Still Setting The Standard

May 10th, 2023

Chris Godwin

Back at the NFL annual meeting in Phoenix, Joe cornered former Bucs quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick to see whether he would back up a powerful statement he made back in 2018.

At a huge league event like that, Fitzpatrick is a tough guy to get a minute with 1-on-1. Why? Because he played for nine teams and dozens of coaches, so it feels like everyone wants to talk to him. And now he’s an analyst on Amazon broadcasts, which adds a new set of people looking to chat him up.

But with an assist from an unnamed celebrity, Joe was able to steal time from Fitzpatrick.

Joe wanted Fitzpatrick to elaborate on his take on Bucs receiver Chris Godwin when 2018 training camp opened.

“He was really a veteran presence as a [rookie] receiver, which has never happened in this league,” Fitzpatrick said of Godwin five years ago.

That was the money quote from Fitzpatrick. All those rookie receivers he had seen and Godwin was the absolute standout when it came to maturity.

Joe asked Fitzpatrick in Phoenix  whether he still stood by those after playing more years in the league.

Fitzpatrick gave Joe a couple of Godwin memories and stood firm that he absolutely was the most mature rookie receiver he had encountered, and he stressed Godwin’s consistency and day-to-day approach.

Here’s a little more from Fitzpatrick in 2018.

“… He can make a 10-year career out of the way that he played last year,” Fitzpatrick said of Godwin. “But I don’t think he wants to settle for being a guy that’s going to a role player, that’s going to be a good No. 2 or No. 3 receiver. At some point in his career, he’s got to strive to be that No. 1, go-to guy. And he’s just going to continue to get better and better. And I think I see that in him, too, his drive and his willingness, whether it’s in the film room or after practice the way that he works out here; it’s really impressive.”

Enter new Bucs offensive coordinator Dave Canales. Today he raved about the support he’s getting from Godwin through the early part of spring practices. (Mike Evans hasn’t attended.)

And Bucs receivers coach Brad Idzik says Godwin is making his job easier already.

“You talk about Chris and working with him and watching him be an extension of me on the field as a coach, that helps. That really helps,” Idzik said.

Joe is fired up to see Godwin in a variety of receiver roles this season. Hopefully, he’s 100 percent healthy starting from Week 1 this season.

At 27 years old, Joe is expecting a third consecutive 1,000-yard season from Godwin and perhaps numbers rivaling his dominant 2019 campaign.

9 Responses to “Still Setting The Standard”

  1. Fred McNeil Says:

    This season is looking better all the time. I wouldn’t bet against Godwin having a career year either.

  2. Duane Says:

    With all the Negative Nancy’s and Debbie Downers commenting here at JBF about how much the Bucs will suck this year with the quarterbacks we now have on the roster … the doubters need to consider that we have great veteran wide receivers, a pretty good second year tight end, and what appears likely to be a much improved offensive line and rejuvenated running game as well as speeded up defense. With what seems to be a significantly improved supporting cast, it’s not necessary to have the GOAT under center to be a pretty good football team. Indeed our offense was sucky last year WITH the GOAT, and therefore can’t get a helluva lot worse than 25th in offense.

    Not saying our offense will set the world on fire in 2023 … but the Bucs won a Super Bowl in 2003 with an offense (ranked 18th) that was no better than this one is shaping up to be, perhaps not even as good.

  3. SlyPirate Says:

    You can argue Godwin is The Bucs #1.

  4. 1sparkybuc Says:

    I agree with Duane. I believe the Bucs will have a winning record this season, no matter who is playing QB. I’m rooting for Trask. He has delivered each time he has been given the opportunity. We have won two Lombardi trophies with pocket passers. Mayfield looks like a midget when compared to Brad Johnson, Brady, or Trask. For once I would like to see a guy we drafted lead the team to a league championship.

  5. The Beer Whisperer Says:

    Godwin is over paid.

  6. DoooshLaRue Says:

    SlyPirate Says:
    May 10th, 2023 at 8:23 pm
    You can argue Godwin is The Bucs #1.

    You could also just state it outright…… but then a lot of people get their panties all tangled up because you didn’t say our top WR is Grady Evans 13.

  7. Infomeplease Says:

    Dooosh.. show me another receiver who has started his nfl career with 9 consecutive 1000 yrd seasons and I’ll show you that teams #1 receiver!

  8. PSL Bob Says:

    Godwin is a pro, on and off the field. He and Evans make us Bucs fans very proud. It’s the one constant on offense (as well as the play of Wirfs).

  9. TBChucky Says:

    Gotta LOVE Mike and Chris! It almost doesn’t matter who our QB is..