Career Night For Kyle Trask

August 19th, 2023

Bucs QB Kyle Trask.

What a landmark day/night this is for Kyle Trask. He’ll make his first NFL start, albeit preseason, in a road game against the Jets.

Joe would love to see Trask crank out a couple of touchdown passes and look the part of starting QB. That could help the Bucs in numerous ways, but more important, it would do wonders for Trask’s confidence.

With Baker Mayfield sure to start Preseason Game 3, next Saturday’s regular season dress rehearsal against the Ravens, tonight is sort of Trask’s last stand to wow the Bucs and the rest of the league before Week 1. As is always said, a player’s film is a showcase for every NFL team.

Joe certainly could see Trask starting later this season if Mayfield falters or, of course, if Mayfield gets hurt. Joe also could see a scenario in which Trask plays well tonight and the Bucs get — and accept — a trade offer for him before the Halloween trade deadline.

Joe is not going to lay out that potential scenario here now. No reason to distract from Trask’s big night — in the NFL’s biggest market.

Go, Kyle!

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  1. johnnymoon Says:

    As a Buc fan since 1976 I hope both QBS are great ,Never understand how some people root for one qb over the other just to be right even if it hurts the team .If it is Baker hopefully Trask does great and trade him why pull for a pick to fail .

  2. Statistically Insignificant Reader Says:

    Agree Johnny Moon. They are all our BUCS.
    Good Luck to you Trask.

  3. Mark hardt Says:

    One of the main things that has hurt the Buccaneers is the over the top irrational loyalty to.the two main Florida college teams. Joe continues this wishful thinking. Drafting and hanging on to Winston way too long was pandering to Seminole fans. Same with Trask and Gator fans. Success came when they ignored home boy ties and went with excellence only with Michigan,s Brady and Dayton,s super bowl winning coach. The right choice is the Oklahoma guy.

  4. Max Says:

    Make no mistake. The Bucs set up Trask to make his first NFL start on the road against one of the best defenses in the NFL – as opposed to starting him at home last week against the Steelers – for good reason: To allow the Bucs to fulfill their contractual promise to Pudgy Mayfield that he would be the starter.

  5. Jp09 Says:

    So, will Trask play the Jets 1st team D? If so will he have starter or play with backup lineman, running backs and receivers?

    Did the Steelers play their 1st team D last week against Mayfield and the 2s? didn’t get to see the game

  6. Craig Says:

    The beginning night of a career would be better wording.

    If Kyle used up his nervousness against the Steelers, I look for big things.

    I hope he plays well, for his sake, the Bucs sake, and the fans sake. I know he will play well enough for some other teams to make offers. Preseason QB play has been feast or famine for all but a handful of teams.

    I hope Trask can put us in that elite field of having two QBs who can win.

  7. Alanbucsfan Says:

    Bucs will not trade Trask- his value to Bucs is much greater than any late round draft pick they might be able to acquire.

  8. JimBobBuc Says:

    I agree it’s an important night for Trask, and also for Wolford. I’m not a particular supporter of any QB. I have noted the positive comments about Wolford from Canales. I hope Trask has a great game tonight, but if he has the opposite, a poor game, I wonder if Wolford could move to QB2 before the season starts? But tonight, the focus should be on Mayfield/Trask to finalize QB1 to work with first-team offense ASAP. Just don’t forget to look at Trask/Wolford.

  9. drf Says:

    I agree that starting veteran Mayfield at home against a weak Steelers team and starting the inexperienced Trask on the road against the Jets defense makes no sense. Unless the objective is to pave the way for one and not the other.

  10. HC Grover Says:

    If they trade Trask he will win a Super Bowl for the team that gets him. That is the way of the Buccaneers.

  11. Defense Rules Says:

    Like JohnnyMoon & Craig, I hope BOTH QBs have a great night (and Wolford as well). Regardless of what all of us (and the media) write, the decision on starting QB for Game 1 rests solely with the Bucs’ hierarchy, not us. I’m probably naive, but I still think that tonight’s performances COULD impact that decision.

    I assume that Trask (as tonight’s presumed starter), will be facing the Jets’ 1st team defense. I don’t think they’ll hold anyone out, unless they’re hurt of course. And IF that’s the case, I would hope that our Bucs play our full 1st team offense, at least for a couple of series.

    Same thing goes for our 1st team defense. I hope that they get at least a couple of series to show what they’re capable of against Aaron Rodgers & his 1st team offense. I’m particularly excited to see what this pass rush can do AND how well we defend the run (the 2 have to go hand-in-hand IMO).

  12. drf Says:

    If Trask has a big night the Bucs need to trade him ASAP and get something for him because after the way the Bucs mismanaged him I doubt he will re-sign with us.

  13. Capt2fish Says:

    Trade Trask? Maybe to KC. Blaine Gabbert misses his backup. “Trask ……get me a juice box!!”

  14. Pewter Power Says:

    Dude gonna have to play like Brady to earn the trust of Bowles and Canales. I wouldn’t put my head coaching career on the line with someone who’s never started a regular season game.

  15. stpetebucfan Says:

    AGAIN! Last year S.F. with 3 QB’s…their savior…traded THREE first round picks for him…Trey Lance…a backup with solid credentials..Jimmy Gappallo and Brock who?…they got through all three before the season ended with “Mr Irrelevant” Purdy winning five in a row!

    It is POSSIBLE the Bucs have two QB’s who can play in this league! Given the style of Canalas offense and the experience difference I expect Mayfield to start but I wouldn’t be panicked at all if Mayfield went down and Trask had to come in. Nor would I spend any time second guessing the coaching staff if they decide to go with Trask rather than Mayfield to start the season.

  16. Max Says:

    Given the huge disparity in experience between the two quarterbacks, the starts should have been flipped: Trask at home last week and Mayfield in New York tonight. It does look suspicious if you ask me.

  17. Pewter Power Says:

    HC Grover Says:
    If they trade Trask he will win a Super Bowl for the team that gets him.

    He will still be a backup. Does anyone remember LeSean McCoy getting a superbowl ring with us? I almost forgot he was on that team

  18. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    So, it’s not a worthless preseason game for Trask……or all the players trying to make the team or earn a starting position……or the coaches….

    Or the Jets…..

  19. Steven007 Says:

    St. Pete, of course it’s possible as I know you’ll already know and have been preaching. Best case scenario is to have two more than serviceable quarterbacks who can potentially win games for us. I’m rooting for the success of every QB on this team as that is directly tied to the success of the team. Not sure why that’s so hard to grasp.

  20. pistolpete Says:

    So, we all know multiple picks did not matter in training camp … Then, 1 pick on 3rd-and-19 mattered in preseason game 1 … Joe, any intel on whether picks will matter in preseason game 2? … Or is that a decision to be made after the game?

  21. Dewey Selmon Says:

    Will Mayfield be playing at all tonight?

  22. Mike S Says:


    Joe is intent on running Trask out of town.

    “Joe would love to see Trask crank out a couple of touchdown passes and look the part of starting QB.”

    Sorry I don’t believe this. The very last thing Joe wants is to see Trask put egg on their collective faces.

    Trask has gotten the tougher draw, but that’s OK. Never expected sauce for the goose being sauce for the gander.

    This has never been an apples to apples comparison.

    We’re talking a guy with 69 regular game starts in the NFL vs a guy getting his first start in a preseason game. Of course the guy with several seasons worth of starts has the advantage here, but that doesn’t mean Trask wouldn’t project out better once he gets a couple of games under his belt.

    Look how good Trask is performing without the benefit of starting experience. Even his detractors (haters) admitting he is progressing and made this a real competition all over-reactions from game 1 of the preseason aside.

    I will pose this… If Kyle has a better showing than Mayfield tonight – even marginally – that says that a guy with no starting experience is performing at a minimum on par with a guy who has several seasons worth of starting experience.

    Consider that.

    Anywhere else a 2nd round draft pick with no starting experience is playing at the same comparable level as a guy with 69 starts – they start the younger player because they know with any kind of experience the younger player will project higher. ANYWHERE ELSE!

    It’s frustrating to watch, but at the same time there is a real opportunity here. Contrary to statements made here this is not about Trask auditioning for the trade deadline. What a terrible thing to say on the day the kid get his first real actual opportunity. “No matter how well you play we’re going to ship you out” – pretty inexcusable if you ask me. This is about Trask making his mark.

    Everything Trask has up to this point has been earned and not given. The kid has gotten zero breaks on his road. Nobody is parting the seas for Trask after multiple failures. It’s been an uphill battle the entire journey – and yet here he is. He’s had to make every opportunity count with no safety net.

    That’s the guy you want to go to war with.

    Whatever happened to real recognizing real, huh? Just words?

  23. Marine Buc Says:

    @ St.pete/Steven

    I agree.

    There is a good chance Trask could be the Bucs starting QB at some point this season. We need all our QBs performing well and gaining experience this preseason.

    If the Bucs start 0-4 or even 1-3 there could be a switch made at the week 5 break.

  24. Max Says:

    If Trask plays well against the top-of-the-NFL Jets defense, the Bucs should trade him and get something for him. Because after they way the Bucs mismanaged his career development I doubt he will re-sign with this dysfunctional organization. I mean, would you?

  25. R0n@Tampa Says:

    This going to be a great night! It will show the world that the Bucs fan are the best fanbase in all of sports. Let’s cheer on Trask tonight. Let’s make some noise. Let us scream and be raucous. Let us all believe in 2023 that Trask will continue the dynasty that Tom built in 2020.Are you with me??



  26. BA’s Red Pen Says:

    Trask is a career backup at best.

  27. Reality_Check Says:

    Can they please just stop this charade. Trask is awful and he isn’t a threat to be the starter. Gove Baker all the reps with the #1s in practice to build continuity

  28. Debbie Says:

    I want my team to win. I want everyone to have a chance to play or work in a game. I would also like to see the team have state of the art equipment and supplies to work with. Come on Glazers, you made a fortune off of Brady, who earned a Superbowl for you, earning a little respect and alot more money. Now do the right thing for the people who gamble with lifetime injuries for your wallet.

  29. Pewter Power Says:

    He’ll have a field day of the run game could wake up. I remember the days when the muscle hamster was the home run threat and and had a trash quarterback Josh freeman, a green head coach Raheem morris. Bowles should have zero excuses and shouldn’t be here if we have a top pick in the, don’t want him infecting the guys brain

  30. David Says:

    Reality_Check Says:
    August 19th, 2023 at 12:47 pm
    Can they please just stop this charade. Trask is awful and he isn’t a threat to be the starter. Gove Baker all the reps with the #1s in practice to build continuity”.

    The only awful one is you posting as such and being a Baker fan not a Buc fan.
    How do you know Trask is awful. Have you seen him play a real nfl game ?
    However I have seen Baker played 64 real games and I can tell you on record that Baker is way worst than being awful . He is a garbage.

  31. Oneilbuc Says:

    Mike S. I agree 💯 persent bro with everything you just said only in Tampa where you got a second round pick with no experience playing has well or even slighly better than the quarterback that’s been starting for 5 years and the you give the job to the veteran. Even if the veteran is playing slightly better than the young quarterback with no experience you go with the young guy over the veteran. And as for the first preseason game Baker Mayfield didn’t do that much better than Kyle Trask. They gave Baker a lot of dink and dunk passes while Kyle Trask threw the ball more down field than Baker and he completed more passes down field than Baker. Kyle Trask threw a pick on the other side of the 50 on a 3rd and 19 . This fan base is a trip to me and the bucs media. They want Trask to fail so bad that he put a column on Kyle Trask is playing for his career. Lol 🤣🤣

  32. Beej Says:

    We had a couple good runs last week, they all got called back

  33. Mike S Says:

    Max, if they deep six Trask as a starter and he goes on to be a successful QB elsewhere that will be par for the course for this organization.

    Tom Brady isn’t going to walk through that door again. That’s a once in a generation type of acquisition.

    You have to develop QBs to maintain success in the NFL. The Bucs have been an org that signs reclamation projects at QB because of failed efforts to draft and develop QBs. Its just not a recipe for success.

    Baker Mayfield is yet another reclamation project.

    Bucs think they can turn Baker Mayfield into Rich Gannon, again – a once in a generation type of event. Gannon had middling Baker Mayfield type numbers until at age 37 he put it together and then promptly vanished.

    Lets everyone take a long look at Baker’s 2022 numbers. Now all of a sudden you think he’s going to be somewhere between Trevor Lawrence and Geno Smith? Because of a quarter and a half of the first preseason game?? Dave Canales magic QB whisperer influence?

    Keep in mind that last preseason game Baker in 2022 he was 9 for 15 for 90 yards and a 116 passer rating. That locked him in as the starter. Then it didn’t work out so well once the reg season started. Baker is a dink and dunk QB. For all this talk about his deep throwing ability, the track record shows he’s not a guy who pushes the ball downfield.

    Against a preseason vanilla defense that short passing game can make a little hay. Baker got gifted some decent field position and made two actual NFL throws out of the 8 he completed – one for a TD. Of course it looks like he controlled the game with a short passing game against a shell defense. In reg season he’s going to see defenses that know his tendencies

    “Trask had a bad game” and that “bad” game had 10 yds/att despite being under duress and overcoming poor line play. Baker’s yds/att was 7.

    Lets properly frame that.

    Last year Baker had 6.5 yds/att with a 60 comp%. If you’re Tom Brady you can make 6.5 work if you’re 67% and with a 1.2% INT/pass attempt rate. Even then you get yokels miserably unhappy about that performance. When you’re Baker Mayfield and you turn the ball over at twice that rate while completing passes 10% less efficiently you get benched for PJ Walker – who really looked lost against the Colts in his recent game playing for the Bears. Look that stat line up. Baker had somewhat marginally better numbers with the Rams than he did at Carolina – but they had to play extremely conservatively to limit the turn overs and Cam Akers had some heroic performances that didn’t Ws.

    My estimation is Baker has yds/att under 7 as a Bucs starter. That will lead to a very unhappy Mike Evans. Mark my words.

  34. Mike S Says:

    Oneill – this team and fanbase loves mediocrity. Too risk averse. Too PC. Poor drafting. Poor decision making signing coaching talent historically outside Chucky and Bruce, etc…

    You’d think that Ira and the boys have been around the game long enough to not say these kinds of things. How can you not think these guys are dealing in bad faith with Kyle Trask?

    They just don’t like him. They don’t want him here.

    They love them some Baker Mayfield though.

    To me it’s bizarre.

  35. Bucs since 76 Says:

    Trask is under contract for 2024, Baker is not. So why would you trade Trask if he looks why we you trade him.

  36. Kelby Says:

    Mike S. You and people like you forget who calls the plays. He can throw deep but is barely given a chance too. “Trask had more completions” Trask had more pass attempts aswell. Both sides to a story. The Panthers team he was on sucked badly. Worst coach for the year aswell who was fired. But yea let’s blame the QB for short passing plays even tho Bowles is the one calling the shots. Yds/att falls under that aswell. Also it’s LAUGHABLE you think Trask will have better luck averaging 7+. Todd Bowles is a run first, short passing play coach. Your worse then Colin Cowherd.

  37. Max Says:

    Bucs since 76 – “Trask is under contract for 2024, Baker is not. So why would you trade Trask?”

    Because after the way the Bucs have mismanaged his development, he’s likely to sign with another team 2024 and the Bucs will get nothing for him. If I were Trask no way I sign with the Bucs again.

  38. Tbbucs3 Says:

    David, highly doubt you’ve watched Mayfield play in 64 games, and if you have (you haven’t) your judgement is terrible because Mayfield has completely serviceable as a starter. Far from “Garbage”…..lead a franchise that won 1 game in 2 years to the playoffs.

    And just because Trask hasn’t played in a NFL game doesn’t mean he’s immune to criticism….he looked like trash last week and in his previous pre seasons also. That’s a telling sign.

  39. Oneilbuc Says:

    I believe Baker Mayfield is Mitchell Trubisky 2.0 the bears went 14-2 his second year I believe but I don’t see no other team screaming for him or giving him passes. Baker Mayfield did not earn the starting job he’s been gifted the starting job because of his popularity. I hope he plays well and we get to the playoffs with him but for what he showed me in the past I doubt it.

  40. R0n@Tampa Says:

    In the bright lights of the NYC. The Bucs make a statement with a convincing win tonight. Dismantle the media darlings and it the Bucs grabbing the headlines. This game could a preview to a super bowl.

  41. Bucfromday1 Says:

    Mayfield & Trask will have the same lineup, like they did last week. This week Trask will play behind a fresh O-Line which he didn’t have last week. His major disadvantage is that he will be facing the Jets D 1’s versus the 2’s he faced against Pittsburgh. Huge difference! The Jets starters will give the right side of our O-Line and Trask big problems. Mayfield should cement his QB1 status tonight.

  42. Power Of Pewter Says:

    Where the hell do people get the idea that Trask has trade value? If a team is desparate for a QB mid-season, they aren’t trading for one who’s NFL season experience is a half-dozen snaps. And a team looking to build for the future is going to draft a QB in 2024, when there is reportedly a plethora of QB talent available.

  43. Dan Says:

    Some of you losers need to go get laid and off the computer

  44. 941Boltsfan Says:

    I hope Kyle Trask plays lights out! Becomes a Hall of Famer and the best Bucs drafted Franchise Qb that has ever been. Hopefully does it all in a Bucs Uniform as well.

  45. D Cone Says:

    When he gets his 1st real NFL start then you can begin the Expectations. Some guys start a little slow and go on to have A HOF career. Montana was 0-1 his first year. 2-5 his second. 13-3 his 3rd, won a Super Bowl and the rest is history. Brady came out rolling his first season and Won a Super Bowl. Some come out and have a couple good years and start the spiral downward. Some suck right out of the gate and it never changes.

    Last week Trask made an effort to run the play that was called. Tonight I expect him to make decisions based on what he has learned his first two years. He is at a great advantage in that he was reviewing game tape with a pretty good QB. Trask got it right from the source what he saw and why he switched the play.
    I hear he’s like a sponge with information so I think he will do well in the league. Not saying he’ll be a Brady or Montana but somewhere in between would be awesome.

  46. Optimist man Says:

    It seems as tho you so called Bucs fans still have tom Brady up your asses. I’m so sick of hearing about tom Brady. People He’s gone and to most of you ickybods, you want Trask to do gud so we can trade his ass to someone and win a Superbowl. Again why don’t we let the coaches coach, the players play and hopefully they will pick a QB that will do as gud or better than 8-9 wins. As gud as washed up Brady.

  47. ATLBuc Says:

    There’s no way the Bucs are going to trade Trask, our franchise quarterback. Save the ink, Joe!!

  48. AlabamaBucsFan Says:

    Why so much talk about trading Trask? No way the Bucs trade him so close to the season opener. If he shows promise, then who is to says Trask will not continue to get better. Any middle or late round pick would be high risk that could turn out to be a bust.

  49. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    “Joe certainly could see Trask starting later this season if Mayfield falters or, of course, if Mayfield gets hurt. Joe also could see a scenario in which Trask plays well tonight and the Bucs get — and accept — a trade offer for him before the Halloween trade deadline.”

    Steve Young all over again. Welcome back QB Curse.

  50. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Mike S nailed it.

  51. Rod Munch Says:

    “Joe certainly could see Trask starting later this season if Mayfield falters”


    It’s a certainty. Mayfield, the worst ranked QB in the NFL over the last two seasons, is not a good QB. He will be benched after the Buffalo game, at the latest.

  52. Rod Munch Says:

    Buccaneer Bonzai Says:
    Steve Young all over again. Welcome back QB Curse.


    LOL! Trask is no Steve Young. He’s a QB who can’t even beat out Mayfield, who has been the worst QB in the NFL for the last two years.

    Trask, at best, is Mike Glennon. But, I’d take a young Mike Glennon over Mayfield.

  53. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Okay, so I have read all the comments. So much hate, lol.

    We’re all fans. We all have opinions. Being different does not make you less of a fan.

    That said…I honestly do not see how anyone cannot root for Trask. I realize Mayfield has experience. I realize he had one good season (out of six).

    But Trask is the longshot. The kid who has been given a bum deal by coaches.

    I want to see him succeed…to prove them wrong about him, and become our franchise guy for a couple decades.

    I DO NOT expect him to play perfectly this year…I fully expect he’ll have to adjust to the speed of the game, which is something he has had no exposure to as yet.

    That means his play will be off until/unless he adjusts…and that’s not an instant thing (in most cases).

    And yet…

    …I want Baker Mayfield to be named the starter.

    Let him take the hits behind an offensive line that needs 3-5 games to gel (if it ever does). Let him scramble behind that line. Let the OL get all those penalties trying to save him.

    If Baker Mayfield can succeed, then fine, I’ll accept him. He can win me over.

    I just do not believe he is capable of it.

    But he’ll have the opportunity to prove me wrong.

    If he doesn’t do so…go Trask.

  54. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Rod Munch, were you around when Young was traded? He wasn’t exactly viewed as a Hall of Famer back then, buddy.

  55. captivajim Says:

    To start him against a good D Jets team on the road is a stiff test .. but I hope he does well Go Trask !!!!

  56. David Says:

    Tbbucs3 Says:
    August 19th, 2023 at 2:00 pm
    “David, highly doubt you’ve watched Mayfield play in 64 games, and if you have (you haven’t) your judgement is terrible because Mayfield has completely serviceable as a starter. Far from “Garbage”…..lead a franchise that won 1 game in 2 years to the playoffs.”

    Ok. Fine. The same franchise that Baker won one game in 2 years to the playoff.
    AND ????
    Here is the rest of the story; Garbage journey man who has led NFL in interceptions last three years. There are no values for such qb’s as Baker in NFL. The defenses have figured how to shut down a midget qb’s. Keep them in pocket and force them to throw.
    Again have you seen Trask starting in real NFL game before you disregard a high draft pick ?

  57. David Says:

    “Career night for Trask”
    Joe ????

    Based on one lousy meaningless pre-season game ?

    If this was a measuring stick to evaluate/dismiss/prolong qb’s futures then we wouldn’t have had great qb’s such as Tom B., Payton M or Aaron R. who all started as back ups.

    Why did Bucs play an experience Baker at home against Steelers second team defense and played Trask on the road against a better first team Jet defense ?

    So if this game is a career night for Trask then Trask was set up for failures from the start of the training camp.

    It is so weird, they start Baker at home he can’t move the ball. He finally gets a chance on short field thanks to the Bucs defense. He dink and dunk his way to the end zone to avoid throwing picks with an incredible catch by the receiver.

    Baker showed everyone the real Baker we all know in the training camp by throwing multi picks similar to the picks he has thrown in the past three years to lead the NFL. He will not be able to move the ball in real games with short passes with Mike E., Chris G. and Palmer in the game.

  58. NCBucfan Says:

    Trask is more like Trent Dilfor than a Tom Brady, and I’m ok with that. Trent was a solid QB, but had major limitations. Just saw a stat that blew my mind on Brady, in 2007 he had 50 tds to 8 ints, that is nuts I think Trask can succeed, I just have a bad feeling playing behind this O-line. Go Bucs

  59. SB~LV Says:


  60. TF Says:

    I think a ton of scenarios can unfold with our QB situation. It is EXTREMELY likely Trask starts at least 4- 5 games this year. We are just too mediocre of a team and Baker will get injured or slump. Especially the OL question marks, new OC etc. Wolford is MORE than capable of being the back up in the extremely unlikely scenario where Trask is traded. I mean there is NOBODY going to interested in Trask for right now. He is unproven and teams would be looking for STARTERS to replace injured QBs. So that isn’t a thing.

  61. D Cone Says:

    If Baker is the starting QB for the Bucs I hope he does well. By now everyone knows there was a completion and it was close. Trask has benefitted from it.
    Rising tides raise all ships.
    Baker does well then front office might feel comfortable going with Trask in the future. No way they want to pay 40 million to a QB in the 1st round.
    Money can be used better elsewhere and there are a lot of good players that are going to need paid.

    Based on history the Cleveland Browns have proven that they have made a lot of wrong decisions on drafting QB’s but they have been pretty much spot on when to walk away. Don’t know many that went on to tear up the league.

    I hope Baker is an exception to the rule and by the end of the year a team is willing to offer him a 3 year 105 m contract similar to Gino Smith’s. He’s done very well for being a 2nd round pick.

  62. Tony Says:

    I’d hang onto Wolford no matter what. I think this is where it’s gonna decide a bunch for Trask now. If he’s gonna end up struggling against backups then how do they think he’d do against starters.

  63. RustyRhinos Says:

    “Joe also could see a scenario in which Trask plays well tonight and the Bucs get — and accept — a trade offer for him before the Halloween trade deadline.”

    For a next-season, rookie savior, fresh out of college draftee? Will they have “any” NFL experience?
    If by Halloween they are not so Bueno, do we also get and accept a trade for him too? Why would we not, same scenario you claim above for an NFL QB, who has experience.

    Let’s see what you can do Kyle, Mayfield, and Wolford.


  64. Steelers fan Says:

    Man Trask looked great tonight!!

  65. Rod Munch Says:

    He just had a great 1st half – and while the stats look OK, they’d look a lot better if guys didn’t drop a bunch of passes.

    I’m not a Trask fanboi, although I’d much rather see him start compared to Mayfield, but he didn’t really have a bad pass – had good accuracy, did everything you’d want to see in that first half.