12th, 2023

Chris Godwin has it.

Bucs Super Bowl-winning coach Bucco Bruce Arians was a big “character” guy. For him, the word meant a player had heart and a will to win and refused to lose.

Joe remembers once in Arians’ first season when the Bucs had a two-game losing streak. Arians said, “We will find out what kind of character this team has.”

That comes straight from the book of one of Arians’ former bosses, Bear Bryant.

Obviously, the next year, the Bucs proved they had a lot of character winning the Super Bowl.

So it stands to reason since the Bucs have several starters still on the roster from that Super Bowl season, character would remain.

That’s what Chris Godwin said after Sunday’s win over the Vikings. Whether it was rookie Chris Izien with a clutch pick to steal a touchdown from the Vikings, to Baker Mayfield running for a tough first down (and winning the “Angry Run” award from “Good Morning Football,” to Chase McLaughlin booting a 57-yard field goal, the Bucs made all sorts of clutch plays.

“I think it really speaks to the character of the guys we have on this team,” Godwin, a character man, said.

He too had a massive clutch catch for a first down to seal the Bucs’ win. Godwin had to reach out and catch the ball with his fingertips, then somehow in the same move get his feet inbounds. It blew Joe’s mind when the play happened. It still blows Joe’s mind how he was able to do that.

Character is how Arians would describe it. He wouldn’t be wrong.


18 Responses to “Chris Godwin: Clutch = Character”

  1. Barbosa Says:

    Godwin makes the tough look easy. Mr smooth as butter.

  2. KingLDavid54 Says:

    On the defensive side of the ball, we have extreme character examples in LVD54 and Winfield. Both are as clutch as they come. They’re who you want when a tackle is needed with the game on the line.

  3. Marine Buc Says:

    Nice throw – nice catch…

    Bucs won!

    It wasn’t pretty but it was gritty…


  4. Buddha Says:

    Class act.

  5. Zoocomics Says:

    Just finished re-watching after attending the game in-person. Godwin’s catch is just absolutely clutch! Could have been a different outcome to the game if not for so many great moments throughout this game that went the Bucs way. Bowels going for it on 4th and short, followed by McLaughlin’s 57-yard bomb, Baker running for the first down to keep the clock rolling. Rarely do I feel we land on the right side of these type of games. Rarely.

    On a side note, Evans dropped (3) what I believe were very catchable balls that would have been HUGE during the game. The one in the first half deep ball, under coverage, but the guy didn’t make contact with his arms, ball just went right through Evans arms, the drive that we eventually scored our second TD, that slant where he would’ve walked right in the in-zone, even the commentators said no way the defender didn’t make contact with Mike, which he didn’t. Lastly, late in the game on a deep pass, where he was asking for a PI, his hands were free, elite WR make those catches…imo

    Look, I might be a tad bit critical of Mike here, but he wants to get paid, and he could have blown the roof of the already solid performance he had. Hell I would have taken 1/3 of those freaking plays, but 0/3… Justin Jefferson doesn’t drop those balls, Ja’Marr Chase doesn’t drop those balls . Just Say’n. Go Bucs!

  6. Joe in Michigan Says:

    The world needs more people like Chris Godwin and Mike Evans and less of the Megan Rapinoes and Antonio Browns.

  7. Mike Says:

    Chris Godwin making Chris Godwin type catches….

  8. stpetebucfan Says:

    I think if anybody compared CG14’s talent to AB he might be judged a little shy of AB quality. But when you add in character AB is not a pimple on CG’s arse!!!

    If you were starting a team would you really take a maniac if talented wild card or a dependable EXCELLENT human being?

  9. Buccos Says:

    We have enough players from the Super Bowl team to make a run into the playoffs. The healthiest, hottest team will prevail. First we must win our division

  10. Rod Munch Says:

    How did I never know that Godwin and I have the first same name.


  11. Lt. Dan Says:

    freakin special stuff right there Mr. Godwin!

  12. Brandon Says:

    Exactly why this team will win 10+ games. Way too much talent on D and way too many talented players on O… Evans, Godwin, Wirfs… those are impressive parts. Mayfield just has to be average and we win 10+

  13. Stanglassman Says:

    I get that I’m a Bucs homer but FF had him ranked wr#27. That is so disrespectful. I can’t wait for him to prove all those ‘experts’ wrong. I said to my friend on 3-10 late 4th Q that this is when you hit Godwin on a 10 yard sprint out. That’s exactly what happened, Godwin was clutch per usual. CG is the man.

  14. captivajim Says:

    Godwin consistantly performs at very high level–every player has a position . Godwin excells at his- more than anyone playing their position

  15. BucU Says:

    Chris is a pro’s pro. He’s loved in this town. Want him to be a Buc for life like Lavonte.

  16. Woodenman Says:

    Where are all those people that did not want pay him when he got injured and people who did not want to pay him 20 mil and just last week people wanted to get rid of him before ME you know who you are. Idiots

  17. Ed Says:

    Chris Godwin’s catch is very much like what Chris Carter used to do on the sidelines. Incredible hands. That is uncoachable.

  18. garro Says:

    I think the definition of characer is diferent for me Joe.
    AB was clutch at times too. Character? Not so much.

    Go Bucs!