Slovenly Bucs

August 11th, 2023

Joe doesn’t want to hear about scrubs and camp meat playing. It was happening with projected Bucs starters on the field in the first quarter too.

Didn’t the first Bucs drive of the game look exactly like former offensive coordinator SpongeBob Leftwich scripted the possession? Three runs up the gut and on third-and-two, a false start.

Somewhere in Kansas City, Donovan Smith is laughing.

The new offense sure looked like the old offense.

A gruesome 12 penalties were pined on the Bucs Friday night in their first preseason game against the Steelers.

Seemingly every time the Bucs made a decent play, with the exception of Baker Mayfield to a skywalking Trey Palmer in the back of the end zone (excellent body control to get both feet down), there was a GD flag on the turf of The Licht House.

Stop it!


Did the Steelers play a game last week Joe didn’t know about? They had camp meat out on the field, too. Pittsburgh had half the penalties the Bucs had.

Just terribly sloppy, slovenly, dumb play. Joe is trying not to go crazy here. Preseason really doesn’t mean jack s(p)it.

But dang, this team, especially the offense, has to clean up a whole lot of feces if they want to be Minnesota-Ready.

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  1. Vlad The Impaler Says:

    Definitely looks like a classic Toad Bowels team

  2. Rod Munch Says:

    Were the Bucs, in camp, at the same level of preparation as they’ve been in past year? Monitoring via Joe’s camp notes, it didn’t seem like they as far along as they’ve been in the past. I know they said they made some changes to routines due to ‘science’ and stressing reducing injuries, which seems to have worked so far, but has that meant they’re further behind than usual?

    It’s purely a question, not a statement, as I really don’t know – but reading the notes it just seems like they should be further along.

  3. Oddball Says:

    Is that photoshopped? There’s like 8 flags in that one frame!

  4. Joe Says:

    I know they said they made some changes to routines due to ‘science’ and stressing reducing injuries, which seems to have worked so far, but has that meant they’re further behind than usual?

    It’s possible. Part of it, Joe believes, is Tomlin is just a damn good coach and probably more demanding of his players. They were ready to hit tonight. Not sure the Bucs were.

  5. Vlad The Impaler Says:

    On a lighter note:
    I googled “toad bowels” and it asked me if I meant Todd Bowles.
    I said no, search instead for toad bowels.
    Wow! Toads can take massive, massive dumps!
    Literally 1/2 the size of their entire body.
    Who knew the irony?

  6. Knucknbuc Says:

    This is the epitome of a Todd Bowles team for the life of me he has some type of black magic…. Because I sure as spit don’t know how he formulated a team that has so many penalties and missed tackles and just general lack of cohesion and somehow still make most game generally close.

  7. Jack Clark Says:

    So our gameplay invalidates our coaches words?! Duh…

  8. Vlad The Impaler Says:

    That “no Brady upside” is apparent:
    The upside is that the demands on players are a lot lower

  9. Rod Munch Says:

    Thanks for the response Joe, and I’d certainly agree with you on Tomlin.

    But what about focusing on some good news.

    Jake Camarda was in pro-bowl form tonight, 6 punts, 47.7 yard average, and 3 inside the 20.

    With Bowles as the HC, I got a feeling Camarda might end up being an ALL PRO.

  10. Fred McNeil Says:

    Yeah, Joe, your words are true. Goedeke in particular stunk the place up.
    But there were positives too. Cam Gill ompreßsed me…you (both) are sack enthusiasts. #10 Palmer was a gem. Diaby was promising. Thompkins was a Gem. Trask and Mayfield played reasonably well.
    We are going to win at least 9 games this year.
    We are going to be good. Mark my words.

  11. Fred McNeil Says:

    If I have to choose a goat, and I mean small letter goat…it’s goedeke. Tommo4row I’ll rewatch.

  12. Fred McNeil Says:

    I’ve had my fill of football tonight.

  13. Topcoach_78 Says:

    Plain and simple Goedeke is trash! Stop bargain shopping in the early rounds for O lineman from small schools it worked one time now its every year for Licht!

  14. firethecannons Says:

    Todd Bowles is responsible for all this mess, along with Canales–the illegal formation penalties just unforgiveable!

  15. Rod Munch Says:

    Calm down ladies.

    Cappa, in his 2nd preseason, looked like complete trash. He was terrible, couldn’t block anything or anyone. The talk in the comments was all about the Bucs needing to trade for a guard or they’d get Winston killed.

    Then the regular season started, and he was good.

  16. Oxycondomns Says:

    Slovenly- i feel more educated than 30 seconds ago

  17. LongSeason Says:

    Reasons for penalties. Poor technique not fixed because coaching is poor. Not paying attention to details. Not enough film study. Too much partying. Living the life of a football player rather than being a football player. Not caring about how bad you are. Playing just for a paycheck. Bucs are probably guilty of all those infractions. That’s why we will go 0-17 this year and the next. Let’s just smash or old record of 0-26. Let’s go for 0-38.
    Bye bye Bucs hello Yucs.

  18. Dave Pear Says:

    The simple truth is, Todd Bowles is now standing naked before the NFL. Last year he had all kinds of excuses (and also the greatest to ever play the game). Now it’s his staff, his culture, his players. And the first public display is reminiscent of a 33 year old Raheem Morris. Cmon, coach Bowles, fix your tackling and blocking. It’s football. Let Antoine lead the tackling clinic. It’s your job, Todd, not ours.

  19. Aaron Says:

    felt so far away from Pitt – Go Bucs

  20. Derek Says:

    Looks like a divorce was what Donovan Smith was going through last year. Him and his ex have scrubbed all pics of each other on IG.

  21. Crickett Baker Says:

    I am not as down as some of you. Penalties are common with a bunch of rooks in their first game. We even would probably have won without them. The missed tackles were a problem but the rooks haven’t really been able to practice them and have little “muscle memory” for NFL tackling. I don’t see a reason for Canales’s schemes, but I do hope he will improve. I saw some great attitude. I think we are going to see a much better game next week and am pretty positive. I also really enjoyed Wolford’s 95-yard touchdown drive.

  22. HC Grover Says:

    Welcome to the Year of the Bowles Curse.

  23. BUCS/Noles fan84 Says:

    Please,please fire Licht He got lucky with having connections to Brady but now that he’s gone Please,Please, Pretty Please Fire this guy he sucks at drafting !!! If you want to know what good drafting looks like look at Brandon Bean in Buffalo or the AD in Kansas City. Damn does this guy blow it every year in the draft besides one guy here or there? And that’s the truth!!!!

  24. HC Grover Says:

    HC….Fail…DC…Fail. Season…F Troop. The Tampa Bay F Troop. It will just get worse.
    Worst player move in Buc History= Get rid of Mason and Smith then compound the Bowles Blunder by moving Wires to LT.
    Instant cuts…Ko and Luke. Get them out.

  25. Bucschamp Says:

    And they said it’s a new offense ………..

  26. MadMax Says:

    Sloppy everywhere except a few guys…refs sloppy too, i saw a hold called that wasnt….all good…thats why we have preseason….get everyone warmed up! lol

  27. MadMax Says:

    AND F U for saying fire Licht, whatever your name is…haha, if there was a short bus for people, adults, but you were forced to ride a bus to wherever, you’re not allowed on the bus normal people ride….just saying

  28. Rossta Says:

    It’s a good year to put the Orange uniforms on because to me it represents a losing culture, and they’re going to be losing team this year. We all understand it’s preseason, but the team seemed unprepared. Pittsburgh with all 3 quarterbacks, just shredded the Bucs. Give me A break maybe they really are gonna tank, and the offense line was awful just awful. I know it’s one preseason game, but they better get their crap together. It’s gonna be a long season. learn learn how to tackle.

  29. steele Says:

    Mayfield clearly better than Trask in this game. Wolford (whose mechanics remind me of Brad Johnson’s? Do you guys agree?) also looked better than Trask. The two guys with experience. Besides the QB battle, the team looked predictably bad. What improvements, Bowles? What genius offense, Canales?

    So of course “it’s just preseason, none of it matters”. Okay…

  30. Hodad Says:

    Remind me again why we didn’t fire our O line coaches with Leftwich?

  31. Defense Rules Says:

    SLOVENLY sums it up perfectly Joe. Penalties are avoidable IMO, and they’re not the mark of a well-coached team. I agree with those who say ‘Whoa, it’s just preseason Game 1′ but still, 12 penalties?

    The breakdown on the penalties was kinda interesting (9 of the 12 were on the offense):

    o 5 OLine penalties (2 of them on Mauch)
    o 4 WR penalties (OPI, illegal formation, false start, face mask)
    o 2 CB penalties (DPI & illegal contact)
    o 1 S/Ts penalty (holding)

    And they were costly, as usual. Offensive penalties were drive killers mostly, although 1 offensive holding penalty negated a TD by Tucker, and another face mask penalty negated a 38-yard pass play. The one defensive PI was for 38 yards & resulted in a Steelers’ FG.

  32. NCBucfan Says:

    Tomlin is 10 times the head coach Bowles is. Every time our running back had a decent run, there was a holding call. I still like Sean Tucker, I really hope she makes the squad.

  33. Fansince76 Says:

    The offense sucked period, except Baker who looked freaking good so there’s that anyways.
    Baker is the Bucs starter game 1.
    Right side of O line is a huge issue which has to be resolved ASAP.

  34. Scott Says:

    Edmonds looked great. That line is horrendous. Girdle can not keep starting playing like that.

  35. Scott Says:


  36. Canabuc Says:

    Reading through a few of the articles and a lot of the comments you would think this guy is falling.

    I am going to try to be the voice of reason and optimism for the following:

    First off we did not play 15 starters yesterday. Considering that there are 22 starters on offense on defense not including special teams that is significant. Our top running back and our top three receivers were not out there nor was our top tight end.

    The offensive line play was definitely poor especially on the right side and that is my main concern. However realize that some of those runs to the right that got no yardage might have gone to the left if Feiler and Wirfs were playing.

    I think some of the offensive line penalties also have to do with the fact that in addition to having a new rookie and get a key playing his second ever game as a pro at right tackle that there would be some growing pains. Additionally what we seem to forget is that this is a brand new scheme and the style of offensive line play when from a power rush scheme to a zone scheme and that takes a bit of time for people to adjust to as it is a different form of blocking.

    On defense just imagine if Vita KanseyDavis Dean David and White were all playing..

    Let’s also not forget that this was the first time the Dave Canales was calling a real game. Over time I expect in the preseason that he will develop more rhythm and flow and realize what plays are more effective. We are also using very vanilla offense and defensive schemes in the preseason so again I would not be that concerned just yet.

    My biggest area for concern would be the offensive line. I think the contingency would be to either move Tristan Wirfs back to right tackle or to move Feiler there and then place stinnie or Leverett on the left side.

  37. Buc4evr Says:

    Right side of O line is a mess. Illegal formations- really ? With such a simple offense. Kieft – my god that guy was bad. Poor RBs, they will never have a chance with this O line. Third or fourth and short – better to pass.

    Biggest takeaway for me is that Trask isn’t very good and the O line is even weaker than last year. Big disappointment to see a team with so little discipline. That is on the coaches.

  38. Colonel Angus Says:

    Preseason game 1, there is no game planning. New offense with a first time play caller, he’s gonna run basic plays. I’m not worried about Canales. Now the penalties, that needs fixin’ real quick. We ain’t getting the Brady effect on that no more!

  39. Brandonbucc Says:

    This team is awful.

  40. TOMMY MORDUE Says:


  41. TampaBayBucsFanSince1976 Says:

    On Picketts 32 yard TD pass YaYa was pulled down with jersey stretch and no call. Diaby was a bright spot on a night that was easily forgettable. Palmer can play and so can Geiger. Bucs look a ton faster on offense in large part due to the aforementioned players. Rushing attack averaged 2.5 which is worse than pitiful. Vaughn has no vision when the lane he is supposed to run in is not there , Vaughn does not have jump cut ability. Chase Edmonds looked good. Oline looks like a HUGE PROBLEM-get some late experienced pick ups from waiver wire or this could be a repeat of last year or worse.

  42. geno711 Says:

    Weren’t 9 or 10 of the penalties on the offense. Seems like we need to at least address if that is Canales besides Bowles.

    If for instance Bowles is mostly in charge of the defense and they get two penalties and Canales is in charge of the offense and they get ten penalties then maybe the OC is OVer his head.

  43. FairMinded Says:

    I hear that every year – preseason doesn’t count. Yet, going from memory over a couple decades, the Bucs teams that look good in preseason look good in the regular season. Ok starters didn’t start this one. Let’s see what we look like when they do

  44. Greg The Truth Says:

    Trying not to overreact here. Secondary gave up everything, O-line was horrible as it is every year. Usually only notice the o-line once starters are taken out but this was bad.

  45. Voice of Truth Says:

    In case you missed it – Todd has never had an OC for more than one season

    Third choice, never called a play before, high energy – yes man.

    Pathetic display game one – sloppy, penalty ridden, sack filled, no run game mess

    Awesome week one Bucs – bet the Steelers are happy they got us week one so they can get their work in

  46. Brandon Says:

    Vlad The Impaler Says:
    August 11th, 2023 at 11:35 pm
    On a lighter note:
    I googled “toad bowels” and it asked me if I meant Todd Bowles.
    I said no, search instead for toad bowels.
    Wow! Toads can take massive, massive dumps!
    Literally 1/2 the size of their entire body.
    Who knew the irony


    The biggest dump here is your post because you obviously don’t know how to use the word IRONY correctly.

  47. Ryan Says:

    Yes, that penalty photo was Photoshopped. If you look closely, the flags were clearly copied and pasted.

    I predict the Bucs go .500 this season. It’s just as much fun to complain about your team sucking as it is to support them when they are winning I find.

    With that said, Go Bucs!

  48. David Says:


  49. OLDE pfart Says:

    Relax….the pre season is a test to see who is going to be a player and who shifts to the practice squad…..but the playbook sure looked sadly reminiscent of last year….1st play a run up the middle? Surely the coaches can come up with better moves??

  50. Craig Says:

    With exactly the same amount of practice time, Tomlin wiped the floor with the Bowles cleaner in terms of being prepared.

    It looked like our side was playing sandlot football.

  51. Lowest Common Denominator Says:

    The Palmer play looked nice but Palmer did in fact not get both feet down. It was clear as day on the replay, it would have been overturned if they reviewed it.

  52. Bucfan Says:

    Still trying to establish the run. Perhaps the NFL is a PASSING league. At least try to run wide occassionally rather than ‘up the gut’ 90% of the time!!!!

  53. HC Grover Says:

    The up the guts calls on 2nd and long reminded me of something. What could it be? The fail to make a yard on a 3rd and short up the guts was also reminding me of something. Hmmm? Maybe those plays come from Bowles red pen game plans? Same as last year only worse. HC/DC has a special ‘how not to win’ game plan template he uses for every game.

  54. D Cone Says:

    Yes what Joe said. 51 replies? This horse is dead. Not gonna beat it.

  55. Pewter Power Says:

    First year head coach type stuff. These guys are young Solar males and full of energy, how can a dead dish face coach who never shows any emotion whatsoever get these guys to overachieve. He’s too damn boring to be a head coach, he can get the same love as a defensive coordinator

  56. Infomeplease Says:

    I haven’t checked stats. This is my observation. Under Todd Bowles, the Bucs are the least disciplined team in the NFL. If not …in the bottom 2 or 3. More penalties killing drives and negating big defensive plays than almost every other NFL team. Last year. Last night! IMHO.

  57. Cobraboy Says:

    Vuja de.

    We’ve seen this s#!t before.

  58. Cobraboy Says:

    As of today I am not concerned. It’s pre-season. I expect the next game to be similar as guys get into the real Dog Days.

    Seriously: this is a Todd Bowles team. Did any of you casuals expect anything different?

    “Expect nothing, and you won’t be disappointed.”

  59. Infomeplease Says:

    Geno, you do make a good point. In fact, it is all the various position coaches who are responsible for instilling team discipline! And more importantly, it is the Head Coach who should set clear expectations to his coaches and players and hold them responsible.

    During the last super bowl season, BA had a couple of really bad games where too many penalties cost them wins. He let the team know what he expected of them and the players responded by playing a penalty free game. Like night and day! Don’t discount the power of the Head Coach.

  60. bucsfaninOregon Says:

    Out here on the Left Coast I won’t see the game until I watch the TIVO’ed recording done at 4am this morning. I can see from your comments that we started the season in typical Buc fashion- -they got their azz handed to them. Sigh…

  61. Roc Says:

    Why do we expect different IF the HC is the same????!!

    Bowles is not a HC

    He should be embarrassed he put that team in the field even for Preseason

  62. Mutiny24 Says:

    Toilet Bowles is once again, the worst HC in the league…how does this guy keep getting HC jobs????

  63. Marco Says:

    When you have a passionless coach who has no idea what discipline is this is what you get.
    This is hard to watch and will be until Blows is gone.

  64. garro Says:

    Two of the Holding and two of the Pass interference were BS calls.

    Two illegal formations and a false start are inexcusable and almost always a sign of poor coaching. How many times did Brady realign guys last year prior to plays. QB 101 is to make sure people are lined up properly. All eleven should know the snap count and where to line up don’t ya think. Coaches should also see when guys are not lined up right. When you are covering up the tight end it is obvious! Face mask is also inexcusable.

  65. Andy Sorbo Says:

    Am I actually reading these posts correctly?? For the 1 st time sine Tampa has signed him..everyone actually isn’t getting on Baker. About how he is the worst quarterback ever to play in the terrible of a mistake it was to sign him.