Todd Bowles Praises All Three QBs

August 12th, 2023

Competing Kyle Trask.

The film review is in from last night’s first preseason game.

Todd Bowles was up early this morning talking to media, and he weighed in on the quarterback play that has the interest of all Bucs fans.

Bowles was rather politicial, meaning he did not elaborate much.

“I thought they all had poise and handled themselves very well,” Bowles said. “Kyle [Trask] let one get away on the long-yardage situation. But other than that I thought they played well.”

Bowles also noted the good decision-making from his QBs, Baker Mayfield, John Wolford and Trask.

On first-time playcaller Dave Canales, Bowles didn’t offer much. “I thought he did a good job playcalling,” Bowles said.

33 Responses to “Todd Bowles Praises All Three QBs”

  1. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Wolford looked better than I thought he would….and Pickett looked good against our 2nd string.

  2. Craig Says:

    Winner was Wolford. I don’t think talent had anything to do with it, it was just knowledge of how the offense is supposed to work.

    Trask tried to use some touch on the throw. It turned into rainbow lollipops and such. It did wake him up and he got his new mechanics back on board.
    6 of 10 for 99 yards it passable with what he had to work with.

    Mayfield is one lucky SOB. If not for the touchdown he was going backwards.

    I like the idea of sustained drives and none of them looked good for that, yet.

  3. Mostly Peaceful Trask Fan Says:

    Mayfield got pressured 11.1% of his dropbacks

    Trask 38.5%

    That right side of the line wilted while Trask was under center.

    Penalties too. Trask got snake bit there.

    Undoubtedly Baker had the better night though.

    Remember next weekend will be Trask’s first start in any NFL game. It will be good for him to get these reps.

    If you play defense and field position and keep it close, Baker can shine. But as I said when they signed him. He’s not an explosive player. Dink and dunk and make a throw here and there.

    Trask has better upside but needs the reps.

    Look at Kenny Pickett. Struggled last season then played excellent over last 7 games. Now the Steelers have a young QB primed for this season.

    Bucs not willing to develop a QB. Instead we’re getting Captain Checkdown.

    It’s not going to matter though – this team really struggled last night. Then again half the starters were out. Next weekend maybe we’ll get a better idea of what this team is going to look like.

  4. TheBucsAnthem Says:

    It’s pretty bad when Wolford looked better playing with 3rd stringers than Trask who been with this team playing with 2nd stringers??????

    Cmon now……. we all know Trask will be a career journeyman QB in the NFL…..Trask isn’t even as good as most teams backup QBs.

    Time to move on from Trask.

  5. View from 132 Says:

    He woke up early to say less than nothing.

  6. StormyInFL Says:

    Trask had the SAME LINE as Mayfield did. So give me a break on that excuse. What it is, is that the line stunk for both of them, just Mayfield’s pocket presence and ability to not resemble a statue helped. Mayfield’s mobility helped bail out that crap show of a right side.

    It was practice interceptions were downplayed. Game ones? Not so much. So that dog doesn’t hunt, either. It was a bad decision and a bad throw. Period. There was literally nothing in Trask’s performance that said ‘he’s the starter’.

    Yards per attempt – nice stat cherry picking here by the Gainesville mafia. Congrats = you found one stat where he actually looked better, but honestly, it doesn’t matter. If Mayfield’s getting 7 yards a clip, that will move the chains, if they can find anything remotely resembling a running game. Trask’s 9 yards per won’t mean anything if he’s eating sacks and throwing picks.

    Right now, Mayfield is clear leader in the clubhouse, and quite honestly, should get the start next week with the ones. He needs to build chemistry with them, since it’s painfully obvious he’s all but won the job.

  7. Give it a Rest, Trask Bridge Says:

    The Florida fans moving goal posts around, dancing around, blaming anything possible on anyone but Trask, while downplaying Mayfield is amusing.

    I expected better play from Trask based on the ‘reports’ from training camp, but as I said at the time, they seemed embellished and overblown, and finally getting to see Trask not mitigated by reporter’s biases and embellishments, I could see far too many skills he’s not developed yet to be an NFL starter — Including:

    –managing the oline protections
    –moving the pocket
    –not locking onto his first read
    –not staring down his receivers (
    –his velocity causes him to throw high
    –his footwork did him no favors
    –he held onto the ball too long (especially for the Canales 2.7 second offense)
    –he did not step up in the pocket, but also did not roll out well
    –he did not respond to pressure well

    Wolford played leagues better than Trask. If this is an authentic competition as the Trask fans have been pining for, they’ll give the backup job to Wolford, stow Trask on the practice squad so he can spend a few months running the scout team against the Bucs defense and maybe fix his issues.

  8. Jeff’s grandpa Says:

    Gaytor bois ain’t real happy this morning excuses are plenty

  9. Bucsmarley Says:

    Glad you guys are here to set it straight. Trask is awful because he threw an interception 😂😂😂. Glad we came to this conclusion in 1 qtr of preseason. Sometimes you guys are idiots

  10. Infomeplease Says:

    I think this offense will be exciting. The OLine needs work. The offense and team as a whole needs to eliminate the penalties. They beat themselves to often last season and if they don’t play with more discipline then this season will get ugly! Last night’s game film can be used as a great teaching tool!! Let’s hope the coaches can aim this team in the right direction!

  11. Give it a Rest, Trask Bridge Says:

    Trask’s interception was less concerning than all of the core starter skills he did not display last night.

    The interception, however, was a function of his lacking those skill – either from him having an underdeveloped skillset, or entirely lacking that skillset.

    By comparison, Wolford showed responses to pressure, moving and shifting the defense and not locking onto reads (at least as often).

    Locking onto reads is amongst the worst traits a QB can have, as starting NFL safeties will punish it.

    I saw Trask do that live repeatedly. I will watch the ALL22 to see if it was consistent, or only when he was behind the sticks.

  12. D Cone Says:

    O-line was at a disadvantage. Having to play in the Heat against fresh players continually coming in they were worn out by halftime. Hard to compare QB play when one has 50% less support.

  13. Give it a Rest, Trask Bridge Says:

    The excuse that the oline was gassed does not explain the sack and interception on the first Trask drive, which immediately followed Mayfield. In other words, the oline immediately got worse when Trask entered the game–which leads to the more likely conclusion that Trask is an easier sack and cannot manage the protections or maneuver in the pocket.

    The offense was also well rested because of Pittsburgh sustaining longer drives.

    Last night was predictable based on reporter’s praise of Trask’s “mobility” and short scrambles in Training Camp. The no contact rules give QBs (and observers) a very false sense of handling pressure.

    I found those reports concerning, especially, in comparison to Mayfield who is a known scrambler having by most accounts one to two scrambles.

  14. David Says:

    This is a scam by the Bucs. There has never been a true qb competitions.
    Baker has been throwing picks left and right so far in the training camps. He plays the first pre-season game and they designed so many safe check downs short passes for him to avoid picks. Trask comes in and have him to throw 10 plus long balls including a 20 plus throw on a third and long with the crappy OL.

    Bake had no explosive plays as Todd B. said at the half time just to manage the offense. That is a good news for Mike E. and Chris G.

  15. Oneilbuc Says:

    Again if Baker Mayfield was as good as some of yall believe than why is this his 4th team in 6 years? Lol 😂😂😂

  16. Give it a Rest, Trask Bridge Says:

    @Oneilbuc there is a wonderful amount of journalism all about the circumstances of why

    –Mayfield left the Browns (he asked to be traded when they pursued & failed to get Watson. People also forget the Browns refused to trade him until they made the 250million blunder for the sexual predator). There relationship had already soured following pretty clear evidence that Stefanski played Mayfield hurt to pave the way for the predator.

    –traded & arrived (late) on a terrible Panther’s team ready to fire Matt Rhule, had to suffer through a show competition splitting reps and then (now jobless) McAdoo. Mayfield took the blame for Rhule and then asked to be released when they didn’t want to play him and give up a fourth round pick instead of a fifth round pick.

    –the Rams owing Stafford 50 million guaranteed to start. Some Ram’s insiders suspected Mayfield would get the starting gig if Stafford’s neck injury retired him.

    You should read into it. Lots of context why Mayfield moved between 3 teams in ONE year.

  17. Give it a Rest, Trask Bridge Says:

    Having said all that, Mayfield’s worth or not is irrelevant to the fact that Trask looks to be is the worst of three quarterbacks the room in actual games.

    Wolford showed yesterday he should be QB2, until Trask shows he can play consistently in live games.

  18. Give it a Rest, Trask Bridge Says:

    Welp, first post got lost in posting, so second posts reference makes little sense.

  19. Proudbucsfan Says:

    I love my Bucs but I cannot be optimistic here. The clear picture is that Tomlin had his team ready to play and Bowles did not. Win’s preseason or not” build confidence within a team. Loosing makes players second guess their abilities. We keep losing preseason games, last season we didn’t even win one. Bowles should be out by 8 games. I would love to be wrong because if I am I’ll be the first to eat crow. The whole team looked blank and unmotivated to win

  20. Wild Bill Says:

    Poor coaching, poor game planning, terrible game to watch. BOORING!

  21. Oneilbuc Says:

    Give it rest. I was rooting for Baker Mayfield when he was in Cleveland. But after what I saw last year I was done with him . I get it Baker Mayfield is the only player in the history of the NFL that gets a pass for playing on his 4th team in 6 years regardless of position. And as far as Trask some of yall don’t like the guy because he played at UF and I’m not apart of the state of Florida college rivals at all . But go look at the type of throws Baker Mayfield made 3 yards, 7 yards than another 3 yards than the 8 yard TD he threw was a good throw. And he completed a 20 yard throw. A offense like that ain’t winning nothing. Trask had one pick and that was a 3rd and 19 . Baker Mayfield was gifted the starting quarterback job and I hope he plays well because and we win to many games to draft a quarterback in the first round. But I have no faith in Baker Mayfield playing good this year. He’s really a first round bust just like Sam Donald, Josh Rosen . I have to agree with Colin Cowherd on this one and I don’t agree with 90% of what he says .

  22. WyomingJoe Says:

    Give it a Rest … is correct about Mayfield’s departure from the Browns, being traded to a terrible team like the Panthers, and the fact that McVay really wanted him to stay with the Rams. I think that Trask is good, but Mayfield is much better. Mayfield was able to move inside and outside the pocket and made adjustments so that the Steelers couldn’t maul him like they did to Trask. As you Trask fans said all during training camp, “you gotta protect the football!” Baker did and Trask didn’t. More importantly, you gotta be able to throw TDs. Mayfield will generate TDs. He’s gotta be the starter. Go Bucs.

  23. WyomingJoe Says:

    Btw, has anyone heard anything about other media denying what Ira said about Baker starting game 1 against the Vikings?

  24. D Cone Says:

    Let’s not compare Mayfield stats to Trasks. Here is the Colt QB numbers against the Bills today.

    Ehlinger 8 of 9 for 72 yards
    Richardson (36 million Wonderboy) 7 of 12 for 67 1 INT 2 Rushes for 7
    Minshew (Vet) 6 of 6 for 72 yards.

    Panthers 36 million Wonderboy looked like he needed another year or two at OSU the other night. Threw a Pick also.

    Got a couple more weeks to get the wrinkles out.

  25. Oneilbuc Says:

    Wyoming. You can keep believing that crap all you want again name another quarterback that was on his 4th team and 6 years and people gave them a pass especially being the number one over all pick ? Look I hope he plays well this year but the bucs are tanking this year so it really doesn’t matter. I hope the bucs don’t draft a quarterback next year.

  26. D Cone Says:

    I was wrong. Texanas 30 million Wonderboy played the othe night. # Onedboy is playing now

  27. Bucanero Says:

    just give the keys to Mayfield already. Everyone can see a fake competition from a mile away

  28. Oneilbuc Says:

    He’s been gifted the starting job so it really doesn’t matter how he plays on the field. They lied to us bro I kinda knew they would give to Mayfield anyway. But Joe bucs fan helped the Glazers sale Baker Mayfield to sale tickets they knew it was never a competition.

  29. ghost Says:

    the majority of Trasks passing yards were YAC

  30. D Cone Says:

    ghost Says:

    the majority of Trasks passing yards were YAC

    Isn’t that the Idea? Never saw an 80 yard touchdown travel the whole way in the Air.

  31. David Says:

    Agreed. This is a joke. Trask will not survive with this offense and weak OL with no time to drop back to throw. This offense is set with the minimal time to throw while extending plays which is better suitable for qb like Baker with no drop backs due to his inferior hight. Unfortunately for Baker most of defensive coaches have figured how to strain such qb plays from escaping the pocket into throwing within. That is how Baker has been leading NFL in interceptions for the past three years throwing over taller D-line or getting his passes batted.

    Trask would have at least a TD if OL held up just for a second longer or three of his receivers killing drives by dropping sure passes hitting their hands.

  32. David Says:

    Let’s see;
    1. Bucs win a super bowl with Tom B. and draft a qb round two name Trask to his possible future replacement with the same attributes and playing styles.
    2. They keep him even off the sidelines on Sundays. Not even as a back up.
    3. Brady retires.
    4. Fire the OC.
    5. Hire a new OC named Dave C. with completely different system basically disregarding their investment in their second round qb named Trask.
    6. Desperately hire a failed qb out of the scrab bin name Baker to match their newly placed system due to their limited salary cap.

    The last night loss was just a tip of the iceberg with dark days to come for the Bucs club who hasn’t have any interest in investing in his own young drafted qb’s.

    Bucs wants us the fans celebrate a TD by the one of the most failed No.1 overall qb in the past few years in a pre-season against a team with their 2ed team defense.
    Welcome to a 5-12 season with Baker and a dark future darker than the dark invaders.

  33. Tim R. Says:

    Trask was the best by far. He was under heavy pressure on 40 percent of his plays. The penalties are far to many. The truth of judgement of the quarterback position should only be done with the starting players. Mayfield can not throw down field worth a damn. If you think his short passes were good we will be in for a long loosing season. Trask will continue to shine in practice. Not playing with the starting players in a game time role is not going to get the job done.