Todd Bowles: “It’s Going To Be A Problem”

June 14th, 2023

Todd Bowles

Despite the Bucs scoring just 18 points per game last season, on par with the Mike Glennon-led Buccaneers of 2013, head coach Todd Bowles believes adversity lies ahead on offense.

That was the message he delivered Buccaneers legend Rondé Barber on

Barber asked Bowles about the offense transitioning from Tom Brady and into a coordinator and system.

“Well, anytime you go behind Tom, it’s going to be a problem,” Bowles said of changes to the offense. “When you are a coming behind the greatest of all time, the air’s going to be let out of the balloon a little bit, per se.”

Bowles talked about the Bucs having a load of talent and not just relying on Brady, but still, Brady leaves a hole.

“Tom, he was such a big, huge figure that after that you just think the cupboard is bare, but the cupboard isn’t bare,” Bowles said. “We still have some players and we have a lot of good coaches on this staff. And you try to retool, and you try to go [live] life on after Tom. There’s a lot of different ways to win. You’re just not winning with Tom; you’re winning with different guys and different people. And that’s figuring things out, and [playcaller] Dave [Canales] has done a good job coming in and including everybody in the gameplans of what he’s trying to teach and the lessons they’re coming with on the field.”

Joe isn’t discounting Brady, but Joe also isn’t going to pretend the Bucs offense was good last season. It was miserable and Brady was a component.

Just look at New Orleans, they rolled through many injuries on offense and Andy Dalton started 14 games — yet they scored more than the Bucs while playing a nearly identical schedule.

The move to Canales from Byron Leftwich is perhaps a bigger deal than losing Tom Brady. Joe can’t wait to find out how much.

21 Responses to “Todd Bowles: “It’s Going To Be A Problem””

  1. Cobraboy Says:

    Projecting low expectations helps Bowles job security.

  2. SOEbuc Says:

    After this year:

    A. They will not fire him
    B. They will fire him
    C. He tells all the Bowles haters F#ck you and your mama too for fake fan with no faith

    88 days

  3. K2 Says:

    I’m very disappointed by his comments. He should be talking about football being a team sport. Not indicating air out of the ballon and prepare for a crash landing.

    I thought he made a very smart decision by moving quickly to 11 on 11. Allowing the new coach and offense to adjust on the fly. That’s a great move. Bowles really needs to start stringing good moves together.

    His poor decisions cost the team a couple of wins last year. He needs to be the reason for a couple extra wins this year. I think that he made a great choice in Canales. Now he needs to support him and not be a road block.

  4. Infomeplease Says:

    Does Bowles ever front with a positive attitude??? This guy reeks of negativity!!! He’s the opposite of Dave Canales!!! IMO. TB hasn’t figure out that a positive attitude brings about positive results!!!!!!!!

  5. Brandon Says:

    Addition by subtraction… someone said that about Lenny in the last post. The same is true about Brady. The offense stunk last season and the main culprit was the man masquerading as Tom Brady. He was ultimately the one throwing the passes and changing plays to smoke screens and checking down an incredibly high percentage of the time. Brady got 100% of the 2020-2021 credit but somehow he escapes all blame for the Mike Glennon-like offense. It’s hard to blame a rookie QB when he’s running Marcus Arroyo’s offense… it’s not like Brady having more experience in football than the OC in Leftwich… and no, I’m not defending Leftwich… just saying, if Brady was so perfect, why couldn’t he get the offense to produce?

  6. Mike C Says:

    If the team suck, they will fire him.

  7. Infomeplease Says:

    My suggestion is he talk the team up!! Such as” The Bucs have extremely talented players at every position! They are all pros!! The best of the best!! This team will play hard every play!!
    This team will fight!! Fight for the win down to the last second on the game clock!!
    I’m putting the other NFL teams on notice right now!!! Don’t look past Tampa or you’ll be sorry!!”

    Of course TB doesn’t have the fire in him to challenge his players to be the best they can be!! To set his expectations so high that he succeeds even when not quite accomplishing them all all. To set goals and hold players and coaches accountable, with no exception!! IMO

  8. Duane Says:

    This guy is not a leader. He is a serial contrarian, and acts like that gives him some kind of edge. He is only fooling himself. He let Byron and his staff take all the heat and blame for last season. As a long time fan, its annoying and disappointing to hear this clown constantly deadpan every question he is asked. He exists in a friendly news market, where he gets softball questions from people like Jenna, and he still acts as if he is besieged. When is the local media going to turn up the heat and start holding this guy accountable? The story should be why he thinks this team will be better this season after a horrible performance last year, and he is allowed to lower the bar. LAME!

  9. LakelandSteve Says:

    We actually may see a balanced offense which in many ways may be more effective. If everyone remembers last year we couldn’t run the ball especially in the red zone and the other teams knew it. One play in particular was the Brady QB sneak and the defender beat the block and almost tore Brady in half at the knees. I don’t know if we tried a QB sneak the rest of the season. Hopefully this year we have an offense that can at least keep the defense honest with the threat of the run.

  10. Fred McNeil Says:

    I’ve noticed that about bowles too. He’s kind of a sourpuss.

  11. ModHairKen Says:

    “The move to Canales from Byron Leftwich is perhaps a bigger deal than losing Tom Brady.”

    Spot F’ing on, Joe. Spot on.

  12. Fred McNeil Says:

    What the hell am I on moderation for now?
    I don’t see how I violated any obvious rule.
    Sheesh. Joe’s comments intern adjusts moderation through the day and night, including when the young buck goes out for a smoke or to eat. It’s ok. Joe promises.–Joe
    Why don’t you be man enough to tell me what I said that violated any rules.

  13. Hodad Says:

    I’m not a big Bowles fan, but he was dealt a bad hand last year, not going to rehash that. First thing Bowles did in his first real offseason, fire Leftwich. Nice start. Than the long OC search, and everyone’s freaking out no one wants the job. Bowles hires Canales, and so far the revues are positive. The draft went well, don’t know how much Bowles was involved, but if Kancey hits, and Sir Dennis becomes a good LB do you give Bowles some props? Todd is going on his second year as our HC. He was handed a S.B. team that was beginning to sink, and now lies on the bottom. Don’t care what his record was with the Jets. Last year Todd won the NFC South. Let’s see what happens this year before we get out the pitchforks, and light the torches.

  14. Fred McNeil Says:

    We won the NFCS because we were the best of those who failed.
    The only reason we accomplished even that was because the GOAT pulled the last few rabbits he had left out of his hat.
    I think Canales can inject enough enthusiasm into the team to score a lot more points.
    If these speedy new additions on defense can contribute we’ll be in great shape.
    I don’t see Super Bowl, but I see at least a wild card win.

  15. Duane Says:

    A whole lotta idiot comments in this thread. Definition of an idiot: someone who claims to believe that losing the GOAT to retirement and expecting some loss by the offense is being “negative”, or is proof that the head coach is a pessimist.

  16. Hodad Says:

    We won the NFC south because we won more games than any other team. Had we kept our starters in the last game we would’ve had a winning record. So stop with the bad division crap, there’s no aterx next to our title. Buc fans are some of the most gloom, and doom fans in the world. Even when they win the argue they really lost.

  17. Defense Rules Says:

    Fred McNeil … ‘I’ve noticed that about Bowles too. He’s kind of a sourpuss.’

    Some coaches are really dynamic & have personalities that are ‘bigger than life’ so to speak (Bruce Arians? John McKay?), while others are more low key in front of the media at least (Tony Dungy? Tom Landry?). That in & of itself doesn’t make them good coaches or bad coaches IMO.

    John McKay for instance was our HC for 9 seasons, and sports a 44-88-1 NFL W-L record. Bruce Arians also had 9 years as a HC, but his record was almost the exact opposite (80-48-1). Tony Dungy did even better over his 13-year coaching career (139-69). Tom Landry’s 29-year career started off very turbulent (5 straight losing seasons, followed by a 7-7 break-even season, then followed by a very impressive 20-year winning streak, then followed by 3 more years of losing before he hung it up).

    All of them were different, but they were all good coaches despite their career W-L records. One of the qualities I admire most in good leaders is that they be genuine; don’t try to be something they’re not. Ultimately though I, like most, evaluate leaders based on their performance. Turbulent waters ahead for our Bucs, but good leaders know how to deal with that. Like Hodad said … ‘Let’s see what happens this year before we get out the pitchforks, and light the torches.

  18. Roc Says:

    It’s not negative to speak the Truth

    Love these Bucs fans who Cheer YeA yea even when we lose

    I good with supporting WHEN THE BUCS TRY

    Bowles as a head coach isn’t trying to win
    HE HAD ONE winning season when he took over
    Lost all the others

    How do you fire a bunch of coaches BUT THE HEAD COACH STAYS?????! INTERESTING

  19. Smashsquatch Says:

    “The move to Canales from Byron Leftwich is perhaps a bigger deal than losing Tom Brady.”


  20. NW-Pirate Says:

    A deflation example while talking about Tom Brady? Well played, Coach Bowles.

    Well played

  21. garro Says:

    Bowles is the master of excuses.
    He is merely setting up his next round of them.

    Go Bucs!