Bucs-Jets Practice Notes & Nuggets

August 16th, 2023

Feisty session at Jets headquarters against an ornery Jets team before a raucous crowd lined up to get in hours before practice began. Joe patrolled the grounds and has plenty of notes as the teams practiced on two fields, sometimes three. There definitely were Bucs standouts, including competing Kyle Trask rising from the ashes after a rough start.

*The Bucs are focused on the run in their first offensive session in 11-on-11. Kyle Trask is at the command and Rachaad White runs left for a yard. Lots of barking from the Jets defense and that didn’t let up all day.

*A hole! White runs between the space opened up by Tristan Wirfs and left guard Matt Feiler. Joe will call it a seven-yard gain. There’s plenty of hitting but tackling to the ground is not happening in this period, so exact yardage isn’t possible.

*Trask fires short and inside on 3rd down into the chest and hands of Jets linebacker C.J. Mosley. He can’t hold on; the ball pops up and Mike Evans grabs it!

*Receiver Deven Thompkins takes a handoff and tries to get to the right edge. Play is blown dead after he’s tracked down behind the line of scrimmage.

*Trask to receiver Taye Barber for 5-yard gain and a little YAC.

*In comes Baker Mayfield, now with the second unit. He rolls right and throws to a tight end for no gain.

*Swarming Jets defense! Undrafted rookie Sean Tucker takes a handoff left. He runs wide for no gain.

*A strike from Mayfield to undrafted rookie receiver Rakim Jarrett over the middle for about 10 yards.

*First team returns with a White run left for no gain. Robert Hainsey is blown back on the play.

*Cody Mauch! The rookie left guard pancakes Jets big-money defensive tackle Solomon Thomas while White ran up the gut for 7 yards. Bucs coaches loved that one.

*Fumble! Trask throws complete for 5 yards to Jarrett who coughs up the rock when hit.

*Sharp slant from Trask to Chris Godwin for 10 yards.

*So before the 11-on-11 session, the Bucs offense was working against the Jets in 7-on-7. Baker Mayfield started the period and threw to Trey Palmer but the pass was broken up by cornerback Javelin Guidry. Mayfield hit Godwin short and then threw short to the left complete to Russell Gage. The pass was low and Gage caught it and gently was shoved to the ground. He didn’t get up. Joe has written all about Gage’s serious knee injury on the home page. The teams agreed to stop playing on that field and the 7-on-7 period ended, but the action continued on another field.

*The Bucs’ first-team defense came out in 7-on-7 against Aaron Rodgers and friends — and a jacked up Jets crowd. Joe was watching the Bucs offense (see above), but Joe couldn’t ignore the defense because of the cheers by Jets fans. It was big play after big play early. Joe’s first view represented the third big crowd cheer: Ryan Neal and and Carlton Davis were beaten deep by Jets receiver Irvin Charles (per Joe’s view). That play was followed by two more completions. Again, it’s 7-on-7.

*11-on-11 sees an early fight for the Bucs defense, with Lavonte David at the forefront after he snuffed out a run to the left that netted maybe a yard.. After the skirmish, Devin White has a 1-on-1 chat with Aaron Rodgers that ends with a joint laugh.

*Back to the offense, Trask gets the ball in 11-on-11 and is sacked by Quinnen Williams. Move Kyle, Move!

*Trask has another near pick on an over-the-middle, medium-range throw. Not unlike the near-pick referenced above, the Jets defender can’t squeeze it.

*And another fight breaks out.

*White up the gut lowers his shoulders and head and pops the helmet off Jets safety Tony Adams for a six-yard gain.

*Back-to-back hard running by Ke’Shawn Vaughn. There’s Mauch again opening a nice hole on one of those runs. Mauch is really finishing blocks today.

*Another fight. Center Nick Leverett threw two punches at a Jets players’ head. Why do that with a helmet in the way of the guy’s dome?

*White runs right for four yards. Strong series for the O-line.

*Baker Mayfield returns and goes play-action deep to Mike Evans. He was double covered and the ball was safely overthrown. First Bucs deep shot of the day.

*After a nothing-special run and an incompletion, Kyle Trask returns and gets sacked after Jets’ linebacker Jermaine Johnson bull rushed Luke Goedeke into Trask. (Move, Kyle!)

*Mauch plants another defender into the ground on a solid running play.

*Trask to a tight end, short left for 5 yards.

*Tucker runs left with a lot of juice and wiggle but the Jets linebackers and defensive backs suddenly start playing touch football. Play quickly blown dead. Seems like an order came from coaches.

*False start, Bucs.

*Joe’s not writing about the third team, but QB John Wolford continues to look sharp. He hit rookie Trey Palmer perfectly on a crossing route for 15 yards. Palmer’s speed was on display.

*Mike Evans and Jets stud defensive tackle Quinnen Williams have a long chat during the break, seemingly about fighting. Evans got hot earlier and stayed hot. (Story on home page).

*Every time Joe looks at the Bucs defense, Joe can’t help but dial in on Devin White looking fast and Shaq Barrett looking like Shaq. The Bucs sacks king was very pleased after practice about how good he feels. Joe already wrote about Joe Tryon-Shoyinka having his best practice of the summer (home page story), and the pressure was there consistently. Joe focused in on Vita Vea for a few snaps and Vea looked effortlessly stout against the run and pass.

*After a run by the Bucs offense, Baker Mayfield throws short left to Kaylon Geiger.

*Palmer breaks up a potential Mayfield interception. Palmer and Mayfield clearly out of rhythm on a 20-yard seam pass. Jets cornerback Bryce Hall turned and broke quickly on the ball. Incomplete.

*Trask and the Bucs offense flash back to Friday night. Rachaad White run up the gut for little yardage. Followed by Vaughn up the gut and then Trask throws incomplete with no receiver near the ball.

*Joe Tryon-Shoyinka spotted winning on an inside move forcing an Aaron Rodgers throwaway.

*Rodgers flushed on next play but a good four-man rush. He threw a fancy lookaway pass complete on the run but refs already had blown the play dead.

*Trask returns and saves his day, figuratively speaking. Trask throws two short balls to tight ends and then comes to the line for third down. Trask changes the play at the line of scrimmage and found the correct call. He sent a 50 yard bomb to Palmer down the right seam with All-Pro Sauce Gardner in coverage. It’s a catch! Palmer went down about the 7 yard line.

*More fighting. Luke Goedeke seems to be hated by opponents on the level of Ryan Jensen.

*Trask to Geiger for a first down on a slant. Sharp throw.

*Drop! Cade Otton from Trask on a short route near the left sideline.

*Trask follows an incompletion with a six-yard throw to Otton.

*DEE-Fense – Shaq looks damn good chasing down a wide receiver screen. Antoine Winfield flashes in coverage over the middle. Jamel Dean is beaten by Randall Cobb for 25 yards.

*Rodgers ends his day with an incompletion, followed by a quick out for 4 yards and a no-throw after Vea broke down the pocket in a hurry.

*Mayfield has a strong finish with the second team. Complete to Barber followed by a sweet back shoulder throw down the left sideline to Palmer. Great precision by both of them. That play jacked up the Bucs bench.

*Mayfield came back with a short completion followed by Ke’Shawn Vaughn finding a hole between left guard Aaron Stinnie and tackle Justin Skule. Two more plays saw Mayfield throw incomplete and throw a ball away to avoid pressure.

*Mayfield and former Bucs QB Mark Sanchez spoke near the end of practice on the field, and while Mayfield shot down Joe and other reporters seeking a chat, he had no problem talking shop with ESPN insider Adam Schefter.

Tristan Wirfs & Luke Goedeke Work On Their Pass Blocking Sets

Bucs co-owner Ed Glazer talks to Jets owner Woody Johnson at practice today.

Head coach Todd Bowles and GM Jason Licht in deep discussion during today’s Bucs-Jets practice.

43 Responses to “Bucs-Jets Practice Notes & Nuggets”

  1. HC Grover Says:

    Bowles said that he could rest all the starters because of these 2 practice sessions. That was his brilliant plan. What a HC?DC genius. This plan turned out just like all his other plans will. Total Failure. He got 1 brawl session of undisciplined players and no second. Pathetic.

  2. Durango 95 Says:

    Great notes Joe. Much appreciated!

  3. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Any Myron Lewis sightings?

  4. Bucsfan13 Says:

    How did the OL fare against the Jets DL? That’s the more important question.

  5. Tbbucs3 Says:

    Canales needs to call this “QB competition” sooner than later…It’s obvious Mayfield will be the starter…..gotta start giving Mayfield all the reps with the 1st team or else we’ll be throughly under prepared for Minnesota week 1.

  6. RagingBrisket Says:

    Any explanation as to why the second day of joint practice was canceled? Feel like there has not been an explanation other than that it was the Jets that called it off.

  7. #99 the big fella Says:

    Hc Grover, Did Todd Bowles steal your wife? You have so much hate for him.. kind of weird how much hate you have..

  8. HC Grover Says:

    Plan 99 triggered again. I am glad to have you as a fan so worried about what I think. Reality strikes deep. Should I say Bowles is on a Super Bowl Run? ROFL.

  9. Posey99 Says:

    Big play trey

  10. A Bucs Fan Says:

    Trey burned Sauce! Just hope next time he keeps his feet for the TD instead of falling.

  11. #99 the big fella Says:

    Hc Grover, definitely not a fan of all your negativity.. most fans have a good and bad point to a JBF article.. I have never seen a positive comment ever from you.
    I truly hope Bowles proves you wrong and has a winning season. If he doesn’t then yes he should be shown the door .

  12. HC Grover Says:

    TX agent 99 so do I. It would be great. Will gladly eat my old superbpwl hat. Just do not see it. I think the Stainks game will tell the tale of the year.

  13. All_da_way Says:

    Defense has a lot of potential to be much better than last year. Offense has a chance to reforge a new identity.

    So far from what I have gathered from training camp, pre season and scirmmages:

    UP arrow: Palmer JTS, Diaby, Winfield, Evans, Godwin, White, Vaughn, Mauch

    Down arrow: Otton, Goedeke, Hall, Hainsey Senat

  14. #99 the big fella Says:

    Hc Grover, I have to agree with you,
    saints game will definitely be the telling point! but just incase get out the superbowl hat..lol

  15. JimBobBuc Says:

    Otton seems to drop about half the balls thrown to him. Mauch seemed like he bounced back and is living up to his rep of finishing plays. Was Goedeke getting under the Jets skin, or vice versa? At least Goedeke is showing some spirit.

  16. HC Grover Says:

    Will do. Bowles is an above average DC. I think wearing 2 hats HC/DC is a blunder. No idea why he did it. I think we be 1-2 going in to Nola with a squeaker over the Bears. If the Stinking Stankers blow us out going in to the bye downhill from there.

  17. Crickett Baker Says:

    IDK. Of the pre-season games that I watched, the two best teams were the Bears and the Saints. Especially the Bears. We have to make great improvements!

  18. D-Rok Says:

    Listening to SiriusXM about 3:30pm, heading home from work, the announcers stated the Bucs D and pass rush looks legit. They said, “First 2 plays, sacks by Bucs. Then 3 very quick and short completions by Rodgers, then another 2 sacks. In 7 plays, 4 sacks. Not good.” They followed up by stating that the Jets did not have their 2 starting guards in at the time.

    Overall, sounds like the Bucs D is mostly ready for the season to start.

  19. Marine Buc Says:

    Nice notes guys. Thanks.

    Seems like we did OK against a very solid and well coached squad.

    Cody Mauch seems like he isn’t intimated by anyone… He was mic’d up for the Steelers game and he talked a ton of smack…

    My favorite was the DT Cody was going against was jawing at him and he stared him down and said “F-U! What the F are you gonna do about it?”

    That is music to my ears. Go Cody!

  20. Crickett Baker Says:

    Well, so far I don’t see anyone as bad as Darden, so I am somewhat happy. 🙂

  21. D-Rok Says:

    Great notes, Joe – thanks as always! (I’d rather give compliments than ask to fight, LOL – following the theme of the day of fighting. I saw Damien Woody X’d today about how stupid it is to fight during practice, saying he once broke a hand in a practice fight. He said “it’s a waste of time and energy”). 🙂

  22. Defense Rules Says:

    D-Rok … ‘Overall, sounds like the Bucs D is mostly ready for the season to start.’

    I was thinking the same thing D-Rok. I feel very confident that our starters can kick arse, but I’m not nearly as confident in our depth, especially in the Secondary. I like Dennis & Diaby, and think we’ll see a lot of them this season (you can’t keep play-makers off the field). If the starters can stay healthy, our D can do some damage.

    Can’t say the same about the offense yet, but they’re still a work in progress. Lots of folks are on Goedeke, but I think Hainsey is the weak link in that OLine. Not concerned about our RBs or WRs, but our TEs have yet to impress me. Well, except Wells; he seems to catch everything thrown his way.

  23. Hunter's Crack Pipe Says:

    “former Bucs QB Mark Sanchez”

    ?? When did this happen?

  24. Hunter's Crack Pipe Says:

    Somebody please tell me what’s with the strap on the OL drill. The only thing I can think of is simulating a chick who was latched onto my leg crying “Please don’t leave me” while I tried to get out the front door.

  25. Buddha Says:

    HC Grover, you certainly live in a simplistic world. If Bowles were fired tomorrow, there are a dozen teams that would want to hire him as defensive coordinator. No one game, especially in September defines a season. The Rays were unbeatable in April and May. Now they are struggling to make the playoffs.

  26. Infomeplease Says:

    Everything seems to be on schedule. Good to here that Mauch has come to play! Goedeke.your next! LFG!!

  27. WyomingJoe Says:

    I agree that the starting QB should be named ASAP. How can Baker or Trask get a real feel for the offense if they keep this juggling act going? Also, I really was hoping that Mauch got into a fight today. Even in the Pitt game, he pancaked a couple of guys. Sounds like he did a lot more of that today! This makes the game on Saturday night all that more fun to watch. Go Bucs.

  28. Chris O Says:

    I’m going to say this again…..Bad coach and bad QB equal bad season. You guys get caught up in the meaningless headlines.

  29. Larrd Says:

    The Glazer bro looks like he wants to hit Woody Johnson. It’s not cheap to fly 150 folks and all that equipment to the Garden State, then have to scramble and find a practice field.

  30. David Says:

    Joe writes;
    “Trask changes the play at the line of scrimmage and found the correct call. He sent a 50 yard bomb to Palmer down the right seam with All-Pro Sauce Gardner in coverage. It’s a catch! Palmer went down about the 7 yard line”.

    How about that for an explosive play for Trask while Baker continued with his dink dunk play safe crap he started to play from the previous game against Steelers.
    He knows he can’t afford to throw any more picks in the camp or pre-season games.

    He is fooling the system and the coaches to become a starter. He will go back to the same Baker in the regular season, the king of throwing picks to reclaim the record he has held for the past three years.

  31. David Says:

    Bucs will not many games if Baker is chosen while playing safe while we have such talented receivers now with addition of Palmer. We will see more of these Trask to Palmer in regular season as defenses are focused on Mike E. and Chris G.

    2023 season: Trask & Palmer will be the best qb & receiver in NFL.

  32. D-Rok Says:

    Agreed, DR. And I just saw a clip from the Steelers game where McCollum, in single coverage, took away the ball from the WR and got a pick. Not saying Zion IS good right now, but that was a flash of his potential. Maybe in a year or so Zion can be a decent starter, and can give that oh-so-craved depth we need in our secondary.

    I do like our D for this year. I have no idea what to expect from our O this year. *FINGERS CROSSED*

  33. Bucswin Says:

    Thanks Joes love the notes. My mostly only source for BUCS news these days. Seems like some don’t understand what sports is for. It’s called. Life distraction/entertainment.. What’s with all the Debbie downers bringing in their negative existence. Stick to crime drama then. It’s preseason bishes. GO BUCS!

  34. Pewter Power Says:

    It was chippy because the jets wanted to show off for hard knocks

  35. Pickgrin Says:

    Thanks Joe! You rock with all the details – as usual…..

  36. lambchop Says:

    Jamel Dean getting out played by Randall Cobb is par for the course. Cobb is old and Dean always has a let down at some point in a game. SMH.

    On the bright side, Cody Mauch sounds nasty. We might actually have 2 starting uglies on the OL.

    The Jets OL is still crap, so let’s not get too excited about the pass rush yet.

  37. ManU fan Says:

    Interesting to see pro Baker analysts, like Joe Buc, all want to end the QB battle now, saying we can’t wait any longer, more reps for starter, etc.. The real reason is Baker is at his peak now. He already knows this offense from being on the Rams and he already has 4 years and 4 teams NFL experience already. The longer time you give Trask, with 0 first team reps. in previous camps and no previous experience with this system but with his superior accuracy, height, decision making and arm, the better he is going to get. That’s why the desperate calls to stop this competition now because time is on Trasks side.

  38. Wild Bill Says:

    D looks solid. O line still a question. Run game uncertain. Defensive backfield decent but shallow backups. Special teams, who knows. Quarterback very good or terrible based on who you listen to. Only real games will tell. Defense should keep it relatively close if the offense can at least get decent time of possession. I look for quite a few close low scoring games if the D stays healthy. Biggest question will Bucs offense score enough to keep us in the games. First 4 games will be defining.

  39. bucsfaninOregon Says:

    “2023 season: Trask & Palmer will be the best qb & receiver in NFL.”…David


  40. unbelievable Says:

    Good to hear about Mauch. Goedeke and Hainsey still sound like the weak links.

  41. Fred McNeil Says:

    Unbelievable, I finally got to rewatch part of the Steelers game the other night. Goedeke wasn’t as bad as I originally thought. Hainsey didn’t impress me at all. He in never going to be more than a JAG.
    thanks for the recap, Joe. Best one yet

  42. Rod Munch Says:

    Thanks again for the recap Joe. I didn’t get a chance to read this yesterday, and only saw a short story on the NY Post talking about how the Jets offense was manhandled by the Bucs defense (they said 6 sacks in 11-on-11). All the additional context was great.

  43. dalvincookrules Says:

    As soon as the season starts, how many straight losses is it going to take before Bowles is fired?