Todd Bowles: Noise Doesn’t Matter

July 25th, 2023

Clashing feelings.

Todd Bowles has a group of players claiming to be jacked up, in some cases annoyed, at national media repeatedly suggesting the team has taken a massive step backward without Tom Brady at quarterback.

Bowles isn’t buying it. Is he calling his players liars, Joe’s not saying that, but it sounded that way this morning at One Buc Palace.

“We write are own narrative, we don’t listen to anything on the outside,” Bowles said (with a straight face). “So, it doesn’t bother us because we’re already motivated. You know, we’re a motivated ballclub. … [We’re going to write] our own narrative. And that’s what we go buy We don’t go by the national media. It doesn’t bother me. Predictions don’t bother me. It’s how you finish it.”

Joe thought it was a little strange that Bowles claimed his players don’t care about the outside noise. Heck, he was defensive coordinator in 2020 when the secondary was fired up for months — literally months — because NFL Network projected them to have the worst starting cornerbacks in the league. And Bowles met with those players daily for extra morning film work.

Joe gets Bowles not entertaining the national burying of the Bucs, but just know that Bowles is aware — and that he knows how much his team is aware.

12 Responses to “Todd Bowles: Noise Doesn’t Matter”

  1. Infomeplease Says:

    It would be nice if Bowles challenged his team and the talking heads at least once! He always backs down when given the opportunity! Very un leader like.

    Why couldn’t he respond with something like ” Our team will have kicked ash by the end ofJanuary and all those fat talking heads will be eating their ridiculous words!!”

    No, why motivate the players given an opportunity? You know “us against them “! Ounce again he states “we’re already a motivated team”. For many, that is probably true. How about the rest? Bowles truly doesn’t believe that is part of his job description. He expects the players to be self motivated. We all saw how well that worked last season. Especially against Dallas in the playoffs.

  2. ATLBuc Says:

    It’s hard not to care about ppl constantly saying that you don’t know how to do your job

  3. Chris@Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa Says:

    The Bucs know that the national media thinks they suck. After all, they can read!
    Hopefully they use it as motivation for this season.
    For the National Media, we are an easy target. We not only lost Brady, but we also have a Head Coach with a terrible record of being a Head Coach.
    I am still having a hard time accepting that not only did Jason Licht put Bowles in as head coach w/o even doing a coaching search, but he also gave him a 5 year contract as well!

  4. Dooley Says:


    give it a rest bud, the psudeo-outrage about everything Todd Bowles does or says is tiresome and pretending like you’ve got a feel for someones’ personality when you only observe them while they’re working in front of cameras is kind of lame.

    You don’t know how Bowles talks to his players behind the scenes, unless they come out and say it or it’s caught on camera. The stuff you’re griping about Bowles not doing is exactly the type of stuff MOST pro league coaches don’t put out for the public to consumption. They keep those message for their staff members and players.

  5. BringBucsBack Says:

    Joe, are you going to change the Twitter logo, now that Elon X has?

  6. Infomeplease Says:

    Dooley, I’m not very young. I’ve watched the NFL for around 50 years. The Bucs sideline I saw during the Dallas game, was as pathetic as any I’ve ever seen. That includes the Bucs in between Superbowls and many Bear loosing seasons too. My opinion is based on what I see and what I comes out of Todd Bowles mouth. 1+1=2

  7. Voice of Truth Says:

    Infome is spot on – Bucs played with little to no energy all season long and the playoff lambasting was icing on the cake

    Bowles is a horrible motivator- you don’t have to be in the huddle to see that just watch them play

    The team was sleepwalking most games

    We started 2-0 and finished 6-9 – let that sink in for a minute

    We are not starting 2-0 this year….

  8. RustyRhinos Says:

    Would we all be overjoyed if our Head Coach, was squeamish and came out scared to death of the season coming up because the NFL pundits said we are going to be a bad team, so it must be true..? The 23 Buccaneers do make their own narrative, we play our season with a can do attitude, not a woe is me, let’s lose so we can draft “#XYZQB” in the 24 draft. Why would we all want to see our Head Coach be a whiney b!tch?

  9. Tap-Out Says:

    I can’t wait for the season to start so we can get on with the business of continuing to build a winning team without T Brady (mister of course) it’s time to move on and up …can’t understand why you people can’t get it!

  10. Defense Rules Says:

    ‘Joe thought it was a little strange that Bowles claimed his players don’t care about the outside noise.’

    It’s bizarre to believe that Todd Bowles would be calling his players ‘liars’ (that’s coaching suicide). A more plausible explanation is that he’s putting his players on notice that games are won or lost on the FIELD, not in the media (which they already know from past experience I’m sure). His words ‘We’re going to write our own narrative’ and also ‘Predictions don’t bother me. It’s how you finish it’ clearly let’s each & every Bucs’ player know that it’s their play on the field that will determine how this year turns out.

    For some reason, Todd Bowles seems a lot more like Tony Dungy to me now than he did last season. Tony always seemed very ‘even-keeled’ in his approach to the game (ie, do things ‘right’ & practice hard and games will take care of themselves, because you’ll be very well-prepared). Of course, Tony had Monte Kiffin to run the defense (Dungy was strictly a HC like BA was here) & that surely gave him more time to attend to his HC duties than Bowles has. That said however, I don’t expect that Bowles will turn over the DC reins to anyone else, at least this year. His season … and job … will primarily rest on how well this defense performs.

  11. Defense Rules Says:

    Voice of Truth … ‘Bucs played with little to no energy all season long’.

    I think that fans underestimate the importance ‘field leadership’ when it comes to helping generate that ‘energy’ on the field. Look at the key veteran leadership that we lost last year … JPP, Suh, Whitehead, Gronk, Jensen, Marpet among others for the season, plus Shaq for about half the season. That left us with a bunch of young guys (yes, including Vea) who weren’t ready to assume the leadership mantle.

    We’re hopefully a little better off this year IMO … Jensen & Shaq back, added veterans Feiler & Neal, and several of our younger guys (like Wirfs & Winfield) appear poised to step up from a leadership perspective. It’ll still be a battle to fuse this thing together as a TEAM, but we’ve got some pretty good pieces to start with. That FIELD LEADERSHIP though will be crucial.

  12. garro Says:

    Yeah Todd but the Bulletin board at One Buc does matter!

    Go Bucs!