“Our Team Is Big On That Right Now”

June 30th, 2023

Call it the post-Tom Brady effect.

When a team loses The Goat, it seems its remaining players and coaches get all jacked up about trying to prove to the world that the team is bigger than the legendary quarterback who left the building.

There was a little of that in New England back in 2020, but not a crazy amount. Joe suspects players knew Tom Brady still had greatness in him, plus a Hall of Fame head coach remained in charge, so the watch-us-now attitude was tempered.

Per Buccaneers running back Rachaad White, the Bucs have a huge chip on their shoulders and new quarterback Baker Mayfield carries it with pride.  White was a guest on NFL Network this morning and was asked about getting to know the quarterback, Mayfield, presumed to be the Bucs’ next starter.

“Baker brings great energy. He’s a great guy. Chip on his shoulder, which are team is big on that right now,” White said. “So just being that guy, just being confident, just having the swagger. … Just being a good guy, man, coming in the locker room and changing things up. … Great leadership.”

Joe was intrigued by White feeling like the Bucs have the proverbial chip on their shoulder. Perhaps it’s because NBC Sports insider Peter King was adamant they will stink badly in 2023. Or maybe it’s because sportsbooks are not budging after placing the Bucs’ over/under win total at a paltry 6 1/2, worst in the NFC South.

Or maybe it is because the team collectively feels it’s being ignored inappropriatly after Brady’s retirement. After all, Brady led a 2022 offense that mustered a Glennonesque 18 points a game.

19 Responses to ““Our Team Is Big On That Right Now””

  1. CrackWise Says:

    Pfff, what does this have to do with Baker. Come on man

  2. Sly Pirate Says:

    It takes 52. The QB is one piece. TB12, Rodgers, and Mahomes lose when key members are out. The Bucs are 2xNFCS Champs. They have more talent than any divisional team. They should feel disrespected and be mad at the lack of respect they are getting.

  3. CrackWise Says:

    You know his has PROVEN himself after being overshadowed by others his entire career?

    Hint, it’s not Baker!!!

  4. Bucsfan13 Says:

    Every team has a chip on their shoulder whether it’s perceived or not. The Saints also have a huge chip on their shoulder. They’ve been disrespected and they’re also feeling some type of way about being division losers for two straight years. White sure likes making the interview rounds for someone who’s proven little so far.

  5. Just Leave Trask Alone Says:

    Captain Checkdown has moxie and swagger everyone.

  6. Voice of Truth Says:

    They feel like underdogs because we are in the opinion of most

    I would love nothing more for this team to come out and prove us all wrong, but common sense says this is a 6 win collection of talent AND coaching combined…

  7. Hodad Says:

    Ten wins.

  8. Buc1987 Says:

    4 wins.

  9. Infomeplease Says:

    They’re angry as hell and they aren’t gonna take it anymore! I sure hope they play like that for 60 minutes every game!! Last year it seemed they just quit way to early in the games! Especially the defense!! Couldn’t stop a 3rd or 4th down if they wanted to.

  10. Crickett Baker Says:

    Typo alert. I’m sure Rachaad didn’t say “are” instead of “our”.

  11. kyle Says:

    all roses and rainbows in early July, in the nfl!!!

  12. Joe in Michigan Says:

    The offense will probably be better, the defense (if they have a steady pass rush) will probably be better. Barring catastrophic injuries, I could see the Bucs winning the division again.

  13. Joe in Michigan Says:

    Just Leave Trask Alone Says:
    June 30th, 2023 at 3:16 pm
    Captain Checkdown has moxie and swagger everyone.
    Until your guy Trask actually starts a game in the NFL, you look foolish badmouthing a guy who has started a lot…I wouldn’t be shocked to see Wolford beat Trask out for 2nd string, like Gabbert did to him.

  14. TBfan Says:

    What would you guys bitch about if Baker succeeds?? Your like a bunch of woman …let’s see what happens for F sake

  15. Oddball Says:

    Yes, to TBfan you listen…

  16. Rod Munch Says:

    Oh, I really thought White would point out how Baker has been the worst QB in the NFL over the last two seasons and talked about he’s never really had any success except for one year when he played behind an excellent offensive line and had the leagues best running duo and wasn’t asked to hardly do anything.

    That would have been refreshing, to hear a player give a real answer instead of the cornball nonsense we always hear.

  17. garro Says:

    More moxie propaganda…
    Go Bucs!

  18. 1sparkybuc Says:

    We have a guy who leads the league in turnovers since he’s been in the NFL. We also have a guy who had great success in the SEC, seen by most as being the toughest conference in college football, and has yet to have a first string receiver as a weapon. Mayfield is a shorter version of Jameis Winston only with more fumbles. Trask has delivered at every level when given the opportunity. It appears that he won’t get the opportunity with the Bucs. The cheerleader with moxie has the inside track. Experience is great if it’s a great experience. It isn’t. It wasn’t, and it very likely won’t be. Moxie does nothing to reduce fumbles and interceptions. We got Mayfield off the NFL scrapheap. We drafted Trask. I’m rooting for Trask.

  19. Joker's Paradigm Says:

    Not saying we should drink the Kool-Aid, but shouldn’t the people hanging on this site be Joe “BucsFan” and not “BucsHate.com” When some spew nothing but hate for the team, why are you here? Go find a team you like to be a fan of. None of us know what the Bucs are going to do until they do it. I happen to want the team to do well. So I hope for the best, but will still be a fan if it is the worst.