Telling Poll On Bucs Quarterbacks

August 16th, 2023

Lacking quality traits, per BSPN.

It’s the dog days of August and most football fans are trying to burrow their way through the sludge of preseason — and the endless articles and video pieces of some guy from East Cornfield State who will someday be in Canton.

General stories on physical traits of players is all the rage.

For example, Bruce Feldman of The Athletic published his annual, highly-anticipated Freaks List. (Two Bucs rookies on Feldman’s 2022 list may be starting on defense for the Bucs this fall, Calijah Kancey and YaYa Diaby).

BSPN isn’t much different. They published this season’s top-10 quarterbacks in 10 different categories: arm strength, accuracy, touch, mechanics, field vision, decision-making, compete level and toughness, in the pocket, rushing ability and second reaction.

Joe is sorry to inform that neither Baker Mayfield nor Kyle Trask found themselves in the top-10 in any of these categories.

Panelists were Matt Bowen, Tim Hasselbeck, Matt Miller, Dan Orlovsky, Jason Reid, Jordan Reid, Mike Tannenbaum, Seth Walder and Field Yates.

However, Mayfield did get one vote for arm strength. Trask didn’t receive a vote in any category.

So for those who scratch their heads wondering why Bucs quarterbacks are getting so much hate from national sources, this is an example of why.

Football folks outside the Tampa Bay area don’t think the Bucs have a quality signal-caller.

But you know what? Both Mayfield and Trask have the ability to prove these naysayers dead wrong.

23 Responses to “Telling Poll On Bucs Quarterbacks”

  1. DS Says:

    Glad we have terrible QBs lol the tank won’t look super intentional. Welcome to Tampa Caleb or Drake

  2. Craig Says:

    No one knows what Trask can really do or be.

    He had a decent game against the Steelers, given no line support. Then he threw an interception and every one tossed him in front of a speeding bus.

    Mayfield’s record is abysmal, so what makes anyone think he is top tier for?

    We might know more in a week, but right now there is no statistical data for them to be better.

    Unless the O-line gels there never will be decent data on either and Mayfield might look better.

    That is why they play the games, if AI finds a way to bat 1,000 on prognostication games mean something, especially if Canales can cut a way out of the box Leftie built.

  3. BucU Says:

    If Ryan Jensen won’t be playing then all bets are off for me. Doesnt matter whos QB1.We played this game all last season with this mystery injury. Will he? Won’t he?
    Looks like the game continues…

  4. Buc Fan in CO Says:

    This is a fantastic time to remind everybody how often the experts and pundits and league/team execs are DEAD WRONG in their assessments and opinions and predictions.

  5. Infomeplease Says:

    Man that chip on the Buc’s shoulder is getting BIG!! They better use my it!

  6. Buddha Says:

    Baker Mayfield had an 11-5 season. I would not call that abysmal. The potential is there. Ridiculous how so many fans do not want him to succeed here. He was once a walk-on and a bottom of the heap school. You would think that fans would want him to succeed, be rooting for him, identify with him. What did he ever do to turn fans against him?. The hatred is a strange phenomenon.

  7. Tbbucs3 Says:

    “Ridiculous how so many fans do not want him to succeed here”

    Believe it or not lots of Trask stans/Gator boys will be rooting against BM like they did with Winston. Real “fans”

  8. JD Still Says:

    It depends on who you ask, I have read evaluations of Kyle Trask that said he was a younger, taller , stronger, and faster version of Tom Brady with the same accuracy , arm strength and work ethic , all that needs to be added is the experience , which will come with with game experience.

  9. Dew Says:

    Speaking of Freeks, Wirfs was saying undrafted FA Markees Watts on the DL really is a awesome athlete with some great moves. I never heard of the guy before.

  10. Dusthty Rhothdes Says:

    BSPN & Feldman are jokes to real journalists like Ira, Mizell and Tom McEewn of the bucs history; now you got BSPN’s local person and feldman. LFG bucs; seems the main weakness of the bucs is the OL and the fact that Bowels did not adresss the coaches of this unit is strange

  11. Joe Says:

    BSPN & Feldman are jokes to real journalists like Ira, Mizell and Tom McEewn of the bucs history; now you got BSPN’s local person and feldman.

    Where exactly was Feldman critical of the Bucs? Joe thinks it is a good thing he had two (future) Bucs players on his Freaks List last season.

    It’s now bad to have athletic defensive players possibly starting? Why?

  12. JD Still Says:

    Buc fan in CO: Good point, it would be interesting to go back twenty years and dig up some of their articles and see what they wrote about a part time starting quarterback out of Michigan ,( who shall remain nameless), who was a sixth round draft pick and who ,at the time, was a fourth string Patriot quarterback behind a starting quarterback named Drew Bledsoe, who was the highest paid quarterback in the league .

  13. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Buddha Says
    “Baker Mayfield had an 11-5 season. I would not call that abysmal. The potential is there.”

    It really isn’t.

    Baker Mayfield is a trap. He has the potential to win maybe 5 games this year…just enough to take us out of the running for a top QB in the draft.

    And there is absolutely zero chance he is the QB of the future. His ball security is in the pits…be it interceptions or fumbling.

    Our OC is a rookie OC…no reason to believe he can turn Mayfield around, especially since nationally, everyone knows he had little to do with Geno.

    A mostly new OL too…which means Baker will be scrambling for his life.

    But…he is 1-6 for good seasons in his career?

    That’s not potential…that’s trap and bust.

  14. Lt. Dan Says:

    East Cornfield State..ahhhhh yes – my alma mater. East Cornfield State Cow Tippers.

  15. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Tbbucs3 Says
    “Believe it or not lots of Trask stans/Gator boys will be rooting against BM like they did with Winston.”

    Okay, so here’s the thing…

    …you may be right…not that I personally rooted against Winston once he was our QB.

    But unless Baker Mayfield earns my respect, he ain’t getting my respect. And that is not because Trask was a Gator. I do not even care about college ball to be honest.

    But I WILL be rooting against Mayfield. But clearly not for the reasons you may think.

    Though I call myself a Traskmaster, that is only because the Bucs NEVER give young QBs a fair shake if drafted outside of the first round.

    Trask is entering his third year. He was drafted for a reason. The only development he has had is practicing with Brady. And yet…he has no regular season game experience (unless you want to count him kneeling in one game).

    So, yes…I am completely convinced that Baker Mayfield is not the guy who will lead us into the future.

    I am not clear whether Trask is…but no one really is. The kid has barely more experience than a rookie…and the fans have had no real exposure to him.

    People expect him to be perfect out of the gates, and that’s just not realistic. It’s going to take some games for him to adjust to the speed of live games. So that means patience from the fans is required.

    And don’t tell me his college experience should have prepared him for the speed in the games, because every football players who ever played in the NFL has said there is a huge difference.

    So yes, his passes will be off on timing…leading to a couple picks. But what he needs is to keep going out on the field so he can try to adjust.

    If he gets 6 full regular season games under his belt and still does not improve? Then a decision should be made whether he stays in to become a more experienced backup or not…but either way, it would lead to an improved offense next year. Assuming we have a new coach.

  16. Jack Burton Mercer Says:

    I used to read Feldman quite a bit when he was free and I enjoyed the freaks list. It’s fun. Now I’m not going to get my feelings hurt if my QB is not on someone’s list of opinions about their traits or performance. Gotta win games to get on this list. Do things that get you noticed (in a good way).

    We’re starting over in a sense and have a chance to be ascendant. Could be a lot of fun this year.

  17. Thisisouryear!! Says:

    All this crap about not cheering for whoever qb is IS BEYOND RIDICULOUS!!! The only reason I never cheered for Winston was his rap sheet. Both are quality individuals, whoever starts I’m all in. I hope Baker turns his career around and Trask continues to develop. Whoever it is, Godwin and Evans are a huge bonus!!

  18. kyle Says:

    can we please fast forward to april 24? this is going to be the biggest kick in the balls since the dirk diggler, and that idiot winston days…

  19. Hey Craig Says:

    Craig, everyone here understands that you have an above average vocabulary. Additionally, everyone understands you have an agnostic approach towards the quarterback situation in Tampa Bay with a tendency of leaning against Baker and you are clearly a Trask guy. No need to comment on every article anymore. Consider yourself heard.

  20. Toad Bowels Says:

    3rd string QB John Wolford may be the answer.

    After all, the 3rd string QB for the Rams won the job last year.

  21. Crickett Baker Says:

    Billy Joel says:
    “You may be right
    I may be crazy
    Oh, but it just may be a lunatic you’re looking for
    It’s too late to fight
    It’s too late to change
    You may be wrong for all I know
    But you may be right”

    This sums up the comments. 🙂

  22. garro Says:

    “Panelists were Matt Bowen, Tim Hasselbeck, Matt Miller, Dan Orlovsky, Jason Reid, Jordan Reid, Mike Tannenbaum, Seth Walder and Field Yates.”

    Now that is a star studded lineup…Of guys that should have kept their day job.

    Go Bucs!

  23. HA-HA-HA Says:

    Can we fast forward…. to the draft and #1 pick?
    Didn’t that happen about 8 years ago?
    How’s that franchise QB working out?