Ke’Shawn Vaughn And His Hands

July 31st, 2023

He can catch now.

Joe is rooting for Sneak Vaughn to have a breakout season. Again, Joe likes good things to happen to good peeps.

Joe thought it was something back in February at the combine when Bucs AC/DC-loving general manager Jason Licht threw his support behind Vaughn saying, in so many words, that he didn’t think Vaughn got a fair shake last season.

Now the knock on Vaughn is he is one-dimensional. Hard runner but not a weapon in the passing game. So when he plays, that can be a tell to the defense the Bucs may not pass at all, or that Vaughn is no threat to hurt them through the air.

Joe hasn’t seen Vaughn catch too many passes in training camp this summer, and he hasn’t been targeted much, either. But to hear Bucs coach Todd Bowles, Vaughn catching the ball is a thing.

“His hands, from when he got here, have gotten significantly better,” Bowles said of Vaughn. “He catches the ball with ease right now.

“He knows where he’s going – he’s always a good runner. And he can play [special] teams as well. With opportunity, we’ll see.”

There’s that word, “opportunity.” Licht discussed it about Vaughn in February.

While Joe has hope for Rachaad White, his advanced stats were just awful running the football last year. His game against Seattle was really, really good. That’s one game out of 18 (including the playoff loss to Dallas).

If White continues to struggle in the run game, Joe sure hopes Vaughn gets more carries. Who knows, maybe he could take over the running back room?

27 Responses to “Ke’Shawn Vaughn And His Hands”

  1. QDawdBucs Says:

    Won’t happen. Not when Sean Tucker is knocking on the back with everyone.

  2. TampaBayBucsFanSince1976 Says:

    Give dude a chance.

  3. Eckwood Says:

    If you can catch in college and you can’t in pro ball that is on the coaches and organization. Pro coaching isn’t always as good as some would want to believe and the stubbornness of fit my system coaching is alive and well in the NFL . You should be able to walk up and ask a RB Coach what passes / routes / throws were this guy and perhaps that guy best at in college . You would be surprised at how many anointed NFL coaches don’t know . It’s not that you’re gonna change your offense for each back or player but working with what they do well and expanding from there is totally different from being unaware and creating failure , confusion and low confidence . ….. Mike Smith was one of the worst , Great football mind but didn’t know the players and couldn’t communicate .

  4. Buc4evr Says:

    Sneak is a hard runner and I would like to see if he can be a three down back. Hope he has improved on his ability to catch and get in the game for longer stretches.

  5. geno711 Says:

    Got to be honest Eckwood, I did not watch Vaughn in college.

    You seem to be suggesting that he was a good pass receiver in college so I just read, three different scouting reports on him and the BEST seemed to suggest that he was a “competent” receiver. Not exactly high praise.

    If the same coaches made Rachaad White a pretty darn good receiver out of the backfield in one season, and in three seasons Vaughn has not reached that same level, I am guessing that is more on Vaughn for receiving than the coaches.

  6. garro Says:

    We shall see.

    Hope both of these guys prove all the doubters wrong! Oh and Tucker is still in the mix so..

    Go Bucs!

  7. Dooley Says:

    Not this again

  8. My Momma Says:

    Joe, what were Rojos advanced stats during 2020-2021?

  9. Beej Says:

    Was hilarious watching Brady throw to Rojo…. he’d gently lob it the way you’d throw to your 5 year old kid

  10. Defense Rules Says:

    Joe … ‘If White continues to struggle in the run game, Joe sure hopes Vaughn gets more carries. Who knows, maybe he could take over the running back room?’

    Interesting conclusion Joe. I’m like Garro; I want to see ALL of our RBs kick ass & take names. Injuries are a fact of life in the NFL, and probably more-so in the RB group I think because they’re involved in a collision of epic proportions almost every time they carry the ball (a 215 lb RB like Sneak running full speed into a 350 lb behemoth like Vea is ‘epic’ IMO, especially when the behemoth lands on you after the collision?). So having at least 2, preferably 3, versatile RBs is essential in today’s NFL. Seen too many games where a dinged-up RB plays, but is ineffective.

  11. rrsrq Says:

    Just keep us out of 2nd and 9 and 3rd and 7, when we have to run the ball.

  12. Bucsfanman Says:

    It’s my opinion that the biggest addition to the run-game was OC Canales. Better play-calling SHOULD benefit these runners.
    I don’t think we know what we have just yet. Vaughn needs to show up big if he’s going to see any time behind White and Edmonds. Edmonds’ versatility might give him the edge.

  13. My Momma Says:

    Beej: Was hilarious watching Brady throw to Rojo…. he’d gently lob it the way you’d throw to your 5 year old kid.

    Lol….That’s a perfect description, Beej! 😂

  14. Beej Says:

    If I were Vaughn I’d have a jugs machine in my basement shooting passes at me 12 hours a day

  15. Scott Says:

    I hope he proves me wrong but white doesn’t seem to stand out like most elite backs do early on.

  16. b4l Says:

    Yeah he has hands…you should really watch college football sometimes. but Bro I love Ke’Shawn Vaughn as a bellcow RB. Do you ever see him not falling forward on a tackle? Perfect goal line, short yardage monster. He is going to shock some people if he ever gets his brain focused. His timing and awareness was all off with Brady. He looked like not only did he have to be spoon-fed everything, but also he expected to be treated like a baby out there. The NFL is the Not For Long League, kiddo; so the future is now, do not allow it to slip through your fingers. But otherwise…. Let Rachaad do his thing catching the ball and running on the outside, not running the ball up the middle ten times a game on first and ten, second and 12. There was that one time White had two first down runs in a row then had to run the ball up the middle for a third time in a row for no gain? That is when he went to Fournette on the sideline and told him to take over. So weird the offense last season.

  17. A Bucs Fan Says:

    I believe Byron was so inept at scheming for the run and reliant on Brady to do everything that even prime Emmitt Smith would have looked like a pedestrian last year with the Bucs run scheme and blocking.

    Canales is the true x-factor this year and I believe we’ll see the entire RB room be elevated in play this year because of it.

  18. JimBobBuc Says:

    I saw Sneak play at Vandy quite a bit and so I have watched him intently with the Bucs. At Vandy he was rarely targeted as they threw down the field. I don’t recall his pass catching ability.

    As a runner he had average vision at the LOS and frequently had gains of only a few yards, but recognize he played behind a weak offensive line against some tough SEC defenses. When he did have a hole, he was exceptional in being able to break long runs. If I recall correctly in his junior year he led the SEC in runs over 40 yards. In the open field he is sneaky fast and doesn’t need to slow down to make DBs miss. In his senior year his offensive line went downhill.

    In his first year with the Bucs he struggled as it seemed to be a big jump for him. Last year he improved in everything, in particular his vision at the LOS. He seemed to run harder and catch the ball better last year. I think he will be improved this year again and gets some touches to prove himself in games.

  19. Dooley Says:

    “If I recall correctly in his junior year he led the SEC in runs over 40 yards.”

    Yup @JimBobBuc is speaking facts. I think it was something like 16 rushes for 40 or more yards and a few of them were runs for >60 yards and he flashed that ability in that Panthers game at the end of the ’21 season. Iirc Vaughn was also the 2nd leading rusher that year and can’t remember the name of the Bowl, but I remember him having like 220 yards on like 11 or 12 touches. Not a Vandy fan, but they kept me entertained for those noon kickoffs on Saturdays’ along with GA Tech, cause I love me some option ball.

  20. BradentuckeyBuc Says:

    It always baffles me that these elite athletes can make it to this level without what seems like a vital yet basic skill. DB’s too.

  21. Duane Says:

    Well, it’s a new offense with a new emphasis on the running game. So I imagine that Vaughn will get his carries and targets as long as he can be effective. If not, then another will get the snaps.

    No point in these kinds of arguments between fans over who is good and who is not. This is the Not For Long league, it doesn’t matter how you used to perform, all that matters is how you’re performing today.

    That’s why they play the games.

  22. Buccos Says:

    The running plays last year were pathetic. Hand off to the right up the gut. No creativity whatsoever. Canales certainly knows some better plays than what Leftwhich knew. Just because you are running the ball doesn’t mean that it has to be predictable and boring. How about some pulling guards. I love those guys!

  23. SOEbuc Says:

    White can’t hit up the middle and gets tackled at the line in underwear. Sneak deserves it, and I have seen nothing but White being overrated as hell by everyone. Vaughn is the one that can take it to the house on the ground and if White improves his pass blocking, he would be that much better as third down back.

  24. Eckwood Says:

    Not necessarily saying he was a great pass catcher in college but he was much better than his last two years ….. He regressed for sure and that just shouldn’t be the case under proper tutelage.

  25. Eckwood Says:

    Vandy SR year 28 catches , 270 yrds

  26. Rod Munch Says:

    I thought he’s looked fine as a receiver, nothing special, but he doesn’t hurt you. Had over 60 catches in his college career, at over a 10-yard average, meaning he wasn’t just catching easy stuff. He’s not White, who is a natural pass catcher and could catch 60 passes this year, but if Vaughn needs to start a game or two because of injury, I don’t think he hurts you.

  27. LongSeason Says:

    Even Emmitt Smith would have trouble running behind the line we had last year.
    Looks like the O-Line will be improved this year. If it is, I think both White and Vaughn can get a fair shake.
    Minus those three guys it was a disaster. D. Smith had one of his worst years. Shaq should have been at LG not RG. A lot of others guys got banged up. Surprised we didn’t go to local Planet Fitness and get a guy or two.