Hall Of Fame Voters Are A Party To Shameful Mike Evans Snub

July 11th, 2023

Welcome to a first-hand look at the uphill climb Mike Evans might have to get into the Pro Football Hall Of Fame.

Joe wants to smash a few windows.

This is almost too disgusting for Joe to share.

The33rdTeam.com website has a ton of big football names contributing to its media project. Rondé Barber, Bill Parcells, Bill Polian, Mike Tanenbaum, Leonard Fournette, Ed Reed, Cam Jordan and Bill Cowher are just some of the names. Heck, they even had an exclusive sitdown with Bill Belicheat not too long ago.

However, the site hasn’t grown to be very popular (at least compared to this site) and now they’re officially on the JoeBucsFan.com naughty list.

Longtime Hall of Fame voters contributors Vic Carucci, Paul Domowitch, Clark Judge and Barry Wilner contribute to The33rdTeam.com, and they were a party this month to a horrible slight of Evans.

The site puliblished a piece listing current players that are either locks to make the Pro Football Hall of Fame one day, or “likely” or “potential” Hall of Famers. In included commentary from the aforementioned sportswriters. A total of 28 players made the cut, but Evans did not. (Don’t get Joe started on Lavonte David, who also was not mentioned.)

Joe had to chuckle at the comment supporting Raiders receiver Davante Adams, who was listed as a potential Hall of Famer. “… game-breaking receiver who proved last season he didn’t need Rodgers throwing the ball to be impactful.” Um, what about Evans catching balls from Jameis Winston, Mike Glennon, Ryan Fitzpatrick and Josh McCown?

For Joe this reveals how Evans’ road to the Hall won’t be smooth unless he can pump out a few more strong seasons.

Every receiver that has hit the 100 touchdown catches plateau already is in the Hall of Fame except for one: Larry Fitzgerald, and he’ll be there when he becomes eligible. Evans has 81 TD catches; Adams has 87. Both were drafted in 2014.

31 Responses to “Hall Of Fame Voters Are A Party To Shameful Mike Evans Snub”


    First or second ballot HOF when he retires. His stats, with Ira’s backing, will get him in fairly quickly. No brainer.

  2. Pewter Power Says:

    Evans can reach 100 touchdowns for sure. Apparently small market teams are invisible. Evans is 1,000 Yards, 2 touchdowns, and less than 100 catches away from passing Calvin Johnson who was a first ballot hall of famer and a lot of those yardage came in 3 seasons. To be fair he was the best in the league 3 seasons but that gets you into the hall!!! I evans will surely be snubbed

  3. ModHairKen Says:

    If he retired today, he’d be in. He’s not even close to being done. So after a few more years, his stats will be even more impressive in his accolades even more significant.

  4. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    The poor QBs throwing to him is all the more reason to vote him in

  5. Jeremy Couch Says:

    Mike is a solid player. We all love him. And although he has great stats, he has never been dominant or unstoppable . That is why he will not be elected in the Hall of Fame.

  6. stpetebucfan Says:

    Sadly ME13 might have actually been victimized by catching passes from the GOAT the past three seasons. First impressions are great but it’s the last one that really sticks.

    The public, and commentators too lazy to do their jobs, thing of ME13 catching balls from Tom Brady not Glennon, Fitzpatrick, and McCown. They remember the SB but not the horrible teams that still couldn’t prevent ME13 from getting his 1,000 year after year. It IS a horrible slight!!!

  7. Bucsfan13 Says:

    He won’t be first ballot. HOFers hate receivers. I think with this new era of high offensive production voters will be even more harder. They definitely will judge QBs differently

  8. Bucsfan13 Says:

    @stpete. Brady throwing to Mike will not have a negative effect to him making the HOF. He will be judged just by his numbers and ring, not who was throwing to him. Brady had zero HOF receivers in NE with exception of Moss who was a no doubt HOF receiver before Brady.

  9. AnonymousBuc76 Says:

    Davante Adams is good but he only had Aaron Rodgers throwing him the football his entire career…Can you imagine what Evans could have done if he was that fortunate And on the flip side what would Davante have done here in Tampa…

    Hindsight is 20/20 but Imho Evans football journey from college to now was the definition of making chicken salad out of chicken sh!t…Heck He even won one of Jo€s favorite college QBs of all-time (Johnny Football) a Heisman wink wink 🙂..

  10. Bring back the lawn chairs Says:

    Evans lets his stats do the talking. Numbers don’t lie. People do.

  11. tickrdr Says:

    In 2014, Mike Glennon started 5 games, and Mike Evans played in four of those starts. (He missed the NO game) In those 4 games Mike Evans had 322 yards
    80.5 ypg which would be better than his 76.1 average with all of his other QBs throwing to him over his career. He also had FOUR TD catches in those 4 games.


  12. Defense Rules Says:

    What QB you play with as a WR makes a world of difference it appears. Mike Evans catch percentage was fairly low until Tom Brady arrived in 2020. From 2014-2019 he had a 55.3% catch percentage, but that increased to 63.1% from 2020-2022. That’s a fairly sizable difference.

  13. Defense Rules Says:

    Davante Adams had a similar thing happen it looks like. In his 8 years with Green Bay (and Aaron Rodgers), he averaged 66.1% catch percentage. But in his 1 year with the Raiders (Derek Carr & Jarrett Stidham as his QBs), he only caught 55.6% of the balls thrown to him … over 10% less.

  14. Buccos Says:

    If ME13 finishes strong, which I am sure he will, he should definitely have the stats for the HOF. I will forever remember the 2nd Carolina game last year. I was sitting in the end zone where all 3 of those scores took place. That was the most beautiful football game I have ever witnessed. And you just had to wonder why they weren’t doing this all of the time. Brady’s passes were almost 60 yards in the air and Evans didn’t break stride on any of them. I’ve never seen anything like that. It was Nirvana

  15. View from 132 Says:

    Some of you, including the Joes, need to watch other teams more. Evans is very good, but there are a LOT of talented receivers putting up big numbers now. As there should be with the changes to pass interference. This 1000 yard season thing shows he was consistent and avoided injury, but he’s not in the Hall of Fame right now.

    Look at the Super Bowl run. He had a good game against Washington, but then in the three biggest games of his NFL career – Saints, Packers, Chiefs… 5 catches for 85 yards TOTAL. That is not a Hall of Fame career.

  16. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    He’ll get in at some point. I have no doubt. Doesn’t matter if it is first ballot in or not in the end.

  17. gp Says:

    ME13 has put up HOF numbers in all but one category, which he doesn’t control.
    He had the curse of being drafted by the Bucs, the depths of the popularity curve.
    Another 1000 yard season should carry him past that.
    Two, plus the extra records that should come with that, should make him ‘first ballot’

  18. garro Says:

    I believe (for reasons I will keep to myself) Tampa is on the national media hit list.
    And has been for years.

    Go Bucs!

  19. optimisticbucsfan Says:

    Evans won’t get in without getting votes.

    TDs may get him there one day but he isn’t a 1st 2nd or 3rd ballot guy.

    I know it is tough to hear the truth but no one outside of Tampa cares about the streak.

  20. Kramden Says:

    What’s Mike’s signature moment that all NFL fans can recall? That would boost his case.

  21. Jeff’s grandpa Says:

    Well ira should start pandering now then

  22. Lt. Dan Says:

    So one Joe wants to throw beer cans at his neighbor and the other wants to smash windows. I like it! “I want to party with you cowboy!” Bill Murray – STRIPES

  23. TampaBayBucsFanSince1976 Says:

    ME still needs a few more decent years to get in , unfortunately not there yet.

  24. uhmmm Says:

    this is the same website that ranks Robert Hainsey higher than Tristan Whirfs right?

  25. Jack Burton Mercer Says:

    Adams not only had Rodgers throwing to him, he played for Green Bay which somehow still holds a fascination among the cognoscenti (so called). Screw them. Evans is still the best receiver in the league.

  26. Nicky666 Says:

    While I can’t single out a specific catch of Mikes that EVERY NFL fan would remember – I will say his block on Terrance Newman of the bengals years ago is still one of my favorite Mike Evans moments and Its made the rounds on social media enough I feel like people still remember that play. Just how he literally rag dolled Newman and threw him up in the air. I will never forget that play – It was ICONIC 🙂 — GO BUCS!!!

  27. Sly Pirate Says:

    Evans stake for 1st ballot HOF begins this year. Reaching 1K this year will open a lot of eyes …

    1. 10x1K seasons ties Moss for 2nd total 1K seasons
    2. 10x1K consecutive is only 1 season behind Rice for longest streak
    3. 1K ties Evans with Calvin Johnson all time yards
    4. 1K from Baker shows everyone he can still do it without TB12

    Evans needs 2x1K seasons and 4000 yards in the next 4-5 seasons to be a first ballot lock (9th all-time).

  28. First Name Greatest Says:

    Evans has a lot working against him right now

    ZERO All Pros
    Only finished top 10 in yards twice in his career so far

    The consecutive 1,000 yards seasons is a niche record that not many care about outside of Tampa. It’s not like he’s putting up 1300 or 1500 yards every season. Some seasons he’s barely over 1k yards, or needs to be force fed the ball to get to that number in the final game.

    I LOVE EVANS, huge fan have met him multiple times. But as of now, he’s not a Hall of Famer and if you think he is you don’t pay attention to the league

  29. First Name Greatest Says:

    Evans needs 3 or 4 more seasons of 1300 yards or more and to finish his career with well over 100 TD’s to even be considered.


    Type of seasons are not impressive

  30. darengibo Says:

    Let Tom co-lead the Evans into the HOF speech!

  31. Joker's Paradigm Says:

    “So one Joe wants to throw beer cans at his neighbor and the other wants to smash windows. I like it! “I want to party with you cowboy!” Bill Murray – STRIPES”

    Lt. Dan…you crack me up. Classic quote.