Can Joe Tryon-Shoyinka Break Out?

June 11th, 2023

Need results this fall.

As Joe has written, it’s a big year for Bucs third-year pass rusher Joe Tryon-Shoyinka.

Oh, it’s not a make-or-break season for his career. But if JTS wants big bucks, he’s got to step up. In a major way.

A first-round pick in 2021, JTS has had little to no impact. Four sacks per season isn’t going to get it done. And one could argue JTS did not improve last year.

Bucs coach Todd Bowles will have you know JTS has been close a lot of times. But not close enough clearly.

Matt Venderame of is picking JTS as his Bucs’ breakout player this fall.

The Bucs are going to need JTS to break out because, well, where is the pass rush going to come from otherwise? A bunch of rookies? Anthony Nelson?

With Bucs sacks king Shaq Barrett a mystery coming off his Achilles surgery, it is imperative that JTS ball out this fall. Unfortunately, his results make it hard for Joe to get excited.

Hopeful, sure. But hope doesn’t mean squat. Hope doesn’t win ballgames.

23 Responses to “Can Joe Tryon-Shoyinka Break Out?”

  1. Winky Says:

    Go Joe!

    Go Bucs!!

  2. Sly Pirate Says:

    jTS year 1 hadn’t played ball in a year.4,5 sacks
    JTS year 2 put on NFL muscle. New HC, starter. His real rookie year.
    JTS year 3. Speeed, size, knows the scheme. 10-15 sacks

  3. garro Says:

    I think as Nelsons snaps have increased so has his production.
    He certainly has outplayed JTS.
    JTS needs to improve his entire game not just the sack production. He was a liability against the run last year.
    He should be hearing footsteps from YaYa and Ramirez. I hope both can get some snaps this year. Ramirez numbers are pretty impressive even if it was in the MAC.

  4. Defense Rules Says:

    Joe … ‘Hopeful, sure. But hope doesn’t mean squat. Hope doesn’t win ballgames.’

    Like that last sentence Joe, and it’s oh so true. Of course, history doesn’t win any ballgames either since it’s always past tense. Hoping for a ‘breakout year’ in terms of more sacks & pressures is fine, but past performance (history?) usually seems to provide a pretty good indicator of potential (unless something radically changes?).

    In JTS’ case, he had the same number of sacks (4) in both 2021 & 2022, but fewer total pressures (22 vs 27) despite playing 50% MORE def snaps (843 snaps in 2022 vs 560 in 2021). And that despite him supposedly ‘bulking up’ last year. So if anyone just looks at those numbers, nothing in there screams ‘breakout year ahead’.

    But folks shouldn’t stop there in evaluating JTS’ potential. JTS had a fantastic year last season in 1 respect: coverage. His rookie season he was targeted only 5 times & allowed 4 completions (80%). But last season he was targeted 24 times, but only allowed 14 completions (58.3%) with 2 PDs in there. Since his blitzes were well down (from 51 in 2021 down to 35 last year), I suspect Bowles had him focusing more on containment & coverage as opposed to pass rush.

    And since teams ran much more on us last year … successfully … I suspect that we’ll see more of the same this year. IF that holds true, our OLBs’ priorities will probably be focused even more on the containment & coverage roles, and Bowles will try to get more pass rush pressure from inside. Still, I’d expect to see JTS be more in the 6-8 sacks range (as well as Nelson & Shaq).

  5. dmatt Says:

    JTS looks more like a “Break Dancer” from the 80s than a player ready to have a break out year. Why were we so interested in drafting this guy, potential, so close, or both? There were a multitude of different track runners who came so close to the finish line but weren’t finishers contrary to the infamous Usain Bolt. Does so close + potential for JTS = sacks/wins. I didn’t think so!!. He doesn’t look or play the part of a hungry player. I’m moving on to see what Gaines,
    Ya Ya, Dennis, Ramirez , n a returning Barrett will bring to the table. 🤔

  6. FrontFour Says:

    I think this IS a make or break year for JTS. His rookie year playing part time he gets 4 sacks and is all around the QB. Same last year except he was the starter. I get the improved coverage numbers, but expected him to be in 7-8 sack range last season. He’s athletic as hell but just runs around a lot, doesn’t make plays. Needs to elevate sacks, pressures and run defense this season or just feels like another come-off-the-bench rotational guy. And pass on the 5th year option.

  7. AtlBuc Says:

    His neck is a lot thicker. Hopefully he’s stronger and won’t let the QB slip out of his grasp so much.

  8. Hodad Says:

    Kudos to Jason Licht hedging his bet by drafting some outside pass rushers this draft. Considering where we drafted, I like the kids he picked. How can you not like a guy named Ya Ya?

  9. geno711 Says:

    I appreciate your analysis DR.

  10. Beej Says:

    Guy doesn’t seem to get many tackles either

  11. Fred McNeil Says:

    To my eyes, JTS is mostly just disorganized. He is pretty much incoherent in his pass rush moves. Actually, the best word is spastic. He runs around like a headless chicken.
    If his new coach can teach him to calm down and have a more logical plan he will have a really good year for us.

  12. Infomeplease Says:

    Dmatt says:” He doesn’t look like a hungry player”

    I couldn’t agree more! If JTS wants a ring, he best start showing up on the field!!! Up until now, he looks like someone content cashing his pay check!!!!!!!!

  13. SRQ Bucs Fan Says:

    Hope is not a strategy.

  14. HC Grover Says:

    Can Plan 9 from Outer Space re-enter from orbit is the Q?

  15. Oviedo Jim Says:

    Enough of this guy.
    He never will be a dominant pass rusher.
    Why could you even think that. Why?

  16. 1#bucsfan Says:

    Honestly JTS just needs to finish. He was around the QB quit a bit the last few seasons. He’s deff missed at least 7 or 8 sacks by not bringing the QB down. We will see if he’s able to put it all together this year. Sometimes it takes several years for a player to develop. JTS was very raw but has the potential. Same thing could be said for Winston and DW45. Only diff is they put up good numbers with bonehead mistakes in between.

  17. HC Grover Says:

    Bowles wanted a run around QB and got a Run around edge rusher. ROFL . Game Day threads would be boring w/o Plan 9.

  18. bucsfaninOregon Says:

    “Oh, it’s not a make-or-break season for his career.”…Joe
    If someone shows close to ZERO production in 2 years, year 3 IS make or break. This guy is taking up a critical position and has very limited success. Time for new blood if he doesn’t show up this year. I doubt he will.

  19. Dooley Says:

    JTS just needs to be more efficient with his movement and keep working on rushing through OTs instead of trying to beat them with speed and athleticism. I’m kind of waiting to hear more from he and coach Edwards once the pads come on how JTS is building on his pass rush repertoire.

  20. Larrd Says:

    He is more Anthony Barr than Micah Parsons. But still not as good as Barr, yet.

  21. Just Leave Trask Alone Says:

    Short answer? No.

  22. Destinjohnny Says:

    He is our best outside pass rusher…

  23. Bob Buc Says:

    If you average his effort per play on a scale from 0 to 100%, you will rarely see a maximum effort on the last half of a play. He is fast AF but lacks power moves. It really looks like opponents have scouted him and passed along the info to their players, pre-playing the Bucs. The report would be something to the extent, “Engage and keep your feet moving during and after initial contact…he’ll give it up after a few seconds”.