Baker Mayfield Gave Dave Canales “Goosebumps”

September 5th, 2023

Bucs OC Dave Canales.

So Baker Mayfield is your starting Bucs quarterback. The announcement revolted so many outside the Tampa Bay area. And among a number of Bucs fans, it triggered bouts of depression.

So when did Bucs offensive coordinator Dave Canales realize Mayfield was his guy? It likely came when Mayfield gave Canales “goosebumps.”

In the week leading up to the first worthless preseason game, Canales admitted yesterday Trask may have been winning the race for the starting quarterback gig. No question, Trask had some better practices, Canales said.

After the first worthless preseason game, Mayfield began to demonstrate he had a stronger grasp of the offense. Then came a moment in the Glazer Shed where Canales said Mayfield had an epiphany and as a result, Canales got those goosebumps.

“Really leading up to that first preseason game, that’s where it was kind of neck and neck,” Canales said of the Mayfield-Trask competition. “Baker had a couple of days that were not great and those days Kyle [Trask] really excelled, so then the disparity was a little bigger like, ‘Oh shoot, Kyle clearly won these two or three days here.’

“Coming out of the first preseason game – and obviously not playing the starters – [with] Baker being able to get out there, command the offense, talk to the group, be in the huddle and all of that. Then we had an indoor practice one of the days after that and he launched a 67-yard post route on the money to Mike [Evans] and it was like… Here is the coverage. I could see his wheels turning, he looked, he saw Mike, everything was perfect.

“He threw the ball way down the field on the money and Mike walked in. It was just like goosebumps. ‘Woah, that was cool.’ Then he kind of built and fed off of that.”

So there you have it. It appears Mayfield got a rise from the folks who counted.

Joe still maintains that for Trask to have won the job, he would have had to play and practice head and shoulders better than Mayfield because Todd Bowles needs wins and prefers experience.

Trask didn’t do that.

46 Responses to “Baker Mayfield Gave Dave Canales “Goosebumps””

  1. SB Says:

    I just pray that those ‘goosebumps’ weren’t a ‘pre-mature ejaculation. Many?s and we just have to wait for answers as is the norm for most teams.

  2. Steven007 Says:

    Damn, I was hoping for you to drop the word worthless in there a third time just for grins. Oh well.

  3. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    “goosebumps” was a horror show for children.

    Baker Mayfield will have to earn any props from me. I expect him to start out okay…maybe even strong.

    But I also don’t think he will maintain it.

  4. ATLBuc Says:

    I want Trask to be my QB but I am pulling for Baker as long as he is the starter

  5. BillyBucco Says:

    Just win games.

  6. Mostly Peaceful Trask Fan Says:

    LOL Baker is a choke artist

  7. garro Says:

    We Shall se Joe. Mayfield is the Bucs QB.

    I hope he excels. If he can hit the long ball in games to our talented WRs. I am all in.

    In my mind Canales is just as big a question mark. I hope he too excels.

    Go Bucs!

  8. Obvious Says:

    Huh, drugs anyone?

    Look, I do believe Mayfield is the best to Start. PROBABLY FOR SELFISH REASONS MOST DON’T WANT TO TALK ABOUT! But that’s it, from what Mayfields record shows…….. However, maybe he has finally received an actual epiphany. He had BETTER because for the over health and wellbeing for the team, Trask is your guy. The money SURE works in our favor as well as Trask seems to be a very fast learner. He would be better long term and, hands down. UNLESS, that epiphany “sticks” for MUCH MORE than a fleeting moment in time. Hey, it’s possible. It’s just unlikely.

    Bottom line, Trask was pulling away with it FOR A REASON. Just as Mayfield was floundering For A Reason…. I personally NEVER SAW Trask lose ground. Not once… And all of the rest of the results including Live Action with Scrubs on Trask’s part. Not Once… LOOK, Zebras don’t change stripes and Cheetahs don’t change spots.. It will take one he!! of an actual turn around for Mayfield to keep pace. The odds are against him. But. If he can, It will be story book and worth the ride.

    Either way, Mayfield has my support unless otherwise proven to be a bone headed drug induced “Wow” on the part of the OC.

    Now, if they’re looking to tank for Caleb,, A DYNASTY LEVEL QB, then the QB SHOULD BE “………………..” You fill in the blank.

    GO BUCS!

  9. Give it a Rest, Trask Brigage Says:

    Joe, you misinterpreted what Canales said – and embellished it to make it seem Trask was doing better than he was.

    Canales did not say or imply that Trask was winning the job prior to the first preseason game. He said “neck and neck” and Trask had 2-3 good practices (which if you recall and reread the camp reports happened to be a week or so before the first preseason game). The term neck-and-neck is horse racing lingo referring to horses so close that each goes ahead of other as their heads bob back and forth while they run. –Joe Trask had his four INT practice before the first game.

    All Canales said DID say was it was close and Mayfield separated in the preseason game and the following practices. At no point did Canales say Trask was winning, just that he had 2-3 good practices that coincided with the widely reported poor stretch from Mayfield.

    And, of course, there are more than 2-3 practices in training camp.

    And let’s not forget, prior to that, Mayfield had a large lead following OTAs.

    Stop feeding the Gator fans about QB competition . It’s over.

  10. David Says:

    still maintains that for Trask to have won the job, he would have had to play and practice head and shoulders better than Mayfield because Todd Bowles needs wins.

    The question is why ? Trask basically is a rookie in his third year with the team. Trask should have won the starting position with a even competition with so much upside. He beat Baker in training camp and he played more pre-season games than Baker with an excellent game on the road against Jets.

    This was the dumbest statement by Dave C. to pick Baker based on one deep throw in an indoor field. I guess that throw was better than Trask 60 yards throw in practice against Jets all pro corner.

    We all know this was rigged from the moment they hired Baker.
    Dave C. needs to just shut his mouth live with the decision they made or he will go down with the Toilet Bowls when Baker lead them to 1-3 start.

  11. Obvious Says:

    And btw, don’t bother trying the old “well there’s no guarantee” bit in Caleb Williams case. YOU ARE WAISTING YOUR BREATH!

    Caleb Williams is a BETTER VERSION of Patrick Mahomes. The biggest difference between the two, Williams is MUCH FASTER than Mahomes with ALL THE CAPABILITIES PLUS MORE! +++++

    Don’t believe me? Do yourself a favor and go watch the highlights of this guy. He IS a BETTER version of Mahomes… In fact he’s MUCH LIKE Mahomes BUT with Break away SPEED! He can sling it from ANY POSTION with a CANNON for An ARM!

    Don’t need to take my word for it.. Go WATCH… You may Actually not feel bad about having the most lousy record this year if THAT GUY is the conciliation PRIZE!

  12. David Says:

    Does Dave C. know the qb, Baker that he is high on has the highest odds of first to be benched among all NFL starting Qb’s ?
    Here is the list;
    Baker 2/1
    Sam Howell 4/1
    Ryan Tannehill 6/1
    C.J. Stroud 7/1
    Mac Jones 7/1
    Desmond Ridder 9/1
    Anthony Richardson 10/1
    Bryce Young 12/1

  13. Obvious Says:


    Has there EVER BEEN a QB with 2 HEISMAN TROPHY’S?

    There probably WILL BE NOW!

  14. Obvious Says:

    Still waiting for my original write up to process. The rest doesn’t really make sense without it…

  15. David Says:

    So Dave C. just proved to the fan that the qb competition was rigged or he is just a F* liar. He told the fan all along the decision had not been made as late as second pre-season game. He said it could go on to as late as last week of the training camp.
    Now he is telling us that Baker became his qb1 on one useless indoor throw to Mike E. LOL.

  16. Obvious Says:

    Right now, things are going my way so I’m good with Mayfield for as long as possible…..

    Mayfield is not better than Trask. That’s the truth. BUT………

    I am DEFINITELY COOL WITH MAYFIELD BEING THE GUY so that maybe my dream of a DYNASTY LEVEL QB will come true..

    Better than Mahomes? Possibly the FIRST EVER to WIN 2 Heisman Trophies QUITE POSSIBLY? I’LL TAKE THAT ALL DAY EVERY DAY AND TWICE ON SUNDAY! Sign me up…

  17. Defense Rules Says:

    Five days and counting … then we’ll all get to see for ourselves.

  18. SufferingSince76 Says:

    Archie Griffin already has 2 Heisman’s, Obvious. Ever heard of him?

  19. Dave Pear Says:

    Some serious derangement. Ready for some real action. Worried about Mikey.

  20. Scott Says:

    I’ve wanted Trask to get the job but Mayfield has looked and played better. Hope he keeps lighting it up like he did in preseason.

  21. Just Saying Says:

    ‘Oh shoot, Kyle clearly won these two or three days here.’

    Just don’t think the coaching staff wanted that. I’m always pulling for the Bucs so I hope we win every game. LFG

  22. NE Fan Says:

    Sounds like the Carolina game, oh wait Mike dropped that one😪

  23. Joe Says:

    We all know this was rigged from the moment they hired Baker.

    If “rigged” means a coach doesn’t trust his career to a guy who has only nine attempts in three years and didn’t practice/play head and shoulders better than his competitor, sure, then it was “rigged.”

  24. Glass Half Full Guy Says:

    I think too many in the national media and other talking heads were/are still focused on “Baker ‘replacing’ the GOAT”. If any other team coming off an 8-9 record with the salary cap issues we faced had signed Mayfield, they would see it as a great move. They just focus on a “dropoff” at QB. Duh.

    The competition is over. Trask will be a solid backup this year and may even play some. I think Canales is simply stating that Mayfield has a better grasp of the offense and showed more confidence and accuracy with his throws. Canales gets paid well to know more than you or I. Have faith.

    5 more days

  25. 1#bucsfan Says:

    Only reason Bowles picked baker is cause if experience. Plain n simple. Joe said it perfectly. Bowles isn’t putting his career in the hands of a guy who has 9 pass att. In his career. Smart move for Bowles and Bowles alone. It’s not smart for the franchise. Trask was neck and neck in this SO called competition. Sorry but if baker is what some of y’all are saying then BAKER should have bin playing HEAD N SHOULDERS better than trask but he wasn’t it was so close. Why not let trask keep getting better like he has and he would have if he didn’t get benched for the more experienced guy. Not hating on baker but fact is if he does play great then that is awesome but we can’t afford him next year where trask would have kept developing great like he has bin and he would still be on a rookie contract. Go Bucs

  26. WyomingJoe Says:

    You’re drunk with hatred if you think that Trask is actually better than Mayfield. BAKER IS BETTER and that’s driving all you Trasklodytes absolutely crazy. Admit it, you’re all getting goosebumps.

  27. Capt2fish Says:


  28. Obvious Says:


    I have DEFINITELY heard THAT name before. And I suppose THAT’S my point. I clearly didn’t know he held 2 Heismans. But a name like Archie’s is Burned into memory of one of the GREATEST to ever play the game. And just like Archie, Caleb (all being equal) is going to be one of the RARE (possibly) to have a pair as well. That is How Darn GOOD and RARE he Really is.

    Now Caleb Williams (all being equal) Will Be not just a Franchise QB BUT a “Dynasty Level” QB that WILL KEEP us in contention YEAR AFTER YEAR!

    And THAT’S what I want for ALL OF US! A legit shot Every single year…

    I hope you guys don’t get mad at me, It’s just that I REALLY don’t think Mayfield is capable of doing that. We HAVE TO look at his records and realize that sometimes a Duck is a Duck…. I don’t dislike Mayfield. Quite the opposite, he’s entertaining. But he certainly isn’t elite… With Trask at least we have a maybe But I can’t get over the NON SENSE that the ORG is pedaling! BUDDY HAS AN EPIPHANY…..

    That’s a “COME ON MAN” MOMENT! And I sure as he!! DON’T mean in a good way!!!

    And Just HOW HIGH ON WEED OR DRUNK OUT OF OUR COLLECTIVE MINDS DO THEY THINK WE ARE? We maybe a bunch of arm chairm GM’s but WE’RE NOT RETARDED! WELL….. maybe some of us..

    They are treating us like a BUNCH OR ARSEHOLES!! And I DO NOT APPRECIATE IT! Licht “tends to be” more honest than most but I CERTAINLY HOPE that Canales DOESN’T follow Bowles way of thinking and treating everyone like they are Mentally Impaired! IT’S DISRESPECTFUL AND DISGRACEFUL! IT’S A BAD LOOK FROM AN ORG THAT IS ALREADY ON THIN ICE!!!!

    The Title of this article Should Be~ “HOW HIGH?” or PUFF PUFF PASS….

  29. Buddha Says:

    Listen to yourself guys. This sounds very familiar. It was rigged.Trask won. It was stolen from Trask. We are relitigating, some of us and Joe keeps stoking the fire. This was not an election. It is not decided by who shouts the loudest. The stars say Baker is the guy. Threw only one incompletion in preseason.

  30. Power Of Pewter Says:

    Mayfield was drafted by a winless team, led them to 5 wins his rookie season, and a playoff win against Steelers in year 3. He has talent. He also showed some inconsistency, not uncommon in young QBs. His growth was hampered by the Cle, Car, and Rams organizations being train wrecks. Is he Buc’s QB of the future? Dunno… he has a year to show us. No one is expecting a SB or even playoffs, expectations are low, so he just needs to relax and demonstrate he has a grasp on the offense and can lead the team.

  31. Erik Hesson - Fine Artist and Founder of Says:

    Trask looked a little overwhmed at times during that 1st preseason game… And against scrubs no less.

    I think that’s when they decided on Mayfield as the starter.

  32. WyomingJoe Says:

    @ Santanna: Trask was overwhelmed. Couldn’t process reads nearly as fast as Baker could. Doesn’t have Baker’s ELITE arm talent (see comments by Jets). Doesn’t have Baker’s touch. Failed to get 200 yards in two games against scrub defenses although he played 7 quarters. And most importantly, doesn’t give Canales goosebumps! BAKER IS BETTER.

  33. HC Grover Says:

    Threw a pass to wide open Evans……wow goose bumps….this is worry worthy.

  34. Tony Says:

    I think the goosebumps came when Baker was sucking his ding a ling

  35. 1#bucsfan Says:

    Wyomingjoe. Baker is a little better right now. Trask has more upside tho. If baker was soo much better like you say he is how come trask kept it neck and neck thru all off-season. Jason and the coaches all said it was a close race. That right there tells me all I need to know. Baker also had a head start from what canales said cause of the system the rams run is very similar to his. So if baker who you say is so much better and had a head start but yet wasn’t head n shoulders better than trask that says a lot about how good trask is coming along. Bowles is only hurting trask by not letting him get play and to keep his development going. Trask needs playing time now to develop. Give trask as many games as baker has played and he prob has better stats. Baker has proven to be a turnover machine. Stats don’t lie. I for one am rooting for baker to be successful. But if baker is Bucs prob can’t afford him next year and if trask doesn’t play this year then his development gets kicked down the road and next year we are right back to not knowing where we are at with a QB. If trask plays and does well show’s improvement and that he belongs in the league then we still got another year on a rookie contract (cheap) and can sign more players vs expensive baker if he does well and if trask doesn’t olay we’ll he prob puts us in a better position to grab a QB higher in the draft. There’s more logic and benefits to starting trask than baker. If baker does mediocre like most of his seasons he has had some good ones but more mediocre than good he keeps us out of reach for playoffs and drafting a QB.

  36. DBS Says:

    Trask just played almost 2 complete preseason games Scored 2 TD’s Get it through your heads you too Son of Trask. Then nothing but field goals. Maybe in a 2 min game and they need a FG they bring him in because that is what he has proven he is best at. But he has not proven he is THE starter. If you don’t like the decision guess what? The coaches don’t care.

  37. WyomingJoe Says:

    Trask DOES NOT have more upside than Baker. Are you guys dreaming? He’s 25 for God’s sake, not 21! If he had anything special he would have shown it by now. Give that dream a rest. BAKER IS BETTER. MUCH BETTER. Goosebumps!

  38. 1#bucsfan Says:

    Wyomingjoe you’re the one dreaming or trippin on acid. If you really think that. Coaches know more than you and they said trask was neck and neck. Not baker was so much better. Put the crack pipe down.

  39. kaimaru69 Says:


    I did watch 2022 highlights, there is no way he is better than Mahommes. Definitely not as accurate, plus he plays from a much cleaner pocket then Mahommes ever has

  40. steele Says:

    Rah Rah Canales….goosebumps over Baker Mayfield….a meme that writes itself.

  41. Larrd Says:

    I think all these fanboys badmouthing Baker are just trying to hide the thrill up their legs.


  42. M milligan Says:

    Mayfield gonna light it up vs vikes
    Vikes most overrated in league last yr
    Didn’t even read comments above
    Most don’t know sht
    I’ll check back after W

  43. M milligan Says:

    Kaimaru69 probably right but go back to Mahomes TT va Ou BM
    Most yardage in CF history
    You will give the nod to Mahomes in that one to
    Career game for Nixon shot mahomey down lol

  44. Mitch Says:

    Here is my prediction for Baker.. just throwing out there so we can see it January..
    Comeback player of the year
    Running for mvp player
    Conference championship and then division title and that’s where I will stop.. as a bucs fan I say we win division then onto the Super Bowl.. we need our defense to step it up.. to many easy drives, poor tackling and we need forced turnovers. we need the whole team to step up

    Either way we are Buc Fans. I hope for a great and healthy season for all the players.. Lucky to be going to Sundays game in Minnesota..
    LETS Go Bucs!!!

  45. Steelers fan Says:

    Baker wont last past the bye, ANYONE with a ounce of football knowledge knows that Trask not only won but won BIG thats why the comp was shut down early and quickly. Baker Mayfield, has the top odds to be the first starting NFL quarterback benched this season. 2-1

    I cant wait till these looser Bakers boys and thier unbelievable grip on reality crumbles in thier face. The only thing “Baking’ is your brains.

    Trask is a franchise QB and will step up BIG when his time comes unlike Baker whos gonna choke like always!

    And you can take that straight to the bank just like the odds say.

  46. Student of the Game Says:

    Don’t quit your day job to become professional football gambler Steelers fan. You must still be butt hurt Cleveland led by Mayfield beat you in the playoffs. Film doesn’t lie. Trask was overwhelmed against watered down 1st team defense in the preseason. Baker had 1 incompletion. You are right that it wasn’t even close. Just not the guy you and the Trasklodytes want.