Bucs Training Camp 2023 Practice No. 19 Notes

August 23rd, 2023

Bucs DT Vita Vea works on barrel drills Wednesday morning.

The morning after Baker Mayfield was knighted as the Bucs’ starting quarterback, both he and his backup, Kyle Trask, seemed off at One Buc Palace.

In an otherwise uneventful practice despite Lightning brass snooping around, the Bucs continued their march to begin the 2023 season by wearing “shells” or “jocks-and-socks.” That means helmet and shoulder pads only. So it was a glorified underwear football practice.

These notes are abbreviated due to a partially obstructed view of practice.

* Sean Tucker runs off left tackle. Yeah, dudes cannot hit, but he just looks better and better each day. This makes sense since he missed so much time this spring with his heart issue.

* Same play for Rachaad White only once he gets to the second level he cuts to the left sideline.

* Baker Mayfield rolls right and hands off to White.

* Mayfield throws about 20 yards downfield to a wide-ass open Mike Evans along the left sideline.

* Sneak Vaughn tries to run right and there isn’t much room.

* Tucker runs inside.

* Mayfield rolls left and connects with White along the left sideline. The play was slow to develop and likely would have been a sack.

* Mayfield hits Cade Otton along the right sideline.

* White runs right.

* Kyle Trask throws to the left side in traffic to Taye Barber but the ball flies right over Barber’s shoulder. It looked like either Barber wasn’t expecting the pass or he gave up on it. The pass wasn’t horrible, maybe slightly behind Barber but certainly catchable. Joe’s not sure what happened here.

* Trask throws to the left sideline and Ryan Miller skies to bring the ball in.

* Trask throws in traffic to the left and hooks up with Barber. This was the exact same play the two didn’t connect on previously. Seems Trask and Barber are now on the same page.

* Trask finds Rakim Jarrett open over the middle for a first down.

* Trasks throws to Richard LeCounte III to the left then on the next play tries for Kade Warner over the middle but the ball was underthrown and broken up by Dee Delaney.

* Mayfield launches a long-distance pass down the sideline and the speedy Deven Thompkins runs under it for a catch and a touchdown.

* David Moore catches a Mayfield pass on the right side.

* Crossing from the inside, Mike Evans catches a Mayfield pass near the left sideline.

* Cephus Johnson catches a Mayfield pass on the right side.

* Mayfield tries to hit Johnson over the middle but the pass was too long.

* Moore catches a pass over the middle from Mayfield.

* Patrick Laird catches a Trask pass along the right sideline.

* Trask to Ronnie Brown to the right side.

* Tucker and Laird with consecutive runs up the middle.

* Trask threads the needle. He hooks up with Warner in the back of the end zone, squeezing the ball between Derrick Pitts and Zyon McCollum.

* Jarrett grabs a pass from Trask on the left side.

* Tucker runs to the right for nothing.

* Trask overthrows Johnson in the back of the end zone.

* How misleading can running be in sort-of underwear football? White runs between the left guard and tackle and quite literally defenders stopped attacking and physically pulled up like they just noticed a gator in their paths or someone yelled that White had the Ebola virus. It was almost like White was a boat creating a wake.

* Mayfield lofts a pass to Chris Godwin over the middle in the end zone and the pass was overthrown.

* Mayfield throws to Kaylon Geiger to the left sideline but the throw was short.

* Mayfield throws low to Vaughn who is just over the goal line along the right sideline and Vaughn digs the ball up for a score.

* Mayfield dumps a short pass off to Payne Durham to the left.

* Mayfield led Evans on a crossing pattern near the goal line but the pass was a bit too far in front of Evans.

* White runs to the right side for a score.

* Vaughn catches a pass from Trask along the right sideline.

* Trask goes deep over the middle for Dominique Dafney and it’s too long.

* Miller catches a pass from Trask along the right sideline maybe 15-20 yards downfield.

* Otton catches a Trask pass along the right sideline.

* Trask throws behind Geiger who was running a cross pattern from the right.

* If defensive backs had hands they would be receivers. And safety Nolan Turner bailed out Trask with what would have been one of the most gruesome interceptions you will ever see. Trask was flushed left and then forced a pass intended for Johnson along the left sideline, maybe 10 yards deep. Turner has perfect coverage on Johnson and in fact was between Johnson and Trask, right in front of Johnson. Trask tried to force the pass to Johnson and apparently never saw Turner (otherwise he never would have thrown the ball). Trask’s pass hit Turner right in the gut and he dropped it. Would have been a can of corn pick-six. Maybe Turner dropped it because he was so surprised.

* Moore catches a deep Trask pass down the right sideline.

* Vaughn runs to the right.

* White catches a soft throw from Mayfield down the left sideline as Mayfield drops the pass in a bucket, right in White’s hands. Pretty play.

* Thompkins catches a Mayfield pass down the right sideline.

* Johnson catches a swing pass to the right and Joe Tryon-Shoyinka takes a swipe at the pass, nearly knocking it away.

* Laird runs up the middle.

* Dafney catches a Trask pass near the left sideline while running a crossing pattern from the inside.

* Above-the-rim play: Trask aims high for Durham down the left seam, trying to get the ball over Anthony Nelson. It seemed like Nelson was about to make a fingertip catch with his outstretched arms and Durham, who was behind Nelson, plucked the ball right out of Nelson’s mitts. Joe thought Durham tucked the ball away but while following the play with his binoculars, a piece of football equipment blocked Joe’s view just as Durham got the ball. The body language of the players suggested Durham dropped it. So, not sure what happened but it was a helluva play by Durham to get the ball and prevent a pick.

* Geiger runs a slant inside from the left and catches a Trask pass. Geiger immediately cuts left to the sideline and gains about five extra yards by reversing his steps.

* Chris Godwin catches a Mayfield pass on the right sideline and slices through the defense back inside for a touchdown.

* Mayfield tries to hit Trey Palmer deep down the right sideline and the pass was too long.

* Evans catches a Mayfield pass to the right.

* Tucker runs left.

* Thompkins catches a Trask pass down the right sideline.

* Vaughn runs off left tackle.

* Otton catches a short Trask pass to the left.

15 Responses to “Bucs Training Camp 2023 Practice No. 19 Notes”

  1. Jack Burton Mercer Says:

    Sounds like Trask Winston’d a pass to Nolan Turner, who in turn Davis’d the catch.

  2. Mike S Says:

    The fire has gone out of the team because they know they are doomed with Baker.

  3. J Says:

    Runs right, Runs left, Runs up the middle, catches a ball in the flat…are they gaining yards after these plays, Joe?

  4. Hodad Says:

    Any Jensen sightings? Is he even on the field watching?

  5. go dawgs Says:

    poor poor fan boy z.a.c.h. b.l.o.b.n.e.r… what a gator loser

  6. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Fabulous notes, Joe…again.

    Sounds like we have 42 WRs……

  7. BucsBeBack (Artist formally known as: BringBucsBack) Says:

    Jack for the win.

  8. Jeff Says:

    Don’t get hurt!

  9. Mike C Says:

    If you have 42 WRs you have no WRs

  10. #99 the big fella Says:

    Mike S you sound ridiculous.. negative crap all the time.

  11. SlyPirate Says:

    Jack Burton Mercer Says:
    “Trask Winston’d a pass to Turner, who in turn Davis’d the catch.”

    ^^That’s funny^^

    Did Canales Leftwhich the call? Did the OL Smith the blocking which resulted in the Winston’d pass?

  12. Crickett Baker Says:

    Tnx for the notes. It sounds like they were practicing passes more than runs. I wonder why. Was Wolford out there at all?

  13. Bojim Says:

    Thanks Joe.

  14. WyomingJoe Says:

    #99 … You got it right when you said that Mike S sounds ridiculous. He’s beyond negative. Sounds like the kind of kid that no one wanted to play with growing up because he was so NEGATIVE! And Joe, why is it that other media people said that Baker threw much better than you described? Just wondering…are you hanging around Mike S too much?

  15. Usfbuc Says:

    I noticed that too WyomingJoe, another site made it sound like Baker was tearing up practice and this sounds more like both QBs are still about the same in practice.