Richard Sherman, Michael Irvin, Keyshawn Johnson Jump On Baker Mayfield Bandwagon

August 29th, 2023

Hall of Fame receiver Michael Irvin.

Add a few retired NFL greats to those who believe Baker Mayfield has it in him to lead the Bucs successfully this season.

Joe already has shared how guys ex-quarterbacks like Shaun King and Chris Simms, and former GM Rick Spielman, appreciate Mayfield’s talent and experience and wouldn’t be stunned if he leads the Bucs to a winning season.

Now throw in former Buccaneers Richard Sherman, Keyshawn Johnson and Hall of Fame receiver Michael Irvin.

Sherman, speaking on an FS1 panel with Skip Bayless, Sherman was adamant that Mayfield can win with the 2023 Bucs. Keep in mind Sherman was with Tampa Bay in 2021 and has close friends on the team.

Sherman talked about how Mayfield has no pressure and that he’ll be better around Evans, who he calls the most underrated receiver in the NFL. But perhaps most important was Sherman talking about his relationship with – and confidence in – new playcaller Dave Canales. The two were with the Seahawks together.

Johnson talked about how polarizing Mayfield was with players — and media — in Cleveland. Johnson is a guy who knows all about being polarizing as a No. 1 overall pick. he explained. Mayfield’s game is overly dissected with a negative light, per Johnson, because he’s been so polarizing.

Per Johnson, everything surrounding Mayfield would be different now surriounding Mayfield if his Browns had beaten the Chiefs in 2020 playoffs. And that should have happened, Johnson said, and it wasn’t Mayfield’s fault.

Mayfield said he didn’t cultivate friendships well with receivers and that killed him more than skills issues with the Browns, per Johnson, who believes Mayfield has learned from his past.

Irvin surprised Joe by being on the Baker train. Irvin talked about Mayfield’s past receivers and believes he never had “area code receivers” like Evans and, to a lesser extent, Chris Godwin.

Per Irvin, the Bucs receivers make Mayfield a significantly better player overnight.

Johnson waved off performances with the tanking Panthers and the gassed Rams last season, a team Johnson covered daily working in Los Angeles. Mayfield finally has “a fair shot” now, Johnson said.

How about that shot of optimism from those three!! Heck, Joe thought certainly one would be down on Mayfield just because network panel shows usually have one guy determined to disagree.

Even ringleader Skip Bayless said he’s all on board with Mayfield having a solid season in Tampa!

Joe’s grateful for the hearty shot of Mayfield respect on this scary day across Tampa Bay.

40 Responses to “Richard Sherman, Michael Irvin, Keyshawn Johnson Jump On Baker Mayfield Bandwagon”

  1. Richard Dickson Says:

    I’ve been saying that about the Panthers and Rams every time someone brings up the “Four teams in two years!” thing. He was never meant to be a solution in either location and wasn’t given any kind of tools and time to be effective.

  2. KiddG941 Says:

    My 2023 season predictions:

    1) We win a minimum 10 wins.

    2) Palmer will win Offensive Rookie of The Year.

    3) Baker throws for 4,000 yds, 32 TD’s and 13 interceptions.

    4) Shoyinka finally breaks out.

  3. Tye Says:

    I just watched that earlier…
    I admit they made some good arguments as to why Baker last 2 years were derailed and how he could/should play well this season and actually solidify the Bucs qb position…

    So ready for the season to get started..

  4. BandBWorkx Says:

    I’m good with those predictions, hopefully it happens.

  5. Buddha Says:

    “And let’s never forget, as we curse lost wagers and Sunday disappointments, that the players we are watching are humans just like us, and they live their lives one injury or mistake away from the end of their dream.” Mike Tanier

    Let’s keep this in mind as we begin another season of NFL Football.

    When you refer to a player as “trash” or “garbage” or “a wasted pick,” consider whether you really want to be the guy credited with that comment.

  6. Bucs 95 Says:

    I got mayfiled having a breakout year 30tds 7ints bucs get the #2 seed shock the world make it too the superbowl lose too bills in overtime.

  7. 74 Bucs Fan Says:

    My prediction- “pain”.

    Mr. T

    You’re welcome

  8. SB Says:

    OH NO!Bayless is on board. We are doomed now. lol

  9. AtlBuc Says:

    I would have like to hear more from Sherman about how he thinks Canales can help.

  10. Duane Says:

    Yep, they were all on board for Baker-because of the greatness of Mike Evans.

  11. pewter941 Says:

    Sherman said Evans is a handful, I was at Raymond James when Evans torched Sherman. I lost my voice screaming that game. It was so loud in there.

  12. Upstate NY BUC Says:

    Good listen, I was deciding if I wanted to put down $200 on the over for wins? What the heck, if we can’t win 7 games with these receivers!! Still worried about the middle of field being wide open for opposing QB’s… Lord please help Devin White, Go Bucs…

  13. Rod Munch Says:

    I will say I like the use of playaction, and what I’ve seen from Canales so far is refreshing compared to Leftwich, post-Arians.

    I still say the entire running game could have been fixed last year if the Bucs just simply ran a few playaction passes on 1st down early in the game, since the opponent then couldn’t just sit on the run, knowing what was coming.

    Now we have to see what happens when the offense is going against starters and not just 2nd teamers.

    Personally my confidence in Captain Checkdown is still exactly the same. He’s still throwing for 2 yards on 3rd and 6. He’s still throwing a bunch of 1-yard passes, but has Godwin breaking 3 tackles to get 9 yards. Hopefully he’s smart enough to throw it high to Evans down the field and let him go get the ball, we shall see.

    But Mayfield is the starter, it’s all on him now. He can shut people like me up if he plays well – and again, I’m a Bucs fan, I hope that happens. However, as a Bucs fan who enjoys watching tape and breaking down players, Mayfield has been the worst QB over the last two years for a reason – it’s not some fluke, he was terrible. One he’s under pressure he makes a ton of mistakes. On 3rd downs, he looks to make easy throws, which certainly help his completion percentage, but don’t move the ball and get 1st down and points. He’ll also have issues with tons of passes being batted down. You don’t end up on 4 different rosters in a year without a reason.

    BUT, if Canales can get a good year out of him, not only will Mayfield not care about that $12m his family stole from him, Canales will be looking at a HC gig somewhere.

    However, 5-12, Mayfield benched after the Buffalo game, all the coaches fired is the most likely outcome. Again, I hope I’m wrong, and pro-BM’ers, take notes, and mock me if that’s not the case. I will have deserved it, and will happily take the abuse if this is a good, entertaining team and in the playoffs.

  14. Jack Burton Mercer Says:

    How long we got? 12 days? Gonna be a long wait.

  15. Duane Says:

    Who cares what guys, talking heads on networks, have to say about the Bucs or Baker Mayfield. It’s just stupid useless yak.

    All that matters is performance. Bucs fans hope Mayfield performs well enough that the Bucs win another NFC South championship, and perhaps even more. If he falters and Trask takes over, same thing with him.

    All this business of picking heros and goats before a single down is played in any game that counts, is an obsession with JBF and too many other writers and fans, and it is pointless.

    When I first moved to Florida more than 40 years ago, I chuckled at what was a rather popular bumper sticker seen around the Tampa Bay Area … it said:

    “We don’t CARE how you did it up north!” We don’t care what anybody’s opinion is of Mayfield or the Bucs. We care about what happens in the games.

  16. Pewter Power Says:

    It’s good to see because most of the football world is dumping on the guy. Baker never crossed my mind before signing with us, we had our own turnover machine but I do hope he can resurrect his career.

  17. adam from ny Says:

    the coolest thing about this season is we really have no idea what we’re getting…

    outside of 12-13 wins that is…

    we could win 4 or 5……or 10 and win the division…

    or somewhere in the middle…

    i’m ready for kickoff vs the vikes !

  18. adam from ny Says:

    what if:

    after the season canales is the most sought after coordinator for a hc job…you never know

  19. Dwayne Cone Says:

    Watched CLV vs KC in 2020. Had the receiver not fumbled out of the end zone people say Browns would have won 24-22. Then again when the Browns threw that horrible pass that was picked, returned to Cleveland 19, and had KC made that chip shot field goal then KC wins 24-25. That is neither here nor there. What would have been.

    Only thing for certain is on the most important drive of the season Cleveland had 3 Rushes for 1 yard, was 3 of 4 Passing for 11 yards, gained 12 yards in 7 Plays, and Punted. Their Season was over.

  20. Pewter Power Says:

    adam from ny

    Same thing I was thinking about. I hope he realizes he’s a first time coordinator and it’s be best to get more experience running an offense because chances are he’s going to a bad team or franchise. He learned nothing about working a draft room as a coach.

  21. Hodad Says:

    I saw the piece Key, and Mike really like Evans that area code receiver. Maybe Beckles should get a clue. He has Evans headed for the glue factory. Joe loves, respects Beckles for some reason. Keep setting Ian up Joe, we the fans will knock him down.

  22. Duane Says:

    Skip is going to be a closet Buc fan for one more year it appears. With any success Baker has, Skip is gonna pound that drum of how he called it. Team Glazer cant pay for better attention than that.

  23. Obvious Says:

    A pretty sweet prediction kid.

    I think it’s possible IF the O line improves quite and bit with gelling ASAP! But that (the o line) looked far better in the last Pre Season game. And as stated yesterday by me, if he going to play lousy, play lousy quick and get out of the way. If Trask is going to play lousy, Same for him (i say this in regards to draft position) . And we are off to the QB 2024 sweepstakes.

    Deep down and I “just might be” I think we’re a QB away from greatness once again. Hope Springs eternal Spring and Summer you know….

    I WAS NOT impressed with the quick in and outs from Mayfield “THOUGH” he did what he was “asked to do”. It’s not his fault there wasn’t more and honestly he performed very well with the plan they used. Looked comfortable and he did throw at least one risky pass and it was beautiful.

    I didn’t think I would (so soon) but, I’m throwing my support behind Mayfield. He did the strategy they gave him (dink and dunk) to a tee..
    Trask was up against it legitimately and he exceeded my expectations as well. I believe we have “two first string QBs we “may have the best pair” of QBs in all of football. By themselves, of course not. As a pair…..

    But Overall, I’m feeling like we might just make some serious noise

    Here’s to BOOM!💥💯💥💯 FIRE THOSE CANONS!

    GO BUCS!

  24. 420Kitty Says:

    Let’s bake!

  25. Don’t tell me it’s raining Says:

    Haha I’m with you 420Kitty. It’s time to Shake n Bake baby!

  26. Citrus County Says:

    I have always thought Mayfield had the potential to be a long term, similar to Drew Brees, type quarterback for the Bucs. With Canales being a younger well trained coaching mind and not a ex NFL player (ie. Leftnut) I believe the two can develop a Peyton/Brees type of relationship. Kyle Trask is proving to be a capable No.1 talent. Jason Licht drafted and developed him and I believe that at some point will want to see him get his shot at starting. If Baker indeed does well then Trask becomes VERY valuable to someone. Trask is on the upswing with (so far) no injuries and no baggage and a pretty good pedigree. That puts Jason in a very good bargaining position.

  27. go dawgs Says:

    that is a clown show!! who gives a rat @@ what these loudmouths have to say.

  28. SlyPirate Says:


    No one, but us, saw this coming. I cannot believe the other teams didn’t use their one shot to make a move. If/when Bucs take 2023-24, there’s no stopping a long long run. We’ll have all the cap, all the picks, and loads of young talent!!!

  29. Pablothepoolboy Says:

    Mike Evans made Johnny football the QB he was coming out of college so no surprise there. Add in Godwin and the other weapons potential and the points are there, if all stay healthy.

  30. Pablothepoolboy Says:

    Even Light said he was scouting Manzel and took note of Evans, who was touted by all to be the best receiver in the draft that year.

  31. Pablothepoolboy Says:

    And 1 more thought, the vanilla preseason is over so now the offense will use plays in the regular season that it has implemented as will the D. So the gloves are off, let’s go Buc’s.

  32. Rod Munch Says:

    Duane Says:
    When I first moved to Florida more than 40 years ago, I chuckled at what was a rather popular bumper sticker seen around the Tampa Bay Area … it said:

    “We don’t CARE how you did it up north!”


    I vaguely remember those as a kid. I need to find a vintage one.

  33. BAKERSBucs Says:


  34. Cannon Says:


  35. garro Says:

    Go Bucs!

    Finally heard that sound…You know…that sound of some heads popping out of some rears!

    Go Bucs!

  36. Divis Says:

    Johnny Wilson to the Bucs.

  37. Mark hardt Says:

    Sherm is correct about the Chiefs 2020 game. Bakes threw a perfect strike down the sideline just before halftime and was a few yards from the end zone. A Chiefs Db made an illegal helmet to helmet tackle that was not called. The receiver blacked out and fumbled. The ball rolled into the endzone and out of bounds. Normally a ball fumbled out goes to the team that had it last. But some crazy rule gave it to the Chiefs. it should have been browns ball where the receiver had possession the 5 or so and half the distance for the helmet hit.

  38. Danny Husak Says:

    I Finally feel that someone ELSE has watched Baker since 2018. Facts are facts. Film is film. Stats are stats. BAKER is BAKER !!!!!! The Bucs now have a real good QB who is NOT injured or wrongly-mentally beaten down by “shorter-QB-haters.” Carolina Phoenix, and even SF are going with QBs smaller or not much taller than Baker. NONE of them are 215 pounds with 150 pounds of pure heart like The Bake !!!!!! Browns will rue the day they railed him out of town. Tampa will make that day: BAKER MAYFIELD Super Bowl-Starting Day !!!!!!!!!!!!

  39. FortMyersDave Says:

    I want to be optimistic but the Bucs really need to be 2-2 or better at the bye or the buzzards will start circling One Buc and the shouts to fire Bowles will become louder and louder. Since Philly is likely to boat race Tampa on MNF, the Bucs have to beat Da Bears and either the Vikes or the Saints (hopefully all 3 but that is a major reach). Hopefully Bowles will let the new OC call his own game without interference and we are pleasantly surprised while at the same time the defense plays solid ball and not go the way of Mike Smith. All the breaks have to go Tampa’s way but if they do maybe just maybe the Bucs are respectable and not fighting it out with the Rams, Cards, Texans, Colts and Washington for the numero uno draft pick in 2024.

  40. Bobby Says:

    I think the Bucs and Washington found themselves a QB. I don’t think either will be sniffing last place. Defense wins championships and both have too much talent on that side of the ball. If the offenses can put points on the board they’ll be very competitive.