Bucs Signing Veteran Receiver David Moore

May 15th, 2023

A former NFL touchdown maker with a recent legal history is the newest Buccaneers receiver.

No, it’s not furniture-hurling, bicycle-throwing quitter Antonio Brown.

The NFL Network ticker says the Bucs are about to sign 28-year-old receiver David Moore, who caught 13 touchdown passes for Seattle through the 2018, 2019 and 2020 seasons.

Since then, Moore has had five teams, no catches and one arrest after allegedly falling a sleep in his Ford truck in a Texas Taco Bell drive-thru late at night. Police claimed sleepy Moore smelled like marijuana and had three pistols with him.

A seventh-round draft pick of Seattle in 2017, Moore was coached there by Bucs offensive coordinator Dave Canales. Moore moved on to a muti-year contract in free agency with the Panthers, but he was cut before the regular season started.

Joe likes that Moore has experience finding the end zone and 16 starts under his belt, including two in the postseason.

33 Responses to “Bucs Signing Veteran Receiver David Moore”

  1. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Moore should have taken an Uber like “America’s Quarterback”……then he could
    “hassle” the driver…..after he woke up.

  2. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    We should put Dave (David) Moore at TE & really confuse some folks.

  3. Mort Says:

    Hope he doesn’t make the team and he’s just here to help the WRs understand the offense tbh.

  4. SB~LV Says:


  5. BA’s Red Pen Says:

    He’s just a JAG that is familiar with the system.

  6. Joe in Michigan Says:

    SB~LV Says:
    May 15th, 2023 at 8:46 am
    I’m yawning at your yawn comment.

  7. Thomas Edrington Says:

    Wow — a Really Impressive Signing! (or not!)

  8. Lt. Dan Says:

    Seems like a waste of our scant resources. Especially what we have been reading about Trey Palmer.

  9. Marine Buc Says:

    Nice cheap signing. Moore is familiar with the new offense and has had some success in the NFL.

    He made some bad choices but I believe in second chances. We needed a few more bodies at wide receiver to compete this summer and this signing comes with zero risk if he gets cut…

  10. HC Grover Says:

    I remember a Dave Moore who was a good boy.

  11. CrackWise Says:

    Yawning as well, stop it!

  12. robert Says:


  13. Pewter Power Says:

    There’s a problem when the best you can do is highlight legal issues. If he was able to get a multi million dollar contract then there’s a reason but to fair it was with the panthers. He’s worth a flyer unless you think devin Tompkins is better for some reason.

  14. Ugotrobbed Says:

    Wow! :/

  15. RustyRhinos Says:

    Come on really? “Moore smelled like marijuana and had three pistols with him.” He was in the very late at-night drive-thru of Taco Bell in Texas, He was just ready to roll around in Texas carrying 3 pistols, and how many other cars “smelled like Marijuana” in the same very late at-night Taco Bell?

    He is another player who has experience in the system OC Caneles is going to be using. Inexpensive player who knows the system, is older knows the NFL is like Jerry Glanville said it was Not For Long…
    Come show us what you have left in your NFL time WR Moore. Bring your best.

  16. MHall Says:

    Woohoo! Congratulations DMOE ☆ Show them what you got and listen as the haters CHEER your name! We will always have your back on & off the field.

  17. sasquatch Says:

    Went to his highlights. Seems he knows how to get behind the defense. Maybe he’s past his “issues” and is ready to play. The numbers aren’t in his favor.

  18. 74 Bucs Fan Says:

    His pistol to TD ratio is concerning.

  19. Jim Says:

    It will be funny to hear bucs radio announcer Dave moore comment on plays made by Dave Moore

  20. Nicholas Carlson Says:

    Listen, sometimes marijuana will make you sleepy. And better to be off the road, even if it’s at a drive through, when you’re so tired. And handguns? C’mon! It was Texas. Who doesn’t have three pistols on them in Texas?

  21. That Guy Says:

    I think the Moore signing puts us over the top….of anything not sure

  22. MadMax Says:

    wow, ok….its a Canales connection….i hope he produces for us on special teams

  23. Infomeplease Says:

    Ok, in Texas you need a gun to defend yourself. Everybody and their mother is packing. But 3 ??? And smoking too??? Welcome to Tampa!! Party!!

  24. BringBucsBack Says:

    “…like marijuana and had three pistols with him.” I’ve never seen any of those items on the Taco Bell menu!

  25. Tiny Dungy Says:

    David “Puff Daddy” Moore, a toker, a smoker and could be a joker

  26. Goatfarmer Says:

    No. Short-lived camp meat.

  27. unbelievable Says:

    Probably just there to help others learn the scheme.

    Seems like our WR room is pretty crowded already.

  28. Goatfarmer Says:

    I’d be happier if this was about Dave Moore coming down from the booth to suit up and play again.

  29. Power of Pewter Says:

    Sounds like a train wreck. There had to be better options. Heck, give several UFAs try outs.

  30. adam from ny Says:

    canales must really like him…

    or figures when the guys get hungry, they can send him out on a quick & sleepy gordito run

  31. adam from ny Says:

    getting plugged in to the 4 or 5 spot?

    possibly filling the role of perriman and or scotty?

    i would have like to see them bring back grayson…who i used to affectionately reffer to as “doink”…

    he showed so much improvement, and unless it was all “brady made”, he deserved a roster spot, at least for depth…and he had speed

  32. steele Says:

    He’s turning the place into Pete Carroll Seahawks East. Expect more flotsam like this.

  33. garro Says:

    Alert Mons Venus security…Jeremy Banks, David Moore are coming out to party.