How Loud And Influential Will The Kyle Trask Mob Be?

July 2nd, 2023

Kyle Trask

Joe remains highly intrigued by the Bucs apparently planning to keep all fans out of the first three days of training camp.

The team annoucement of fan-viewing dates for camp starts with “Day 1” for fans on Sunday, July 30. However, players will report back on July 25, and Joe was told camp is opening Wednesday, July 26, followed by practices on Thursday and Friday before a day off on Saturday.

So why no fan days for the opening three days of camp? There must be a reason.

Yeah, it’s possible Team Glazer doesn’t want to pay extra staff and security for those camp days. Maybe. But there certainly could be a football reason driving this decision.

Something significant must be driving an organizational decision to keep fans out of the building, especially since team officials are quick to talk about how much they deeply love Bucs fans. And, obviously, the Bucs know how fans year to see the team practice.

Maybe Todd Bowles wants to give new offensive coordinator Dave Canales a break, as in not having thousands of fans watching his every move from the get-go of camp. Doubtful, but it’s possible.

It’s also possible the Bucs think Devin White might opt to sit out practices early in camp as a protest for no new contract extension. Maybe the team wants to avoid White being jeered while he watches with his arms folded in a floppy hat? White seems like the kind of guy who might request a trade (again) if he were to be booed consistently.

But Joe also wonders about the legions of Kyle Trask supporters. If the Trask lovers got organized, they could create quite a distraction at practice.

Do not underestimate how much some Bucs fans adore Trask and wish Baker Mayfield would go away. And Tom Brady is no longer around to keep the Trask crowd quiet.

If the Trask mob got loud, proud and saucy — And they should. Why not? —  it could become quite a spectacle with fans so close to the field.

So it’s possible the Bucs want to give Mayfield and Trask a shot to settle in before it becomes obvious to them, perhaps painfully, that the fan base has strong opinions on the burgeoning quarterback competition.

NFL head coaches are a paranoid bunch. Joe wouldn’t be stunned if an all-quiet order for early in camp came from Coach Bowles.

Regardless, Joe hopes the Bucs change their tune on camp practices and open those early dates to all fans.

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71 Responses to “How Loud And Influential Will The Kyle Trask Mob Be?”

  1. HC Grover Says:

    Clearly Trask is not in competition with Mayfield. From what I have seen Mayfield is the starter. What competition? Good Grief. Will he even get to start a preseason game?

  2. JD Still Says:

    Or could it be that when the fans see how Kyle Trask clearly outperforms Mayfield they will realize all the daily pro Mayfield propaganda they have been subjected to for the last few weeks was just that, pro Mayfield propaganda, at this point , no one really knows , I guess We’ll all have to wait and see.

  3. TraskConspiracy Says:

    It’s all a hoax

  4. Craig Says:

    Most who support Trask support his potential upside. There will not be an armed insurrection to get him the job.

    Baker was given an eight second lead in the 100 meter dash to be the starting QB. It does not mean that he is out of the race, but he will have to fight to gain an edge. He must be in A+ form every day, no down time.

    Some days I think it might be better if Baker starts, the O-line could be on shaky ground for a few games and that will activate Baker’s happy feet, which will eventually bench him because that is when he forces stuff and has turnovers.

  5. stpetebucfan Says:

    OK Trask fanboys. Is it REALLY your contention that the Bucs have some secret plan to start Mayfield even though Trask beats him out? Really?

    Perhaps you believe that Mayfield despite some incredible success at least one year in Cleveland..breaking 20 year losing streaks for a horrid going to suck and waste Trask’s opportunity.

    That makes ZERO sense. Mayfield is still young, only 3 years older than Trask.
    Whichever one of them turns out to be the “real deal” has plenty of time left to continue building the franchise.

    Thank heavens both of these guys are white!!! Can you imagine the howls if one was black and the other white. Since that is not in the equation WTF are the Trask fanboys upset about?

  6. Vlad The Impaler Says:

    Is this like the Mike Glennon Mob?

  7. Defense Rules Says:

    Joe … ‘If the Trask lovers got organized, they could create quite a distraction at practice’.

    Aahh yes, January 6th all over again, except this time it’s those danged ‘Trask lovers’ creating mayhem. Speculation is one thing Joe. Stirring the pot is quite another. But this has gone beyond the absurd point … thanks almost exclusively to the media.

    The only thing ‘Trask lovers’ (your words, not mine) seem to want to see happen is a FAIR COMPETITION for the starting QB job. Licht has said there’s one going on. So has Bowles & so has Canales. The ONLY one who seems consistently poo-poo that notion is you Joe & other media. Why can’t y’all just let it play out during preseason instead of this constant sniping?
    What sniping? Joe attends training camp. For years, Joe has heard fans cheer for specific players. It’s fun, and it’s the way it should be. In past years, there have been organized pockets of fans launching cheers. You are taking something pure and getting annoyed by it. Joe always is in favor of fans voicing their feelings (unless it’s malcious commentary here misrepresenting Joe’s opinion and business). –Joe

  8. Joe Says:

    Is this like the Mike Glennon Mob?

    No, they are much more emotional and too easily triggered.

    It’s nearly to the point that “this Joe” hopes the Bucs start him so after a few games they will clam up and it will help the Bucs land Caleb Williams. The other Joe thinks only losers don’t do everything possible to win.

    Joe is always looking at the big picture, though, and doesn’t think Todd Bowles wants to get fired.

  9. FrontFour Says:

    A “Trask Mob”? How about just calling them fans. I know it’s a slow Holiday weekend, but good lord.

  10. Mike S Says:



    Make Bucs Great Again

    Start Kyle Trask.

  11. Mike S Says:

    We’re going to storm OneBuc, steal podium and take selfies while staying within the ropes.

  12. SOEbuc Says:

    Other than the fact Trask is not good, the Glazers, the NFL, and Fox have had Baker starting since the beginning.

  13. Mike S Says:

    FrontFour lol and we’re the emotional ones

  14. Just Leave Trask Alone Says:

    I’m going to be the Trask Shaman.

    Joe you do realize if Trask plays well and wins this job the amount of hilarity that will ensure will be pretty epic.

    Look it’s just funny bants as far as I’m concerned. I enjoy this site.

    Mayfield is going to disappoint you though.

    I promise I will keep it friendly 🙂 while trolling the Baker stans.

  15. Buddha Says:

    Joe stirring the pot. Good business decision. Poor ethical decision. Come on Joe. You’re better than this!
    Terrible take on a few fronts. First, Joe is not “better than this” because there’s nothing to be better than. The Bucs made a significant business decision that affects fans and as Joe has done for the past 15 years, Joe shared a few possible reasons and explained. There are no ethics involved here. The part of sports that involves a position battle is pure entertainment. “X dude should be the starting shortstop instead of Y guy. X relief pitcher should be the closer. X guy should get the bulk of the minutes at point guard. X forward should be subbed for Y guy every game in the 60th minute.” –Joe

  16. Marine Buc Says:

    The Buc’s brass already screwed the pooch – as far as being able to evaluate Kyle Trask…

    The week 17 game against Atlanta last season was the most idiotic BS this franchise has pulled since drafting Bo Jackson.

    Kyle Trask should have been given that entire game to prepare and play as the #1 QB. Instead we got 2 worthless quarters from TB and an even more 3rd quarter of play from Blaine Gabbert.

    What an idiotic and worthless waste of time that was.

    In lieu of getting an entire game of Kyle Trask – we got 3 moronic worthless quarters of football from 2 QBs who are long gone.

    Stupid is as stupid does.

    Mayfield seems to be the obvious choice but we will never really know because there is basically zero game film of Trask to evaluate.

    Did I mention the words stupid and idiotic enough?

  17. Joe Says:

    Joe you do realize if Trask plays well and wins this job the amount of hilarity that will ensure will be pretty epic.

    He could win the job. But dang, don’t you have to demonstrate something first? Remember, Joe thought drafting him was smart. (Not saying Baker Mayfield looks like Tom Brady or even Jameis.)

  18. Just Leave Trask Alone Says:

    SOE is that why the Glazers only gave Bake a 4 million base with incentives that top out at high end backup money?

    Pretty sure the Glazers know what the demand for Mayfield’s services were. My assumption is they are smart business men and know a little about football.

    At the point everyone should attempt to keep an open mind. This thing will play itself out. The only reason Trask fans would get upset is if they didn’t think Kyle was getting a fair shot especially if Mayfield plays poorly. Maybe Joe is hinting around why practices will be closed? So nobody sees Trask consistently working with the 2nd team and starts asking questions? Hope Joe isn’t right about that. Why would you put on an elaborate ruse about a QB competition if one doesn’t actually exist? Makes no sense.

    I think the Bucs want to fly under the radar and keep talk about the new offense at a minimum.

  19. bucfan34 Says:

    Zzzzz…. Meanwhile, back at the ship…

  20. Chris K Says:

    There’s a mob?

  21. Rod Munch Says:

    I totally support Trask starting because I think he gives the team the best chance to lose – and this team should have tanked this year, took their salary cap hits, and been ready to go next year. With Baker, you’re looking at a boring, dull, uninteresting, 6-11 team. With Trask, it’s probably a less dull team, since you want to see what the kid can do, but likely it’s more a 3-win team, which means you’re setting yourself up for the #1 overall pick, and a new franchise QB (hopefully). Instead the Bucs will pick #9th overall, won’t have any better options at QB since they spent next years cap this year, and we’ll stuck in the loser loop ™.

    I really do hope I’m wrong and this team is exciting and good – but come on, really? How out of touch with reality do you have to be to not see this coming? I’ve been a Bucs fan my entire life, and it’s so obvious what is coming.

    Also to add some credibility, I’ve picked the Bucs record correctly every year since I started posting them here in 2015 – with the exception of last year, when I a relaunantly thought they might get to 11-wins, mainly assuming it would take Bowles and Leftwich at least half a season to undo what Arians built. I was too optimistic.

  22. Joe Says:

    Just Leave Trask Alone:

    Joe believes there is competition. But Joe will repeat for the umpteenth time, Trask has yet to show (in practice) that he deserves to be the starter. He is not outplaying Mayfield (not that Mayfield is Tom Brady or Jameis). Joe has watched *every* open Trask practice but one since he’s been drafted. Many practices are closed.

    It’s almost like the Bucs are begging Trask, “Will you please give us a reason for you to start” and that request has yet to be fulfilled.

    Additionally, people wildly overlook that Bowles needs wins. Unless Trask practices so well they cannot pull him off the field, you think Bowles wants to put his career in the hands of a guy with nine pass attempts and one game appearance, or a dude who was a No. 1 overall pick and has made 70 starts?

  23. HC Grover Says:

    ROFL ….somebody borrow some Vike Horns! Take over the bench. Mayfield is Bowles anointed one.

  24. Just Leave Trask Alone Says:

    Joe I was impressed by the throws he made last preseason. So was Ronde Barber. That dime he threw to Sterns should have put everyone on notice. Now picture those kind of throws going to Evans and Godwin. This kid is pretty damn good let’s not count him out.

  25. Mike S Says:

    Joe as the great Yogi Berra one said…

    It gets late early around here.

    I think the credible arguments won’t really materialize until after August 11th.

  26. Defense Rules Says:

    Joe …’What sniping? You are taking something pure and getting annoyed by it.’

    Cambridge dictionary defines sniping as ‘Unpleasant criticism’, then they give an example of its’ use as ‘He has been subjected to constant sniping and questioning of his achievements’. For 2-plus years now all I’ve read is how Trask couldn’t beat out Brady or Gabbert so he was obviously a 3rd-tier QB. And more than once it was noted that the Bucs brought in Mayfield because Trask needed COMPETITION. Of course he needed competition; no team goes into the season with just 1 QB. Trask’s ACHIEVEMENTS obviously aren’t much at the NFL level for obvious reasons, but Mayfield’s aren’t exactly shining either.

    I happen to believe that competition FOR EVERY POSITION is healthy, and even essential. Bucs brought Mayfield in (instead of Carr or any of the higher-priced options) because he was all they could afford. Maybe he will beat out Trask; maybe he won’t. But a fair, unbiased COMPETITION is the only way to truly find out.

  27. Mike S Says:

    We all know hoe Tom Brady is. He will not be insulted by any rookie getting reps anywhere near the 1st team while he’s on a roster.

    Trask was banished to the scout team.

    No Brady is gone – and not surprisingly so is Gabbert who is now Mahomes’ caddy.

    Now we officially get to see what Trask can do.

  28. Mike S Says:

    Wow sorry about the typos

  29. ATLBuc Says:

    joe, you clearly are biased towards Mayfield because you speak of Mayfield as already having won the starting job when there has been not even a hint from the Bucs organization that Baker has an edge.
    Actually, there have been several hints from the organization that Mayfield has an edge. Todd Bowles called Mayfield “a natural born leader” and said leadership will be a key component in who gets the starting job. –Joe

    And this is despite the fact that you admit that you have seen only a small percentage of practices. In those practices you’ve seen, you said that Mayfield took the majority of snaps with the ones. Joe can only go by what Joe sees when it comes to evaluating a player and a player competition. –Joe
    That in itself should tell you that the Bucs are sheltering Trask to keep him out of the national spotlight to lessen the pressure of him starting. And it has worked tremendously!! All of the media outlet and talking heads are totally disregarding Trask and act as if Mayfield is the only QB on the roster.

    You also keep alluding to Bowles’ being on the hot seat as the reason he will start Mayfield!! REALLY!!!
    MOST NFL coaches are on a hot seat. Joe would put the Saints and Falcons head coaches there, too. Neither can afford another losing season. What Joe has referred to is Bowles himself believing he’s in a win-or-go-home situation. Therefore, Joe is confident Bowles prefers to put his head coaching career in Mayfield’s wagon. Also, Bowles chose Mayfield to join the team. He didn’t pick Trask. –Joe
    Are Mayfield’s career performances the of the quality that a head coach would rely on to save his job??? Or, would the Glazer team give him a little slack seeing the development of a promising young QB? Joe! Here’s one thing you fail to realize: A young QB that shows some upside will surely give Bowles more time than starting a proven perennial failure.

    As Joe has written … If Bowles starts with Mayfield and moves to Trask after the Week 5 bye because Mayfield is ineffective, then that scenario makes sense and hopefully Trask would then grow and thrive through the remainder of the season. If Bowles opens with Trask and he struggles, everyone everywhere would be screaming at Bowels to play Mayfield. If Mayfield then replaces Trask and Mayfield is solid, then Bowles becomes a head coach who picked the wrong quarterback. Much safer play for Bowles to open with Mayfield. –Joe

  30. Jmarkbuc Says:


    Well said, but don’t sweat Joe’s “intrigue”.

    He’d be intrigued by a used paper towel if it helps to fill space here.
    Now that is neither nice nor accurate. When’s the last time fans were kept out of the first three days of training camp when there wasn’t a pandemic? Joe is intrigued. Joe will not apologized for living The Bucs Life and thinking hard about his perplexing reality. –Joe

  31. westernbuc Says:

    I’m not sure who’s worse, the FSU homers who defended Jameis at every turn or the Gator homers doing the same for Trask. He’s done nothing yet. If he proves to be the guy in training camp then great. If not, move on.

    We should want the best QB to start. That’s Baker Mayfield until proven otherwise.

    Tanking is stupid. It’d be a waste of guys like Evans and Lavonte’s career. Stop suggesting it.

  32. Tackleblockwin Says:

    I suppose there are only a few ways to decide if a Trask mob exists. One way would be for Joe to do a poll.
    Joe’s April predraft poll on the subject saw 56 percent say they want Mayfield to start on opening day. Trask got 22 percent. The remainder of the votes were fans who were either unsure or desiring a rookie to start. –Joe

  33. Tackleblockwin Says:

    The next question is how many people make a mob, lol.

  34. Tackleblockwin Says:

    Thanks Joe I must have missed that one. As always your on top of all things Bucs.

  35. ATLBuc Says:

    I disagree Joe. Trask doesn’t have to win big. All he has to do is show talent and promise. In any scenario, if Mayfield plays and fails, Bowles is out the door. If team Glazer sees Trask perform and make mistakes but show promise, we have our qb of the future. No way is Mayfield going to be that. But, he will make a pretty good back up.
    Like you said, Bowles did not choose Trask, but he chose Mayfield. If he starts Mayfield and he fails, there is absolutely no wiggle room. Mayfield has to take us to the playoffs if he starts. Trask only has to show promise.

  36. Mr. Editor Says:

    I can see a possible scenario in which Mayfield starts and wins a good amount of games (8-10) and then leverages that performance into a big contract with another team. Meanwhile, that would mean a later first round draft pick for the Bucs, too late for a franchise QB. Trask would emerge as the starter simply for being the last man standing. We might do a deep dive on QBs whose contracts are up in 2024.

  37. Hodad Says:

    I’ll stick with what I’ve been saying, we’ll see both players this year. Baker will start, but he’s only made it through one season healthy. Chances of him making every game is probably next to zero. Trask mob, Baker fan, Joe Buc fan, we’ll all get our wish.

  38. Marine Buc Says:

    Mayfield will be the starter.

    However – if the Bucs lose their first two games against the Vikings and Bears the third game will be against the Eagles.

    If the Bucs are 0-3 Mayfield will probably be replaced by the week 5 break.

    Trask will then either sink, swim or tread water…

  39. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Craig Says
    “Some days I think it might be better if Baker starts, the O-line could be on shaky ground for a few games and that will activate Baker’s happy feet, which will eventually bench him because that is when he forces stuff and has turnovers.”

    Exactly what I’ve been saying. Exactly.

    Not only do I expect Baker to get the nod, but barring injury, I expect him to be pulled by Game 6.


    Joe, I honestly do not know if Trask has it in him to be successful…but going by your reports, it seemed Trask was throwing more to non-starters than to out starters…and Mayfield was throwing to the better pass catchers.

    So it makes sense that Trask would not look as good.

    Again, I’m only going by your ota notes. Maybe twice did they mention Trask throwing to a projected starter all off season?

    To me, this proves there was never a real competition.

    That said, I actually expect Baker to start and either get injured or blow it.

    The offensive line is going to take time to gel…so I’m fine with Baker starting for now. Let him take the hits. Let him make his same old mistakes.

    Trask might blow chunks when he gets a real shot, but he also might excel in a live game setting.

  40. Duane Says:

    Jesus, Joe, give it up! Your continued disrespect for Bucs fans is disgusting.

    “Trask mob”??? Seriously. You need psychological help man. You’re supposed to be editing a Bucs fan site.

  41. 1#bucsfan Says:

    Rod munch. Sorry bro never for the Bucs tanking ever again. We saw what happened when Jamiss throw the ball to the other team worked out. Most QB going #1 overall rarely work out. Trask has more upside than baker. I also don’t believe this is a TRUE QB competition. The brass is saying it is but I’m not buying it. Bowels needs wins to save his job and he’s not going to put his job security in the hands of trask. I Turley believe if arians was here trask would be starting n gabbert would be backing him up this year.

  42. Joe Says:

    Trask only has to show promise.

    How many wins is “promise?” As you stated, if the Bucs lose, Bowles is likely done, no matter who the QB is.

  43. Joe Says:

    Again, I’m only going by your ota notes. Maybe twice did they mention Trask throwing to a projected starter all off season?

    To me, this proves there was never a real competition.

    There is a competition. Again (and again, and again, and again) if there is competition — and there is — shouldn’t a guy battling for a job demonstrate to his coaches that he can/should be the starter?

    So far — there is still three or four weeks of training camp and scrimmages with the Jets to go — that has not happened.

    Trask can still win this. But again (and again, and again, and again) shouldn’t Trask first demonstrate to his coaches that he can/should start?

    To quote Bill Parcells, “If a player tells you who he is, listen to him.” Thus far, Trask is telling the Bucs that Baker Mayfield is the starter.

  44. stpetebucfan Says:


    As a former guy who worked in the biz in TV…I do not know the business model for blogs. I suspect however this post was an absolute home run.

    I give you props!!! It generated lots of debate in the middle of the EMPTY season. The guys blasting you believe they have points…and that’s great…but they just made you look genius! It’s not about whether I agree or disagree with you, you absolutely did your job. Well done!
    Thanks, but it really doesn’t work that way. Joe doesn’t promote any post above another and most fans zero use for comments. It’s why so many sites have eliminated fan commens. Joe writes about what interests Joe. However that shakes out is how it is. –Joe

  45. David Says:

    They don’t want fans so nobody sees Trask mostly working with the 2nd team. This is a fake competition.

  46. Mike C Says:

    Duane Says:
    July 2nd, 2023 at 8:40 pm
    Jesus, Joe, give it up! Your continued disrespect for Bucs fans is disgusting.

    “Trask mob”??? Seriously. You need psychological help man. You’re supposed to be editing a Bucs fan site.

    Hahaha DrAmA much , you are such a better person than Joe, fantastic job 👏.

  47. ATLBuc Says:

    Joe! I said if the Bucs lose with Mayfield, Bowles is done. Not so with Trask!!

  48. Delusional Intelligence Says:


    I disdain tabloid reporting.
    That’s nice, but this isn’t tabloid reporting. This is an opinion-driven website, as it has been from Day 1, with plenty of reporting mixed in. There is a “Trask Mob.” It’s just a question of how well they will organize . The Bucs have limited their options by only opening 1 practice to the general public. –Joe

  49. BillyBucco Says:

    Obviously this topic is one Bucs fans care about getting right.
    It’s not like the Coaches of our beloved Bucs are trying to screw fans.
    Canales is as genuine as a guy can be.
    He even said he wants to hear from fans and do it right.
    Somebody mentioned Thank God one guy isnt Black, but that is exactly what happened in Seattle and the Black guy won and excelled.
    There is NO conspiracy.
    Imagine your Boss telling you, you have to pick the smarter guy and his production, quality and final result will show if you are capable of doing your job.
    EVERYTHING points to going with Baker and hoping.
    I think they believe the QB doesn’t have to do much, adding to that hope.
    If, IF they don’t start Trask and Mayfield blows it for 8 games to the tune of 3-5 and then they start Trask and he goes 5-4, you still don’t get a high draft pick, you really still don’t know if Trask is the guy and Bowles gets fired because he picked the wrong guy, at least for this season.
    The only way Bowles makes it, is for Baker to play well and make the playoffs.
    If it’s Trask, he actually has a chance to stick around with a bad record and picking high in next years draft, getting their guy.
    Thats why I don’t understand the conspiracy?

  50. View from 132 Says:

    The Allen Iverson “we are talking about practice” quote comes to mind. I think this is a real reach.

  51. CrackWise Says:

    When do I pick up my pay check Joe 🙂

  52. Joe Says:

    Bowles is done. Not so with Trask!!

    Fully disagree. Bucs lose, Bowles likely loses.

  53. Buc1987 Says:

    So Trask is another high draft pick that sucks Joe?

    I refuse to believe it and want to see it play out on the field.

  54. Buc1987 Says:

    Cause if he’s losing to Baker…he must suck.

  55. CrackWise Says:

    Joe- “He could win the job. But dang, don’t you have to demonstrate something first?”

    By that logic, what HAS BEEN Demonstrated by Winston, I mean Baker, IS THE ENTIRE FREAKING POINT for why Trask needs to get his opportunity to fail, I mean succeed.

    Baker is your Lifeline, Your call a friend, Your RMS Carpathia to the Titanic.

    Paty Cake Paty Cake, Bakers *ay

  56. SOEbuc Says:

    Just leave trash alone

    Nothing to do with his contract. Even if it were a 50/50 tie, which I feel is highly unlikely in Bakers favor, they would give it to Baker in a flash because of the media that doesn’t want to watch Kyle Trash. People wanna see Baker lead them into what many think will be dead last.

  57. CrackWise Says:

    Look to be 100% honest, IF and that is a BIGLY IF, Baker starts. I 100% want him to do GREAT.

    I mean seriously, this is the point. I don’t want to see this QB situation affect the team all year long.

    If Todd starts Baker than he needs to ride or die with him. Don’t bring Kyle in later in the season when the team has already given up on the coaches due to their poor decisions.

    Thats assuming they are loosing.

    Whats REEEEEEEEE is if Baker wins, ZERO chance they pay him Watson money to stick around.

    So, TODD is faced with the same dilemma NEXT year.

    Best case scenario IF Baker starts. Is he sucks and TODD leaves him in all year so that Kyle can TRUELY COMPETE with a rookie QB next year.

    If TODD starts Kyle, and KYLE sucks. Once the season is over, like it would be if the opposite happened. Once the season is over, you play Baker and in that situation. IF Baker is any good, you will be able to get him on the cheap for a couple years as your starter.

    That would be a win win for everyone and the “Trask Mob” that I am assuming I am being tagged as the leader of. TIS TIS. Will be ok with Baker starting because we are America, I mean Bucs FIRST!!!

  58. CrackWise Says:

    “There is a competition. Again (and again, and again, and again) if there is competition — and there is — shouldn’t a guy battling for a job demonstrate to his coaches that he can/should be the starter?”

    How exactly do you demonstrate your a starter IN FREAK PRACTICE when the guy ahead of you is being ANOITED as the STARTER by EVERYONE because he has “experience”.

    Even though that “experience” “demonstrates” he is not as good as the #1 overall QB that you just let walk because you signed the GOAT and DRAFTED another HIGHLY talented QB to replace him.

    Not to mention the fact that this “experienced” QB that is being dubbed the starter just got replaced by a dude that has a million lawsuits against him AND the his leadership is so great that he cheats on his wife.

    I mean seriously, if I was Kyle, I would just show up to work for a paycheck and count the minutes till quitting time. I wouldn’t waste my talents on trying to prove anything to anyone in that leadership group.


  59. CrackWise Says:

    That said, I FULLY support Baker and the coaching staff. Such is the life of a FAN.

    As anyone who has been paying attention. Once the season starts, I am 100% behind my team every week.

    I just don’t spend money on them anymore ever since they decided to go woke, in addition to taking Chucky out of the FANS ROH.

  60. catcard202 Says:

    Traskcan has a legion of fans????

  61. garro Says:

    Obvious to me Team Glazer’s interests do not involve the average fans.

    Only the above average income ones who can afford the exorbitant ticket prices. Many of whom sell those tickets to all the schmoes from Philly, Green Bay and Detroit.

    Some very strange happenings at One Buc these days.

    Go Bucs!

  62. Steelers fan Says:

    “Additionally, people wildly overlook that Bowles needs wins. Unless Trask practices so well they cannot pull him off the field, you think Bowles wants to put his career in the hands of a guy with nine pass attempts and one game appearance, or a dude who was a No. 1 overall pick and has made 70 starts?”


  63. garro Says:

    When you alienate your fellow Bucs fans please don’t be surprised if they react negatively and point out the facts as they see them. You, and every single Bucs fan has a right to their opinion. You can claim innocence all you wish but with the headline of this piece for instance… Your choice of words says plenty. Trask Mob…really?

  64. Joe in Michigan Says:

    Steelers fan Says:
    July 3rd, 2023 at 1:45 am
    Like when Mayfield and the Browns beat the Steelers in the playoffs?

  65. Steelers fan Says:

    “Like when Mayfield and the Browns beat the Steelers in the playoffs?”

    Baker Mayfield is 2-5 against the Steelers in his career.

    Baker Mayfield has a passer rating of 76.3 with 1,294 yards, 9 touchdowns and 6 interceptions in 7 games versus the Steelers in his career.

    I’ve watched alot of Baker and he aint it and no way can you sell me Baker. He’s a smallish QB that likes to throw picks alot of picks. He will never last beyond the bye week and thats best case for him.

  66. Steelers fan Says:

    You know whats so funny the Steelers are gonna destroy Baker on Aug 11th preseason game one.. My god thats worse case scn for Baker.LOL

  67. Joe in Michigan Says:

    Steelers fan: We’ll see.

  68. Oneilbuc Says:

    Joe love to the Kyle Trask mob and I don’t think anyone looks at like that but we do know you are a Baker Mayfield fan boy . This guy has sucked at 3 different teams and yet you think he’s going to be good on his 4th team in 6 years lol 🤣🤣🤣 !! I hope he plays well but I just don’t see it and every one knows this ain’t quarterback competition so please stop saying it’s a competition we all know it’s not !! Baker Mayfield will probably suck and they will put Trask in to tank for a quarterback and that means the 2024 season will be a losing season because of a rookie quarterback and than by mid season in 2025 you guys will turn on him just like all the other quarterbacks the bucs drafted. The Glazers really need to consider moving the bucs out of this college town .

  69. shankasorous Says:

    JOE: “Trask could win the job. But dang, don’t you have to demonstrate something first?”

    Trask must have demonstrated something for the Bucs to completely ignore your pre-draft caterwauling about the Bucs drafting Will Levis or Hendon Hooker and then passing on both Levis and Hooker in the first round, passing on Hooker again in the second round, and not drafting any quarterback in any round of the draft, all while Trask was the only quarterback on the roster. That just does not happen if even half of your incessant negative assessment of Trask were true.

  70. Just Leave Trask Alone Says:

    SOEbuc so Bucs are supposed to start Baker so the press can get their story when he crashes and burns? Seems like a bad plan.

    Shank stop using logic. You know how much that upsets Joe. LOL

  71. Just Leave Trask Alone Says:

    Oniell the Bucs not drafting anyone at QB is Licht. The Bucs signing Baker is Bowles.

    This is Bowles last year in Tampa