“I Think He Took Advantage Of Being Behind Tom”

May 3rd, 2023

Competing Bucs QB Kyle Trask.

Leave it to Sage of Tampa Bay Sports Ira Kaufman to ask a Bucs coach with nearly 45 years experience for his perspective on quarterback Kyle Trask.

Wise move.

Today at One Buc Palace, Kaufman hit 66-year-old safeties coach Nick Rapone with a question about Trask, a guy Rapone has been seeing in practice for two years.

Interestingly, Rapone punted, saying he’s too much of “a novice” when it comes to quarterback evaluation. (Damn, if Rapone is a “novice,” then what is Joe and the many thousands reading this?)

But Rapone did say he has seen a hard-working QB whose time has come to get a chance.

“I think the kid does everything the organization asks him to do,” Rapone said. “I think at this point, Ira, there’s only one way you get better; you go out and you play. And then at least you have something to go on. But I think the kid is a good kid.

“He works in practice. He throws a good football. But besides that, I’m such a novice. … He’s a great kind. In the building, ‘Coach, how you doing?’ I think he’s a smart kid. I think he was like a sponge around Tom [Brady]. And at some point, and I think that’s what the organization is doing, it’s time to say, ‘Hey, let’s go. It’s your time.'”

Rapone went on to emphasize what “a good kid” Trask is: “I don’t see him mope around. I think he took advantage of being behind Tom. Who wouldn’t?”

25 Responses to ““I Think He Took Advantage Of Being Behind Tom””

  1. AnonymousBuc76 Says:

    Let’s Go Kyle…

  2. Allen Lofton Says:

    I like Trask’s demeanor. He’s shown persistence and determination which speaks to his character. His coaches say he has the skill set, he just needs to show it on the turf. He’s got the mindset, it’s his time to prove if he can lead. May the best man win!!!

  3. Chris@Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa Says:

    Off topic a bit, but Our old Left Tackle Donny signed with the Chiefs today.’

  4. Davenport Says:

    Had Bowles let him play some last year, there wouldn’t be this uncertainty.

  5. Jmarkbuc Says:


    Good thing Mahomes is still pretty mobile..

  6. stpetebucfan Says:

    Wow. Talk about daming someone with faint praise!

    I don’t know who will win the “competition”. Honestly I don’t care as long as the best guy wins and not the most popular. Mayfield or Trask if the coaches believe in one over the other I’m fine with their choice.

    As far as who I think will win the job…Mayfield has the edge…Trask has talent maybe he can overcome that edge. It makes for a good story whomever wins out. IF they are successful on the field.

  7. Craig Says:

    I like the idea of a blue collar QB. I understand why “the chosen one” gets ridiculed so much.

    I hope Trask can transition to game time, it would be great to see.

  8. DoooshLaRue Says:

    DonnieWatch, day 57.

    Praise Jesus, he’s been signed.
    I was assured by the omnipotent posters here that he would not be a free agent long.
    I guess just shy of 2 months isn’t a long time and he’s “working” for about half of what we were paying him.

    Brady’s quick release and Mahome’s scrambling ability may just keep this True Warrior employed just a little longer.


  9. Mike S Says:

    Chris good that ends the speculation

  10. David Says:

    Trask will defeat the experienced Baker if Todd B. allow it.

  11. Mike S Says:

    Works his tail off with a great attitude and does everything the org wants him to do. Never gets any 1st team reps to develop – only scout team work. Listens to Tom follows his example.

    Time to get his opportunity…

    Bucs sign the guy who leads the league in INTs since his drafting and deploys the hard sell on him.

  12. Obvious Says:

    I think you worded it quite well. Killing him with “Faint Praise”. Interesting.

    I’m a BIG SUPPORTER of giving the guy a shot. It maybe the uncomfortable thing to do but it’s the Right thing to do. We are JUST TO INVESTED NOT TO GIVE HIM A GO! Far to expensive to just sit there and collect dust!

    I wouldn’t call that a shinning endorsement. It doesn’t hurt Trask either. I feel like I don’t know one more thing about Trask even after Ira asking the coach for his opinion. Hmm. (man I’m chomping at the bit to know what he told Ira “off the record”)

    I’m wondering if he doesn’t know what to make of him. In fact, that’s exactly how that comment feels.

    In the end however, the Only thing left is to put Trask up there, turn him loose, and let the cards fall where they may. I’m wondering if they can’t get a feel for him because he is truly like water and a ducks back. If he shows no emotion then it would be hard to tell if he’s growing or not. At least emotionally. We already knew he works hard at it.

    YEP! No difference. Can’t tell if that’s one way or the other and maybe he’s telling the Absolute Truth on getting a feel for Trask. Years of experience or not, good bad or otherwise, so he’s not going to even try to put a feel on it for Ira.?

    Hmm. Maybe this guy IS like a robot. Shut Off until it’s time to rumble.

    As weird as it’s been in Trask’s past career, nobody else could tell what they had in him either. Well, until they turned on the “On Switch”!?!? Still a mystery wrapped inside a conundrum…. Frustrating for us “emotionally normal” humans (whatever that means)


    WE WILL SEE! (eventually)

  13. David Says:

    What else Trask was supposed to do. Complain to media. Two years behind GOAT. wan’t even allowed to compete for qb2.

  14. Goatfarmer Says:

    Let’s see him in August.

  15. Aaron Says:

    We are going to suck out loud in 2023. It’s really all about who’s coaching in 2024.

    Go Bucs!

  16. Ed McSherry Says:

    Ya, and the pre season games should definitely be interesting; a lot of first and second year players to watch, in addition to Trask and Baker Mayfield.

  17. BucU Says:

    Go shock the world KT!

  18. Hodad Says:

    He’s a good kid. Drives a ford pick up, drinks natty lites, dressing up, jeans, and cowboy boots. Talk about down to earth. This is a person the city of Tampa could be really proud of. I’m hoping he’s the answer at QB for us.

  19. Goatfarmer Says:

    Well at least Trask has been organizing all those off season throwing sessions with Evans, Godwin, Gage, Thompkins, Otton and Kieft. That will give him a leg up.

    Oh, wait…….

  20. Bojim Says:

    As long as it’s a fair competition. I’d be fine with the winner

  21. larrd Says:

    I wonder what Tom Moore thinks?

  22. The Dave Says:

    I think Trask is better built for the old offense rather than the new. I’d like to see him get a fair shot (he’s my son’s favorite Gator) but I like what Mayfield brings to the table, and he’s got better tools for this offense, IMO. But Trask has always been patient and adaptable, and he makes the most of his chances. Hey, it took Ken Stabler how many years on the bench? Aaron Rodgers? Even Brady himself was understudy to Drew Bledsoe before he got on the field. You never know until the games are played.

  23. BUC ME Says:

    I would be giving Trask the Ball let’s see what he has, deserves a shot especially after sitting and learning behind Brady So you start Mayfield he looks good for 1 or 2 games and then he goes back to his former self then what !! Stick Trask in and say Geez sorry Kyle !! but we have faith in you now.Give the Kid the Shot 1st Jmho!!

  24. Robdee Says:

    He has alot of talent bradys true offense was simple spread he played it in college im rooting for that dang gator. Bad thing is being a division winner that schedule is going to be ruff go bucs

  25. Wild Bill Says:

    All I am saying, is give Trask a chance! Now is the time to really measure the kid under fire and see if he is ready. Nobody expects the Bucs to be contenders this year. They should use this year to test all the young bloods and see what they got under fire. Baker is not the long term future. But if Trask stumbles then try Baker. The Bucs should use this off year where expectations are low to evaluate the talent across the board. In preseason, play the expected starters at least one full quarter and substitute freely the rest of the game. Preseason games don’t mean squat. No primidonnas this year that play one series and sit. Forget camp meat until every guy with serious potential has been well evaluated. In a rebuilding year wins or losses are not the goal.