Make The Call!

April 27th, 2023

Flash poll posted at 10:59 p.m.


16 Responses to “Make The Call!”

  1. Rod Munch Says:

    He’s the next Aaron Donald, a first ballot HOFer, how can you not LOVE the pick!

  2. rrsrq Says:

    Let’s get Sapp in as an intern coach

  3. Craig Says:

    I would have preferred an OT, but Kancey looks like the best needed player that was on the board. He should contribute as a rookie, something that has been missed in the last couple of years.

  4. Nicholas Carlson Says:

    Even strong rotational guys on DL with some pass rush end up valuable – and with his quicks I bet he can mix and match along the line.

    What does Sean Sullivan think?

  5. J Says:

    Not a wise pick. He’s not played a snap and some of you believe he’s the next AD(?). Donald was a generational type talent, and people KNEW who he who’s WELL before the draft. He’s not AD, and it remains to be seen what he CAN be. DT was not a massive position of need. They F’d this one up.

  6. westernbuc Says:

    If it’s a good player in the trenches I will always vote yes

  7. Buddha Says:

    Consensus #2 defensive tackle in the draft. Can move around the line. Great lower body strength and quickness. Will be a Day one starter. We just got quicker and faster. Team speed has been the Buccaneers biggest weakness.

  8. Jim Says:

    Fire JL

  9. Goatfarmer Says:

    J – your own argument makes you look like a fool. So you’ve personally scouted thousands of players? Otherwise STFU.

  10. Obvious Says:

    Well said Goatfarmer 👏

  11. Mike C Says:

    So the team at the bottom of the league in scoring that lost it’s QB drafted Defense first??? Sounds like a meat head Defense first guy is calling the shots smh.

  12. Wild Bill Says:

    Big and fast. Dam good addition. Vita just got help on the Dline.

  13. WillieG Says:

    I like the pick …….but I also liked Booker Reese, Gaines Adams, Eric Curry, Broderick Thomas, Da’Quan Bowers……….so there’s that.

  14. garro Says:

    WillieG Says:
    April 28th, 2023 at 9:16 am

    I like the pick …….but I also liked Booker Reese, Gaines Adams, Eric Curry, Broderick Thomas, Da’Quan Bowers……….so there’s that.

    Thanks Willie.
    Needed a laugh…

  15. Brandon Says:

    Clueless people chime in with what they preferred… ya’ll ain’t running the team and you surely haven’t built a Super Bowl winner. Obviously, what the really smart people in charge felt we needed was a difference maker on the interior pass rush. You rush the passer and you can have CBs like Dave Duerson and Leslie Frazier…. those were the Bears CBs in 1985… and they were average at best.

  16. jimm Says:

    just as continuity is lauded as a important element in oline play…
    synergy should be an essential element in dline play.

    granted much more package dline rotation/situational element at play on defense but continuity/synergy among dline packages is important.

    it’s not only about an individual’s play, but the production of the unit.

    it’s just quite possible that the addition of kancey will make jts, hall, vita better because of how offenses will need to adjust to his skillset.