Team Glazer Talks Patience And Impatience

April 4th, 2023

Team Glazer

Patience can be elusive among NFL fans, and certainly among Bucs fans.

Teams used to have five-year plans, and then the trend was three-year plans before one-year-and-you-get-the-hot-seat plans became more commonplace.

Bucs fans are not a patient group. They see a roster loaded with talented players and an experienced head coach in a poor division, a coach who has spent four years with the franchise on multiple levels.

They want at least a winning record now!

At the NFL Annual Meeting last week, Joe asked Team Glazer about patience in the NFL and where they stand on the polarizing topic. Patience is difficult for fans and for owners, and there always seems to be less and less of it each year. Where do you stand on patience from an ownership perspective and what’s your message to the great Bucs fans on that front?

Buccaneers co-owner Joel Glazer: You always want to win, but sometimes lack of patience will lead to no winning. There’s a balance because you have to patiently build the roster and not keep making changes and going in different directions. There’s a time for patience and there’s also a time not for patience. Over the course of Buccaneer history, we’ve seen times of patience and not patience dealing with different situations.

Joe can’t say whether Team Glazer will draw a line in the sand for the 2023 Bucs. But Joe is 100 percent certain that ownership is expecting to see progress and hard evidence that the coaching staff is adept at handling the quarterback position.

If the guys with the deep pockets see a losing record and declining dud of a situation at QB, then Joe thinks it will be hard for them to stay the course with the same coaching staff.

18 Responses to “Team Glazer Talks Patience And Impatience”

  1. Tye Says:

    Much Like the day Bowels is cut loose can’t come fast enough!

  2. HC Grover Says:

    Middle of the road plodding football teams are boring. Bowles is a boring sideline stiff. The Bucs are stuck with it and the season will prove it no matter the summertime of hype.

  3. Rod Munch Says:

    I promise I won’t do any more AI posts for a while since I know the bit gets old, but I told the AI to play the role of Joel Glazer, the owner of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, then I asked it exactly the same question that Joe asked. Keep in mind the AI data is a couple of years old, so it’s not getting anything current.

    Lets see how the AI Glazer answered vs Joel Glazer…

    “I understand that patience can be difficult for fans, but it is an essential component of building a successful football team. While we all want to see immediate results, it takes time to build a championship-caliber team, and it is important to trust the process and have faith in our coaches and players.

    That being said, we are always striving to improve and to win at the highest level. We have a talented group of players and a dedicated coaching staff, and we are committed to putting in the work necessary to bring another championship to Tampa Bay. Our message to the great Bucs fans is to stay the course with us, to have patience and trust in our vision, and to continue to support the team as we work towards our ultimate goal.”

  4. Rod Munch Says:

    I did ask it a follow-up on how it felt about Jon Gruden’s emails to Bruce Allen about the Glazers, but the AI didn’t want to touch that subject.

  5. sasquatch Says:

    The Glazers’ responses to questions make my eyes “glaze” over. They don’t display an ounce of original thought or personality in any of their public statements. It’s all fluff.

  6. sasquatch Says:


    That AI generated response is about as dull and drab as the Glazers actual statements… AI terrifies me.

  7. SOEbuc Says:

    Rod Munch

    Last part is exact from the text We have been so bad throughout the years, franchise has never been able to have a real fan base.all these a-holes are bashing Bowles when we haven’t even seen the new OC and saying TANK before the draft. Been watching sh!tty Bucs football for years, don’t need to see them do it on purpose.

  8. Rod Munch Says:

    SOEbuc – Tanking in 2014, is directly what eventually lead to winning the SB in 2020. That slow build of talent, while keeping the cost of the roster under control, is what allowed the Bucs to be in a situation where they were one player away.

  9. Rod Munch Says:

    sasquatch – it’s remarkable how accurately it can imitate people. But I disagree on it being terrifying, it’s amazing technology, and doesn’t need to be boring. Just say you’re Joel Glazer who owns the Bucs, but you got a new 22-year hot Brazilian supermodel girlfriend, bought 17 new convertibles and you’re hanging out at bars around USF all the time where you ‘make it rain’ – now ask the question.

    OK, I said above last one, but I want to actually find out what the AI is going to say if I add those additional parameters. It says…

    “Look, I get it. Patience can be tough, especially when you’re used to winning like we are here in Tampa Bay. But let me tell you, we’re not just sitting around twiddling our thumbs. We’re working our a—s off to build a championship team, and we’re not going to let a few losses or some impatient fans distract us from our goal.

    So if you want to jump off the bandwagon and start whining, go ahead. But if you’re a true Bucs fan, then you know that we’re in this for the long haul, and we’re going to do whatever it takes to bring another championship to this city. So buckle up, grab a beer, and get ready for some damn good football. We’re going to make you proud, Tampa Bay.”

    That would actually be a great interview.

    I did try to get it to mention the 22-year old supermodel girlfriend but it kept whining about how it’s not allowed to ‘objectify’ women. Stupid PC computer.

  10. Crickett Baker Says:

    BTW and in other news, the movie 80 for Brady is now showing on Paradise Plus (which you can get for free if you sign up for Walmart+). I just watched it and it’s more or less like a Disney movie. It was pretty silly, but it still made me smile a few times. It is also quite amazing how the four Oscar-winning stars look so great, as old as they are.

  11. Mike S Says:

    I think we’re all resigned to what kind of year the Bucs will have in 2023.

    That’s not the issue.

    Don’t try to hard sell us Baker Mayfield. He should be the contingency plan – not the guy you put on billboards outside of Ray Jay. We all got to all get on the bleeping Baker Mayfield band wagon? Come on. Don’t do that to us.

    “We had to get the cap right so some tough decisions were made. We’re still trying to put a competitive team on the field. We’re hoping for some good things.”

    Ok yeah. That’s honest.

    We also know the Bucs stepped in it giving Bowles 5 years. It is what it is. He’s just isn’t a high energy guy. He delegates. There seems to be a lack of attention to detail.

    I think its going to take a heck of a year out of the Bucs to get buy-in from the fans on the HC. We’re not super happy Bowles came back, but there isn’t a full scale rebellion happening just yet. They go 6-11 or worse fans will be expecting new leadership. If it doesn’t happen then I think Buc fans are really going to lose patience – then you’ll see the full on revolt.

    Right now hopefully the Bucs get some good players in the draft. Maybe we get a spark from somewhere we didn’t expect and the season becomes fun. If not then at least lets see some decent moves this year that sets us up for 2024. I think that is reasonable after Bucs went all in with Tom Brady.

  12. SufferingSince76 Says:

    There was a wall poster back in the day that had two vultures sitting on a branch and one says to the other, “patience my a$$, I’m gonna kill something.”That’s the way Bucs fans feel. We’ve been more than patient and, only until recently, has that patience been rewarded.

  13. Joe Swanson Says:

    Agree with sasquatch

  14. WillieG Says:

    “ There’s a balance because you have to patiently build the roster and not keep making changes and going in different directions.” You mean like hiring a defensive minded coach to throttle the most successful offense the Bucs have ever had by insisting they run more? Is that an example of going on a different direction?

  15. Jeff’s grandpa Says:


  16. Oddball Says:

    PC PC?

  17. Bosch Says:

    Sasquatch’s characterization of the manner in which the Glazers answer interview questions is dead on to AI, I haven’t been impressed so far. I suppose the data lag the Quatch referred to could be part of it.

  18. Goatfarmer Says:

    The Bucs have a pretty solid roster, all things considered. A great GM.

    And a head coich with a 4 consecutive season losing streak. He’s a deer in the headlights on game days, and obviously can’t measure whether weekly practices and preparations are constructive at having the team ready to play its best on Sundays. His game planning is juvenile and in game adjustments don’t exist.

    Expecting better results from doing it the Bloweszo way is the definition of insanity.