“I Would Like To Think That It Did Rub Off On Him”

April 27th, 2023

Chris Godwin

One of the great X-factors of the 2023 Bucs season, receiver Chris Godwin, talked about one of the other great Bucs mysteries recently.

That would be third-year quarterback Kyle Trask. His regular-season throws can be counted on one hand and he’s yet to start a preseason game.

Godwin joined USA Today Sports for a predraft chat and was asked about Trask soaking in all things Tom Brady for hours a day over the past two years, and whether that gives him an advantage in the upcoming quarterback competition with Baker Mayfield.

“I don’t know if it gives him a leg up, but I would like to think that [Brady] did rub off on him a bit,” Godwin said, noting Trask should have learned a ton about huddle command, consistency, and types of throws. “It’ll be cool to see what emerges from Kyle Trask.”

It seems that anytime a Bucs player is asked about Trask, Joe doesn’t hear the player gush comfortably about what a beast Trask is in practice. Maybe that means something; maybe it doesn’t.

Godwin said he learned plenty from Brady, especially respecting how difficult it is to win and what it takes to reach the highest level of success.

Brady really emphasized details, consistent and daily preparation, and the importance of every player contributing, Godwin said, adding that he and Trask and many other Bucs soaked all of that in.

As for Godwin being a critical X-factor this season, Joe really wants to see how the Bucs use Godwin a lot less in the slot this season within Dave Canales’ new offense. In the Bucco Bruce Arians offense, Godwin was asked to block a ton and defenses weren’t challenged often by his ability to run outside routes.

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38 Responses to ““I Would Like To Think That It Did Rub Off On Him””

  1. Beej Says:

    In all likelihood, Godwin probably hasn’t been around Trask all that much (on the practice field)

  2. Bobby M. Says:

    The players have seen something when it comes to Trask, he ran the scout team no different than Purdy with the 49ers. Not a single player raves about Trask….that’s definitely telling. Teammates of Purdy said he was executing on the scout team as if it were the Super Bowl. There’s stories of Mahomes lighting up practices when he was back up to Smith. All you hear on Trask is the standard “he’s a hard worker”. Jameis was a hard worker….Dilfer was a hard worker…that’s a empty description when it comes to QB.

  3. teacherman777 Says:

    Chris has taken a beating the past few years.

    We need to give his body a break.

    More screens to different receivers

  4. Dooley Says:

    “It seems that anytime a Bucs player is asked about Trask, Joe doesn’t hear the player gush comfortably about what a beast Trask is in practice.”

    In the words of Allen Iverson, “we talkin’ bout practice, practice?” lol but in all seriousness, Brady was more than likely getting 60-70% of the snaps, followed by Gabbert and Trask playin scout team. I’d imagine our defense, probably has a better idea of what Trask brings to the table having shared the field with him more than Mike Evans or Chris Godwin.

  5. Allbuccedup Says:

    Trask is an introvert Mayfield is an extrovert simple as that. Plus a lot of players don’t mix on and off the field they just practice and go home. Brady brought a lot of comradeship to this team there success will depend on how much if any of that is left.

  6. Mike Says:

    Confidence comes from production. If Trask can get on the field and make things happen, his teammates will increase their confidence in him. He has to earn it, and to do that, he has to have the opportunity to have the ball in his hands.

  7. Capt.Tim Says:

    Trask is talentless and weak armed.
    In a throw away year, thr bbucs would have loved to start Trask.
    The fact that they signed Mayfield shows that Trask would be an embarrassment as a starter.
    Thats the truth.
    And all the gator fans crying isnt gonna change that.
    I really like the job Jason Licht has done.
    But he is horrible at 2nd round picks.
    Trask is just another terrible, wasted pick. I sad that here- the minute we drafted him.
    Doesnt have anywhere near an NFL arm.

    I hope Jason lets someone else do our pick in the 2nd round this year

  8. Bojim Says:

    Agreed. Let Chris play outside more often.

  9. lambchop Says:

    I’m not a Trask fan, but the guy is accurate. He has an arm. But, can he diagnose defenses? Does he know how to recognize plays and change the protection and put players in position to counter what the defense is doing? Can he handle the fact that most defenders are all good compared to college defenders where a few are good?

    If he hasn’t grasped the playbook, and is now starting a new playbook, good luck. They’d have to tailor an offense for him, and I don’t think that will happen with Baker in the mix. Baker, apart from being outspoken, is a tough football player and is mobile. Has that translated into being a leader? Not really, but he may have matured in that department.

    Whoever gets the playbook down faster will start. Nothing else will matter if they’re not on equal footing on that point.

  10. Allbuccedup Says:

    Capt. Tim lets just hope we don’t get a kicker in the second round.

  11. robert Says:

    I don’t get the trask hate on here….especially from joe.

    what has he done to make you think he is that bad?

    when Brady was here we had no need for him. and him being behind a journeyman qb when we are suppossed to be on a run for the championship is expected.

    now we are not playing for a ring, we need to see what we have in him. even if not for him the Bucs owe it to the Bucs to play him and see if he has anything. could be purdy, montana, brady…never know till you put him in!!!!!!!

  12. bucnjim Says:

    Players see everything they need to know in practice. If the second and third QB can’t freaking light up a second or third team defense what do you think they are going to do against NFL starters.

  13. Jack Clark Says:

    Tom Brady led by example, that’s the best type of leader to follow. Thankfully Tom Brady retired so people can go back to being New England Patriot fans.

  14. NDOG is an Idiot Says:

    I’m a big Gator Fan but I have my doubts on Kyle. I’m much more excited about Baker!! Loved Kyle at UF w great Weapons etc., I just don’t see that “DOG” in Trask that I see in most successful NFL QB’s

  15. BA’s Red Pen Says:

    Traskerfield + 3-14 = Caleb Williams

  16. BucU Says:

    If Trask can’t shine being around TB12 for 3 yrs then he’s a lost cause.

  17. Duane Says:

    Trask never had any snaps with the first team which is why no starters are willing to rave about him. All his snaps were with the scrubs, not just the backups but the travel squad … i.e., with the players who never got to dress up, let alone play.

    Which made sense when we had the GOAT playing every single game, never went down to injury, and the backup also having 100% availability.

    The downside of that is that the team never really got a good look at Trask surrounded by starters.

  18. LakelandSteve Says:

    Why are we still talking about Trask like he actually can possibly beat out Mayfield. I know you have to write stuff but the whole Trask v Mayfield is for the press not the players. The players know what time it is as well as anyone with the Bucs organization. The only way Trask plays is if Mayfield is injured.

  19. Goatfarmer Says:

    I’m sick of the “poor Trask never had a chance” BS. What has he done to deserve anything other than what’s transpired?

  20. AlabamaBucsFan Says:

    I don’t think it is time to throw in the towel for Trask but it does appear like he’ll be nothing more than a quality backup.

  21. robert Says:


  22. Goatfarmer Says:


    Good With Hamsters? That’s it, he and Bloweszo will go into business together running a chain of pet stores specializing in rodents.

  23. Statistically Insignificant Reader Says:

    C’MON MAN…I don’t know anywhere near what all the experts on this forum do and I didn’t go to all practices, but when I did, I NEVER saw Trask throwing or practicing with the starters. How would you expect any of players be able to comment. Hell I can’t even say because I was always watching the marque players. That’s star players for you experts.

  24. Canabuc Says:

    May e this is the year to load up in players thinking of next year. So get trenches. Draft your QB next year if baker or Trask don’t pan out. Likely get comp picks next year as well

  25. Capt.Tim Says:

    Damn, Id forgot about that 2nd round nightmare.
    That one gave the entire NFL a good belly laugh, when we had to cut that guy!

    At least we got LOGAN( the invisible man) HALL to bail us out!
    Oh, damn.
    Start of the second round- somebody drag Licht outta the draft room

  26. Stormy Says:

    Again, for the 501st time, Trask has not shown anything.

    He’s playing with scrubs and against scrubs. Obviously he didn’t give the coaching staff a whole lot of faith.

    When Brady retired last year, who was Arians going with? Gabbert, not Trask.

    And just because BillyBob GatorBuc fan hasn’t ‘seen Trask with the ones’ doesn’t mean the staff hasn’t already figured him out. The fans not having seen him with the starters is meaningless.

    They brought in Mayfield because they didn’t have any faith in him. The Packers traded away their HOF QB to start Jordan Love. They sure as hell didn’t think he needed competition and they’ve all but named him the starter. He also hasn’t shown much (from a fan’s perspective), but he obviously did to the coaching staff.

  27. Buccos Says:

    Trask was a beast in college. Almost won the Heisman. Anyone who calls him a scrub knows nothing about football. We have 2 of the most highly rated QB’s coming out of college. They both have a lot of upside in this new system. No one knows who will become the starter. It is an open competition. It wouldn’t be right to put anyone ahead of Trask after he has paid his dues. He deserves a shot at the starter’s job and he will get his shot this year

  28. Duane Says:

    Half the comments here are simply idiotic, including all that claim to know that Trask is a failure. SMH at the weird stupidity of a bunch of the “regulars” here at JBF – you are an embarrassment for the world of real true NFL and Bucs fans.

  29. Obvious Says:

    I didn’t realize that the “practice squad” players got interviewed so much! I’m trying to recall the show I saw a SINGLE PRACTICE SQUAD PLAYER ON? O I remember. NONE EVER! Chris Godwin has NEVER PRACTICED WITH TRASK! NEVER! What that means is that Chris Godwin WOULDN’T HAVE A CLUE! And on top of that, a practice squad player PROBABLY SUCKS and for the most part they would do a Lousy job of catching a football in the first place. That’s why they NEVER get to play! Put him up there with the ones for JUST ONE GAME AND LET’S GET THIS FANTASY DEBATE OVER WITH! NO MORE BS! WTF (W stands for “why”) have they TOTALLY WASTED THIS KIDS CAREER? Arians wasn’t going to give a tinkers crap about any other QB besides Brady. Bowles has NO CLUE when it comes to ANY QB and not ONLY has ZERO experience developing one, HE WOULDN’T KNOW WHERE TO START! HE WASN’T EVEN INTERESTED IN TOM FREAKING BRADY FOR CHRIST SAKES! And Left loser? How does ANYBODY EXPLAIN THAT TRAIN WRECK? He wasn’t even THINKING about developing a QB!!! Much less how to put his pants on straight! What a BAD JOKE HE WAS!
    I don’t get with ALL the coaches around why they didn’t hire one to just work with and develope the future of the organization? WHAT A WASTE OF TALENT AND A CRITICAL DRAFT PICK! NOBODY SCREWS UP DEVELOPING A QB LIKE THE BUCCANEERS DO! Perennial LOSERS Until Arians walked into the building and taught Jason Licht the HOW TO’S OF BEING A PROFESSIONAL NFL GM! He’s done pretty good since then EXCEPT his last 2 ~ 1st round picks!

    Licht MUST HAVE One heck of a draft (especially his first round pick) or he needs to hire someone to come in and pick the first one for him! To Many 1st round busts in a row! A first round pick SHOULD BE ABLE TO CONTRIBUTE IMMEDIATELY! If not, YOU’RE DOING SOMETHING WRONG! Like NOT INSISTING THAT YOUR QB PICK TO BE TRAINED! You look REAL STUPID For THAT ONE LICHT!
    And I STILL BELIEVE he’s the BEST GM we’ve had so far! “NOW” Would Be the time to get it right Jason. EVERYBODY’S WATCHING! You can do this! Go get your Next TAMPA BAY BUCCANEERS LEGEND BROTHER! NO MORE PROJECTS IN THE FIRST ROUND. Go get us a STAR! It doesn’t “Have To Be” OL in the first round! BUT IT BETTER BE A SHOOTING STAR!

    GO BUCS!

  30. Goatfarmer Says:

    Trask was/is on the regular roster, not PS. Bobby nailed it – Brock Purdy made his case by running the scout team at SF. Trask has his chance now, so all the heavy breathers touching themselves to his picture will have their chance to be fulfilled.

  31. Obvious Says:

    Hey Stormy,

    Different coaching staff…. This coaching staff BLEW IT! They didn’t invest the time into Trask. Arians WAS NEVER going to be here long term and didn’t Train the guy at all while on his golf cart.

    Bowles has NO CLUE what to do and Left Loser was no better than Throw Up on the side walk.
    So who was left to train him?

    Hey man, remember the beginning of last year when the QB coach came right out and said we don’t give a D@NM about training or paying attention to ANYBODY “BUT” Tom Brady and therefore Trask is an AFTER THOUGHT! Well, until Bowles realizing how that sounded to the world, and in embarrassment, stated that Trask would be given his “opportunity”. REMEMBER THAT?

    Well, not to call Bowles A LIAR, but as I recall the opportunity was in the very last game of the season in a “throw away game” where they put him in there for LESS THAN HALF OF THE 4TH QUARTER WITH 4TH AND 5TH STRINGERS!

    NOW, with that BEING THE FACTS, would you call that a “realistic” opportunity? If you were Trask, would you say they haven’t WASTED YOUR CAREER? Well, I gotta feeling you wouldn’t be as poised as Trask has been if it were YOUR CAREER on the line! Just a funny feeling I have…

  32. Obvious Says:

    The ONLY reason Purdy got a shot was because EVERY OTHER OPTION THEY HAD WAS DONE FOR THE YEAR. Purdy got his shot because OF IT. NOT because someone realized he was a great talent as some slow thinkers don’t seem to realize that Very FACT!!!

    They attempt to call apples and oranges the same. Seems they aren’t Bright enough to keep FACTS in Mind and kinda make it up as they go. They are real good at convincing themselves that they know what they are talking about and I have to admit, it’s GREAT entertainment. But POOR COMPANY

    And guys like Goatfarmer sticking up for Bowles “AS IF” that slug did his due diligence as the head coach and MADE SURE that he Trained Trask properly (he was NEVER GOING TO! He HATES a QB that is a passing experts because he gets burned by them constantly) and he prefers running qbs because he can tailor a defense to them so it’s all he ever cared to know about a qb! Trask wasn’t his pick whether he is Tom Brady like or not because he hated Brady to. Wouldn’t even talk to the guy!

    But to see Goatfarmer of ALL PEOPLE give Bowles credit for NOT Developing Trask is MIND BOGGLING! Perhaps a secret administration for Bowles. Maybe that’s why he pretends he hates him. Just sayin…..

    O well,as they say, it’s a Buc life

  33. Obvious Says:

    JOE! Would you do us ALL a favor and ask Chris Goodwin, AND Mike Evans, AND for flavor our new WR that we took from Atlanta, that sort of kept us in the games when EVERYBODY else was crippled on the sidelines for what seems like at the least Half of the season, HOW MANY TIMES THEY TRAINED WITH TRASK IN PRACTICE????????????

    How about it Joe………? Can you PLEASE do that for ALL OF US!…….???

    Those guys are the ones that are being asked how they feel about him and WE NEED TO KNOW IF THEY EVER EVEN TRAINED WITH HIM!

    It’s a WORTHY Question for the Buccaneers #1 News Outlet to ask.

    Believe me, YOUR FANS want to know the answer


  34. Stormy Says:

    Dear Obvious.

    1 Take a valium or a shot tequila. Or both.

    2. How TF do you know they haven’t coached or tried to develop
    Trask. You don’t. What’s more likely is that they have, and aren’t satisfied with the results. The Joes who, unlike you, HAVE. They’ve pretty much said it.

    3. If you think Godwin hasn’t watched Trask, think again. What do you think was happening last summer when Brady took his ‘marriage counseling’ sabbatical in the middle of camp? Oh yeah, Gabbert and Trask were working with the starters.

    4. Bowles may be an idiot, but I’ll believe him and Arians over some hyperventilating Gator fans.

    5. How do figure they ‘wasted’ this guy’s career? You blather on like he’s some sure fire 1st round franchise qb, when in all reality he’s a late 2nd round pick. Right now he’s no better than Davis Mills. I’ll agree it was a wasted pick as it was stupid as soon as they made it. Better served drafting OL/DL/DB.

  35. unbelievable Says:

    Well since was the #3 QB, not #2, wouldn’t it be kind of hard for anyone besides practice squad players to gush about him?

    Seems like he had almost zero work with starters or even the #2s…

  36. Capt.Tim Says:

    So the Trask lovers are trying to say that Trask hasnt been judged fairly, because he didnt get to practice??
    The 3rd string QB runs the scout team. The 2nd string QB will get a few snaps every practice- with the first squad. Just in case.

    Thinking that Trask was sitting arond every practice, playing on his IPhone, shows that some of you know nothing about The NFL.
    Which coincidently explains why you think Trask can play.

  37. garro Says:

    Running a different scout team offense every week.

    I doubt he has ever truly practiced the Bucs offense that much.

    Especially not with the ones!

    Jury is still out on Trask!

  38. RustyRhinos Says:

    According to Lavonte David our starting veteran LB, Trask sure did open his eyes when he was out there running the scout team. He made all the throws and made it very difficult for the defense, showing both poise and pocket skills. It was an article here on JBF look it up..