Is Devin White Worth $18 Million A Year?

August 24th, 2023

How to get paid.

It seems all is good between Bucs disgruntled linebacker Devin White and the Bucs. It’s August where everyone is happy and every team is going to make a deep playoff run.

Former NFL agent and current analyst for CBS Joel Corry took a look at defensive players who could have big bounceback years. White is among them but Corry is not just giving White props for his past play.

Corry noted if he doesn’t ball out this fall, no way he gets a monster contract.

White should be shooting for a little less than his initial craving for a $20 million-a-year deal because inconsistent play, Corry typed.

… The Buccaneers held their ground on White’s trade request and a new deal. He is scheduled to make $11.706 million this season on his fifth-year option.

White reportedly wants to be among the NFL’s highest-paid off-ball linebackers. The latest relevant data point to White is the four-year, $72 million contract averaging $18 million per year Tremaine Edmunds received from the Bears in March during free agency. Edmunds has $50 million in guarantees, of which $36.8 million was fully guaranteed at signing.

White being named September’s NFC Defensive Player of the Month wasn’t indicative of the type of 2022 season he had. Cleaning up the missed tackles and lapses in coverage while continuing to make splash plays could result in a contract averaging more than Edmunds’ $18 million per year. White doesn’t have to worry about the Buccaneers designating him as a franchise player. The last off-ball linebacker to get a franchise tag was David Harris by the Jets in 2011.

Joe isn’t so sure Bucs AC/DC-loving general manager Jason Licht wouldn’t tag White, unless you are trying to tell Joe that Licht might tag Mike Evans.

Joe figures White better hope Bucs coach Todd Bowles is still around in 2024. If Bowles stays, White’s chances of getting paid here increase dramatically. If the Bucs’ season goes south and, say, Team Glazer decides to go with an offensive coach next season, White’s chances of returning fade.

The best way for White to ensure Bowles comes back? Forget the contract, worry about production, and ball out.

The Bucs’ best chance of a winning season is for the defense to play lights out. If the Bucs win, Bowles stays and likely White gets paid.

Joe hopes White’s agent has filled him in on this simple math.

56 Responses to “Is Devin White Worth $18 Million A Year?”

  1. darengibo Says:

    Don’t trust that white stays
    motivated once the big
    payday comes.

  2. Darin Says:

    He’s not worth half that. Adios

  3. K_bassuka Says:

    White is an ok player. Unfortunately for him MLBs are losing value similar to RBs, so unless he becomes a force for the defense (outplays LVD by a lot) I don’t see him getting a big contract.

  4. BucU Says:

    Is Devin worth 18Mill/year? Don’t make me laugh this early in the morning.

  5. Jonzey Says:

    If White has a huge year Bucs should give it to him

  6. Jonzey Says:

    If White has a huge year Bucs should give it to him. I mean a Pro Bowl year

  7. Jonzey Says:

    If White has a huge year Bucs should give it to him. I mean a Pro Bowl year like 2 or more int’s, over 170 tackles, 5 or more sacks.

  8. Defense Rules Says:

    The market is what the market is, and there are surely a lot of variables in determining what Devin White will get paid. But leading among all of those variables by far is White’s own performance this year. IF he balls out, he’ll get paid handsomely, by the Bucs or by someone else. If he has just a meh year, he’ll be leaving millions on the table, ours or someone else’s.

  9. Bucschamp Says:

    We have promising new linebackers. Let him go

  10. DRM Says:

    The short answer is no

  11. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    18 Mil is pretty much the franchise price….so if he plays well we will at least have to pay him that or lose him. Keep in mind, this may also be LVD’s last year.

  12. Lord Cornelius Says:

    He has to be the best ILB in football without question to be worth that; or someone that elevates the defense the way a premiere pass rusher or DT elevates defensive play.

    I think he’s probaby the best blitzing off the ball linebacker but I don’t know about bet period realy. Not when Lavonte is more reliable in coverage and in the run game it seems and he’s on the same team not even talking other LB in the league lol

  13. Mike C Says:


  14. 757Buc’em Says:

    13-15 million dollar range, if that.

  15. Hodad Says:

    We’ll find out won’t we? Right now he’s worth what we’re paying him. This will play out after the season, no sense wondering about it now.

  16. Pewter Power Says:

    White is walking no way he get that per year. Wirfs is our left tackle easily the obvious priority. Hard to find a free safety so Winfield and us next. I think if Ryan Neal balls out he may be retained also. No inside linebacker should make that kind of money. I haven’t seen a defense fall apart without one yet. Hopefully Bowles is not around after this season

  17. Usfbuc Says:

    If he has quit in games before he will certainly do it after he gets paid.

  18. Knucknbuc Says:

    Nah he’d have to become Brian urlacher/ray lewis to get that type of money here next year. Writing is on the wall. Wirfs and Winfield are going to get a huge contract. They aren’t letting evans go either. You can’t pay all of those guys 20+ mill and the white all that money too. I’d bet white is playing on a different team next year

  19. Dusthty Rhothdes Says:

    He is on the same level as Kwon Alexander and unfortunately white was a top 10 pick

  20. 813bucboi Says:

    this team isnt a MLB away from winning the SB….i’d trade him for a 2nd and 5th round pick or something similar…the bears traded roquan smith for a 2nd and 5th round pick plus a player to the ravens who turned around and gave him a big pay day…and yet the ravens still couldnt reach the SB because of their qb….

    bucs need to fix the o-line and qb situation before thinking about paying a MLB top dollar….

    GO BUCS!!!!

  21. Jack Clark Says:

    I think 18 million is too high for any middle linebacker because they don’t takeover games like a lockdown cornerback or edge rusher can. But seeing how other linebackers who I never heard of before are making around $18 million while playing on losing football teams, I think Devin White deserves $18 million a year since he’s at least a Super Bowl winning middle linebacker.

    NFL’s highest paid linebackers in 2023 (average salary per year):
    1. Ravens linebacker Roquan Smith: $20 million
    2. Colts linebacker Shaquille Leonard: $19.7 million
    3. 49ers linebacker Fred Warner: $19 million
    4. Bears linebacker Tremaine Edmunds: $18 million
    5. Jets linebacker C.J. Mosley: $17 million
    6. Jaguars linebacker Foyesade Oluokun: $15 million
    7. Bills linebacker Matt Milano: $14.2 million
    8. Dolphins linebacker Jerome Baker: $12.5 million
    9. Giants linebacker Bobby Okereke: $10 million
    9. Packers linebacker De’Vondre Campbell: $10 million

  22. Voice of Truth Says:

    Think Joe summed it perfectly. His value is directly correlated to the guy picking the roster set up.

    Bowles pays him, even if this year isn’t what we all want/ if it’s even close Todd gets him paid if he stays as HC

    A new guy comes in and all bets are off on EVERYONE outside of Wirfs, Winfield, Godwin,Vea – our legit All Pro level younger players – maybe LVD and Evans because of who they are in history with the Bucs, but all else are on notice

    Let’s just hope the kid matured through this and we see more of his physical talent shine through with consistency this season

  23. Marine Buc Says:

    “Is Devin White worth $18 Million?”

    Ask me again in January…

    Personally I don’t believe any ILB is worth $18 Million per season.

    I would let White test the free agent market. I doubt he will get any offers worth more than $12 Million per season and that is IF he has a solid 2023 season.

  24. Mike S Says:

    18 mil on a LB is a waste of salary cap – you’ll never get the value.

  25. 941Boltsfan Says:

    There was something about the OG Bucs superbowl winning team’s Defense. They played with a lot of pride that they could bend and not break, giving up as few points to opposing offense, and giving a potion of points to the offense .
    I miss the Days when Dungy asked the team if they could hold teams to less then 3 scores.

  26. Dewey Selmon Says:

    Is he worth it? No. Will he get it? Most likely.

  27. MadMax Says:

    Devin needs to look deep into himself and figure where to go from here….stay with the team who drafted me and got me a ring or chase money…and money isnt everything…..he’ll figure it out

  28. JN Says:


  29. Lokog Says:

    Anywhere but tampa

  30. Who Says Says Can't Say Says:

    His shaky history would make me nervous about signing him with guaranteed money for a long-term contract.

    Curious if he can make it throw this whole season without his attitude getting in the way.

    I also really wonder just how much he believes in Todd Bowles. This whole controversy may just be him wanting to get away from the guy and not have his career legacy sabotaged by an incompetent team the way LVD’s was.

  31. zzbucs Says:

    If he stops missing tackles and slow down a little bit, but mostly if he can control his ego and big mouth, maybe he is worth 13mm, repeat maybe.

    But he will wait till January…..Doesn´t make any sense to make a deal today…I am not a big Jason Licht fan (Joe that doesn´t make me a hater), but this one I support him 100%

  32. CharlieV Says:


  33. HC Grover Says:

    We will find out soon.

  34. Mike Says:

    Let’s face it, Devin White wants the Bucs to show him the money and there won’t be any hometown discounts. I don’t see it working out with the Bucs but who really knows at this point.

  35. Aaron Says:

    The whole defense isn’t worth that 18 million lol this year we know your trying for the 1st pick

  36. Allbuccedup Says:


  37. 1#bucsfan Says:

    Only way DW45 is worth that’s kind of money is if he plays consistently like he did in the post season of 2020 after he got covid. Someone get that man covid again. Lol his play that post season topped the likes of one of the greats in ray Lewis. DW45 has the physical gifts that surpass any other middle LB in the game. It’s the mental side that is the biggest concern. He’s literally the Jamis Winston of the defense. He’s got to put it together mentally this year if he does I’m all for keeping him but if he keeps over pursuing taking bad angles out of position and a liability in coverage then no let Dennis take over for him and develop from playing time. Save the money and put it into our biggest need. Again I’m for white if he plays like 2020 post season but if he doesn’t let him walk and get his money elsewhere. If he does step up this year then I really think our defense will be top 5 or better

  38. Buc1987 Says:

    What does Sapp think?

  39. Erik Hesson - Fine Artist and Founder of Says:

    If he plays this entire season like he played during our SB run, then yes I guess he’s worth that sum.

    But I think he’s the kind of player who doesn’t have the same fire/ drive after he gets his payday as he did before said payday.

    Either way, he has alot to price before we even know if we want him back at all next year at any price, in my opinion.

  40. Erik Hesson - Fine Artist and Founder of Says:

    He has alot to *prove

  41. optimisticbucsfan Says:

    No way am I paying a lazy player that decides to turn it up in a contract year.

    SHoulda played better before this season. Let him walk.

  42. HomerSimpsonRocks Says:

    Hell no. Let him go.

  43. bucsfan951 Says:

    Is Devin White Worth $18 Million A Year?


  44. Cobraboy Says:

    Spit-balling here:

    How about a Dev White for Jon Taylor trade, kinda one year for each?

  45. SlyPirate Says:


    White was 2nd on the team in sacks last year … and he missed even more. If White leads the team in tackles, improves coverage, records 10 sacks, then I could see an $18M/year payday.

    (Shaq will likely get cut, though.)

  46. Jeff’s grandpa Says:

    18 shhhhhiiiiiiiittttt more like 12

  47. captivajim Says:

    that’s a lot of $$$ for a mouth .

  48. 1#bucsfan Says:

    Some of y’all make a great point. If DW45 balls out this year then gets paid then goes back to loafing after he gets his money would put us in a really bad spot. After the Super Bowl one could say he got complacent

  49. Nybuccguy Says:

    White isn’t worth the 11 mil he’s making now. LVD covers for his weaknesses and keeps him from getting exposed.

    We would be total fools to give him a big contract.

  50. Pickgrin Says:

    No – White is not worth $18M+ per year – no matter how well he plays this year.

    Get what you can out of him in 2023 while making plans for Sir Dennis and probably another ILB to start next year.

    Make White a $12M per multi year offer (if he balls out and earns it) but don’t go a penny more – and then collect your 3rd round comp pick the following draft if/when White suckers some team into paying him more than he is worth….

  51. Onetrickpony Says:

    No way,bye bye

  52. Statguy Says:

    Don’t forget the state tax benefit staying here also

  53. catcard202 Says:

    I’ll say no…White has not played like a guy the Bucs should invest $18M/yr.

    He’s been good, but not great…& has not been the best LB on the roster for his entire contract, so far.

  54. Cover deuce Says:

    He’s barely worth half that and they’ll regret it if they do pay him

  55. Dave Pear Says:

    Trade his overrated azz while you can still get value. I’m sick of him.

  56. garro Says:

    You’re kidding right?

    Go Bucs!