Jamel Dean: Can’t Touch Me

June 16th, 2023

Fastest man on the Bucs?

It is settled. For now. Jamel Dean is the fastest Bucs player.

Who said? Well, Jamel Dean.

The Bucs’ starting corner was having fun yesterday at One Buc Palace speaking with the local pen and mic club. He was asked if he is still the fastest man on the Bucs.

“Oh, most definitely man!” Dean said. “Nobody is beating me on the team.”

Dean was confident in his declaration. He was reminded the Bucs have rookie receiver Trey Palmer, who has been clocked at 4.3 in a 40-yard dash, but Dean didn’t budge.

“I don’t know man,” Dean said when reminded about Palmer’s wheels. “It’s kind of hard to see people when they are behind me.”

Dean added that even though the NFL began its vacation yesterday when minicamps closed, when One Buc Palace is open (the building often closes for at least a week in early July), he will be there as he has been all offseason.

“If they are still serving food, most likely I will still be here,” Dean said.

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9 Responses to “Jamel Dean: Can’t Touch Me”

  1. AtlBuc Says:

    That’s a race I’d like to see!! Regardless, I still think that we have the best defensive backfield in the league! If we can stop the run and have a half decent pass rush we can have a top 5 defense.

  2. Crickett Baker Says:

    THIS GUY MAKES SOME GREat quotes. I hope his play makes me smile all season. 🙂

  3. Scotty in Fat Antonio Says:

    What would be the over/under if they both raced and at least one if not both pulled/injured a hammy? We are talking the Bucs and hammys.

  4. BA’s Red Pen Says:

    Dean was feeling it in that interview, I don’t think that dude has had a bad day in his life. He was super proud of himself with the “Can’t see them when they’re behind me,” blast.

  5. Dooley Says:

    “I still wanna improve my game, cause I wanna get pro bowl and all-pro under my belt”

    Have at it dude! I still can’t get over the fact that Dean is basically built like an LBer but can confidently keep up(and probably outrace) w/some of the fastest players on the team and probably around the league.

  6. Dooley Says:

    “I’ll let everybody know right now, I am not jersey swapping”


  7. Defense Rules Says:

    Jamel has become my favorite Buc now that Will Gholston is no longer with us (Will took Mike Alstott’s place as the ultimate Blue-collar grinder IMO). None of the 3 of them ever complain or have ever made excuses; they just grind on & git-er-done.

    Oh BTW Jason, re-sign Will Gholston. You’re gonna need him on our DLine much more than you’ll need players like Senat or O’Connor. Good guys I’m sure, but neither come close to the production that Will has given us as a Buc.

  8. Brandon Says:

    Defense Rules… you may be right but will Gholston be willing to come in at bottom of the roster pay like O’Connor and Senat? I have no doubt that big Will can come in and play effectively in spots at all three DL spots, even NT in passing situations… but he’s probably no less than a $5mil a year player, even at this stage.

  9. Defense Rules Says:

    Brandon … Fournette’s Market Value right now is listed at $2.3 mil. I’d be very surprised if Gholston’s was any higher than that (and probably closer to $2 mil).