Buccaneers-Eagles, Open Thread

September 25th, 2023

Comment all game long with fellow Buccaneers fans and a few ugly Eagles fans.

Please behave like a high character individual — unless you’re blasting the referees or those Philly fans.

Go Bucs!!

And stick with Joe into the wee hours for plenty out of this big Monday night matchup.

1,013 Responses to “Buccaneers-Eagles, Open Thread”

  1. optimisticbucsfan Says:

    LET’S GO BUCS!!!!!

  2. Voice of Truth Says:

    It’s a sea of puke green here at RayJay – hoping to send all these fools home with their wings clipped!!!

    LFG TB!!!!!!!

  3. HC Grover Says:

    What does Canalas have up his sleeve?

  4. A Bucs Fan Says:

    Vea is suited up!

  5. J Ghotier Says:

    No calling each other “poopheads” ya hooligans 🤪

  6. HC Grover Says:

    Keep it close Bucs

  7. J Ghotier Says:

    Is it Greensicle in the stands?! I hope not, but probably true unfortunately

  8. Jack Clark Says:

    Please don’t embarrass us!

  9. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Let’s go defense!

  10. tampabuscsbro Says:

    Too expensive for most to go to this game.

    Would you guys pay 300 a person to be surrounded by eagles fans?

  11. Mostly Peaceful Trask Fan Says:

    Someone’s feelings are going to get hurt tonight.

  12. ElioT Says:

    High character = picture of Jameis…

    JBF, you suck

  13. Mostly Peaceful Trask Fan Says:

    Ronde Barber night vs Philly. How fun!

  14. Scotty in Fat Antonio Says:

    It’s a philthy love fest on ABC Pregame

  15. JBBUCS_06 Says:

    Let’s play sound football in all 3 phases and handle business at home.

    Go Bucs!!!

  16. SB~LV Says:

    Young guns are gonna show up tonight!

  17. Alvin Scissors Harper Says:

    Finally, Alvin can see a game up here in the North. One of the reasons Alvin is looking forward to returning to the Tampa Bay Area in 3 weeks is being able to see his Bucs.
    Jay Miss – nice effort yesterday! Zero points! I know his fanboy Munch will say he drove them into field goal range.
    Let’s put a hurtin’ on Hurts!!!
    As Dewey Selmon likes to say, “the joints are rolled and the beer is cold!”

  18. Mostly Peaceful Trask Fan Says:

    Scotty – Philly are the favorites so that makes sense

  19. EA Says:

    I have a good feeling about this game, our D will give them trouble.

  20. Scotty in Fat Antonio Says:

    The love fest is normally for the home team

  21. ElioT Says:

    Red jerseys and white pants?

    Why not the Pewter pants?

  22. Louie Says:

    Why are there so many Eagle fans in our house?

  23. ElioT Says:

    Bunch of Philly Flag Waivers!

  24. BucU Says:

    They’re like cockroaches. They always show up where they’re not wanted.

  25. Natedawg12345 Says:

    Friggin White and his hesitation… he had a massive hole and turned it into a one yard run ffs

  26. Ricki Says:

    Why cant White hit the damn whole?

  27. ElioT Says:

    Mike has to catch that.

  28. TonySoprano Says:

    R White is awful. He doesn’t do anything well

  29. Since76 Says:

    Mayfield seems rattled. White is not running hard.

  30. BucU Says:

    Starting to seriously lose confidence in RW. I thought he was gonna roll this year. Sucks.

  31. Breadwinnerbob Says:

    White has no juice and Evans drops are why he’s not paid already

  32. PbnJ Says:

    Mike Evans is everything good we speak about him but he’s also a choking dog on too many big plays. If his drops are counted fairly, he’s easily the worst on the Bucs in percent of dropped balls. Frustrating, but at least this one wasn’t a td. Just was in fg range.

  33. Bucs56 Says:

    White had holes on runs 1 and 3. He just doesn’t hit them.

  34. Jack Clark Says:

    Good play calling by our OC, baker needs to throw better passes to wide open receivers

  35. EA Says:

    You have to make those plays against a superbowl team.

  36. Breadwinnerbob Says:

    At least the wrs were wide open that’s great online play too

  37. Hunter Says:

    Rachaad White ain’t a “running” back. Simply a “walking” back…

  38. Since76 Says:

    The ball to Evans was high just like the one before that. Baker seems to be trying too hard.

  39. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Calling it. Bucs lose.

  40. DailyRich Says:

    Last week we sounded like Soldier Field. Now we sound like the Link.

  41. Tbbucs3 Says:

    Rachaad White is just terrible.

    How many more 2 yard runs is it going to take before the Bucs realize?

  42. BucsFan81 Says:

    Going to be a long night. We don’t have the same talent the Eagles do.

  43. Alvin Scissors Harper Says:

    Like a hot knife through butta.

  44. Tye Says:

    BAAAAHAAAAHAZAA!…. Eagles got cocky and paid for it!

  45. Jack Clark Says:

    Good job Bowles!

  46. shak Says:

    No, Sir!

  47. D-Rok Says:

    It’s more probable the Eagles actually win this game, but I hope I’m wrong. All I want is for the Bucs to be competitive. GO BUCS ! ! !

  48. Since76 Says:

    Good stop!!!! LFG

  49. PbnJ Says:

    Wow, thank you for that. Even a fg there would’ve been a momentum holder. Now it swings back. Would love to see at least 7 on a 1st down run and then a deep shot to Palmer.

  50. Alvin Scissors Harper Says:

    4th and 2 on the road with a chippie. Silly decision. The play call was even worse! Stooopid! Nice stand Bucs!

  51. Kansas95Bucs Says:

    Good stop Tampa

  52. The Beer Whisperer Says:

    Screw the Eagles !!

  53. D-Rok Says:

    Great red zone stop on 4 and 1. Bucs D….

  54. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Good stop. Mayfield about to hurt.

  55. JBBUCS_06 Says:

    Big stop by the D. We usually take a series for our D to feel out the O. Two missed passes w/ Shake n Bake in the first series or we’re up 7-0. Let’s go O.

    Go Bucs!!

  56. FranciscoGuzman Says:

    This is the game where you can see Mayfield get exposed. Hope not.

  57. Natedawg12345 Says:

    Bend but don’t break style Bucs D tonight…. need to capitalize and get some points on the board!!!

  58. Bobby Says:

    That was a momentum swing

  59. PbnJ Says:

    Cade Otton, ProBowl TE?

  60. Alvin Scissors Harper Says:

    Again, I haven’t seen them play this year. Mayfield has a very lively arm!

  61. Tbbucs3 Says:

    STFU Bonzai u pathetic troll

  62. FranciscoGuzman Says:

    Let’s go fellas!!!!!

  63. Rod Munch Says:

    How come White didn’t break 9 tackles in the backfield there. What a bust, just proves he shouldn’t be running the ball.

  64. DBS Says:

    Bonzi you called it yesterday dumbass.

  65. Jack Clark Says:

    Kinda hard for our running backs to gain any yards when they’re getting hit before they can even cross the line of scrimmage!

  66. Mostly Peaceful Trask Fan Says:

    This ain’t the Bears

  67. Rod Munch Says:

    The Reggie Roby ‘outkick your coverage’ play. Probably 12 blocks in the back, but who is counting?

  68. BucsFan81 Says:

    Wow how about we tackle someone on special teams…

  69. cmurda Says:

    I like our compete level but this O Line cannot run block. Special teams is an absolute joke. Where have I seen this before? Oh yeah every week, every year. Can you imagine having the job security regardless of how bad your unit performs. WTF.

  70. BamaNBucs Says:

    Cmon special teams

  71. Since76 Says:

    O boy special teams coach is the only constant in this equation.

  72. Tbbucs3 Says:


    Most NFL running backs don’t go down after the first finger that touches them

  73. IE Buc Says:

    How many years fo we have to endure ST coach Keith Armstrong?

  74. Jack Clark Says:

    Sorry as punt coverage

  75. Tbbucs3 Says:

    Run defense is worse than Lovie Smiths pass defense

  76. Bobby Says:

    That was kicker’s fault.

  77. BamaNBucs Says:

    Oh well

  78. Raginpirates Says:

    I guess my hopes of firing Todd Bowels first were squashed

  79. DavidBigBucFan99 Says:

    Gonna have 200 yards tonight. So much for our monster run defense

  80. Bobby Says:

    Where is run D?

  81. Jugheadfla Says:

    Devin White getting lost again

  82. BamaNBucs Says:

    We can’t afford any injuries

  83. Ricki Says:

    Dean is out too. You gotta love our starting CB. Licht should not have kept them. Freaking useless.

  84. DBS Says:

    Dean down again. Surprise!

  85. EA Says:

    Boys vs Men

  86. Rod Munch Says:

    Bears were already up 7-0 by this point in the game.

  87. cmurda Says:

    Can you please with the kicker’s fault garbage. Dude crushes it which is his job. Make the damn tackle and earn the paycheck young men. Kickers fault. LOL. Some of you crack me up.

  88. ElioT Says:

    Now Dean is down?

    Never draft another Auburn CB. Yet alone pay them Ms.

  89. AverageBucFan Says:

    Special teams always trash

  90. BucsFan81 Says:

    You can clearly see we don’t have the players to compete against a Super Bowl team. Now Dean gone we are running out of bodies on the back end like every year yet we only kep 5 CB makes sense smh

  91. FlumundaCheese Says:

    Bucs showed up with no spine on defense. Just rolling over and biting the pillow.

  92. Since76 Says:

    The BUCS lines both sides are getting their lunch money taken.

  93. Alvin Scissors Harper Says:

    Is that Dean or paper mache? Dude is constantly dinged and he’s not a small corner.

  94. Onetime007 Says:

    Dean and Davis can’t stay healthy. We paid both so we knew what we were getting.

  95. Bobby Says:

    We’re going to have to open things up offensively. Let Baker play and if we lose we lose. Get Palmer involved if they want to focus on Evans and Godwin.

  96. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Rod Munch Says
    “How come White didn’t break 9 tackles in the backfield there. What a bust, just proves he shouldn’t be running the ball.”

    Offensive line. The only guy that could get yards behind it would be Mike Alstott in his prime.

  97. JeffreyLane77 Says:

    Now Dean is hurt?

  98. mark2001 Says:

    When Troy says he could run through these holes in the D line, that says it all.

  99. 757Buc’em Says:

    2 blown opportunities already for the offense and now Fragile Dean is hurt payed all that money for him and Davis to be on the sideline more than they are the game l. We have to rid ourselves of those two in the offseason.

  100. JBBUCS_06 Says:

    might have to be a little unconventional and spread out the Eagles D. I know our D won’t get rest, but we need to score. Especially if we’re down both starting CBs who are making $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

  101. Thunder Says:

    No Vita and No Corners , about to get ugly

  102. Alvin Scissors Harper Says:

    Bobby, WTF do you want the kicker to do? Kick it 35 yards and really high?

  103. Jack Sparrow Says:

    Bucs cannot put pressure on Hurts. He got all the time to throw the ball

  104. Timbucs2 Says:

    The D always starts slow. Let’s see if they can pick it up as the game goes on

  105. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    DBS Says
    “Bonzi you called it yesterday dumbass.”

    Nope. Not true.

  106. Alvin Scissors Harper Says:

    Perhaps I should have said punter.

  107. Ringer Says:

    Was only a matter of time Dean goes down. He can’t go 3 games without an injury. Ridiculous. Same w CD.

  108. PbnJ Says:

    OMG decline that

  109. Jack Sparrow Says:

    LETS GO BUCS !!!

  110. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    The simple thing I am seeing? We are not the best team on the field.

  111. Pewter Power Says:

    Vea has been erased and not even being doubled.

  112. HC Grover Says:

    Beagle Blunder

  113. BamaNBucs Says:

    Good stop

  114. Rod Munch Says:

    Nice stand by the D.

  115. Tbbucs3 Says:

    Pass defense is awesome, Devin White is far from a liability in pass coverage like some dummies suggest

  116. HC Grover Says:

    Neal making plays

  117. cmurda Says:

    Joe Tryon was hogtied. Its clear that the Eagles monster O Line is going to be allowed to get away with a little extra. Im good with it as long as it cuts both ways.

  118. FranciscoGuzman Says:

    Bend but don’t break! Mayfield has to move the football or it will be a long night. Need a drive.

  119. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Why can’t our line open holes like that?

  120. HomerSimpsonRocks Says:

    Not bad. Two red zone trips for the Eagles and only 3 points.

  121. shak Says:

    good job defense bend but don’t break.

  122. PbnJ Says:

    I’m surprised but happily so. With cd and jd both out, I was sure the last thing we wanted was the Eagles throwing deep twice. Glad to be wrong.

  123. Ricki Says:

    Trade our CB for a good running back, we will play with our back ups most of the year anyway.

  124. HC Grover Says:

    Lucky to only be down 3

  125. mark2001 Says:

    So far the D has played well enough. Now the Offense needs to step up.

  126. cmurda Says:

    Tbbucs3. Hold on with anointing D White Mr Coverage. The real title goes to LVD. White was about 7 yards away. Not even in the same zip code. Jalen threw it way too late and it still should have been completed.

  127. bucsfan Says:

    Todd Bowles defense is a one trick pony. based on blitzing to get to a quarterback. if the blitz doesnt get there, its porous. also, a running game is essential to play that kind of defense or else players get injured/get gassed.

  128. Bobby Says:

    We just need to stay close and make adjustments at halftime. We’re far from getting bounced in this one.

  129. FranciscoGuzman Says:

    Cannot keep going 3 and out. Need a long drive for points here.

  130. Zwak Says:

    Lot of rain heading our way!

  131. Rod Munch Says:

    Who makes these God awful segments with the mascots? Who watches that and thinks its funny or entertaining or interesting?

  132. Tbbucs3 Says:

    RW1 and ST44= Worst RB Duo in the NFL

  133. Rod Munch Says:

    Ronnie Brown would have picked up 15 on that play.

  134. DBS Says:

    Bonzi you’re a liar. 4:35 pm. Gallons choke yesterday. You said ” Our loss comes tomorrow”. Look it up.

  135. Jack Burton Mercer Says:

    Our RBs are slow.

  136. cmurda Says:

    My goodness. Frigging block somebody. Wow. Living in our backfield. O Line not good enough

  137. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    See? Tucker can’t do any better behind this line.

  138. DBS Says:


  139. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    First down runs aren’t working

  140. Tbbucs3 Says:

    Disagree Cmurda.

    Devin White has been far better than LVD in pass coverage so far this season

  141. Since76 Says:

    Ok I have to say it. Where are the check downs at. What’s with this play calling.

  142. shak Says:

    Get a damn tackle.

  143. Tbbucs3 Says:

    We have to start giving this white #18 punt returner the Devin Hester treatment….as embarrassing as that is.

  144. Tye Says:

    Swiss cheese o-line

  145. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Great punt….terrible coverage

  146. August 1976 Buc Says:

    D White has a long way to go in pass coverage still.

  147. FranciscoGuzman Says:

    Trash offensive possessions.

  148. BamaNBucs Says:

    Seems as if there will be a lot of punting going on from the Bucs.

  149. BucsFan81 Says:

    Defense going to get gassed. Have to sustain drives on offense.

  150. mark2001 Says:

    This Offense needs to give our D a rest, or it won’t stay 3-0 very long.

  151. Rod Munch Says:

    I’m hoping this is like the home game vs the Packers in 2020, when the Packers dominated the 1st quarter, then one turnover, and Rodgers was rattled, and the game turned into a blowout win for the Bucs.

  152. Jack Clark Says:

    Baker Mayfield is not making good decisions but at least he’s not turning the ball over

  153. HC Grover Says:

    So far not so good. Need Beagle blunders.

  154. DS Says:

    Why is Thompkins getting targets ?

  155. JeffreyLane77 Says:

    I don’t see Tampa winning this game. They are getting beat on both sides of the ball. The score isn’t reflecting what I’m seeing yet.

  156. Will Says:

    Gotta mix up the 1st down play. We run it too often in this early season. Hopefully some self scouting gets that ironed out.

  157. Trask To The Future Says:

    The Mayfield Experiment is OVER.

    Let Kyle play.

  158. dbbuc711 Says:

    Screw those runs

  159. FranciscoGuzman Says:

    Mayfield is not a smart guy. Idk. Eagles are an aggressive defense. Need short plays.

  160. Rod Munch Says:

    August 1976 Buc Says:
    September 25th, 2023 at 7:50 pm
    D White has a long way to go in pass coverage still.


    Easy solution, don’t use him in pass coverage. I have no idea how the coaches don’t get that.

  161. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Hurts not being pressured

  162. BomTrady Says:

    Nobody getting anywhere near Hurts back there

  163. Jack Sparrow Says:

    Defensive line just watching Hurts throw the ball

  164. HC Grover Says:

    Buc Blunder

  165. Rod Munch Says:

    Why is Bowles choosing tonight to start playing man-to-man after doing nothing but zone the first two weeks. If you had Davis, sure, please do so, but this is asking a lot of Zyon.

  166. Bobby Says:

    We have to get some heat on Hurts.

  167. cmurda Says:

    Well D Line has been whisper silent and Eagles D Line is in our backfield. Great job by defense keeping us miraculously in this game. Offense get your crap together. This looks like a Byron led attack.

  168. HC Grover Says:

    We are getting killed so far.

  169. Crown The Bucs Says:

    Mayfield is dumb as bricks tonight. JFC

  170. FranciscoGuzman Says:

    Not playing the sisters of the poor anymore tonight.

  171. Tye Says:

    3 to 0 1st quarter,,,, Better than I expected!

  172. Tbbucs3 Says:

    Devin White is our best pass coverage linebacker and has been excellent this year…..what games are y’all watching???

  173. Jack Sparrow Says:

    Bucs receivers are slow. Cant get themselves open.

  174. bucsfan Says:

    its gonna be a long night

  175. Rod Munch Says:

    It’s a 3-0 game, calm down ladies.

    Just need a little life from the offense, stop wasting downs running the ball to meet some stupid quota like it’s 1972, and instead focus on scoring points.

  176. Jugheadfla Says:

    Baker just needs to calm down…he is too amped

  177. Bobby Says:

    3-0 isn’t killed but we are getting outplayed.

  178. Cobraboy Says:

    Losing the LoS bigly.

  179. BomTrady Says:

    Todd Bowles has been a journeyman coach in the NFL for a reason

  180. mark2001 Says:

    Looks like with a few injuries, this D just doesn’t have the talent to stay with a team like Philly. Hope I’m wrong… but that is what I’m seeing. Only some timely stops have kept this game nearly as close as it is.

  181. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    DBS Says
    “Bonzi you’re a liar. 4:35 pm. Gallons choke yesterday. You said ” Our loss comes tomorrow”. Look it up.”

    Son of a gun. You’re right. I forgot about that comment. I mean, I was making a wisecrack based on the title, but I reckon that counts.

    I’ll eat crow on that one.

  182. HC Grover Says:

    We ar way lucky to only be down 3 in 1st qtr. Now hold em to 3 on this drive and hope the rain helps us.

  183. Really? Says:

    Anyone that hoped for anything other than the Bucs just keeping it close is stupid

  184. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Need some screens to White

  185. Jack Sparrow Says:

    Bucs Offense having a hard time moving the ball. Put sime olat action, trick plays… do something

  186. BucsFan252 Says:

    Do we have the cap for Jonathan Taylor?

  187. Rod Munch Says:

    These coach interviews are super useful, remarkable insight.

  188. FranciscoGuzman Says:

    Mark2001 a good offense can help your defense. Offense looks like junk.

  189. RmBuc585 Says:

    Rachaad White is NOT it….

  190. 757Buc’em Says:

    Can Vaughn get in the game because Sean Tucker is hot garbage, dude thinks this is still college. He shows he has no vision at all. Our defense won’t be able to hold for much longer especially w/o any pass rush. Anyone seen JTS or Shaq. Vita’s being doubled every down he’s in the game, cmon fellas. But man does our offense look like they clocked in after the first drive.

  191. Tye Says:

    Good Defense….
    WAKE UP offense!

  192. HC Grover Says:

    Need Beagle Blunder

  193. Bobby Says:

    Izian is a baller

  194. ElioT Says:

    Way to go defense!

    Let’s go Baker & Co.

  195. Jack Sparrow Says:

    Bucs D keeping this team afloat. Offense do something

  196. FranciscoGuzman Says:

    Defense playing hard. This offense has to do something.

  197. Jugheadfla Says:

    Izien the second coming of Ronde

  198. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Good stop…now lets throw the ball some

  199. Tbbucs3 Says:

    They need to move RW1 to WR, he’s a good pass catcher.

  200. HC Grover Says:

    May the Bowles Curse hit the Filthy Birds.

  201. mark2001 Says:

    I know Francisco. that is why I say this Offense must give the D a chance to get a blow and look at what the Eagles are doing in analysis.

  202. BamaNBucs Says:

    Good job, Defense

  203. Tbbucs3 Says:

    Terrible runner

  204. FranciscoGuzman Says:

    Can this coaching staff adjust? Eagles are an aggressive defense. Throw some slants. Something.

  205. Jack Burton Mercer Says:

    Why does White hesitate?

  206. HC Grover Says:

    Ya Ya

  207. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    We just can’t help ourself

  208. Jugheadfla Says:

    Let’s give Canales a chance to adjust

  209. BomTrady Says:

    Yeah, good job, bunch the formation up which draws all the defenders in tight and then…run up the middle….into a brick wall.

  210. BamaNBucs Says:

    We need a first down here

  211. FranciscoGuzman Says:

    Ha! Looks like we have the old OC here.

  212. BamaNBucs Says:

    Let’s go, Offense

  213. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Fake a run up the middle on first and go deep.

  214. Tbbucs3 Says:

    Thompkins is too small

  215. HC Grover Says:

    Go Go Go

  216. mark2001 Says:

    Have to like how Chris protected himself and the ball.

  217. Jeagan1999 Says:

    Lets go Baker!

  218. Bobby Says:

    Much better

  219. HC Grover Says:

    Hurry Hurry before the storm

  220. bucsfan Says:

    Man we so lucky eagles r choking this game to us but lets go BUcsss

  221. mark2001 Says:

    Can’t afford to play sloppy, Otten.

  222. mark2001 Says:

    The Eagles D is too good to drop an easy catch.

  223. Alvin Scissors Harper Says:

    Otten, catch the damn ball!

  224. Bobby Says:


  225. cmurda Says:

    Otton. Freaking ridiculous. His inconsistent hands are a problem.

  226. ElioT Says:

    Settle in boys, let’s go

  227. TonySoprano Says:

    Unbelievable, another failed run up the gut on 1st. SMH

  228. Jack Burton Mercer Says:

    White plays at college speed.

  229. HC Grover Says:

    Beagle Blunder!!!!

  230. Bobby Says:

    Have to keep D honest

  231. cmurda Says:

    Baker misses another TD. Come on dude. Settle down on the deeper throws.

  232. mark2001 Says:

    Mike should have had that one.

  233. Jack Sparrow Says:

    Come on Evans !!!! geeezzzzz z …..🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  234. bucsfan Says:

    Rachaad white might be partial to blame but i think our oline is on the smaller side outside of tristan. Run blocking is atrocious

  235. Natedawg12345 Says:

    Why do we keep trying to run straight up the gut? Do a trick play, end around, flea flicker or something! Bland vanilla up the middle runs (somebody spot Leftwich)…..
    Evans ANOtHER damn drop….

  236. BomTrady Says:

    Mayfield had 2 TDs right there with some zip, bad throws there.

  237. Tbbucs3 Says:

    Baker looks sharp. But too many flaws in the offense.

    – Bad tight ends
    – Bad running backs
    – No depth at WR.

  238. Surfslowson Says:


  239. Jack Burton Mercer Says:

    Ball took forever to get there

  240. Jugheadfla Says:

    Comon ME gotta catch that

  241. EA Says:

    M1k3 didn’t have to pull back that far, attack the ball brah

  242. ElioT Says:

    Mike HAS TO CATCH that ball!!!

  243. Bobby Says:

    Evans should have caught that

  244. BucsFan81 Says:

    Damn Evans has had 2 drops tonight very unlike him.

  245. Mostly Peaceful Trask Fan Says:

    Baker cookieing some of these throws – trying to put too much touch

  246. Doctor_berto Says:

    Nice drop. But yes pay him 30 mil a year lol

  247. BomTrady Says:

    Baker’s balls are soft and fluttery tonight

  248. AverageBucFan Says:

    Wtf Evans?? Cmon man

  249. mark2001 Says:

    It didn’t have much zip…but Mike doesn’t drop many of those.

  250. cmurda Says:

    That got scary for a 33 yarder but its in. Way to compete out there boys. D is playing with heart and despite their D Line living in our backfield, we cracked the armour and eventually our O Line will get going.

  251. Will Says:

    That’s 2 BIG drops for Mike this game. SMH
    We gotta have those…

  252. HC Grover Says:

    Another Eagle game in TPA 3 to 3 I will take it. Keep er close. Good drive.

  253. bucsfan Says:

    that was the play of the game geez me can catch that sleepwalking usually

  254. Alvin Scissors Harper Says:

    How do you possibly drop that Mike? Man, he drops at least a ball a game.

  255. Jack Burton Mercer Says:

    Mayfield uncomfortable back there. Understandable but he needs to throw more accurately.

  256. BomTrady Says:

    I should probably rephrase that last comment

  257. Jack Clark Says:

    I like that our OC is making Baker Mayfield throw the ball in 2.7 seconds because that forces Baker to make a quick decision and not second guess himself

  258. Really? Says:

    Should’ve caught it. But just float to him mayfield sheesh. Pathetic
    Missing opportunities gonna cost them this game.
    Missed wide open receivers on first drive.
    Now TD’s being dropped. Bad recipe

  259. Really? Says:

    Should’ve caught it. But just float to him mayfield sheesh. Pathetic
    Missing opportunities gonna cost them this game.
    Missed wide open receivers on first drive.
    Now TD’s being dropped. Bad recipe

  260. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Ever wanna know where Mayfield is throwing the ball? Just look where his head is facing. He stares down his targets ever time.

  261. StormyInFl Says:

    “– Bad tight ends
    – Bad running backs
    – No depth at WR.”

    Hainsey sucks. No push in the middle at all.

    And “Mr Pay The Man” with another critical drop. 25 mil receivers make that catch.

  262. Ringer Says:

    Live Mike but he drops too many. Should have had that .

  263. King C Says:

    Bucs are in this game
    Will need more plays like the Otton catch
    Baker is not sharp tonight at all

  264. JA Says:

    Mike “the drop” Evans strikes again!
    He does it nearly every game. I don’t know why most of you don’t see it.

  265. Bbro Says:

    Mike ain’t playing like Mike tonight so far

  266. Jugheadfla Says:

    Other than not trying to run off tackle, Canales seems to know what he’s doing

  267. BucsFan2520 Says:

    Scrolling through this thread is enough negativity for a lifetime

  268. cmurda Says:

    Thats 2 balls that a top end WR should catch. No excuses. Catch the ball Otton and Evans.

  269. mark2001 Says:

    Frankly, considering the pressure, I think Baker is playing better than Hurts.

  270. FranciscoGuzman Says:

    Bad . Need to hope the defense can keep playing well.

  271. bucsfan Says:

    Mayfield is gonna get exposed and we were spoiled by brady for several years

  272. bucs_shak Says:

    Knew I’d find everyone blaming Mike alone on both drops but let’s not act like those were good throws either time. He should have made both tough catches but they WERE tough! Baker has been off on a lot of throws and he’s had some good ones too.

  273. Jugheadfla Says:

    Look at those run replays, Devin White has no clue

  274. King C Says:

    Baker is the type of QB who has to get the ball out 1-2-3 quick to be effective
    Nothing good happens if Baker holds the ball

  275. HC Grover Says:

    Beagles Blunder again.

  276. mark2001 Says:

    I think Mayfield is playing well tonight. What do you expect? He is under pressure most plays and only really didn’t hit one TE he should have. His balls haven’t all been great, but catchable.

  277. TonySoprano Says:

    Our OLBs are completely invisible

  278. bucs_shak Says:

    One more stop!!!

  279. bucsfan Says:

    yeah baker is trash and me13 is a future hall of famer so those throws sucked but ME needs to catch those and usually he does

  280. Bbro Says:

    I’d like to see a few pitch outs on the runs

  281. FranciscoGuzman Says:

    Can’t get off the field on 3rd down.

  282. FranciscoGuzman Says:

    Can’t stop the run.

  283. George R Says:

    can’t stop the run

  284. bucs_shak Says:

    Dang he’s strong

  285. cmurda Says:

    Dean cannot get beat by a TE but this pass rush is disgusting. Jalen has just been awful. The Eagles should be killing us.

  286. August 1976 Buc Says:

    Suffocating run D ????

  287. Tbbucs3 Says:

    Greg Gaines gets no push, he sucks

  288. mark2001 Says:

    That coverage flat out sucked.

  289. bucs_shak Says:


  290. FranciscoGuzman Says:

    Pitch and catch.

  291. Jugheadfla Says:

    Devin just got taken for a ride

  292. HC Grover Says:

    Radar has rain getting close

  293. bucs_shak Says:

    We need to tackle better

  294. Bbro Says:

    Nice support bucsfan pos

  295. cmurda Says:

    Shaq gives sorry ass Logan Hall a sack and Logan doesnt take it. Cut that loser. Hes hot trash.

  296. Bobby Says:

    What the &$!&!!

  297. mark2001 Says:

    When you are a corner you keep your coverage. You become a spectator, and you are screwed.

  298. bucsfan Says:

    this is winnable eagles should be up 14-3 lets goooooo bucs

  299. August 1976 Buc Says:

    Suffocating Run D?????

  300. bucsfan Says:

    our d is getting gassed

  301. HC Grover Says:

    need blunder

  302. mark2001 Says:

    Too much time.

  303. bucs_shak Says:


  304. George R Says:


  305. StormyInFl Says:

    JTS sucks. The dude cannot get off a block to save his life.

    What a bust.

  306. mark2001 Says:

    Hurts had about 8 seconds in the pocket. Where is the pass rush?

  307. BigZ Says:

    Hall is the DT version of JTS JTS is the classic, looks like Tarzan, plays like Jane. Goddert manhandled him. Never liked those picks.

  308. Tbbucs3 Says:

    Wtf dean

  309. BucsFan81 Says:

    Wow massive holding by the Eagles

  310. Alvin Scissors Harper Says:

    Tryon – Showinka absolutely mugged on that TD. You have to be kidding me that wasn’t called!

  311. FranciscoGuzman Says:

    On 3rd down lol. Looks the same mediocre pass defense.

  312. Bobby Says:


  313. SC Bucs Fan Says:

    Tryon is not strong enough to play in the NGL

  314. Zwak Says:

    JTS is horrible, WTF was that??

  315. cmurda Says:

    Thats humiliating. This trash ass depth is a problem Licht. How moron undercuts the ball and misses it. Please give me a break. I mean Im actually smiling from how embarrassing he is.

  316. bucsfan Says:

    keep em to 3 and we still good

  317. D-Rome Says:

    JTS is getting abused.

  318. Joe Says:

    Storm is a comin’ guys.

  319. BomTrady Says:

    I have never seen a QB with more time to survey the field in my life. Why aren’t the Bucs sending blitzes?

  320. Jack Clark Says:

    Cupcake pass rush giving the QB all day to wait for someone to get open! WTF

  321. Kansas95Bucs Says:

    That hold on JTS was blatant af

  322. Zwak Says:

    JTS is horrible..

  323. Surfslowson Says:

    Holding, come on Refs

  324. FlumundaCheese Says:

    I hope Vita Vea decides to play sometime today

  325. FranciscoGuzman Says:

    That looked like a hold. The nfl officiating might be getting worse than the nhl. Almost scripted.

  326. HC Grover Says:

    Dang and now the rain gets here. We have to score this drive to have a chance.

  327. PbnJ Says:

    Is it 50/50 fan split? If the eagle fans make that noise when Baker has the ball, he’ll have to use a silent count.

  328. Ricki Says:

    Good thing we have one of the best CB duo in the league.

  329. Since76 Says:

    Every lineman was being held. Every one near the QB. They are getting beat up and the refs are near sighted. Not a good combo.

  330. Jugheadfla Says:

    Pass rush is absolutely disgusting……JTS is just pure garbage, gets rag dolled on every play

  331. StormyInFl Says:

    It wasn’t holding. It was JTS and his complete lack of any strength or technique. Bring in someone else. That experiment is officially dead.

  332. 757Buc’em Says:

    Jamel Dean once again. Bowles needs to bench him he is blowing the game all by himself

  333. bucsfan Says:

    vitas getting double teamed inside

  334. godlovesbucs Says:

    Bad coverage by dean. Had an easy stop, then took a horrible angle to the ball.

  335. Bucs Unto Death Says:

    Sad how many Eagles fans are in the stadium. Easily a 1:1 ratio.

  336. cmurda Says:

    Only in Tampa does a Qb get blasted as he throws it and Dean goes into tar tar mode and gives up the booty.

  337. Bucs95 Says:

    No pass rush hurts has all day cmon boys clean it up were right there

  338. Tackleblockwin Says:

    Pass rush is absolutely failing so far.

  339. FranciscoGuzman Says:

    Need a drive for points in the worse way.

  340. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Up-temple the rest of the game. Please.

  341. bucsfan Says:

    @PbnJ i heard there r tons of eagles fans there

  342. 757Buc’em Says:

    That was not a hold on JTS he is just garbage no lack of moves or stamina

  343. Tbbucs3 Says:

    This team has 0 depth at so many positions all over the board

  344. 757Buc’em Says:

    Dean has to be benched

  345. bucsfan Says:

    JTS is a bust

  346. Timbucs2 Says:

    Secondary has been good. It was only a matter of time with how little pressure the D line is getting on Hurts

  347. Natedawg12345 Says:

    JTS… cut…. White…. cut….. Dean…. pay cut lol

  348. Mord Says:

    If that wasn’t a hold on JTS, then he’s just not good.

  349. Jugheadfla Says:

    Stop running up the phucking middle!

  350. bucsfan Says:

    the offense has more to blame tho they need to let the D rest i think they had like five quick 3 and outs

  351. DavidBigBucFan99 Says:

    Up the middle again. We can’t but keep trying to

  352. Jugheadfla Says:

    That wasn’t a hold, and he is not good

  353. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Hah! First of many!

  354. mark2001 Says:

    The O lineman give you a chuck, and your pass rush is left with you standing there scratching your backside, doesn’t speak well of things.

  355. PbnJ Says:

    Sounds like it, bucsfan.

    Unless we do something ex….


    I was seriously typing unless we do something beyond stupid, it’ll be a one score game at the half.

  356. Mostly Peaceful Trask Fan Says:

    Bring in Trask

  357. BomTrady Says:

    wow….from Brady to Baker…..no bueno

    He is advertising his throws.

  358. Pewter Power Says:

    It’s raining and we can’t run the ball

  359. BucsFan81 Says:

    Well that’s Game. Game over

  360. DavidBigBucFan99 Says:

    Another 1st for someone

  361. Really? Says:

    Let the rout begin

  362. Since76 Says:

    Hopefully this isn’t his flood gates on its opening up.

  363. Jack Sparrow Says:

    Bucs are only good against a 0-3 teams. 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  364. Tbbucs3 Says:

    Incoming “start Trask” losers like Bonzai after first INT of the season

  365. Ta6mpaBayRudy Says:

    Hey! Look who’s back! It’s Byron Leftwich. Dialing up those up the gut runs. Oh no he’s not. It’s just Todd Bowles calling a Todd Bowles OCD stinker.

  366. HC Grover Says:

    This is looking bad. They can not play with the Eagles it seems.

  367. Alvin Scissors Harper Says:

    Bonzai, stop being a troll!

  368. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    looks like the rain already stopped

  369. FranciscoGuzman Says:

    Mayfield stinks. He’s gonna get exposed against these type of teams.

  370. Bucsfantim Says:

    Offense’s fault thus far. Defense has done well
    But the O starts too slow again.

    Also that Baker pick was awful.

  371. mark2001 Says:

    Can’t afford these penalties and dropped passes. There are contenders and pretenders. The National media has been saying the later. Now we find out.

  372. cmurda Says:

    This dose of filthy humble pie that we are going to eat is what happens when Mike Evans drops 2 passes, Dean sucks ass, and Otton somehow drops the easiest pass ever. Defense can’t blow their chances against a team like this. Oh well, humble pie is needed for the Bucs. Maybe we toughen up and play like men next time.

  373. StormyInFl Says:

    “Mostly Peaceful Trask Fan Says:
    September 25th, 2023 at 8:24 pm
    Bring in Trask”

    Why? No reason to tank the season with that clown under center.

  374. Kansas95Bucs Says:

    This game far from over y’all

  375. bucs_shak Says:

    Dline has gotten pressure on hurts they are just like JTS career so far, close but no cigar.

  376. BucfaninMi Says:

    It’s over. It doesn’t matter what the Bucs do. They’re not going to get any calls. It’s already been decided.

  377. Mostly Peaceful Trask Fan Says:

    The countdown to Trask has begun

  378. 757Buc’em Says:

    We almost kept it competitive until halftime

  379. Bucs95 Says:

    That was a bad read by baker but it is what it is

  380. Jugheadfla Says:

    On a positive note the pass pro looks decent

  381. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Alvin Scissors Harper Says
    “Bonzai, stop being a troll!”

    I really should stop. It’s not my usual thing.

  382. Bobby Says:

    Just hold them to FG.

  383. firethecannons Says:

    looks like the blowout has begun

  384. BucfaninMi Says:

    Oh god! Baker throws one Int. Calls for Trask!😂

  385. bucsfan Says:

    baker being baker handing out free muffins fml

  386. Mostly Peaceful Trask Fan Says:


  387. bucs_shak Says:

    No one cares about Trask, Bake is QB! Let’s go Baker, one mistake doesn’t cost you a game (usually), regroup!

  388. CDubbs Says:

    JTS should be cut. He’s just coasting now. Can’t shed a block if his life depended on it.

  389. Really? Says:

    If you hoped for anything other than just hoping they keep it close then you don’t live in reality.

  390. BigZ Says:

    OMG Logan hall!

  391. Will Says:

    Is there an NFL rule I don’t know that says The Bucs aren’t allowed to run ANY reverses during the regular season and can only run up the middle on 1st down?

  392. DBS Says:

    You knew MPTF would be one of the first. I didn’t expect Mayfield to go the entire season without a pick. But I wouldn’t expect Trask to do it either.

  393. bucsfan Says:

    this was a winnable game eagles played like trash

  394. Jugheadfla Says:

    A-trian get your suit on, we need ya!

  395. Logged In To Says:

    Mike Evans definitely cost this team some points tonight with these drops. It seems like a common trait of his. I know I know he’s a hall of famer and I can go shove it.

  396. BigZ Says:

    9 vs Lane Johnson isn’t even fair.

  397. BucfaninMi Says:

    He didn’t get it. But he will get the call

  398. bucsfan Says:

    no mike evans has blame def

  399. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    BomTrady Says
    “He is advertising his throws.”

    I pointed this out earlier.

    I knew coming in that he would be pressured…but I’m surprised we’re not seeing more picks with how he is staring down targets.

  400. Jugheadfla Says:

    Not even close! Almost a yard back!

  401. Really? Says:

    Didn’t look like a first down to me

  402. Alvin Scissors Harper Says:

    Baker has thrown one interception in 2.5 games and some of you morons are calling for Trask. Really? If Evans can catch, we have a TD.

  403. Architek Says:

    Dean is a fraud.

  404. cmurda Says:

    Joe Buck: I don’t know how you can see where the ball is with all of those bodies.

    Well Joe, here’s the thing we know the ball is behind Jalen’s helmet and his helmet isn’t up to the line.

  405. cmurda Says:

    I agree with Alvin.

  406. IE Buc Says:

    Come on McCollum get in there and push! Weak.

  407. Bobby Says:

    Looked short on replay

  408. Ricki Says:

    That was short.

  409. Tom Says:

    That todd toilet bowles iron jaws zone d killin it tonight!!!

  410. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    I’m not here shouting for Trask. This is all Mayfield tonight barring injury. I don’t want to see Trask before game 6.

    This oline needs more time.

  411. Jugheadfla Says:

    Are you freaking kidding, give me a break

  412. optimisticbucsfan Says:

    need a stop here

  413. RJ BucNut Says:

    Mike Evans has dropped two crucial balls tonight. As good as he’s been this year I hv a feeling that will come back to bite us. Philly is just better than us u can just see it. They’re faster and more physical. I hv seen enough of JTS. He cannot get home for the life of him. Our CB’s are very brittle. One can’t get out of the tub and the other is just not playing good football right now. Can’t miss opportunities against this caliber a team and win games period!

  414. BucfaninMi Says:

    They will not win. Can’t

  415. cmurda Says:

    Push sneak is the stuipidest, most peewee play that somehow the idiots that be are allowing.

  416. shak Says:


  417. Thunder Says:

    It looks like Colorado v Oregon.
    Every player they got looks bigger stronger and faster than our guy.

  418. Tbbucs3 Says:

    HA! Devin White a liability in pass coverage Rod Mucnh was saying! LOL!

  419. Alvin Scissors Harper Says:

    ok, nice pic. Why the hell are you running out of bounds White?

  420. DBS Says:

    Oh hell. The game was over!!!

  421. Jeagan1999 Says:


  422. Jack Sparrow Says:

    Why he did not run all the way ?

  423. LongSeason Says:

    I think we are about to have our butts whooped. Then Devin with the pick.
    We gotta start playing with more of that controlled passion.

  424. D Cone Says:

    Blame it on Aikman for saying 220 attempts without a pick. Maybe the guy that was saying 3 TD’s and no picks was better than Fitzpatricks 8 TD’s and 1 pick in the first two games. Got it back already. Go D

  425. Bobby Says:

    There you go!

  426. cmurda Says:

    Nice pick but what is wrong with him. That was the weakest return Ive ever seen. He has to be hurt

  427. Jugheadfla Says:


  428. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Oh no…Devin White does nothing…

  429. Jack Clark Says:

    Get us some points Baker

  430. Mostly Peaceful Trask Fan Says:

    That was a bad throw by Hurts

  431. BradyGronk Fan Says:

    Bucs are playing like it’s 2022 again

  432. Durango 95 Says:

    Nice int. by DW. Why did he run out of bounds. looked like he more room to run.

  433. bucsfan Says:

    this game is gonna give me a heart attack lol wat a wonky game

  434. Jack Sparrow Says:

    Lets go !!!!

  435. StormyInFl Says:

    Hainsey sucks. Weak ass center.

  436. LongSeason Says:

    Then a sack

  437. Jack Sparrow Says:

    wtf !!!

  438. Aceofaerospace Says:

    Why didn’t White mow over Hurts after that int?

  439. Jack Clark Says:

    Baker is getting sacked because he’s holding on to the ball for more than 2.7 seconds

  440. CDubbs Says:

    Bucs o-line is softer than warm butter.

  441. cmurda Says:

    Bobby Hainsey can’t play right now. I think his injury is too much. Dude is getting mutilated. You’d be better off with anybody else out there.

  442. UKBuccaneer Says:

    If you’re gonna double team and still get pushed around, May as well not double team….

  443. mark2001 Says:

    Not ready for prime time.

  444. bucsfan Says:

    hainsey is awful not a fan also he seems really small or maybe he plays small we need jensen back

  445. LongSeason Says:

    Philly playing with passion. We playing with ourselves.

  446. shak Says:


  447. BucfaninMi Says:

    White is garbage

  448. Ricki Says:

    We need a RB

  449. Tbbucs3 Says:

    Once again, Rachaad White is terrible….can’t blame the Oline there.

  450. CDubbs Says:

    Absolute clown show

  451. BomTrady Says:

    Just cannot make this stuff up

  452. BigZ Says:

    I said just take a knee. Basic football.

  453. DailyRich Says:

    Should have just sat on the ball and ended the half.

  454. FlumundaCheese Says:

    Tell me more about how good Rashaad White is, please.

  455. Jugheadfla Says:

    And we giveth

  456. optimisticbucsfan Says:

    white is just not a RB1

  457. Will Says:

    White just can’t hold on to the ball

  458. Bobby Says:

    What a night we’re having….

  459. Durango 95 Says:

    White is sleepwalking out there.

  460. Alvin Scissors Harper Says:

    Yeah, White is going to be a superstar, in Pee Wee football.

  461. Natedawg12345 Says:

    Omg…. bench White already does NOTHING. Dancing around like a moron every time and that’s what you get…. burned royally and blows the game
    For us.

  462. BucsFan81 Says:

    Yep we need to just bench the starters and get ready for the Saints. No reason to lose anyone long term over this. It’s done.

  463. ElioT Says:

    #1 my a**!!!

    R. White is a joke

  464. Bucs95 Says:

    Bench white

  465. Since76 Says:

    They are a better team. Top to bottom.

  466. Anton Says:

    You know who wouldn’t fumble? Fournette lmaooooo

  467. bucsfan Says:

    youve got to be kidding me

  468. Jack Sparrow Says:

    Running game is non-existent. Rachel White is weak

  469. Jugheadfla Says:

    Canales needs to start dialing up some quicker passes to slow down that pass rush

  470. BigZ Says:

    I’ve said JL has had some crappy drafts. Overdrafted too many players. Our OL is still weak.

  471. Jmoe Says:

    White sucks, terrible RB, I’d cut his ass

  472. Alvin Scissors Harper Says:

    After the Baker sack, why are we trying to move 70 yards in less than 30 seconds?

  473. Bucs95 Says:

    The refs blind lol

  474. 407buc Says:

    Devin White just caddilacked that one after the pic.Why run out of bounds try to make a house call

  475. Ta6mpaBayRudy Says:

    Nonono, by all means, take another timeout Coach. You know all about taking timeouts at just the right moment before the half. #expert

  476. Tbbucs3 Says:

    There’s better running backs at Leto high school than on the Bucs roster

  477. BucfaninMi Says:

    League mandate. Bucs lose. Don’t call anything on Philly that they don’t have to.

  478. cmurda Says:

    The fix is in. Thats not a false start? No calls on the Eagles but they flag us after every stop. The fix is 100% in but of course the NFL and refs will not be held accountable.

  479. Jack Clark Says:

    Rachaad White doing too much ballerina spinning and not enough monster trucking

  480. DavidBigBucFan99 Says:

    Baker had a open receiver further upfield instead of White

  481. cmurda Says:

    Devin is hurt. Trust me. There’s no way he would have run it back like then and hes not out there on defense. Lets get the facts before hating on him. Hate on this O Line and Rachaad White. What is he averaging like .2 yards a carry and a fumble. Solid.

  482. BucfaninMi Says:

    False start no called. And that shot with Sirriani and the official tells it all.

  483. Will Says:

    Why is Vita not in at this point

  484. Jack Sparrow Says:

    Devin White’s return was like a 350 lb lineman running…. 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  485. bucsfan Says:

    Rachaad white thinks hes emmitt smith but he just dancing on quicksand in slow motion

  486. BucfaninMi Says:

    He was in

  487. Natedawg12345 Says:

    Joe…. can you start drafting up your BENCH WHITE article for post game please? One game last year… still sucks. Get this clown out of here!

  488. PSLBucfan Says:

    No false start. UFB!!!

  489. UKBuccaneer Says:

    Obvious QB a keep there. Of course nobody saw it.

  490. Natedawg12345 Says:

    BENCH WHITE!!! He’s stutter stepping around waiting for a 10 foot hole to run through, or just running straight into our lineman.

  491. BucfaninMi Says:

    Clock stopped before the end of the play

  492. mark2001 Says:

    PSL…officiating bad this year…especially if you aren’t the favorite team.

  493. Jack Clark Says:

    Anyways, I blame the offensive line

  494. Bucsfantim Says:

    Izien maybe the only defender out there tonight putting in a shift.

    This is a winnable game. But Canales needs to scheme something open in the 2nd half

  495. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Question: If he was tackled inbounds, shouldn’t the clock keep running?

  496. Since76 Says:

    Mayfield has had a bad game so far. Hopefully he can make something happen in the second half.

  497. Tbbucs3 Says:

    The flaws on this team are starting to come out…and it’s not the QB

  498. BucfaninMi Says:

    League mandated loss tonight.

  499. CDubbs Says:

    How the hell did JD not pick that?

  500. Bucsfantim Says:

    This is absolutely a winnable game. Offense needs to wake up

  501. Jack Sparrow Says:

    Eagles giving away this game and Bucs does not want it….🤣🤣

  502. mark2001 Says:

    Lucky to only be down 10. The Eagles have dominated on both sides of the ball…. and Special Teams.

  503. UKBuccaneer Says:

    13-3 at the half isn’t the end of the world. We’ve shown good adjustments so far this year. LFG!

  504. Architek Says:

    Philly interior DL is putting on a clinic!

    I can’t stand Dean…

  505. confido75 Says:

    And Bowles wants a run first team with R White as the #1 RB. What a joke! The kid just doesn’t have it. I sure hope those rumors of trading for Jonathan Taylor are true, because we need him!

  506. King C Says:

    The two teams Tampa barely beat are the sorry Vikings and the trashbag Bears

  507. Really? Says:

    This team isnt winning this game
    They don’t have the heart. Too soft.
    And I’m not staying up to watch a bunch of bs plays and watch them get it handed to them.
    I’ve got better things to do. Like sleep. Yea I’d rather sleep than watch this team

  508. DavidBigBucFan99 Says:

    Rashida White pee wee running back

  509. StormyInFl Says:

    “Since76 Says:
    September 25th, 2023 at 8:42 pm
    Mayfield has had a bad game so far. Hopefully he can make something happen in the second half.”

    The whole damn team except Izien seems to have taken the night off.

  510. Natedawg12345 Says:

    Bucsfantim…. offense can’t get going with stutter step White running like his shoes are tied together

  511. Jeagan1999 Says:

    This game is still winnable!

  512. TheBucsAnthem Says:

    Mayfield always implodes again good superior competition…. …….ALWAYS!!!

  513. 757Buc’em Says:

    We should be up by atleast 10 atleast.

  514. Miller5252 Says:

    F’N Evans is killing us here. That TD would have been a lot better than 3! Devin White should have pitched that ball back like the ravens used to do or like the old Bucs did! Bucs are shooting themselves in the foot here and it’s killing us!

  515. Jack Burton Mercer Says:

    I was not in favor of getting Taylor until tonight.

  516. Really? Says:

    Bucs seem to always lose when they play on prime time games.
    Almost every single time

  517. Navfree17 Says:

    White is not aRB1. Prob a good complimentary, not explosive enough

  518. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    confido75 Says
    “And Bowles wants a run first team with R White as the #1 RB. What a joke!”

    I think it is more on the offensive line at this point. But to be fair…the Eagles front line is one of the best against the run.

  519. bucsfan Says:

    the game is still winnable but i have a bad feeling eagles r gonna adjust and run all over us the second half i hope im wrong

  520. BucfaninMi Says:

    I can’t listen to the man boy love going on with Joe Buck and crush Jalen Hurts. I’m at least cutting the sound

  521. shak Says:

    still right in this. Come on!

  522. TheBucsAnthem Says:

    Mayfield will lose the ball again……we’re all witnessing the TRUE Baker Mayfield……he implodes on every team he’s been on…..the Bucs ain’t no different!!!!

  523. Miller5252 Says:

    Where is sneak at?!?! So tired of these hop step running backs!! Hit the dang holes full speed!!!

  524. Jack Clark Says:

    Bowles wants a run first team with an offensive line who let their running backs get hit before they can even cross the line of scrimmage. What a joke! Todd Bowles needs to fix the run blocking

  525. BucfaninMi Says:

    White is a USFL running back.

  526. ElioT Says:

    We don’t have a rushing attack. Not even close. Many reasons why.

  527. 757Buc’em Says:

    Really?…. Always doesn’t matter who the QB is or head coach

  528. K_bassuka Says:

    Maybefield not playing well but the defense are keeping us in the game. Let’s go Bucs!

  529. Bucsthis Says:

    Can we see Sneak? R White sucks @$$ and Tucker in a non factor

  530. DavidBigBucFan99 Says:

    Too bad we gave them the final points of the half. Too good of a chance they’ll score 1st points of 2nd half

  531. CDubbs Says:

    Probably would be a different end to the half if Devin White did jog after his pick. He’s way faster than that and should have attempted to take it to the house. He ain’t worth $100 million.

  532. Joseph C Simmons Says:

    Devin White didn’t play the last defensive drive. Britt was in. Gotta wonder what’s up.

  533. RagingBrisket Says:

    JTS getting passed around like a college dorm tramp.
    R White should be benched for sucking at running the ball and his terrible ball security.
    Oline still sucks that big D (minus Wirfs)
    Evans could squeeze the ball a little tighter

  534. NYBUCSFAN Says:

    You guys are all high or drunk. One man to blame here is emotionlessness Mike Evens with 2 drops that were crucial. Trade the baby or give him a bottle and let Palmer eat.

  535. Tbbucs3 Says:

    *Rachaad White fumbles in open space*

    “Blame the Oline!”

  536. Tackleblockwin Says:

    Yup, Rashaad White definitely not a #1 RB.

  537. BucfaninMi Says:

    Ask the RBs are terrible, get somebody, anybody else!

  538. confido75 Says:

    Give the rock to Sean Tucker and lets see what the kid’s got!

  539. mark2001 Says:

    Cdub…Devin is playing injured. Lower body injury. It was pretty obvious.

  540. garbs65 Says:

    Bucs still in this. I feel like the score could be much worse. Go Bucs!

  541. Alvin Scissors Harper Says:

    If you think White is a #1, you don’t know anything about football. He would be a #1 cha cha dancer though……

  542. IE Buc Says:

    Where’s RoJo? Sign him back to get the somebody that can pound it down the middle. Time to get Sneak Vaughn some touches in the 2nd half. If he can’t produce, go get Jonathan Taylor and RoJo.

  543. BucfaninMi Says:


  544. Oxycondomns Says:

    Surprised bowles called timeout on 2 and 20 plus the eagles fg made it a 2 score game

  545. DavidBigBucFan99 Says:

    Dubbs you couldn’t tell he’s injured? His groin was reported

  546. TheBucsAnthem Says:

    Mayfield has been awful on every single team he’s been on…..

  547. ghost Says:

    White running out of bounds like hes a QB

  548. Proudbucsfan Says:

    I can’t believe we can’t run the ball, I’m so disappointed our run game is terrible

  549. Mostly Peaceful Trask Fan Says:

    Joe Simmons and I went to the same High School – same class.

  550. HC Grover Says:

    I am on radio but sounds like the O is stinking it up.Stanks, Atlanta and Bucs lose. NFC still tied haeding to Nola.

  551. Ta6mpaBayRudy Says:

    Two adjustments: put Rachaad on the bench, and find someone, ANYONE, that is not JTS. He’s given up on plays; he looks like a tall HS Senior out there. Also, quit effin running it up the gut dangit!!!

  552. Defense Rules Says:

    Mark2001 … I agree with you; the Eagles have dominated on both sides of the line AND on S/Ts. Down by 10 at the half isn’t the end of the world, but our offense, defense & S/Ts will all have to do a major turnaround to win this one.

  553. Tackleblockwin Says:

    Dean owes us a pick six.

  554. NYBUCSFAN Says:

    Yeah put Tucker in. He could get tackled by Deuce Vaughn with one arm. Y’all should be calling for someone that can hit a hole.

  555. Defense Rules Says:

    BTW, our major defensive problem has been no pass rush.

  556. DavidBigBucFan99 Says:

    Joe Mixon looks like a real running back

  557. Proudbucsfan Says:

    White didn’t even try to get a touchdown, great players give it there all every snap, makes me want to 🤮

  558. Shiftlessjunglebum Says:

    Feel like I’m watching Charles Simms out there with all the dumb shuffling White does. We need to go get a back this week.

  559. Ricki Says:

    Maybe give it a try with Vaughn.

  560. BigSlick Says:

    Vea must be injured. Sitting out most plays and doesn’t look himself. Bucs need a replacement for JTS.

  561. Usfbuc Says:

    I get it, we aren’t winning. But seriously as bad as we have played it’s still a close game. All expectations are on the Eagles and none on the Bucs, so who is really playing the worse game.

  562. bucsfan Says:

    i really dont know y our run game sucked for the past two years but i think the first down run up the middle that i use in madden is prob to blame. run outside zone or off tackle please not just hb dive

  563. Bobby Says:

    Mayfield isn’t playing bad. The play calling needs to improve. Quick hitting passes to loosen up the blitz. Use White out of the backfield. Send Palmer on a go route and see if we can burn them deep.

  564. HC Grover Says:

    I am listening radio not watching. Is Mayfield stinking or the whole O?

  565. Bucschamp Says:

    OL need to push that front

  566. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    I don’t think this should be blamed on the RBs.

    Eagles are practically a brick wall up the middle, and for some reason our new OC is only calling the run plays up the middle.

    A power back won’t do much better against that DL.

    No…it was going to be a defensive & kicking game…but now we have to count on Mayfield passing the ball. Got no choice now.

    Eagles pass defense is pretty good too.

    That team might be Superbowl bound.

  567. Miller5252 Says:

    White is done for the night I’m sure, he had a groin issue before the game. He should have pitched the dang ball instead of going out of bounds!! Evans better monster up for the second half!! Prime time and choking is t a good look for Evans!! Bucs in prime time just don’t go together.

  568. George R Says:

    I do like 2 games on Monday night

  569. I remember 21 Says:

    Officiating has been terrible. What do we expect. I have to say, overall I’m pretty unimpressed by this Neal. All I heard all off-season was how great this guy was, best rated safety in the league, we’re gonna have to resign him early. There have been multiple plays where he’s had his back to the ball. Meh. Meanwhile, this Izien that everyone was doubting looks like a freaking stud. He might usurp Dean by next season. No fire in that guy’s belly. White is just never gonna be that dude. Nobody ever mentions how small he is. Guys like that aren’t bell cow backs usually. Like the patriots motto is get rid of a guy a season early, we need to cut bait on guys earlier. It doesn’t take 4 years for a RB to acclimate to the league. That’s half his career. Same with Otton, he’s only ever gonna be JAG. Doesn’t excel at anything, blocking, speed, hands. New regime needs to make the call on these guys early.

  570. Ricardo Says:

    I hope the OC makes adjustments. They gotta give Baker more time.

  571. 757Buc’em Says:

    Mike Evans gotta tighten up. He too old to be folding under the bright lights. Got the nerve to ask for a forever bag and it’s plays like those why people don’t speak on him being a top receiver in this league he doesn’t have the ability to takeover a game and how he will drop balls (pause). We have to Trade for J. Taylor, if licht and Bowles is serious about winning. Like I said every time we have the chance to take advantage of our position we NEVER HANDLE BUSINESS…..NEVERRRRRRRRRRRR EVERRRRRRRRRR

  572. BigSlick Says:

    MNF needs to stop with the split screen

  573. Buc4evr Says:

    The Oline is getting killed. Mauc and Godeke are getting run over. Neither one of those guys should be starters. White and Tucker are both horrible. The only way forward is the West Coast offense in the second half and screen passes. There are not going to be any deep balls with this O line.

  574. Mostly Peaceful Trask Fan Says:

    The old navy commercial is terrible

  575. Bobby Says:

    White was trying to conserve time by going out of bounds. His groin has been bothering him too.

  576. Capt.Tim Says:

    Bucs are playing well. Eagles are just a better team right now.
    At least we can go stare into our SuperBowl champion rings.
    That helps, although the eagles wouldn’t know . . .

  577. bucsfan Says:

    our OL isnt a run blocking OL if u see the great run blocking OLs they maul the dline (49ers, dallas) plus kyle shanahan has a great running scheme

  578. Miller5252 Says:

    JTS got blown up that one play, just got tossed!! Need the D line to get home so the backside doesn’t need to cover for 10 seconds

  579. BRYAN KOHN Says:

    We hace some of the best reievers in the league, yet we rufuse to throw it to them. YOU CANT MAKE ME…YOU CANT MAKE ME…YOU CANT MAKE ME… STUPID!

  580. Jack Sparrow Says:

    Feels like Leftwich is the one calling the offensive plays….

  581. Mostly Peaceful Trask Fan Says:

    Bryan this is Baker. We told you.

  582. D Cone Says:

    White ran out of bounds because I believe he reaggrevated his Groin issue. Be surprised to see him in the second half. Looks like they are taking it easy with Vea. I’m surprised either of them played tonight.

  583. cmurda Says:

    ESPN putting up stats about Baker over 10 yards but no mention of the 2 passes that a premier WR in Mike Evans should catch.

  584. StormInFl Says:

    “Buc4evr Says:
    September 25th, 2023 at 8:55 pm
    The Oline is getting killed. Mauc and Godeke are getting run over. Neither one of those guys should be starters.”

    Hainsey is even worse. He’s too weak to play center. He’s being pushed backwards like he’s barely even there.

  585. StormyInFl Says:

    “Buc4evr Says:
    September 25th, 2023 at 8:55 pm
    The Oline is getting killed. Mauc and Godeke are getting run over. Neither one of those guys should be starters.”

    Hainsey is even worse. He’s too weak to play center. He’s being pushed backwards like he’s barely even there.

  586. Mord Says:

    Bucs O-Line is just plain outmatched!

    Will be interesting to see what adjustments are made

  587. bucsfan Says:

    we’re also missing a quick twitchy back who can catch like a breece hall and a reliable twitchy slot receiver so we can hit em with the quick passing game. maybe try keyshawn vaughn but hes been inconsistent

  588. Jack Sparrow Says:

    whats the strategy of just 3 linemen against 5 O-line

  589. Alvin Scissors Harper Says:

    I think Hurts got the better out of that collision with Hall.

  590. ghost Says:

    sadly Philthy is gonna start putting up points now

  591. Mostly Peaceful Trask Fan Says:

    Logan Hall pull up? Wow.

  592. IE Buc Says:

    Eagles DL dominating the OL. Baker doesn’t have the time to throw it long. We need an up tempo quick throw passing game for this game. Eagles DL too good. Quick throws. Paper cut by paper cut. A real running game would help the passing game.

  593. HC Grover Says:

    10 down at half against this team is a high bar. Outlook not so good. Gotta beat them Stanks next week.

  594. cmurda Says:

    There’s a lot of eyeopeners such as the fact that Izien 100% needs to be benched. Dude has been our biggest liability. The 3rd down let Jalen easily run around you should be the final nail in the coffin

  595. HeavyE Says:

    Dean and Davis, they have to Go…….Too SOFT!!!!!

  596. Jack Sparrow Says:

    of course Dean is hurt again…

  597. Alvin Scissors Harper Says:

    Paper mache Dean again.

  598. BRYAN KOHN Says:

    I just herd the air come out of the tires.

  599. Jugheadfla Says:

    15 yard cushion…..lovely

  600. LVMYBUCS Says:

    Dean sucks he always sucks

  601. Bobby Says:

    Those are the plays we need

  602. bucsfan Says:

    quick passing game, run game and screens are pretty much the only way to help an oline but they cant run block and our wrs take time to get open so i dont know what the bucs can do/adjust

  603. UKBuccaneer Says:

    DB’s playing soft. It’s infuriating

  604. Pewter Power Says:

    Todd Bowles defense is stupid.

  605. DavidBigBucFan99 Says:

    How do you get ole’d like that?

  606. Since76 Says:

    First half order of ineptness.
    Tied #1 Mayfield, oline, Evans.
    Tied#23456789 rest of the team. Honorable mention RB white.

  607. LongSeason Says:

    This is the real Bucs. Outclassed, out coached and outplayed.
    No heart.

  608. Jack Clark Says:

    Hurts has all day to throw in the pocket and our defensive line is swiss cheese

  609. Bobby Says:

    Eagles are definitely the better team

  610. HC Grover Says:

    If we beat Stanks next week still in race fod NFC South.

  611. Bucsfantim Says:

    Why are we putting all these guys out in coverage and everyone is still wide open 🙁 Smh

  612. Alvin Scissors Harper Says:

    A TD here ends it…..

  613. Ricki Says:

    Its over for us.

  614. Jugheadfla Says:

    That was just ridiculous….what the hell is Devin doing?

  615. Crickett Baker Says:

    The Bucs sure don’t look as good as we thought they were, so far.

  616. Jack Sparrow Says:

    Eagles just have better motivated players and better coaches….

  617. cmurda Says:

    Goliath is easily winning this matchup. Todd deosn’t have the wherewithall to compete. He’s making every dumb defensive call right now. 4 man front on 2nd and 1? Really.

  618. Bucco2 Says:

    There’s the Todd Bowles defense we all know and loathe

  619. HC Grover Says:

    Announcers on radio sound resigned to loss.

  620. Ta6mpaBayRudy Says:

    Bucs run defense holier than the Pope 💯

  621. Aceofaerospace Says:

    Down 10 points. Bucs have quit. Just getting blown off the ball.

  622. EA Says:

    All I’ve heard the last 4-5 years is “bucs are thin at corner:
    Wtf Licht???? You gonna do anything about it ?

  623. DavidBigBucFan99 Says:

    Please no more talk of this monster rush defense of ours or any defense. Now Izien hurt? MNF embarassedment again!

  624. Leighroy Says:

    Swift is the anti Rachaad White

  625. Bucsfantim Says:

    Also at this rate Licht has to do something and make a move for more CB depth. Izien just came off the field… are we down our top 3 cb’s??

  626. garbs65 Says:

    wow. Bucs looked gassed already. And we keep losing players. Doesn’t look pretty.

  627. FlumundaCheese Says:

    Both sides of the ball are soft as Cottonelle. Get some pass rushers please. Put shaq Barrett and vita vea on a milk carton. JTS is exactly who we thought he was.

  628. Bobby Says:

    We’ll learn from this game. We need our first round pick to start playing after the bye. It’s just one game, not the season

  629. HC Grover Says:

    At least this may stop the Bakermania. It was getting over the edge.

  630. CTBucs Says:

    How many false starts will they not call on them? On that 26 yard run the guard was falling forward at the snap….

  631. Bucs Fan Since ‘76 Says:

    The Eagles are just better than us in all phases.

  632. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Dean and White (rb) playing hurt tonight too.

  633. J Dubb Says:

    Dean gonna lose his job to McCollum if he keep this up.

  634. BRYAN KOHN Says:

    Sorry Joe. but we look LOST man. On both sides of the ball. Score should be alot worse. O abd D both look totally lost

  635. Bucsfantim Says:

    Side bets our first play on offense is White up the gut?

  636. Alvin Scissors Harper Says:

    Dee Delaney on Brown. No bueno!

  637. DmanTX Says:

    Well, they are clearly a better team on both sides. Just hoping to get thru game without embarrassing ourselves and injuries.

  638. Jack Sparrow Says:

    Colorado and Coach Prime can beat this Bucs team !

  639. BucfaninMi Says:


  640. Tackleblockwin Says:

    Defense is tired. Game over. I’ll take 2-1 record though. Plenty of room for improvement. It’s a long season.

  641. HeavyE Says:

    They have to change this rule, with this BS play…….

  642. Mord Says:

    This game so far is clear proof that football is won in the trenches. Both Philadelphia lines are dominating

  643. Pewter Power Says:

    All I asked was for us to be competitive.

  644. BRYAN KOHN Says:

    LMFAO Tim!

  645. Miller5252 Says:

    Where is Vea on the last 2 plays!!! WTF over!!

  646. cmurda Says:

    The NFL blows for screwing up a wonderful game. The dumbass QB sneak push is stupid. Really stupid. In between hump sessions with the gambling companies, the NFL is busy going full lame.

  647. Trask To The Future Says:

    Let’s make sure and stick with MR. MOXIE!!!

  648. DavidBigBucFan99 Says:

    Too bad game was over with the 1st td

  649. Crickett Baker Says:

    Our defense is where?

  650. PSLBucfan Says:

    Vea got whipped by Kelce!

  651. Jugheadfla Says:

    And Devin White just standing there….no cahones

  652. Alvin Scissors Harper Says:

    We couldn’t score 21 points if the Eagles all lie down on the field for every play. White will still do the cha cha and Evans will still drop the ball.

  653. Will Says:

    I rhino I just heard the flood gates open. Our offense just any ready yet.

  654. bucsfan Says:

    the schedule isnt too bad this year

  655. ElioT Says:

    Philly is much better.

    Big dose of reality here.

  656. Bucco2 Says:

    This is all because we cannot run the ball. Need better production there. Jason can’t live in Brady forever. He has to fix the oline at some point.

  657. Kansas95Bucs Says:

    This game ain’t over. Let’s play smart and win this. GO BUCS!!!

  658. Ta6mpaBayRudy Says:

    Hurts: “Hey Toilet Bowles, look! I run up the gut like this” 💥+6

  659. Jack Sparrow Says:

    Bucs will be lucky if eagles does not beat the Dolphins record of 70 ptrs yesterday 🤣

  660. Bucs 95 Says:

    The games over but atleast were 2-1 could be worse lests just beat the saints next sunday

  661. Bucsfantim Says:

    If we can beat the Saints next week and go into the break 3-1. I’d be pretty happy tbf

  662. Miller5252 Says:

    All this dang money in our secondary and they’re always hurt. Such a joke! With the short week I’m sure they won’t play and white will be out as well. Might as well add vea since he ain’t in there while needed

  663. FranciscoGuzman Says:

    Bucco2 what you mean live in Brady forever?

  664. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Everyone hates the QB sneak…unless it’s their team succeeding at it.

  665. FlumundaCheese Says:

    Our 360 pound, non pass rushing DT can’t even help on qb sneaks. What does he do again?

  666. cmurda Says:

    There is going to predictably be nothing but complaints about this ridiculous play that is now allowed. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to do the math on how frigging dumb it is. Did the Eagles cover yet refs? What Vegas has us losing by 14. Ok, you got us right where you want us. Make sure to not call on any penalties on Lane Johnson who literally holds on every single play. Watch him boys and tell me it doesn’t happen.

  667. I’m tired and 87 is right Says:

    Will win you enough to screw you for a decade.

  668. FranciscoGuzman Says:

    Looks like men amongst boys out there. Bucs are not a physical team at all.

  669. UKBuccaneer Says:

    Don’t get too low, don’t get too high. I remember people melting down at 7-5 when we went on to win the SB.

    Lots of football still to come.

  670. garbs65 Says:

    It’s like a home game for Philly. I can’t believe how much green i’m seeing in the stands.

  671. Bojim Says:

    Lotta game left.

  672. Sacker58 Says:

    The Bucs need a running back that’s not scared to hit the hole.
    Even when Rachaad white gets to open field he hesitates to run.wtf.

  673. Curse of Gruden Says:

    The D is already gassed.

  674. BucfaninMi Says:

    No calls on Philly, judgement calls going against TB. And they’re playing like a$$. Good night. And now the Taylor Swift and Kielce talk. That’s my cue. The NFL sucks.

  675. HC Grover Says:

    We will have to win next week in Nola to have a chance at NFC South. Looks like we can not match up against the good teams. No more irrational exuberence this week please. It would be amazing to come back in this game. Outclassed it sounds like so far

  676. ElioT Says:

    White pants with the red jerseys is a crap look.

  677. Stylez05 Says:

    We are playing a sloppy game and are outmatched.
    With that said:
    1. Rachaad white is just not a good ball carrier. It’s beyond time for us find someone that can hit the gap without dancing. This line isn’t built for hesitant running backs
    2. Baker is off tonight
    3. Mike Evans is having his annual dropsy game
    4. This is a prime time game, this is what our boys do during prime time games so I’m not shocked this far.

  678. FranciscoGuzman Says:

    FlumundaCheese he ate himself to death after the contract.

  679. Proudbucsfan Says:

    How can any fan be proud of this team playing like this ? I at least thought we would be competitive

  680. Ricardo Says:

    Just be competitive. Let’s see how baker does when playing from behind.

  681. Jack Sparrow Says:

    Eagles playing against a JV team

  682. Alvin Scissors Harper Says:

    Nice to see Trey Palmer involved.

  683. Bucs 95 Says:

    Racahadd white is sooooooo slowwwww

  684. Jack Sparrow Says:

    enough run game its not working… do some play action, trick plays to wake this offense up

  685. TampaBayRudy Says:


  686. Alvin Scissors Harper Says:

    What is Cha Cha’s longest run tonight? 3 yards?

  687. Bucs 95 Says:

    Mike evans got butters finger tonight i see

  688. Alvin Scissors Harper Says:

    That’s #3 for Evans.

  689. Jack Sparrow Says:

    BS play calling….

  690. shak Says:

    come on mike

  691. Ricki Says:

    Maybe we should trade Evans after all.

  692. Ricardo Says:

    C’mon evans.

  693. TampaBayRudy Says:

    Another run up the gut. Good job. Didn’t see that coming 🙄

  694. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Bad night for Mike. It happens.

  695. Alvin Scissors Harper Says:

    That didn’t look good for Baker.

  696. UKBuccaneer Says:

    I don’t hate the deep ball, basically a pint of it goes wrong.

  697. optimisticbucsfan Says:


  698. ElioT Says:

    Another drop by Evans. (…and I love Evans)

  699. Mostly Peaceful Trask Fan Says:

    Baker looks hurt. Bring in Trask.

  700. UKBuccaneer Says:


  701. Miller5252 Says:

    Aikman and buck have to be the worst announcers!! How these 2 made it so far is beyond me. This sucks listening to these jack wagons. Great game Evans!! Dude needs to stay off prime time

  702. Alvin Scissors Harper Says:

    Let’s just give the season MVP to Camarda now.

  703. cmurda Says:

    Ricky Bobby Hainsey6 mutilated in one second and gets his QB mutilated. Pathetic excuse for a center. Thats on Licht. Licht isn’t looking so hot in the last couple years.

  704. HC Grover Says:

    Better to dink duck than run White. Nother Evans drop.

  705. Natedawg12345 Says:

    Tonight’s Bucs MVP…. Jake Camarda 😅😅😅😅😅😅

  706. Curse of Gruden Says:

    Mayfield’s hurt. Trash time.

  707. LVMYBUCS Says:

    Evans done dude trade home while we can.

  708. Usfbuc Says:

    Come on just run the ball

  709. mark2001 Says:

    Apparently, this is really what we are…..a team that can beat the worst teams in the league, but one that can’t compete with the good teams.

  710. NYBUCSFAN Says:

    Another loaf job from Mike not finishing a deep route.

  711. JamesrunningWilder Says:

    Two of those Eagles short yardage push plays went NOWHERE yet the Refs STILL gave them over a Yard on each play. The 3rd and 1 play earlier, Jalen’s helmet didn’t even reach the 1st down yard marker, yet they gave him the first down anyway. And has ANYONE seen Vea other than the sideline?!?!? What a Joke!

  712. Bucs 95 Says:

    Mayfield coulda ran that but w.e i gues its not our night

  713. cmurda Says:

    AI never thought I would say this but Evans is the reason we aren’t in this game. He’s been God awful.

  714. TheRealDrew Says:

    Better hope the defense somehow scores

  715. King C Says:

    Mayfield reminds of Jameis
    Just makes some of the stupidest throws
    Makes you wonder if his elevator goes to the top

  716. Proudbucsfan Says:

    This game makes me sick

  717. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Great example of Mayfield making mistakes when under pressure. He could have walked forward for the first down, but he decided to go high risk instead.

  718. HC Grover Says:

    Just about turn out the lights time.

  719. bucsfan Says:

    Cha Cha lol rachaad white is prob gonna be outta the nfl after this season and teaching cha cha or salsa dances if he keeps this up

  720. Coquiro ; Says:

    OMG …25 yards in front of you Mayfield and you don’t run??? Also, Evans, really?? Dropping passes all night??

  721. Bobby Says:

    Mike seems to be hit or miss. Not a good game for him

  722. PSLBucfan Says:

    Evans not helping his extension. Mayfield is done for this game. To far behind to come back. Time to #TANKFORCALEB

  723. NYBUCSFAN Says:

    Just for you dumb morons a 3 yard run on first down with DT in the backfield is a success.

  724. EricTheViking Says:

    Evans sucks ass. He’s toast. Trade him and Bowels.

  725. Will Says:

    Mike having a terrible game. Hopefully he can shake it off and make something happen. We still gotta stop the run up the gut on 1st down. Smh.. A highschool coach can call better 1st down plays than we’ve had over the last season and to start this one.

  726. Trask To The Future Says:


  727. Curse of Gruden Says:

    “Cha Cha” – good one and most fitting.

  728. mark2001 Says:

    Face it guys… we just don’t have the horses to compete with good teams. Maybe next year.

  729. Bucs 95 Says:

    Im tripping i forgot we play again sunday 🤣🤣🤣 its gonna be a long week boys

  730. Natedawg12345 Says:

    I didn’t know that R White’s coach was Patches O’Hoolihan…. dodge, duck, dip, dive, dodge, waiting for a 10 foot hole to open THEN take a step towards the line of scrimmage.

  731. Bucsthis Says:

    Canales inexperience showing tonight. Bucs gave up tonight

  732. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    LOL…people saying Evans should be traded. Already forgetting last week.

  733. Miller5252 Says:

    I’m with cmurda, Evans has cost us tonight. I’m a huge Evans fan, like all time Buc for me. Not looking good at all. Go to Godwin

  734. Texasbucsfan Says:

    The team cannot win with these running backs. White is practically worthless. Trade Evans for a running back. He drops to many catchable balls. Giving him 25 million is a joke. Go Bucs..

  735. Coquiro ; Says:

    White is not a 1 RB, too slow.

  736. Bucsfantim Says:

    Evans drops suck, but I am confident we’ll get him going in this game. We need him.

    Big difference in offensivee success is Hurts has all day to throw and Baker is getting pressured every snap.

    Somebody said it earlier, Licht has to fix the oline someday.

    Also, look at how Swift runs vs White.. Swift hits the hole and gets aggressive while White just dances

  737. FranciscoGuzman Says:

    I think i would trade Evans only if we get a first and maybe a fourth but only to an AFC team. This team needs to start rebuilding.

  738. Bucsfantim Says:

    This also has to be the last year that the QB sneak push is legal. It’s practically impossible to stop.

  739. Ben the GA Buc Says:

    I hate that short yard bunch play but we better start learning to run it as long as it’s legal.

  740. Ricardo Says:

    Can’t stand that dang play.

  741. mark2001 Says:

    Agreed Francisco. Time for a rebuild youth movement.

  742. Natedawg12345 Says:

    Fire the equipment staff… someone gave R White tap dance shoes instead of his cleats.

  743. Bobby Says:

    Like Bowles says, best way to stop that sneak is don’t get into short yardage downs

  744. LongSeason Says:

    We are a fake team.
    Bet we end up 2-15.

  745. Bucsfantim Says:

    Buccaneer Bonzai Says:
    September 25th, 2023 at 9:19 pm
    LOL…people saying Evans should be traded. Already forgetting last week.
    Seriously.. people do we have the shortest memories?

  746. PSLBucfan Says:

    Vea getting whipped

  747. FlumundaCheese Says:

    I expected us to lose, but this effort is an embarrassment.

  748. Marco Says:

    For the love of God please bring back playoff lenny

  749. Bucs 95 Says:

    Devin white just gave up on the play again lol

  750. Ben the GA Buc Says:

    Their D and O lines are FAR better than ours. We’re done … at least for this game.

  751. dbbuc711 Says:

    Hate to say it, but I hope the blow out Hurts knee with that push

  752. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Heh. Some folks strangely quiet after seeing I was right. Well…I’m off too. going to focus on the game more.

  753. Show Me the TDs Says:

    Bucs are getting gashed!

  754. Bobby Says:

    It’s getting embarrassing now but D has been out there all night

  755. mark2001 Says:

    At what point do we just call it an A kicking?

  756. Jack Clark Says:

    Mike Evans dropped the ball on this one

  757. Alvin Scissors Harper Says:

    Cha Cha White has carried the rock 10 times for 23 yards and a lost fumble. Not saying the offensive line has been anything but offensive, but Cha Cha doesn’t have it. Maybe on Dancing With the Stars.

  758. Jugheadfla Says:

    Devin White fing sucks….let him walk….this is the Ravens game from last year all over again

  759. Ricardo Says:

    Diaby got bulldozed. That oline is huge.

  760. Miller5252 Says:

    I’m sure this game will give Evans that kick to have a big game against his kryptonite, Lattimore. He’ll be back having a giant game!! Let’s not get carried away about trading him, dudes still the man!

  761. Louie Says:

    Bowles looks clueless!

  762. LVMYBUCS Says:

    Please fire Bowels and this retard OC coach.

  763. I’m tired and 87 is right Says:

    It’s like magic. Smoke in mirrors. The NFL will let who they want to win. It’s not about a game of inches anymore. It’s a game of feet with the refs, and media. Oh well Go Bucs!

  764. HeavyE Says:

    How are we going to rebuild, with the GM, that we have? That’s comical!!!!

  765. HC Grover Says:

    Had to turn radio off. Announcers too depressed.

  766. TampaBayRudy Says:

    Also, tonight I’ve seen a LOT of holding on Philly’s Online, and the refs swallowing their whistles. Joe and Troy: “Jalen Hurts with al kinds of time!!!” 🤔

  767. ElioT Says:

    Eagles are outclassing the Bucs.

  768. Crickett Baker Says:

    I TRULY do not understand why we can’t stop ONE guy (Swift) who I think is a rookie. What gives, Bowles??

  769. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    So much for the run defense

  770. Bucsfantim Says:

    IMO don’t re-sign Devin White after this season.

  771. FlumundaCheese Says:

    Their lines are better, but we quit. We looked slow and lazy from the first snap.

  772. Proudbucsfan Says:

    It looks like our defense is giving up, I’m turning of the game

  773. FranciscoGuzman Says:

    Men amongst boys. They look like a JV team like someone said.

  774. SC Bucs Fan Says:

    Men against boys. Pushing us all over the field. Sorry performance.

  775. Bucsfantim Says:

    Crickett Baker Says:
    September 25th, 2023 at 9:23 pm
    I TRULY do not understand why we can’t stop ONE guy (Swift) who I think is a rookie. What gives, Bowles??

    He’s not a rookie. He’s been in the league for 4 years or so

  776. 757Buc’em Says:

    Mike Evans lost the game for us on offense and Dean lost it for us on defense

  777. T. McGee Says:

    Beat down. A few more wins this year against crappy teams. Who cares. Not a contender. Not even close.

  778. BRYAN KOHN Says:

    How many times have we blitzed
    3 times

  779. Natedawg12345 Says:

    Eagles are a good team. Our offense isn’t there yet and needs another 4-5 games to get in the groove. Our Defense played fairly well tonight considering.

    Just bench R White… I don’t understand how he’s getting all the carries antill and doing nothing. Why not try Vaughn or Tucker more?

  780. shak Says:


  781. Jugheadfla Says:

    Look, we all saw this coming….the question is can they get better from here or will they sink

  782. mark2001 Says:

    Yeah…white isn’t playing well. But about half the team isn’t.

  783. Bobby Says:

    Don’t forget what happened after KC blitzed us at home and we had a wake up call. It’s not the end of the world.

  784. Miller5252 Says:


  785. Bucsfantim Says:

    Way to go Delaney making a play

  786. Alvin Scissors Harper Says:

    No way….Dee Delaney! Hell of a play!

  787. Alvin Scissors Harper Says:

    Do NOT hand it off to Cha Cha here, if we have it on the 1.

  788. Ben the GA Buc Says:

    Great INT by Delaney

  789. FranciscoGuzman Says:

    Bad field position but nice play

  790. mark2001 Says:

    Good thing they brought Stinnie in. SMH.

  791. LongSeason Says:

    Hahahahahahhaha. We suck!

  792. shak Says:

    trash call

  793. Jack Sparrow Says:

    is canales an ejot ? running game is not qorking all night and he tried to run it in there

  794. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    You could have predicted that

  795. Jack Clark Says:

    I blame the offensive line

  796. mark2001 Says:

    Yeah…the Bears and Vikings were fools gold.

  797. Bucsfantim Says:

    Seriously guys… Of course that was gonna be a safety…. Have to call something else

  798. Bobby Says:

    What a stupid call

  799. Miller5252 Says:


  800. UKBuccaneer Says:

    There was no hole there at all.

  801. Crickett Baker Says:

    OMG. What a stupid play call!!!!!!!!!!

  802. Usfbuc Says:

    Offense hasn’t been able to possess the ball and the defense is getting worn down.

  803. Jugheadfla Says:

    Amazing play call there….worked all night!

  804. Ricardo Says:

    Knew that was coming. Safety. White is a freaking tap dancer.

  805. Ben the GA Buc Says:

    Wow. You can’t run there with the way they’ve been pushing us around. Terrible call there.

  806. Bucsfantim Says:

    Oline got absolutely dominated

  807. Natedawg12345 Says:

    Omfg whomever gave a call to white in the end zone needs to be fired…. every Bucs fan watching this game knew what was going to happen on that play.

  808. EA Says:

    I called that safety, that was just stupid play call, Byron hiding there somewhere ?? Good god.

  809. HC Grover Says:

    ROFL a safety …perfect. saved 5 points.

  810. Aceofaerospace Says:

    Question answered, pretenders, not contenders.

  811. Will Says:

    Run up the gut SMMFH

  812. Alvin Scissors Harper Says:

    OK, that’s enough for me. Did I not say, do NOT GIVE THE F’ING BALL TO CHA CHA! Not good when your center ends up 5 yards in the end zone. Bowels is so predictable, sort of like my bowels……

  813. ElioT Says:

    Awesome play call there.

    Almost Leftwich bad.

  814. Chris Says:

    An insult to JV offenses across the US

  815. FranciscoGuzman Says:

    Embarrassing lol

  816. LongSeason Says:

    Tampa cannot run the ball because the O-Line is pitiful. We’d be better with kindergartners on the line.

  817. Ben the GA Buc Says:

    Sirianni gets my award for head coach with the most punchable face.

  818. bucsfan Says:

    HB dive for safety

  819. alaskabuc Says:

    Raise your hand if you saw that safety coming. Why the eff would he run there??

  820. BRYAN KOHN Says:


  821. Usfbuc Says:

    Should have gone bubble screen, would have had a better shot

  822. TampaBayRudy Says:

    Bowles: “run it up the gut from the goal line”

  823. Mostly Peaceful Trask Fan Says:

    Trask will be in the game tonight

  824. FlumundaCheese Says:

    Canales is a great hire. Innovative play call from the 1.

  825. SC Bucs Fan Says:

    How can the special teams be this bad year after year

  826. bucsfan Says:


  827. Coquiro ; Says:

    White is a pos.

  828. mark2001 Says:

    Just a weak team. Time to smell the coffee. And if we lose to the Saints? dog meat.

  829. FranciscoGuzman Says:

    Are we sure BL is not calling the plays?

  830. Rmbuc585 Says:

    Rachaad with the dancing feet in the backfield again….. smfh

  831. King C Says:

    Tampa Bay cannot run the ball as a franchise
    not since Dunn and Alstott

  832. Bobby Says:

    Special teams suck!

  833. Tom Says:

    todd bowles SUCKS!!! Run even though you can’t! Real TB Swift 6,8,28 yrds a carry. White avg run..1.4yds??? TODD BOWLES SUCKS!!! Undisciplined too!!! FIRE BOWLES!

  834. Rmbuc585 Says:

    #1 with the dancing feet in the backfield again….. smfh

  835. cmurda Says:

    Buckle up boys. Its gonna be a long ride. Dave Canary is a trashbag too. A lot of ineptitude on this coaching staff. These 2 early wins might not be a sign of things to come. If you are that freaking stupid to run in that position, then you should not be calling plays. Anyone with half a head on their shoulders has seen what Ricky Bobby Hainsey can do. Not block. You blow Canary. Oh well, we are who we were afraid we are.

  836. BRYAN KOHN Says:


  837. Leighroy Says:

    Joe will blame that safety on White, bc it’s always the running backs fault the ground game stinks

  838. Defense Rules Says:

    Never thought our offense would look this bad, but they’re pathetic tonight. Just showed rushing stats of 163 to 26, right before White got stuffed in the end zone. Not all his fault though; our OLine is getting manhandled by Philly’s DLine.

  839. Dreambig Says:

    And that safety is just one more reason that this will be Todds last year as a head coach.

  840. Bucfan593 Says:

    Whoever has confidence in Todd bowels should be institutionalized.

  841. DavidBigBucFan99 Says:

    Add salt to the wound. Guess the experts were right about us

  842. August 1976 Buc Says:

    Offense 6 plays in the 3rd Qtr -2 points.

  843. TheBucsAnthem Says:


  844. EricTheViking Says:


    This is Bowels legacy as a HC. Inept and clueless.

    Fat, dumb, and stupid is no way to go through life.

    We is be cooked.

  845. FranciscoGuzman Says:

    This OL is so finesse. They can’t even get a small push to run the ball.

  846. Tucker Says:

    Oof what a rough game I was hoping they would at least make a game of it. Really rough to watch.

  847. Curse of Gruden Says:

    Is BL back calling plays?

  848. Jack Clark Says:

    Kinda hard for our running backs to gain any yards when their getting tackled in the backfield

  849. Dreambig Says:

    That play has lost yards all night. Let’s run it from the 1.

  850. JBBUCS_06 Says:

    what a dumb play call at the 1/2 yd line. Just plain dumb. OK, on to the Aints. Great play by the D only to have the O crap it away in 1 play. Can’t even make this up.

    Go Bucs!

  851. Jack Sparrow Says:

    Just because Canales is a waterboy at the seahawks organization does not mean he’ll bring Pete Carrill’s offense….. my gosh !!!!

  852. TheRealDrew Says:

    Kelce is destroying Devin White

  853. Since76 Says:

    That’s on canales. We haven’t won on the line all night. Just not good anywhere. Except the secondary who is getting no help up front. Geesh.

  854. HC Grover Says:

    Not ready for prime time. Beat 2 lousy teams and the irrational exuberence was rampant. Well back to reality. We can not match up to good teams.

  855. mark2001 Says:

    Troy says “we knew tonight would be the test”. Well…..

  856. bucsfan Says:

    do not put ricky bobby in the same sentence as hainsey thats disrespectful to ricky bobby

  857. Bucsfantim Says:

    Holy cow it’s not even the 4th quarter yet.

  858. Bobby Says:

    This is getting hard to watch

  859. Jack Clark Says:

    Todd Bowles needs to fix the run blocking

  860. Salary Cap Hell Says:

    The call to run up the middle in the end zone….

    It’s Official Buccaneers are officially Diving for Caleb

  861. Pewter Power Says:

    We can’t run the ball, I wonder who’s fault that is Licht. Can’t draft dinning running backs, can’t find a quarterback. This game is why they had us picking in the top 5 of the draft

  862. buccanstopit Says:

    Canales and Baker getting exposed tonight, they can thank Evans with his effort also

  863. BRYAN KOHN Says:

    Gonna go watch Below Deck. ( on Bravo) Havent got time for the painn

  864. August 1976 Buc Says:

    Well, hope for 3-1 after next week. Get out of this game without anymore injuries.

  865. Stylez05 Says:

    That was the dumbest offensive call in the history of our franchise. If the fans knew that was going to be a safety immediately than surely Dave Canales had enough sense to know.

  866. mark2001 Says:

    Time to call it a night A… kicking in progress.

  867. HC Grover Says:

    This game is over,,,signing off.

  868. Hammerhead Says:

    Canales is Tony Dungy running WD40. Why Dungy was fired. Cost us a super bowl chance or two.

  869. BRYAN KOHN Says:

    They ALL laid down

  870. Tackleblockwin Says:

    Yes Canales is still learning what we can and cannot do on offense. This is good for offense to play a superior defense early in the season.

  871. Bucfan593 Says:

    I’m also glad 40 million worth of corners can’t make the field.

  872. Jugheadfla Says:

    The patented 10 yrd Bowels cushion

  873. Jack Clark Says:

    Todd Bowles wants to have a run first team but can’t even fix the run blocking smh

  874. Alvin Scissors Harper Says:

    Cha Cha’s stats:
    11 carries, 22 yards, 1 lost fumble and a safety
    I’d trade him for a used piece of Bazooka Bubble Gum
    And yes, the offensive line is truly offensive
    However, the first defender Cha Cha can juke will be his first

  875. Bucsfantim Says:

    Where the hell is our pass rush?

  876. LVMYBUCS Says:

    Bad coaching just bad coaching

  877. Jack Sparrow Says:

    Leftwich laughing out poud… saying “ you think I’m DUMB….”. 🤣

  878. BRYAN KOHN Says:

    they will have at least 35 when over and we will STILL have 3

  879. buccanstopit Says:

    Did Leftwich sneak back into the stadium? Just keep running up the gut even though it doesn’t work

  880. Ben the GA Buc Says:

    This is an absolutely pathetic showing tonight.

  881. Steelers fan Says:

    Baker with 87yds and a pick aginst one of the worst pass d’s in the league

  882. PSLBucfan Says:

    Ok. The thing I feared tonight was embarrassment. We are embarrassing. Just suck.

  883. bucsfan Says:

    guys but did you notice after todd bowles took over as HC from BA the players just started playing worse or is it just me? idk the team just wasnt the same. i also feel like mike evans started dropping more balls after todd bowles became hc

  884. BRYAN KOHN Says:

    LOL Jack

  885. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Getting beat up badly…..both lines

  886. Mostly Peaceful Trask Fan Says:

    White is terrible. Bench his ass.

  887. UKBuccaneer Says:

    The past two weeks Canales has been the new messiah in town on JBF. Now he’s a clown show.

    This fanbase, man.

  888. BRYAN KOHN Says:

    Goodnight ALL!

  889. Jugheadfla Says:

    Dominated is the proper term

  890. Bobby Says:

    Do I have to endure another quarter?…

  891. Armybucfan Says:

    I dunno why I was hopeful that we could dominate offensively to make this a game. It’s a Bucs life for me

  892. Bucfan593 Says:

    Im a bucs fan through and through but I wish we hadn’t have over achieved the first two games because it actually gave me hope we had a chance tonight. I was all prepared for a brutal season.

  893. Ricardo Says:

    Definitely not ready for the big time.

  894. Jack Sparrow Says:

    Brady telling his kids…. see what I have to deal last year… geeezzzzz

  895. NaplesBucsFan Says:

    Fun while it lasted those first 2 games…hopefully we can do better against the Aints next week. They’re another good defense for us to work against. Hopefully the O can get some rhythm before the night is over

  896. TheBucsAnthem Says:

    I’m not watching this trash clown show team with a journeyman QB anymore…….GOODNIGHT!!!!!

  897. Crickett Baker Says:

    Delany, Winfield and Lavonte are still playing though.

  898. Cobraboy Says:

    Football is won by big ugliest.

    Theirs are uglier than ours.

    It is that simple.

    We feared it coming into this game. The Fear was real.

  899. DavidBigBucFan99 Says:


  900. Salary Cap Hell Says:

    Can’t believe they call run up the middle in end zone… WTF…

    Did ownership make the call or just bowels… ?

  901. FranciscoGuzman Says:

    Bowles coached teams has had a lot of these type of games where the team doesn’t belong on the field with the other team.

  902. TampaBayRudy Says:

    Seriously guys: that was NOT a Canales deal. Bowles has INSISTED, since Brady’s last season, that this be, by any means, a run-first team. BA was a riskit bisquit. Bowles is a no-way kinda coach. Bowles is toxic. How he was not pushed off the plank with Leftoversandwich is absolutely beyond me. The no time out call before the half last season for me, was just the absolute last straw. Instead, we had to endure watching the greatest QB in history call runs up the gut over and over and over and over and over. Yeah, kinda like tonight 🤔 🧠🤏🏼

  903. Bucsfantim Says:

    Bucfan593 Says:
    September 25th, 2023 at 9:32 pm
    I’m also glad 40 million worth of corners can’t make the field.



  904. bucsfan Says:

    theres a silver lining at least it aint 70-20

  905. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    No sacks

  906. ScottyMack Says:

    Three obvious things:

    1) Evans had perhaps his worst game as a Bucs – 2 first downs dropped and a TD dropped.

    2) Rachaad White sucks. He sucked last year and is as bad or worse this year. Bucs should be looking to trade a 4th rounder to a Jets team for Dalvin Cook who they really don’t need anymore. Even playoff Lenny would be an improvement – at least he wouldn’t shuffle around in the backfield, trying to find somewhere to run and we KNOW he wouldn’t fumble the ball away.

    3) Canales has got to stop trying to run the ball up the middle when he doesn’t have the O-line to create a push or a RB who has any power.

  907. Coquiro ; Says:

    Give their receivers a 10 yard gap and they will kill you. Great call Bowles…don’t you see that? We all do, it’s on tape

  908. LVMYBUCS Says:

    I pray for the day we fire this coaching staff. U pay Dean who sucked from day one and u let Lenny go without replacing him with a better RB Bowles ur stupid

  909. Will Says:

    Canales needs to find a new 1st down play. I know this is his 1st year but he’s terrible on 1st down. Mike Evans didn’t show up at all today. 3 costly drops. Game is over so start slinging it and lets see what we get.
    Does anyone know if Baker can change the play? If so he gets just as much blame for the 1st down calls.

  910. Yacksareback Says:

    Clown show, Camarda and Delaney are best players out there. Pull Mayfield for the rest of the game, no reason to try and get him injured. Let Trusk get some in game practice.

  911. DCWT85 Says:

    One word. Trask

  912. Jack Sparrow Says:

    If we play Carolina Panthers, it will be a very close game… 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  913. Bobby Says:

    We’d better bounce back next week.

  914. Mike Johnson Says:

    Pretty shameful guys. We will lose this one. Hope the Bucs can stop the bleeding in the 4th but I doubt it. No Vita and they are just running right up the gut. And our tackling is worst than a Jr high team. Lets get ready for the Saints baby!

  915. August 1976 Buc Says:

    Bucs passrush???? Philly Oline

    Philly is legit and the Bucs are a work in progress

    Turnovers tonight And a Safety = Beating on a National Stage

  916. GABucBall Says:

    Our oline is soft, like butter in the sun on a hot day soft.

  917. Ben the GA Buc Says:

    Here comes the most annoying play ever

  918. DavidBigBucFan99 Says:

    Even their back up rbs get 5 yards per carry

  919. Coquiro ; Says:

    Quit blocking my posts Joe.

  920. Red Skeleton Says:

    We are losing in both trenches. Getting man handled.

  921. Jack Sparrow Says:

    Jameis will dominate agaunst Bucs next week !!!! He will eat your W…. 🤣🤣🤣

  922. 808bucfan Says:

    Looks like BL calling plays again.
    Why soo much cushion on wr’s., were giving them 5yrds extra. HC is a defensive
    coach, he should see it isn’t working

  923. Tbbucs3 Says:

    Agree w all 3 points Scottmack.

    Raschaad white is AT MOST an average RB2…and I don’t know what the heck the Bucs saw in Sean Tucker.

  924. FranciscoGuzman Says:

    Toilet Bowles. The score doesn’t match the domination.

  925. August 1976 Buc Says:

    Bucs Offense sitting at 6 plays -2 points second half so far

  926. Sucking less Says:

    Might as well save Baker and let Trask get some playing time

  927. ElioT Says:

    almost $36M in 2024 cap for Davis and Dean…


    Forget making plays… these dude’s can’t stay on the field.

  928. DavidBigBucFan99 Says:

    He still had time to roll around do a break dance move and get up and try to run. A
    Embarrassing they almost missed out on an accidental sack

  929. Curse of Gruden Says:

    Here’s an idea, let Cha-Cha run it up the middle after two stutter steps in the backfield.

  930. Bring back the lawn chairs Says:

    Heartless and gutless

  931. TampaBayRudy Says:

    Can the iggles do 71 tonight? I kinda wanna see it. We DESERVE it as an organization with buffoons for executives and owners

  932. Eckwood Says:

    JTS just got blocked by a back or slot receiver while Hurts is on the ground ……… he never got an inch closer ………. Please Cut that Clown and let Nelson start !! Nelson isn’t great but he is such a better F Ball player than JTS

  933. LVMYBUCS Says:

    So hyped they beat 2 sorry teams now u see the real Bucs. We will never be a good team with this coaching staff NEVER! Bowles sucks he knew Dean sucked but still paid him how stupid.

  934. Bobby Says:

    I’m sure we’ll get better. I think Kancey will make a big difference on our D-line. Canales will get better and so will offense as a whole.

  935. August 1976 Buc Says:

    Hey Rashad, how about doing the Bucs a favor and stay on the bench for the rest of the game. Ever since that fumble……..

  936. DavidBigBucFan99 Says:

    Almost still bobbled it

  937. Voice of Truth Says:

    Completely outclassed – if not for their own miscues it’s 42 easy – play calling was just horrible and Mike Evans game to forget

  938. Jugheadfla Says:

    Look at that drafting compared to ours…..the biggest problem is the guy drafting!

  939. UKBuccaneer Says:

    Mike’s got his hands back.

  940. Bucsfantim Says:

    So should we trade Evans?

  941. DavidBigBucFan99 Says:

    His hammy

  942. bucsfan Says:

    Bowles gotta go or go back to DC

  943. Old School Bucs Says:

    With sniper mayfield you are never out of the game. If Brady was QB I would have turned the game off already. Brady doesnt know how to come back from big deficits. Mayfield and canales has it figured out!!!

  944. DavidBigBucFan99 Says:

    Longest run of the year for Rashida

  945. Thunder Says:

    The truth is Philly is really good and a Super Bowl favorite.
    And we’re dreaming of 9 wins to have a shot winning a sorry division.
    Its fine, were 2-1

  946. HeavyE Says:

    Where’s Godwin???

  947. DavidBigBucFan99 Says:

    Just stop it Oldschool with that lie

  948. HeavyE Says:

    Never Mind…..lol

  949. LVMYBUCS Says:

    Eagles playing soft they know they better then us and got this game in the bag.

  950. August 1976 Buc Says:

    almost $36M in 2024 cap for Davis and Dean…


    Forget making plays… these dude’s can’t stay on the field

    All the Pub about these guys, and its the same ol story

    All those who build them up, using whatever stats that have ben used, means a hill of beans. The Bucs knew what they were doing and did it anyways. What a dent in the salary cap for guys that are not worth near what was paid, and not even on the field

  951. bucsfan Says:

    oldschool is being sarcastic im pretty sure lol

  952. Jack Sparrow Says:

    Just run it Baker…!!!

  953. Bobby Says:

    Should have been doing this all night

  954. Jack Sparrow Says:

    This O-line is really pathetic

  955. bucsfan Says:

    baker gonna be working at a bakery soon and cha cha gonna be teaching cha cha classes soon coming near u

  956. UKBuccaneer Says:

    I’m the first to blame the o-line but White was a joke there. Diving at the 1

  957. Jack Clark Says:

    Baker plays much better when he’s getting rid of the ball in 2.7 seconds

  958. FranciscoGuzman Says:

    Wasting valuable minutes to score. Clowns.

  959. shak Says:

    yeaqh 2pt convvvvvvvvvvvvvv

  960. Jack Sparrow Says:

    why we did not do that in the firat 3 qrtrs….

  961. BRYAN KOHN Says:

    Imagine That! Idiots

  962. MrWak Says:

    Outcoached on both sides of the ball. Was there a plan other than run up the middle when there are 8+ in the box? Oh, and play soft zone?

  963. cmurda Says:

    Thats great but Canary wasted like 2 minutes calling dumb plays from the 1. I appreciate not doing the vagina Eagles sneak but you can still sneak it the old fashioned way and thats the way to do it.

  964. Will Says:

    Way to go Mike!

  965. Bucs 95 Says:

    Why we look so good in hurry up offense 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  966. NaplesBucsFan Says:

    I read something about ME13’s worst game as a Buc…no this was horrible play calling up until that drive…finally some up tempo and quick passes with some timely runs.

  967. LVMYBUCS Says:

    I still think u trade Evans he should have caught that earlier touchdown and stop pouting 😭 over his contract

  968. Bucsfantim Says:

    Huh… Same as last year. Our No-huddle offense actually works

  969. NaplesBucsFan Says:

    Why can’t they use up tempo more often, I just don’t get it…oh yeah Bowles said it wears out the defense….hmmmm I don’t see how if we’re scoring points and hyping up the D.

  970. Mostly Peaceful Trask Fan Says:

    Game is over Eagles let up that drive

  971. Jack Sparrow Says:

    of course the Bucs Defense is tired and Eagles will eat the clock and score

  972. Jack Clark Says:

    Mike Evans stopped dropping passes and baker mayfield started getting rid of the ball quicker to score touchdowns, we should have been doing that from the beginning

  973. Bobby Says:

    At least shows with proper play calling we can score

  974. BRYAN KOHN Says:

    Use what you have have instaed of wishing and hoping. Play to your strengths! Duuuuuuuhh!!!!!!!!!

  975. Bucs 95 Says:

    Just go hurry up offense for the rest of the year 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  976. StormyInFl Says:

    Can we please just bench JTS? He’s useless.

    Markees Watts looked promising. Hell, there should be someone on a practice squad somewhere better than this fool.

  977. BRYAN KOHN Says:

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA 95!!!!!!!!!!!

  978. LVMYBUCS Says:

    We have a secondary problem as usual and a running back problem.

  979. Since76 Says:

    Eagles are now playing bowles defense when he’s up by 3 or more.

  980. NYBUCSFAN Says:

    All you Evens ball washers do you see any team energy or anything from him? He is 2 feet out the door yeah he is competing but he isn’t the same Mike we all love.

  981. NaplesBucsFan Says:

    Let’s see if we have some Lambeau magic like the Packers had yesterday…doubtful but would be great

  982. Curse of Gruden Says:

    Can the D make a stop? Not holding my breath at this point.

  983. StormyInFl Says:

    “Jack Clark Says:
    September 25th, 2023 at 9:49 pm
    Mike Evans stopped dropping passes and baker mayfield started getting rid of the ball quicker to score touchdowns, we should have been doing that from the beginning”

    Can’t do that because coach Toilet has decreed ‘we are a running team’ and ‘he’ll be damned if he changes, just because they suck at it”.

  984. FranciscoGuzman Says:

    Crappy defense.

  985. ElioT Says:

    Hate the red / white scheme

  986. cmurda Says:

    Nice Neal. Lets be 37 yards behind the Tight End. No reason to try there.

  987. Coquiro Says:

    Quit giving them a 10 yard cushion. Ridiculous, they are wide open

  988. Since76 Says:

    Trade for gainwell he wants every yard. Not trying to lead with his back to the goal line.

  989. Steelers fan Says:

    Baker plays much betetr when the game is already over.

  990. Bobby Says:

    Defense just playing uninspired tonight

  991. Coquiro Says:

    Picking us apart because our D is way too conservative and giving them huge cushions at receivers

  992. August 1976 Buc Says:

    Baker plays much better in the no huddle, hopefully Canales and Bowles will not be ignorant but make the adjustment and run the No huddle at points in every game, not just desperation time or at the end of the first half

  993. Bucsfantim Says:

    Push sneak is SOOOOO LAAAMMMEE

  994. Gofortheface30 Says:

    Look at the interception return devin white had versus New Orleans when he was basically steamrolling and bodying people, on top of elite speed. Compare that with the most pathetic interception return tonight with an OPEN FIELD with only Jalen Hurts in front of him. Slow, plodding, weak. Not even close to the same player. Hurt or not idgaf – the difference is night and day

  995. cmurda Says:

    No body weight on the quarterback. You can have guys go behind and push the QB on a sneak. This league has gone full vagina.

  996. Coquiro Says:

    White has to go…no RB back up. 0 threat at RB and all teams will know it. Not good for next week

  997. FranciscoGuzman Says:

    Pitiful pass defense.

  998. UKBuccaneer Says:

    Laughable tackling. C’mon man

  999. Bucsfantim Says:

    SMH and that’s why the 15 yards of cushion will always be horrible

  1000. Bobby Says:

    Absolutely horrendous

  1001. Coquiro Says:

    Pitts Jr?????

  1002. HeavyE Says:

    All of the DB’s are scared on this team!!! DAMN!!!

  1003. FranciscoGuzman Says:

    Toilet Bowles.

  1004. August 1976 Buc Says:

    Picking us apart because our D is way too conservative and giving them huge cushions at receivers

    Hey Joe how about another post about how the Bucs will run a pathetic prevent defense.
    It that became all the rage in the late 80’s. It was terrible then and still is now.

  1005. cmurda Says:

    Lack of talent and bad coaching. It was captain obvious with overmatched whoever the heck was up top. STOP LINING UP 73 yards back. I hate this stupid defense. Every single defender should be on the line and force Jalen to actually make a throw. Horrendous coaching by Bowles and Canary took too long to get his head of his rectum. I put this drubbing on this coaching staff. Not even remotely competent coaching tonight.

  1006. TampaBayRudy Says:

    45 giving up and loafing on plays again 🙌💯

  1007. Ben the GA Buc Says:

    cmurda Says:
    September 25th, 2023 at 9:58 pm
    No body weight on the quarterback. You can have guys go behind and push the QB on a sneak. This league has gone full vagina.

    This. It’s bizarro world.

  1008. Salary Cap Hell Says:

    Collapsed for Caleb

  1009. Jack Sparrow Says:

    Bucs got a reality check that they are not a good team.

  1010. buccanstopit Says:

    Let’s blitz on 3rd and 13 and leave AJ Brown in soft coverage our coaches

  1011. Ben the GA Buc Says:

    We have mostly scrubs on the field at this point.

  1012. Bobby Says:

    Just good play calling

  1013. Coquiro Says:

    Lost faith on our good start. Both coaches way too passive. Just watching the game on the sidelines