Greg Cosell Believes Baker Mayfield Is A Good Gamble For The Bucs

March 20th, 2023

Bucs QB Baker Mayfield.

There are few NFL analysts Joe respects more than Greg Cosell of NFL Films.

Cosell learned from the master, Bill Walsh, not only how to watch film but how to scout quarterbacks. There was no one better.

So Joe is listening when Cosell is talking quarterbacks. And when Cosell is talking about a Bucs quarterback, Joe puts down Big Storm Brewing beer Joe is holding.

Last week on the “Ross Tucker Football Podcast,” maybe the best pure football podcast you will find, Cosell seemed to think the Bucs placed a nice bet on Mayfield. In Cosell’s eyes, Mayfield has the qualities to be a successful starting quarterback, which he was at one point.

“Baker Mayfield has always thrown the ball well,” Cosell said. “He’s always shown flashes that he could be a high-level quarterback.

“I guess you and I don’t know the reasons specifically why it hasn’t worked out for Baker Mayfield. I don’t know him personally — I don’t know if you do. So I can’t speak to anything about that.

“I know coaches who have coached him and really like him. So, I think that is a good signing and my guess is he’ll be the starting quarterback in Tampa.”

Basically, the Bucs have nothing to lose with Mayfield. If the Mayfield who showed up in Carolina is the one the Bucs got, well, he can help set up the team for a possible run at University of North Carolina quarterback Drake Maye next spring (Joe thinks the Bucs have too much talent to even find themselves in the running for Caleb Williams (#CollapseForCaleb).

If Mayfield lights things up, it’s a win-win for the Bucs, unless you factor in the notion that if Mayfield plays on fire all season, new Bucs offensive coordinator Dave Canales might bolt after one season to be a head coach somewhere else.

Because if Mayfield dominates, Canales will get much of the credit.

18 Responses to “Greg Cosell Believes Baker Mayfield Is A Good Gamble For The Bucs”

  1. Bobby M. Says:

    Or….we have another 8-9 season and the Bucs dump Bowles for Canales

  2. Da Bucs Guy Says:

    It’s definitely a low cost, no reward type move.

  3. SB~LV Says:

    4th team in 5 years for the former 1st overall pick
    Sure !

  4. Richard Dickson Says:

    Let’s remember he had four head coaches and three offensive coordinators in four years in Cleveland. That’s never good for a young QB.

  5. Buc4evr Says:

    I kind of doubt Baker will have that type of success. Only game in town for the Bucs who were looking for a cheap replacement to get through this upcoming season. They should probably sign Ryan in case they have to pull the emergency cord on Baker and Trask. I would be surprised if the Bucs can win 8 games.

  6. Bucsfanman Says:

    This is my sentiment as well.
    He’s either the “place-holder” or come-back player of the year. If nothing else, it should be entertaining to watch.

  7. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    What I like about Mayfield is we didn’t have to give up any draft picks to get him… trade necessary…..we are also not committed long term……we can afford his salary & unlike some others…..he will probably beat out Trask for the job.
    I think Mayfields’s success will rise or fall on how well we run the ball.

  8. Just Leave Trask Alone Says:

    We’re going to get one Baker article a day.

    I wonder what Joe is going to do when Trask beats him out?

  9. Wade Landry Says:

    He was drafted by the Browns,the most dysfunctional team since the Culverhouse succaneers,remember that era,we gave a few other teams SB winning 🏆 QB’s…I am not anticipating that with BM,but then again in the NFC,….Derrick Bambi in headlights Carr….unless Atl.ponies up big $$$$$$for Prince Lamar(they should try)….see Mike Vick….well our conf. is wide open to SB,to be sacrifice to AFC….still…RELAX….BM is Reborn in Tampa!… BA &TM in the background with Coach Canales work some QBmagic,…BA’s parting gift 💝 to the Bucs….

  10. HC Grover Says:

    Fire Bowles and make Canales Head Coach now.

  11. Buccos Says:

    Hopefully, BAKER can get his groove back and become the NFC comeback player of the year. He has the talent and he has the mentality he hast to do is put it all together. Canales may be the one who can get them there.

  12. Goatfarmer Says:

    The real problem if Mayfield succeeds and leads the Bucs to the playoffs is we’re stuck with Bowelzo. On the other hand, in a winning environment, fine.

    But the actual strategy is, give the Bowelzer everything he says he needs so when he fails, there is no question why he is being fired – five consecutive losing seasons as a head coach.

    So, win win. Either the Bucs win with Bowelzo and Mayfield, or they don’t and we have a new head coach in 2024.

    Popcorn in the meanwhile.

  13. DingleBerry Says:

    All of the people who thought Tom Brady was washed up last season are in for a rude awakening. This is a 3-4 win team without Brady’s last minute heroics. Todd Bowles has a track record of his teams getting worse every year. That trend will absolutely continue in the 2023-24 season.

  14. Brazen Zebra Says:

    Cosell is right. Mostly. Mayfield “seems” like a good bet for the Bucs, but what’s hidden under the hood? It was reported from multiple sources that Mayfield had locker room problems with the Browns. True? Maybe. He definitely was not a cancer, but he might have been the flu. Intangibles are tangibles when it comes to NFL QBs, and Mayfield is a few intangibles short of a full deck. The big plus with Mayfield is that he may light a fire under Trask to be the best QB that he can be, and win the Bucs QB competition.

  15. Randal Parmer Says:

    I think u guys maybe surprised. Baker is a very good QB. In Cleveland the entire organization is so disfunctional it is ridiculous. He does need a good OLINE but if given one hw can be AWSOME. I hope for him and you fans he grows up.just a bit. He actually had 5 HC in 4 years.

  16. DEEEMO Says:

    I like the fact that the Bucs brought in Baker with a nothing to lose signing. All of the negative posts are expected and seeing a lot of them. I think he is a great fit so give him a chance. He can play when healthy and has proved that. Plus the competition with Trask could be good for both. Plus he has weapons that he has not had in the past. Excited for the season so far. Bucs front office is doing a great job getting out of cap hell and signing some good players (some resigning and some being brought in) Looking forward to see what the draft brings in. LFG!!!!

  17. Chris@Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa Says:

    I agree! Baker was a good gamble!

  18. Chris@Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa Says:

    I agree! Baker was a good gamble!