“Me, Him And Matt Are Going To F Some People Up.”

May 10th, 2023

Ryan Jensen has big dreams.

It’s unclear if the Bucs will be able to score more than the 18 points per game they did last season, but it is clear that they have a much better chance to hurt opponents this season.

Tough-guy talk was on display today at One Buc Palace, courtesy of co-offensive line coach/assistant head coach Harold Goodwin — with an assist to Pro Bowl center Ryan Jensen.

Jensen, of course, missed all but one game last season and is drooling to get back on the field and be his old self following a major knee injury last July.

Goodwin talked about an enhanced focus on running the football this season and noted how fired up he and Jensen are to work with rookie guard Cody Mauch, the Bucs’ second-round draft pick.

“You know, [Mauch] and Ryan next [to each other], along with Matt [Feiler], and next to Luke [Goedeke at right tackle], whoooh, I’m excited,” Goodwin said. “A lot of guys are going to get mashed into the ground.”

No, Goodwin didn’t forget about manbeast Tristan Wirfs at left tackle.

He also told a story of Jensen texting him just minutes after the Bucs drafted Mauch. ‘Me, him and Matt are going to F some people up’ was Jensen’s quote, per Goodwin.

The veteran Feiler is 6-6, 330 pounds. He’s no superstar, but he is strong and has experience. Goodwin said it’s awesome to get back to having “big girthy guys that can move the front.”

Yeah, the Bucs will try to run the damn ball down teams’ throats this season. And that mindset has Goodwin happy. “I’m a fat guy by nature. I want to run the football,” he said.

46 Responses to ““Me, Him And Matt Are Going To F Some People Up.””

  1. SB~LV Says:


  2. Aceofaerospace Says:

    I’m excited. I’m not talking tanking. Can this defense hold opponents to 17 points or less. It’s quite possible. Not throwing in the towel until the fat lady sings.

  3. robert Says:

    looks like they are building an OL like the patriots if you get my drift.

  4. Lt. Dan Says:

    LOVE. IT. Run the d@mn ball to set up the pass. In the immortal words of Bart Scott, “Can’t wait!”

  5. BigMacAttack Says:

    17 ppg/opponents = playoffs
    16 ppg/ opp = NFC South 1
    15 ppg/opp = 1’st rnd bye
    13 ppg/ SuperBowl
    😂😂😂 fat chance but maybe

  6. Who Says Says Can't Say Says:

    It’s uncertain how Wirfs will adjust to left tackle. An unnecessary gamble like that is not what I’d expect from a competent GM at the pro level, to be honest.

  7. PSL Bob Says:

    Provided Canales comes up with some schemes that don’t involve running the ball up the middle every 1st down, the running game might have a chance this year with those angry men up front.

  8. Mike Says:

    It will be like the old days again… Run the ball and play good defense.

  9. DoooshLaRue Says:

    I catch your drift and also noticed that they didn’t mention missing Durable Donnie either.

    Time to get to work and dominate boys!

  10. CrackWise Says:

    Ummmm, “fat guys” by nature, DONT RUN!!!

    I digress, Go Bucs!

    May <– So true, LOL

  11. unbelievable Says:

    I would love to see our o-line “F Some People Up.”

    It was the total opposite of that last year. (especially in the run game. Pass protection was okay)

  12. Craig Says:

    At the start of the season a lot of the definition of the offense will depend on the Bowles cleaner and his defense.

    If they fall down every couple of games, like last season, the season will be long, even if its duration is short.

    The second half of the season might be on the offense, if the O-line gels and a QB emerges from the wreckage.

  13. Saskbucs Says:

    Very excited for this season. Last year expectations were so high that lost everything that went on around the Bucs was a letdown. This year, so much is new but the potential lines up well with lower expectations. Everything breaks right, we are a playoff team this year. Either way, there is an opportunity to return to NFC contender relevance in ‘24 or ‘25. I am high on some of our additions and Canales… Bowles the big question mark for me as far as this team reaching its potential or having no bite. Go Bucs!

  14. Jeff’s grandpa Says:

    Talk about tanking on may 10th man I bet your a peach to be around

  15. Buc1987 Says:

    In a league full of passing…the Bucs want to run the ball more…

  16. Voice of Truth Says:

    Goodwin just confirmed what the starting 5 is pretty clearly

    LT Wirfs
    LG Mauch
    C Jensen
    RG Fieler
    RT Goedke

    Walton the swing tackle, Hainsey backup C – Stinnie and Leverett back up G’s,
    Mauch can play T in a pinch also – it’s a pretty solid line and depth actually

  17. The Dave Says:

    I like the concept. Everyone’s defense is built around defending the pass, so why not some smashmouth? Ball control and dominant defense is Buc football since 1979. I love it.

  18. BigMacAttack Says:

    Running the ball, runs the clock, keeps the score down and wears out a defense mentally and physically. Defensive coaches sometimes start to panic and make mistakes when they can’t stop the run. I’ve always been a fan of keep doing what works until they stop it. If you’re get 12-20 yards running off tackle, then keep doing it. Force the defense to change. If they still can’t stop it, you will destroy their will to fight. Punishing mentally is just as bad as physically, maybe worse.

  19. Seattle Buc is back in TB Says:

    Nothing is more demoralizing to a defense than knowing a team is going to run the ball down your throat over and over, know it’s coming, can’t stop it. See the Ravens against us last year.

  20. RustyRhinos Says:

    BigMac, “Punishing mentally is just as bad as physically, maybe worse.” Much worse the largest and most important muscle is the brain, when you are in their head that Play Action pass will be a much higher percentage of success. Their brain will be in overload to stop the run.

  21. JeffreyLane77 Says:

    If Canales is installing a zone blocking scheme similar to the Seahawks. It’s a more complex scheme than what we ran last year. Lots of pulling guards, double teams and getting a hat on a linebacker. I’m excited about the new scheme and a focus on running the ball. Most NFL defenses are setup primarily for pass defense. Hence the 3-3-5’s and Nickel defenses. Force them to adjust to stop the run and passing lanes open up.

    Just don’t expect these guys to “gel” right away. Hopefully by week 4 or 5 everyone will know who their supposed to block. Definitely some big athletic guys on this line. If they can play in the new scheme this will be fun to watch. I’m not a fan of moving Wirfs but Im starting to feel a little excited to watch this Offense.

  22. My Momma Says:

    My Momma says, “Back to 3 yards and a could of dust,. Ugh!”

  23. Vlad The Impaler Says:

    Superbowl bound obviously!!!

  24. Chris@Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa Says:

    I am not a Fan of moving Wirfs at all.

  25. Defense Rules Says:

    BigMacAttack … ‘Defensive coaches sometimes start to panic and make mistakes when they can’t stop the run. I’ve always been a fan of keep doing what works until they stop it.’

    Yea verily. Contrary to what seem to believe, running the ball can work well for teams that are built to run the ball. Look at some of last year’s teams who ran for over 2000 yds:

    o Eagles (14-3): Rush 544 (2509 yds) – Pass 536 (4105 yds)
    o 49ers (13-4): Rush 504 (2360 yds) – Pass 512 (3856 yds)
    o Cowboys (12-5): Rush 531 (2298 yds) – Pass 556 (3736 yds)
    o Ravens (10-7): Rush 526 (2720 yds) – Pass 488 (3040 yds)
    o Seahawks (9-8): Rush 425 (2042 yds) – Pass 573 (3934 yds)

    All of those teams, except for the Seahawks, had a Top-10 defense to go with a pretty effective running game.

    The Seahawks are an interesting case IMO since our new OC will probably adapt many of their offensive philosophies. Their run-pass ratio on the year was only 40.7%, but that’s actually in-line with what Bowles ran in New York. Seattle started off strong for the first half of the season (6-3), but then fizzled down the stretch (3-5) because they couldn’t stop the run (everyone who beat them in the 2nd half of the season, except the Chiefs, ran more than they passed against them). Got a hunch our Bucs will look very similar. Defense … and our ability to stop the run … will be a major key to how successful our season will be IMO.

  26. JeffreyLane77 Says:

    I was really nervous about the O-line but after seeing it come together I’m really optimistic. Feiler is 6’6″ and 330lbs? That’s a big guard. Feiler next to Jensen with Mauch pulling. Ouch! That’s gonna fun!

  27. HC Grover Says:

    They will need 30 peg to win.

  28. Bucs Guy Says:

    Can these big fat guys run a zone blocking scheme? We’ll see.
    Sounds like they already know who’s going g to be the starters on the OLine. Doesn’t sound like much competition. Once again, we’ll see what happens.

  29. D-Rok Says:

    Well, at least if we aren’t winning games, we gonna be messing people up. My kinda football.

  30. Dooley Says:

    Big Red Machine

  31. Pewter Power Says:

    POUND THE ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. gotbbucs Says:

    Can we now finally be done with this ridiculous notion that Wirfs isn’t moving to Left Tackle?

    What did miff me a little bit was that they want to play Feiller at left guard and move Mauch to right guard. They learned nothing from what they did to Goedeke last year.

  33. Dooley Says:

    “If Canales is installing a zone blocking scheme similar to the Seahawks. It’s a more complex scheme than what we ran last year.”

    Zone blocking scheme is easier to execute in volume for OLmen in comparison to the duo blocking scheme we ran under BA.

  34. Infomeplease Says:

    I’m getting a new vision on my crystal balls… O-line right to left: LG, CM, RJ, MF, TW! WOW!!

  35. Tony Says:

    BRING BACK DONOVAN SMITH! He’s feeling left out.🤣 Let’s see if Mahomes is ready to throw him off the team after this year because I’m sure he’s gonna kill a couple drives for them, too! Bucs should’ve just shipped him back to Penn St.

  36. Lokog Says:

    Just win by any means necessary

  37. DoooshLaRue Says:

    I’m looking forward to this season.
    I don’t expect us to be great but I do expect us to have more grit.

  38. steele Says:

    The return of Jensen (if 100%) and the addition of Feiler by themselves toughen up and improve this OL. I’m not sure Shaq deserved what he got, but there he is. All they need to figure out is LT.

    Notice who’s not starting. Hainsey.

  39. Geno711 Says:

    Notice who is not starting… Hainsey. I agree. No push ever from him. If we can just impove on 3rd and shorts and goal line inside the 10 yard line, this team will be much improved. We were awful there.

  40. Geno711 Says:

    Who Says Says Can’t Say Says:
    May 10th, 2023 at 3:27 pm
    It’s uncertain how Wirfs will adjust to left tackle. An unnecessary gamble like that is not what I’d expect from a competent GM at the pro level, to be honest.

    Lots of coaches more than GMs decide if they will be moving a player from right tackle to left tackle.

    Jason Peters moved from right tackle to left tackle. He had 9 pro bowls after that.
    Joe Staley moved from right tackle to left tackle. He had 6 pro bowls after that.
    Eric Fisher moved from right tackle to left tackle. He made two pro bowls after that.
    Michael Oher moved from right tackle to left tackle.

  41. shak Says:

    I think tristan is staying put and feiler will be LT.

  42. garro Says:

    Gotta love it!

    They should really think about making Jensen a coach when he decides to hang up his cleats!

  43. David Jones Says:

    No defense, offense will b wasting there time.

  44. sasquatch Says:

    shak Says:
    May 10th, 2023 at 11:13 pm

    I think tristan is staying put and feiler will be LT.

    Well, Feiler has never played LT.

    Right now, they’ve got Wirfs at LT and Feiler at LG… This comes from the mouths of out OL coaches.

    But please, continue with the evidence-free projections that contradict reality.

  45. OLDE pfart Says:

    I have gone from neutral to optimistic about the fortunes for this team….if coaches can get them to gel in first few games it coukd be exciting to see them toss a few defensive lines about as they run the ball down their throats….then pass for the TD……

  46. August 1976 Buc Says:

    How many games will Ryan play in 2023?? Day 2 of Camp and his knee was blown out. Hope he can actually play at a high level again. Time will tell about big Red. That is a bigger story than something that may never happen, like the comment about mashing people.
    Jensen went from being the knuckle head when first signed, with to many stupid undisciplined penalties to a very consistant player who was as good as any center in the league for a couple of years.

    Would be nice to see some mashing though after watching other teams own the line of scrimmage last year.
    If they get mashed instead of mashing, then this year will be a repeat of 2022.
    If you do not win the line of scrimmage in football you get beat. 2022 Bucs are exhibit A for that.