Ugly Ranking For Todd Bowles

July 5th, 2023

Hot seat?

If you believe the words typed by a CBS columnist, it seems Bucs coach Todd Bowles is on the hot seat this season.

Cody Benjamin ranked all 32 head coaches. And it’s not looking good for Bowles at the bottom of the barrell with a No. 28 ranking.

That would be fifth-worst.

28. Todd Bowles (Buccaneers)
2nd with TB, 6th as HC
Career record: 34-50 | Playoffs: 0-1

Here starts the run on respected defensive minds with questionable HC results. Bowles has led two “successful” seasons — a 10-6 blip with the Jets and last year’s sluggish playoff cameo — and can still guide an aggressive “D.” But his safe, predictable approach with everything else threatens to make 2023 even tougher on a lineup now devoid of Tom Brady.

Joe doesn’t know if Bowles is on the hot seat or not. Only Team Glazer knows. Joe is guessing if the Bucs only win, say, five games, then Bowles’ seat might be broiling. Eight wins? Who knows?

But here is what Joe knows: a losing 2022 would be Bowles’ fifth-straight losing season dating back to his second season with the Jets in 2016. Very, very rarely does a head coach have five straight losing seasons and keep his job.

(Ray Perkins, including his last year with the Giants and his four seasons with the Bucs, was fired before he finished his fifth consecutive losing season.)

19 Responses to “Ugly Ranking For Todd Bowles”

  1. Crickett Baker Says:

    Y, but his last losing season won the division. We have to remember that, regardless, and he didn’t even have his own staff yet.

  2. Fred McNeil Says:

    I have ZERO confidence in bowles. If he stays in his lane and grows a pair he has a chance to win this year. If he tries to control the offense we are in the Caleb lottery.

  3. garro Says:

    His own staff excuse was his get out of jail free card for last year.
    He’s out of those cards/excuses now.

    I had forgotten that the Giants hired (three a day) Perkins.

    Go Bucs!

  4. Hodad Says:

    Bowles could’ve easily had a winning season if he played the starters in the final game, but it was meaningless. Everyone says our roster sucks, and so does our cap. We supposedly have no QB. That’s Todd’s fault? Considering the facts, he should be coach of the year if we win 8 games beating Vegas by one, and a half games. I like who Bowles hired to be his O.C.. Canales could be that one hire that helps two careers. Bowles has had a good offseason, let’s hope he keeps it going. I don’t want to be coach hunting, drafting a QB next year. I’m pulling for Bowles Baker, Wirfs, the guys we got. Hope they beat everyones expectations.

  5. Joker's Paradigm Says:

    Well said Hodad.

  6. HC Grover Says:

    Who is worse than HC/DC?

  7. Stormy Says:

    He is what his record says he is – a garbage head coach.

    If he has another losing season, especially one littered with gutless decisions like the Cleveland fiasco, he should be gone. I’m pretty sure it will be. Jets fans had the exact same complaints about him. If he pulled that overly conservative, play not to lose crap with Brady under center, I can only imagine it will be even worse with Mayfield or Trask.

  8. Bobby M. Says:

    If there’s any doubt AND we are at risk of losing Canales, I think Bucs can Bowles to keep/promote Canales. Bowles had Brady and still managed to have a losing season in a pitiful division.

  9. Defense Rules Says:

    How many more of these ‘Bucs Suck and So Does Todd Bowles’ articles from the national media prognosticators do we have to endure Joe?

    So Todd Bowles is on the hot seat if he has another losing season. Big Whoop Cody Benjamin, tell us something we haven’t already heard 1000 times.

    Yesterday’s article had the Bucs ranked sixth-worst as a team. Today’s has the HC of that team ranked fifth-worst. At least they’re somewhat consistent.

  10. Thomas Edrington Says:

    OVER-RATED at 28

  11. George R Says:

    I want Bowles to succeed. Bowles has not impress me as a head coach but it is hard to deny he is a very good defensive coordinator. I don’t want to go back to the Mike Smith days.

  12. PA Buc Fan Says:

    They nailed it when they said how predictable he is. Add boring to that at all. His team plays like his personality. No flare no excitement. Just blah! I want the bucs to do well but don’t want to endure another season of this guy. Great dude, terrible coach!

  13. Chris@Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa Says:

    LOL, Hot Seat My Azz. Bowles has a 5 year contract, courtesy of Jason Licht so even if he is fired, the contract will still have to be paid off.
    Unless Bowles takes another NFL Job

  14. chark Says:

    At no point during the season did it feel like the bucs were improving. They struggled in every game after week 1dallas and week 2 new orleans. That is bad coaching!!! This team looked no better as the season progressed. That has all the stampings of a poor coach running things.

  15. FortMyersDave Says:

    I am with Tom Edrington on the ranking: 28 is a bit generous. Dennis Allen is the only other current Head Coach who seems to have the knack for preventing their team from getting what should have been some confidence building wins by playing not to lose like Bowels did in Cleveland last year and Allen did for the Aints last year here in Tampa vs the Bucs. I hope I am wrong but take that first 10 dash 6 from Bowles overall record and h

    e is in the territory of Perkins, Williamson and Wyche while they were in Tampa at the end of the creamsicle years when the Bucs averaged 5 to 6 wins a season.

  16. Buc4evr Says:

    I am not a fan of Bowles but the guy doesn’t have much of a chance this year. I am not convinced that the rush on D is going to be much better than last year, the O line is a big question, TEs are a question, and of course the QB situation is downright horrible. Oh and add in the new offensive scheme. How is the O going to score 30 points a game? I thought that Jason could have done a better job at QB which will ultimately sink the pirate ship with Bowles at the helm.

  17. LOL Says:

    That Browns game last year really was the turning point for me. I knew that Bowles wasnt the guy after that debacle.


  18. SlyPirate Says:

    I’m not a Bowles fan but he did win the NFCS.
    Leftwich was horrible!
    New OC.

    TB12 had a foot out the door.
    New QB.

    The OL was horrible.
    New OL.

    This is a new team created in Bowles’ (Parcel’s) image. Let’s see some cohesion. Let’s get better. Let’s win another NFCS championship. All arrows are pointing up after this year.

  19. Larrd Says:

    I can’t imagine any coach coming off a worse year. Best quarterback in history. Two HOF receivers. Best offensive tackle in football. He should be at 32.