Bucs Targets Make Lamar Jackson A Smart Move

March 11th, 2023

Baltimore QB Lamar Jackson.

In case you haven’t heard yet, the Bucs have the No. 3 quarterback in the NFC South. Maybe.

In a handful of days, the slimy Saints signed playoff quarterback Derek Carr. Then yesterday afternoon, Carolina strongman David Tepper traded a chunk of his franchise to the Bears for next month’s overall No. 1 draft pick. Either C.J. Stroud or Bryce Young will be running the Stinking Panthers offense for the next 10-15 years if they don’t disappoint like past No. 1 picks Baker Mayfield, Jared Goff, Jameis Winston or Sam Bradford.

However, the Bucs have a shot to still have the best quarterback in the division.

Baltimore’s Lamar Jackson can be had for two first-round picks (and meeting his contract demands). Compared to what Tepper and the Stinking Panthers paid for Stroud/Young, Jackson, a former league MVP, is a bargain.

So why should the Bucs get Jackson, outside of the obvious reason? Well, follicly-challenged Billy Barnwell notes Jackson became a top-tier quarterback largely flying solo. He’s never had the receiver talent to throw to like the Bucs have.

Would they be a good fit for Jackson? Everybody loves to play in Florida, and while it would be on the opposite coast from Miami, Jackson would reap the benefits of playing in a state without any income tax. Like would be the case with the Dolphins, he would get to play with a great one-two punch at wide receiver in Mike Evans and Chris Godwin. Tampa Bay’s offensive line has been excellent in the past when everyone is healthy, although Donovan Smith struggled badly last season and was just released.

People whine that Jackson isn’t the greatest thrower. The only time he threw for over 3,000 yards was when he led the league in touchdowns (36) back in 2019. Aside from his rookie season, he’s always thrown for 60+ percent completion percentage. Last year his favorite target was a tight end!

Joe thinks Jackson, with the Bucs’ weapons and running a new offense in which offensive coordinator Dave Canales likes to move his quarterback out of the pocket, well, Jackson would thrive. And so too would the Bucs.

147 Responses to “Bucs Targets Make Lamar Jackson A Smart Move”

  1. Buc4evr Says:

    No way. He turned down a $250M contract with $133 guaranteed and now reports are that he could go as high as $350m. Just not feasible to put the team in a situation where you can’t afford other good players. Plus the cap situation is not good, we will be lucky to sign our FAs and sign draftees. Hard pass.

  2. #99 the Big fella Says:

    I like it.. it would keep us relevant ..
    He would be the best quarterback in our division and the nfc south should be ours for a while.

  3. Letsbucinggo Says:

    A running back in a quarterbacks uniform. Overrated one playoff win in four trips to the playoffs thats a 1-4 record. Plus the last two years hes been out as much as he plays. About two more years of running the ball he will be shot. Plus as much money that he wants the Glazers will be paying him for the next ten years. There is a reason no one is interested in him buyer beware to the max look the ravens don’t even want him.

  4. Guzzie Says:

    Exactly his running would significantly decrease so would his injury history, our defense would get more rest cause Lamar can easily get short yardage, defenses would have trouble putting the resources to stopping ME13 CG14 Otton n Rachaad, Danny Dimes got $40 million a year it’s the cost of having a young franchise QB, LJ8 is only 26, his contract can be back loaded and restructured in the future so that’s not an issue, plus look at the Saints they got Carrs contract with no money too, the 2 1st aren’t going to be high picks like Carolina just gave up, the Bucs would remain nationally relevant unlike the 15 years before Brady, the most important for Bowles n Licht they have a better chance to keep their jobs beyond next year

  5. JP09 Says:

    Remember when Winston ran the Bucs offense for 15 years and Mariota ran the titans for 15 years…. I guess they were both like 5th or 6th round picks though

  6. pewter941 Says:

    The only reason I think we might be a contender to get Lamar, is that the Glazers got a taste of Tom Bradys star power, and would love to have another polarizing figure in Tampa.

  7. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Completely absurd………

    My advice when docking a boat……”go slow & don’t panic”

    The same advice for the Bucs now……don’t ruin our future to try to win next year…….stay the course…..keep your draft picks…..

    Wasn’t Lamar Jackson a final pick in the first round?

    We could get a winner in the draft…..have a winner with Trask

    Don’t mortgage the future!!!

  8. Chris@Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa Says:

    No way we are getting Jackson, so engage in all the mental masturbation u want.
    Baltimore will simply match any offer for him.

  9. 97 bucBaby Says:

    The nerve of some of us Tampa Fans screaming they don’t want Lamar a franchise QB one of a kind. We should be reaching for him asap. Lamar should be a buc

  10. Joe Swanson Says:

    Wonder why teams are not standing in line to trade for this guy. 45 to 50 mil to a guy that looks to run before he passes and spends half his time on the injured reserve. Only a very very desperate team will sign him so the coach can keep his job. Look the Rams are looking to trade one year wonder Stafford and they will have to eat almost 30 mil to do it.

  11. Buccos Says:

    How do you know that Baltimore wouldn’t rather have the 2 number 1’s and the cap savings than Lamar?

  12. Marine Buc Says:

    I’m going to say it again…

    The best move is to get both Lamar Jackson and Aaron Rodgers.

    Then we will have two good QBs. If one gets injured we will have a solid backup.

    Why go out and get just one when we could have both?

    Come on Joe!!! – you gotta think BIG!

  13. Bucs Guy Says:

    Can’t afford him and not worth 2 x first round picks. Pass.

  14. Marine Buc Says:

    While we waste more time on this silly stuff we could be discussing the recent contract restructures of Godwin, Jenson and Davis.

    Along with Vea’s restructure the Bucs are now finally under the salary cap number…

    Now it’s time to extend Evans, Cut Succop and trade Devin White.

    Gage, Mason and Barrett could also be involved in future roster moves.

  15. Buc4evr Says:

    As much as I don’t care for Winston, I’d rather sign him for one year as a backup to Trask until we can get out of Cap hell. Jackson is a damaged RB playing QB. Too much money and draft picks to go with a guy that is often injured and has a poor playoff history. He is not going to ever win a SB, why bother….

  16. Guzzie Says:

    I’ve been a Bucs fan since I moved to Tampa during the Dungy years, moved from Houston after the Oilers left, not why I moved obviously, but the time in between Dungy/Gruden years n Brady’s time was absolutely soul crushing, and you guys want to gamble our sanity on Trask or some retread garbage vet cause you’re worried about the Glazers money, they own Manchester United they aren’t missing any meals, year LJ8s injuries are a concern, but Ravens offense didn’t have close to the passing weapons we have, he won’t be required to run 15 times a game, but defenses will still be terrified every play, opening up our weapons, I for one don’t want to hate the next 15 years

  17. OHBucFan Says:

    I just don’t see him as a winning teammate. Maybe I’m wrong but I’ve just never been impressed with what I’ve seen on the sideline. Immensely entertaining on the field and that’s the biggest chunk of it by far but the intangibles? Not feeling it.

  18. ABucAway Says:

    If the Buccaneers books are a china shop, a Lamar Jackson contract is the bull. It would be a spectacle, I’ll give it that.

    Putting a winning football team on the field is one thing. Being able to market that product and sell it to consumers is just as important. Lamar Jackson brings a high return profile to the product, no doubt. But, I think he has overvalued himself, especially on the guaranteed money part. Someone may pay it, but I really hope it’s not the Bucs books that are strangled by his terms.

  19. Doughboy Says:

    Just remember the Ravens with him beat the Bucs with Brady.

  20. mark2001 Says:

    I don’t have a problem with the two first round picks. What I do have a problem is with the guys attitude…seemingly…and the price.

  21. Zoocomics Says:

    What Buc4evr said… he turned down an outstanding offer from the Ravens. Turning down that deal was all ego… it would’ve been one of the highest paid contracts, but not THE HIGHEST?… give me a break man. These guys looking for max deals, unless you figure out a way to sign him for decade, front load with bonuses and spread that money out over time, where the cap hit isn’t crushed, I just don’t think that formula works for any team, unless you’re a Patrick Mahomes who appears to make everyone else better around him and he wins divisions, playoff games and Super Bowls. And I don’t think his cap hit is above the norm of all other franchise QBs.

    Whatever team Lamar goes to needs to hit a home run in the draft EVERY single year and in every round since they can’t afford to bring on any big name free agents… what am I missing with these guys and these contracts?

    I get almost all other positions where players are looking to maximize their contracts, since most players only have one big contract in their career, but QBs shelf-life has a bit better sustainability, especially Lamar’s, he’ll get second and third chances even if he performs poorly. He needs to win something in order to demand the highest QB contract in the league. Can he win without talent around him? No way we land him Tampa Bay.

  22. Bojim Says:

    Don’t like running QB’s. Mobile yes.

  23. mark2001 Says:

    The truth is…if I was a betting man.. I think that we will probably have a top five pick next year, and the ability to move up to get the QB we want. That means this year we stink, but if we get the cap in order, it would only be a painful short period of time. Would be nice to get some additional draft capital for next year as well to make sure we can make a strong move. But I don’t see this year as turning out too well.

  24. Oxycondoms Says:

    Dont know who atlanta has or will get but they have the number 3 qb for now till bucs sign someone else. Name 1 player or coach who has been blown away by trask at practice

  25. PewterPride Says:

    I love how every armchair GM/scout in this town claims to know for a fact what this team has in Trask. The kid has never been on the field with a starting caliber o-line or receiver since he’s been in Tampa. We should definitely bring in some competition for him, but nobody truly know how good this kid could be. You certainly can’t say he’s going to be worse than whatever QB Carolina drafts, you don’t have a clue how any of these rookies will pan out.

  26. Statistically Insignificant Reader Says:

    Jackson would push the Bucs further into purgatory hell. A marvelous player but a Monster suffocating salary for a part time often injured player. Poor teammate and question his toughness. Just look at last years team mates let down.
    Play on the cheap this year. Payoff the superbowl, work on the cap pinch, save money, balance the checkbook. Draft wisely on the lines, evaluate what you got and be ready for a big splash in next years sweepstakes. Take our lumps.
    Have a real plan for once. You have now seen the carousel. Oh by the way a carousel is a merry go round where people excitedetly get on for the ride and go no where.

  27. Jon Grudin Says:

    A smart move for Lamar to line his pockets with Glazer doubloons but a weak move for the Bankrupt Bucs.

    Give Trask a chance to see what Bucs have in him.

    Any place Bucs have young talent (Vaughn and White, McCollum, Nelson, Gill etc) give the young in house talent a chance in 2023 just to see what Bucs have…

    Get the cap in a better place and go into 2024 with a plan.

  28. Bucfan Says:

    If toad can’t win with the GOAT, how will he win with this part-time player?

  29. D-Rok Says:

    OK, but who is going to write up Jackson’s contract?

    Miller and Kirwan were laughing their tails off the other day about Jackson being his own agent, and how ridiculous it is. Kirwan thinks Lamar is out of his mind, and so should the Bucs.

  30. PewterPride Says:

    I’ve got a question for everyone here…if we do have the horrible season this year, does anyone trust Jason Licht to draft a 3rd QB? How many GM’s get that opportunity?

  31. firethecannons Says:

    no way we would be in cap hell for the next 10 years and he is only good with entire offense revolving around him

  32. mark2001 Says:

    PewterP. I think the new HC and Licht, or possibly the new HC and new GM make that decision.

  33. mark2001 Says:

    The good thing for most of the Trask huggers…and no, I don’t dislike the guy, just saying all the manlove is kind of over the top, is that he will get his chance to shine or sink this year. No need for all the angst and anger.
    There are times in life when we will never get to see what we think is right, when we have discussions here. But this isn’t one of them. We aren’t bringing in Lamar, and he will get a chance to compete. And if bring in Jimmy G, Baker, or a retread? He still will have his chance. And if he can’t beat them out, he is a flop.

  34. NYbucsfan Says:


    If he’s so great, why would Baltimore let him walk?

  35. Hammerhead Says:

    With the kind of guaranteed money he’s wanting, where’s the incentive? He’ll coast through his contract and be disappointing like other players we’ve signed to fat overpriced contracts. I’m anxious to see what we’ve got in Trask. Win or lose hopefully we’ll be surprised. He’s already been judged by most to be a bust so there won’t be a letdown, right?

  36. Jeff’s grandpa Says:

    58mil a yr for a star qb won’t look that bad in 3 yrs could be a good deal keeps us relevant

  37. WiscoJoe Says:

    Go. Get. Lamar.

  38. Defense Rules Says:

    Marine Buc … ‘While we waste more time on this silly stuff we could be discussing the recent contract restructures’.

    JoeBucFan has always been about speculation. Cool thing about speculation is that it doesn’t have to be founded in reality like, oh ya, FACTS. All those contract restructures were speculation a few days ago. Yesterday they became FACT, and instead of being almost $58 mil OVER the 2023 salary CAP we’re only $3.9 mil over the salary CAP. Great job by JL. Of course he had no choice. And oh ya, 2024’s salary CAP is now just as bad as 2023’s was when you compare apples-to-apples (it only has 30 players signed, and at least 8 of those will never play for the Bucs). The hole we dug isn’t the type you dig out from in 1 year.

    The biggest remaining issue for 2023, right now at least, is freeing up enough $$$ so that we can re-sign certain of our own FAs AND sign some other quality FAs who’ll come available very shortly. Instead some folks (not saying who) prefer to speculate that ‘Bucs Targets Make Lamar Jackson A Smart Move’.

  39. SB~LV Says:

    It’s time for real leadership and stop this futile chasing compromise.
    Sell the team Glazers !
    3 brothers and 6 left feet 👣

  40. NEfan Says:

    Seattle went 3-6 to close out the 2022 season. I wouldn’t put too much faith in your new OC. I am a ME13 fan but he is pretty much done and now a decent 2nd option on most teams. Losing Smith and possibly Mason won’t help the running game, remember last season the O ran better to the left. Lamar Jackson will NEVER win a SB, he is to limited. Do the Bucs have a FB? Lamar requires one. The man is way overrated just like Watson.

  41. Bobby M. Says:

    Fun to talk about but doubtful we are even going to explore his demands.

  42. Niroro Says:

    how bucs are just $5,635,621 over the cap?

  43. Steven007 Says:

    SB with his daily mind numbing suggestion that the very successful owners of this team, who now own, not rent, two super bowl championships, should somehow inexplicably sell the team?! Such an idiotic proclamation. Gosh, if we just had a owner with cojones like Tepper! Willing to mortgage his teams future for an unknown quantity at quarterback in a middling year for them while trading away his best offensive player at the same time. What brains! Obviously time will tell if the Panthers made a good decision. History says no. 50/50 chance at best with whatever quarterback is chosen. No real chance to build the team through the draft for the next 2 years. Maybe they’ll have a good thing going in 2026?! The majority of smart posters can appreciate what the front office is doing right now. The rest seem to have champagne wishes and caviar dreams.

  44. Swanee Says:

    Lamar Jackson wanting 45 million per year is ludicrous. Jackson is an amazing talent, but 25 million is his worth. Jackson continues to be injured and will not be on the field for 17 games. Buccaneers would have to cut numerous super stars to obtain Jackson. Jackson must be willing to compromise, to throw to Bucs receivers with exceptional ability. The Bucs larger problem is the ownership and their hiring of a head coach that makes poor game decisions and does not have the personality to motivate or make half time adjustments. Traske was one of the top quarterbacks in the country his senior year, he deserves an opportunity to compete.

  45. WillieG Says:

    Why would any QB want to play for an ultra conservative defensive coach who has shown he plays to not lose on offense?

  46. Pryda sec 147 Says:

    Electric player I’d love him here for a few years

  47. Nirororo Says:

    how bucs are ($5,635,621) over the cap?

  48. Gbobucsfan Says:

    Would rather have Karen Rodgers……and that’s saying something.

  49. Killian Says:

    I won’t be mad if we sign him…

  50. T Says:

    If the Ravens would accept a 2024 and 2026 first round then I would buy into this. Too many holes on the roster this year to lose a first round pick. Especially if we are not going to be a good team this year and are able to draft a Qb early next year. If we would be able to fill some holes this year. Yes we lose 2024 1st round but would have much better insight into which veterans are on the decline and what players fit Lamar’s style. Then we are poised to be contenders in 2025. So the 2026 first round would not have a drastic impact.

  51. NEfan Says:

    He has WON nothing. MVP’s don’t mean squat, ie: Karen Rogers!!!

  52. SB~LV Says:

    There will be a jail break of Buc FA’s signing with other teams next week.
    Did I miss it?
Has Jason Licht
Or the
Addressed the fan base about the obviously past tumultuous year and the extremely important foundation year ahead.
Of course Not !
    They are always reacting rather than leading.

  53. Bucnjim Says:

    QB’s that won’t be playing or starting for the Bucs:
    Lamar Jackson
    Aaron Rogers
    Matt Ryan (laugher)

  54. Ashor Daniel Says:

    As Much as I would want Lamar, He is showing his true colors with his ego. If we had a terrible offense and alot of cap space, then yes he can win with his running and build around him. But we have a great offence that just needs an above average game manager. Ryan Tannenhill could be had for the short term IMO.

  55. Cobraboy Says:


    Trade Evans, Godwin, and Jensen to afford Jackson.

    Makes total sense.

  56. Ufcguy32 Says:

    Man you need to get up to date on your stuff. We’ve had 4 major contract restructuring and I gotta read it on of all places pewter report. Come on get your crap I’m gear. That article should have been out before this stupid article on jackson

  57. Mike Johnson Says:

    People say acquiring Jackson is a gamble. Of course it is. Its all a gamble. We gambled with Brady and won. But Jackson automatically puts this team back into contention. Automatically with his skill set. Might he get injured? Sure. But its worth the gamble Buc fans. That is IF..we are serious about jumping back into superbowl talk If not, Lets ride into mediocrity proudly. And make our..Buc Life tee-shirts are worn well.

  58. Richard Lee Says:

    I think Lamar Jackson would be a great running quarterback for the Buccaneers in the future I think next season we will have a good chance to get to the playoff like someone said go slow for the first season don’t try to win the Super bowl next season but if so we get there that’ll be good so if you have a chance to get Lamar Jackson please do I think that’ll be a good opportunity I know everyone says that the injuries but that was with the Ravens it don’t have to be with the Bucks a good offensive line can help

  59. Pepsi Says:

    We just restructured nearly everyone we can, and we’re still not cap compliant yet. JBF want to at least throw out a couple proposed theories on how paying for lamar would be even remotely possible? Yes the cap guys can make nearly anything happen if they really want, but this one is out of reach even for their cap manipulating tricks. It can’t be done here.. sorry Joe

  60. Duane Says:

    Joe is going to keep pounding the table on this until Jackson signs with someone. Sure an argument can be made to get him, but it just does not seem feasible for the Bucs to spend the kind of money he’s demanding, for a player who is absent from the field half the time over the last two years.

    Who knows, Licht may shock everyone, but he only shocked fans once when he drafted a kicker in the third round which he regretted ever after.

  61. sasquatch Says:

    Joe has gone full pimp mode. It’s clear Joe doesn’t give a rat’s ass about crippling the cap. There is no responsible way to clear the necessary cap space. Crippled cap = long term suffering, not winning.

  62. Buccos Says:

    Lets go get this guy!

  63. Larrd Says:

    He is starting to get banged up too much. The Ravens would have surely re-signed him by now if that was not the case. Of course, the Bucs don’t have the coaching brainpower to use him effectively, anyway.

  64. Joe Swanson Says:

    This guy was rated last year 12th in quarterbacks in the nfl and he wants 50 mil a year hell Jameis was rated 18th and you could him for less than 5 mil a year. The reason the Ravens put the non-exclusive tag on him so he could see hes not all that good. He will probably retire and go play baseball if no team wants him.

  65. BA’s Red Pen Says:

    Trask=3-14=Caleb Williams.

  66. Steven007 Says:

    UFC guy, I agree. I actually was first alerted to the fact of all the restructures by posters in the comment section. Not sure why Joe is recycling his inexplicable Lamar Jackson fantasy instead of talking about the actual things that are currently happening with the team that are consequential.

  67. Duane Says:

    Keep clearing that cap space. Pretty sure those restructures arent to make sure Trask has talent surrounding him. Someone is going to pay Lamar’s price. Interesting that although Lamar has no agent, everyone with a take seems to know how much was offered, what he wants in return, and what he is willing to do or compromise to get it done. $40 million is the going rate for a QB to likes of D Jones. Burrow likely to get over $50 million. Where some see risk in the length or guarantee of the contract, other businessmen will see the benefit of locking a player in at a lower rate for a longer period of time. 6 years $300 million. Get it done Glazers!

  68. NEfan Says:

    The guy has never made it to the AFC Championship game. All of a sudden if Bucs sign him they’re SB bound? What planet is Tampa on?

  69. cmurda Says:

    The Joes need different drugs. The ones you are on now leave you with no consistency. You hate the Lamar idea, you love it, it’s not possible, it can be done. Slow it down and listen up. Lamar is the guy. Get him. Kick the stupid can if you have to. Just get it done. This team is Super Bowl caliber with him. Likely The Panthers just gave up the farm for a shot in the dark. Lamar is a known force. In the snap of the fingers 44 mill was shaved off the cap yesterday. Who cares if the can gets kicked down the road if you got your QB. Have you seen our QB drafting skills in this franchise’s history? The only hit hardly played for the Bucs

  70. yar Says:


  71. Bigbucfan90 Says:

    We need to find a way to get Caleb next year. This year we should just look at some new investments on the oline maybe if we’re lucky we get Johnson from OSU

  72. stpetebucfan Says:

    Lamar Jackson is indeed an amazing talent…WHEN HE PLAYS. He’s missed NINE…NINE FREAKING GAMES in just the last two years! Spending all those draft picks rarely works out anyway. I’m glad Carolina just blew their future on a huge gamble that whichever QB they grab will become the real deal and not another Fameis Jameis!

    Jaboo has now elevated his record after 8 years in the league to 34-46! That’s a sparking 42% win %. Nothing like winning 4 out of ten games for the #1 draft pick in the 2015 draft. He’s so talented that N.O. just went out and dumped a ton on a different QB.

    For every Mahomes or Burrows there’s a Winston and Mariota. There’s also a 6th rounder like Tom Brady and a 9th rounder like Brad Johnson!

  73. Bucnjim Says:

    Lamar Jackson=RGIII
    Why do you think the Ravens are balking at the player they’ve built the team around

  74. Pewter Power Says:

    We’ve all seen this scenario play out in the AFC where the team with the best quarterback comes out on top. If they have any possible way to make this happen I’d say go for it. Regardless of the other deficiencies having Lamar will definitely make up for it on the offensive side of the ball

  75. Bucnjim Says:

    Lamar Jackson=RGIII
    Why do you think the Ravens are balking at him

  76. Steven007 Says:

    St Pete, and to add to that, the multi-million dollar new quarterback of the Saints is also upside down with his win-loss record! Combine that with the new contract given to middling quarterback Daniel Jones and I guess you can see how the Panthers would gamble with a 5-year contract on a rookie quarterback that will allow them to build the team in the coming years. Oh wait… No premium draft picks. For quite a while. And also no premium wide receiver anymore. Trade it away. That Panthers is owner is a genius! Or so the SB’s of the world would have you think.

  77. Troubleman828 Says:

    I don’t know how some of you in Bucs nation are ok with trashy Trask as our starting QB. If any of you have watched a single one of his pre-season games then you know that he played worse than Gabbert, who was terrible. Besides that, he’s a product of UF. What do I mean by that you ask? Please name the last QB drafted out of UF that was a franchise QB or was even remotely relevant. If, you’re thinking Tebow, then you answered your own damn question. UF doesn’t produce quality QBs but, you all want to roll the dice with Trask? Good luck. I’d be okay with having Lamar in TB, but I don’t think it’s financially practical for the Bucs. We better pray they get super lucky & find some “diamond in the rough” QB in the draft. Otherwise, it’s going to be another 5 to 10 years before we have anything to cheer about in TB.

  78. NEfan Says:

    I give up trying to convince you morons, Jackson hasn’t won squat and teams have figured out his playing style. At least guys like Vick, McNabb, Cunningham, Young were accurate passers, he is not. He’s a RB playing QB. The Bucs do not have the Oline or TE to support this guy. Have any of you watched more than on of his games? Beating up on the Bucs secondary for one 1/2 doesn’t make him a SB contender, every QB beats up on the Bucs secondary, especially the second half. Your better off dealing for his back up Huntley, same player less money.

  79. Allbuccedup Says:

    What a joke the cap is the bucs just dropped over 18 mil into godwins salary 2025 free agent year then some more in 2026 and 2027.

  80. sasquatch Says:

    He dumb. Watch an interview.

  81. D-Rok Says:

    ^^^sasquatch, he so dumb, he gotta have the NFLPA review and help him with his contract offers. Another fact that he dumb is that he is saving himself ~1% on his contract by being his own agent.

    From a GM’s perspective, HUGE red flags, evidenced by the fact that nobody seems to want to sign him. Hmmmm.


  82. Allbuccedup Says:

    I hope the bucs are not going to clear massive cap space to sign Jackson then Licht will be dumber than him. Then we can have our own Dumb and Dumber.

  83. Thisisouryear!! Says:

    I’d love to get Jackson but I read something interesting last night that no teams are going after him because Baltimore is letting someone else set up the contract and then they’re going to match it. Meanwhile all the other worthwhile QBs have been signed elsewhere and the team that tried to get Jackson is stuck with nothing.

  84. BucaneroJim Says:

    Oh yeah, money and the cap mean nothing… bring in Lamar and add Aaron Rogers as well, to compete with Trask. I’m sure the Glazer’s have an American Express Gold card with the buy it now – pay for 10 years term.

  85. SKBucsFan Says:

    Is he willing to take $8 million a year? If not..then move on. He’s not the answer folks.

  86. View from 132 Says:

    This one is very simple… the head coach is considered a great defensive mind – so he knows the real answer to this. If he had to stop this QB, what would he do? Hire the QB you don’t want to compete against… Jackson or anyone else.

  87. Christos Says:

    I dont think its a smart move with the current state of the franchise.
    Its not only the 2 1st round picks it is also the contract he wants
    Jackson is a good player i would not want to pay him the contract he wants, its not worth it in my opinion.
    And in the cap situation the Bucs are it would put the franchise in salary cap problems for years to come.
    Clean the cap this year as much as you can, give Trask a look. Trade down if you can but acquire picks for next year. Then look if you can position yourself for Caleb Williams or if you like someone else.
    This year must be a cleaning year, dont put the team in a situation when you will have salary cap issues for years to come.
    We sacrifice the future for Brady and it was worth it. Now its time to start over.

  88. BelleGladeBuc Says:

    Steve Young in his first four seasons in the NFL had a 53% completion percentage.

    Donovan McNab in his career in the NFL had a 59% completion percentage.

    Michael Vick in his career in the NFL had a 59% completion percentage.

    Randall Cunningham in his career in the NFL had a 56% completion percentage.

    Lamar Jackson in his career in the NFL so far has a 63% completion percentage.

    Anybody saying that Young after the same amount of time in the league was more accurate than Lamar is factually incorrect.

    Anybody saying that McNab, Vick or Cunningham are more accurate than Lamar is factually incorrect.

    Jackson has won an NFL MVP award. That is an elite and rare individual accomplishment that he won.

    Speaking of winning, he’s led the Ravens to a 46-15, 2 playoffs, and one playoff victory.

    No draft pick at QB in this draft or next year draft has accomplished what Lamar has and they only have potential, and if they do realize that potential and match Lamar’s success they will be an extremely special player and their team will be lucky to have them.

    The Bucs would be lucky to have Lamar for just two mid round draft choices.

  89. Goatfarmer Says:

    Lunacy loves company. Sure, “go get Lamar.”

    Then cut everyone else to afford him. Including Mikey and Chris.

    Then watch him suck because there is no team left to support him. Then watch him miss half the season because that’s what he does.

    This is more stupid than most ideas, and there are a lot of stupid ideas.

  90. Buc1987 Says:

    Run with Trask then to have spend all that on Lamar.

    Prolly would have to cut half the roster anyways just to get him in under the cap they are currently over a gazzilion….wtf am I saying…..wow NO Lamar!

  91. Letsbucinggo Says:

    The shoving down the road is not stopping this year Fournette, Brate and Smith will be the only casualty. So we will more than likely have a losing record and will continue to be toward the bottom of the salary cap.

  92. Alvin Scissors Harper Says:

    As Nancy Reagan was fond of saying, “Just say NO!”

  93. BucfaninMi Says:

    It takes 10 other guys to play. To pay one so much doesn’t make sense. Nobody is that good. These superstar QBs are just going to cripple their teams. No one man is worth that much.

  94. Marine Buc Says:

    @ DR

    All the symptoms you are describing are indicative of an NFL team who loaded up for a three year window and is now in rebuild mode…

    We signed a ton of 1 yr. deals in order to keep this ship afloat. Some worked out (Suh, JPP) some did not (Jones, Hicks).

    With an extension or trade of D. White along with an extension of M. Evans – we will have enough cap space to pay for the draft and bring back 12-15 of those cheap 1 yr. deals.

    – Nassib
    – Delaney
    – Ryan
    – etc…

    If the Bucs want to sign any higher priced free agents they will have to make more cap room by –

    – cutting Succop
    – Extending/trading/cutting R. Gage
    – Restructuring S. Mason
    – Restructuring S. Barrett

    N. Leverett

  95. Marine Buc Says:

    ** restructure R. Gage – not extend…

  96. BucfaninMi Says:

    Let Detroit take’em we’ll take Goff.

  97. NEfan Says:

    Belle your such a DB, you know it was a different game back them, , DB’s could grab hold wear globa of stickem etc back then. Other than Manning, Brees and I believe Pennington, all other leaders are this era QB’s. Young won 3 out of 4 PO games Jo’s first 4 season and a NFC title. Jackson can run and the minute he can’t he becomes Tim Tebow. The guy is an athlete no doubt but been in the league 5 years finished 3 seasons. Can you say that for the QB’s I listed? You look it up, I’m not.

  98. BucfaninMi Says:

    @NEfan exactly! Not to mention Steve Young played in TB with 1 good O- lineman and no weapons in the worst era of this team.

  99. Goatfarmer Says:

    Billy may be the dumbest, most ignorant, most unaware NFL “journalist” out there.

    Congratulations, Billy, that’s quite an accomplishment.

  100. NEfan Says:

    Belle, throughout Jackson’s career with the Ravens the D was ranked in top 3 except in 2021 #19 that season they went 8-9. Jackson’s only losing season. See where I’m going here?

  101. Oddball Says:

    Just stop. See Browns

  102. gotbbucs Says:

    They. Can’t. Afford. Him. And. Still. Field. The . Rest. Of. A. Roster.

    Get off this subject. It isn’t happening. Joe, you are the pied piper of fools on this subject.

  103. Erick Says:

    Do it!!!

  104. Buc4evr Says:

    Not one team looking for a QB has shown any interest and no one is going to give him what he is asking. He will probably end up back in Baltimore.

  105. Goatfarmer Says:

    Lamar should look at what happened to DeShaun Watson. Minus the weird massage thing, he torpedoed his own career by his arrogance. Yes he’s rich, but money does not buy happiness.

    Just swallow your ego, Lamar. You don’t deserve more money than Mahomes. Period.

    Just go back to your Ravens nest and play ball.

  106. HC Grover Says:

    We do not yet know if we have the #3. It remains to be seen. Who says so?

  107. Tye Says:

    Bets qb is a FAR stretch… Lamar would be the best runner in the division…
    If he were accurate, he would absolutely NOT be available…
    Ravens got his best years out of him AND he is over valuing himself causing him to be unwanted and it is warranted….

    No TEAM will EVER sniff the SB with LJ or anyone else lacking timing and accuracy!
    He will be like watching ‘little people’ wrestling… Entertaining to watch but you KNOW they will NEVER win the world championship title!

  108. Rod Munch Says:

    The same idiots against this are the same idiots who wanted Teddy Bridgewater over Tom Brady.

    Of course you go get a league MVP who is still young, who instantly puts you back into the playoffs and you have one of the most exciting teams in football. Only a true grade 1 peckerwood would say ‘no, I don’t want to win.’ Idiots.

    In any case it doesn’t matter since the Ravens only put him out there so he could get whatever contract he could get, and they’ll simply match it. They’re not giving up a franchise QB for two late 1st round draft picks.

  109. sasquatch Says:

    Lamar be dumb.

  110. Mike S Says:

    Trade away your future for a guy who missed 10 games in the last two years?

    For all that is holy pass.

    Its not like there isn’t precedent here – mobile QBs break down. Either they transition to being a pocket passer or the drop is precipitous.

  111. Mike S Says:

    All these shills are scheming every way they can to try to force the Bucs hand and not hand the ball to Kyle Trask.

    The Bucs have a good young QB. They have cap issues.

    Why don’t they understand this?

  112. sasquatch Says:

    People like to pretend that cap issues aren’t real and can be worked around, no matter how funked up it is. That’s delusional.

  113. Mike Johnson Says:

    Somebody here says offer Jackson8 mil a yr. I’m LMAO. You cant even get DAVID signed for that. He’s going elsewhere where he can get 10 to 12 a year. I know I would. To hell with this alligence discount stuff.

  114. NEfan Says:

    Rod, your the idiot. You really think the Bucs line is good enough for this guy? Wherever he ends up this season, he misses 4 or 5 games.

  115. BelleGladeBuc Says:


    These are all of TB12’s Super Bowl Championship Defenses NFL rankings in opponents points per game, the most important stat for any NFL defense.

    2020 Bucs = NFL #8 ranked defense in opponents points per game
    2018 Patriots = NFL #7 ranked defense in opponents points per game
    2016 Patriots = NFL #1 ranked defense in opponents points per game
    2014 Patriots = NFL #8 ranked defense in opponents points per game
    2004 Patriots = NFL #2 ranked defense in opponents points per game
    2003 Patriots = NFL #1 ranked defense in opponents points per game
    2001 Patriots = NFL #6 ranked defense in opponents points per game

    TB12 doesn’t win any of those Super Bowls without those defenses, and all of those defenses were elite in stopping opponents from scoring. It’s a team game.

    You’re arguing that Lamar is not accurate, that’s factually incorrect.

    TB12’s career completion percentage in the NFL is 64%.

    Lamar obviously is nowhere near as great as TB12, but Lamar Jackson’s career completion percentage is currently 63%.

    You do have a point about NFL rules changing through the years to favor offense and hinder defense.

    I agree with you that if Lamar continues to play quarterback as the Ravens have asked him to, then he will have a very short career.

    That’s why I think Lamar needs to leave the Ravens, just as run first Steve Young needed to leave Tampa. I watched him in the stands at the Ole’Sombrero, and I don’t care that his offense was horrible, Steve Young was looking to run at the first sign of pressure, which in his defense was quite often. Young had every criticism leveled at him at the time that you are applying to Lamar. Athletic, not a good qb, can’t complete passes, run first, etc.

    I’m arguing that Lamar Jackson is an incredibly talented quarterback with the ability to learn to play the game differently as he gets older, as he must adapt and evolve his game in order to have a longer career.

  116. sasquatch Says:

    Lamar be dumb AF.

  117. NEfan Says:

    Belle, I don’t believe a leopard can change his spots. Any team that signs him will expect the same type of play. What are you showing me, TB12 had a top 3 D for 3 SB’s out of 10? Jackson’s 4 years out of 5 TOP 3.

  118. NEfan Says:

    Belle do you realize since 2018 Jackson’s 1st season Ravens O was ranked top 3 for 3 years one of those seasons #1, once #9 and finished last season at 16 and he missed the end of the season. They never made the AFC Championship game. Aaron Roger’s Jr.

  119. Bucanero Says:

    Bring Lamar Home!

  120. Trask To The Future Says:

    This “no state income tax” stuff is so overblown. Players have to pay state income taxes for any states that have it where their away games are played. Bucs/Dolphins/Jags players certainly don’t have to pay any state taxes for their home games but they still have to pay state taxes for any away games located in a state with state taxes.

  121. Rand Says:

    no …he’s too brittle

  122. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Jackson has an attitude problem. Just keep that in mind. And he wants big money. And…when’s the last time he played?

  123. BelleGladeBuc Says:


    TB12 had two #1 ranked defenses, one #2 ranked defense, one #6 ranked defense, one #7 ranked defense and one #8 ranked defense.

    TB12’s defense’s when he won his championships were in the top 1/4 of the entire NFL.

    TB12 never won a championship without an elite defense. That’s okay, because despite what everyone thinks, it’s a team game even though most of the glory is given to the QB.

    Also, coaching matters, and John Harbaugh is no Bill Bellicheck.

    In a perfect world we could get Lamar and fire Bowles and get a competent head coach.

    I’m arguing that Lamar Jackson would be more successful as a Bucs QB than Kyle Trask or any other quarterback that they draft this year or next.

    Somehow you disagree with that and think some veteran QB, Trask or a yet to be drafted rookie quarterback would be better than Lamar.

    I respectfully disagree with that take.

  124. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    NEfan is right. Jackson would be a horrible investment for the Bucs.

  125. NEfan Says:

    Belle, you are making my point. Brady won with good defenses, Jackson hasn’t even with top ranked O’s. He would definitely be an obvious upgrade in QB compared to Bucs current options. I’m just saying he isn’t worth the risk or money if the goal is a SB. Harbaugh is a really good coach, look at those rankings I sent you on both sides of the ball. Won a SB with Flacco, that says something.

  126. Marine Buc Says:

    The only team who should go after Lamar Jackson is the SF 49ers…

    Their offense is built perfectly for his skills.

    Can you imagine that 49er defense with a Lamar Jackson led offense?

    That would be brutal!

  127. BelleGladeBuc Says:


    A veteran qb like Wentz or Mayfield who has failed on multiple teams, Trask, a rookie qb drafted in the first round this year or next year is a much greater risk than Lamar.

  128. Chris@Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa Says:

    LOL. IMHO such a non story. No way will Baltimore allow Jackson to get away.
    They will simply match any offer.
    Drafting Hooker from Tennessee is much more realistic, in case Trask does not work out.

  129. sasquatch Says:

    I don’t want any player who demands a fully guaranteed contract (whether he gets it or not). Entitled athletes are the worst. So, he’s got the punk-ass entitled prick thing going, plus he bigly dumb. No thanks.

  130. mg Says:

    Do it.

  131. The Beer Whisperer Says:

    Lamar Jackson is lazy, and becoming a head-case.

    Let the Ravens keep him.

  132. Goatfarmer Says:

    I chuckle and chortle when I read “good young quarterback” and “Trask” in the same context.

  133. BelleGladeBuc Says:

    Guaranteed contracts are here to stay. They are the norm. Adapt or be irrelevant.

    Per Spotrac NFL guaranteed contracts:

    Deshaun Watson = $230,000,000
    Kyler Murray = $189,500,000
    Russell Wilson = $161,000,000
    Aaron Rodgers = $150,815,000
    Josh Allen = $150,000,000
    Patrick Mahomes = $141,481,905
    Matthew Stafford = $130,000,000
    Dak Prescott = $126,000,000
    Jared Goff = $110,042,682
    Joey Bosa = $102,000,000
    Matt Ryan = $100,000,000
    Myles Garrett = $100,000,000
    Derek Carr = $100,000,000
    Aaron Donald = $95,000,000
    Ryan Tannehill = $91,000,000
    Khalil Mack = $90,000,000
    T.J. Watt = $80,000,000
    Cooper Kupp = $75,000,000
    Tyreek Hill = $72,200,000
    Denzel Ward = $71,250,000
    Jalen Ramsey = $71,200,000
    Stefon Diggs = $70,000,000
    Marlon Humphrey = $67,324,566
    Davante Adams = $65,670,000
    Ronnie Stanley = $64,166,00

    Lamar Jackson is not a bad teammate or selfish player for wanting to receive guaranteed money in his contract like all of the above 25 players in the NFL who have gotten such contracts.

  134. BelleGladeBuc Says:

    Guaranteed contracts are here to stay. They are the norm. Adapt or lose.

    Per Spotrac NFL guaranteed contracts:

    Deshaun Watson = $230,000,000
    Kyler Murray = $189,500,000
    Russell Wilson = $161,000,000
    Aaron Rodgers = $150,815,000
    Josh Allen = $150,000,000
    Patrick Mahomes = $141,481,905
    Matthew Stafford = $130,000,000
    Dak Prescott = $126,000,000
    Jared Goff = $110,042,682
    Joey Bosa = $102,000,000
    Matt Ryan = $100,000,000
    Myles Garrett = $100,000,000
    Derek Carr = $100,000,000
    Aaron Donald = $95,000,000
    Ryan Tannehill = $91,000,000
    Khalil Mack = $90,000,000
    T.J. Watt = $80,000,000
    Cooper Kupp = $75,000,000
    Tyreek Hill = $72,200,000
    Denzel Ward = $71,250,000
    Jalen Ramsey = $71,200,000
    Stefon Diggs = $70,000,000
    Marlon Humphrey = $67,324,566
    Davante Adams = $65,670,000
    Ronnie Stanley = $64,166,00

    Lamar Jackson is not a bad teammate or selfish player for wanting to receive guaranteed money in his contract like all of the above 25 players in the NFL who have gotten such contracts.

  135. BelleGladeBuc Says:

    Guaranteed contracts are here to stay. They are the norm. Adapt or lose:

    NFL guaranteed contracts:

    Deshaun Watson = $230,000,000
    Kyler Murray = $189,500,000
    Russell Wilson = $161,000,000
    Aaron Rodgers = $150,815,000
    Josh Allen = $150,000,000
    Patrick Mahomes = $141,481,905
    Matthew Stafford = $130,000,000
    Dak Prescott = $126,000,000
    Jared Goff = $110,042,682
    Joey Bosa = $102,000,000
    Matt Ryan = $100,000,000
    Myles Garrett = $100,000,000
    Derek Carr = $100,000,000
    Aaron Donald = $95,000,000
    Ryan Tannehill = $91,000,000
    Khalil Mack = $90,000,000
    T.J. Watt = $80,000,000
    Cooper Kupp = $75,000,000
    Tyreek Hill = $72,200,000
    Denzel Ward = $71,250,000
    Jalen Ramsey = $71,200,000
    Stefon Diggs = $70,000,000
    Marlon Humphrey = $67,324,566
    Davante Adams = $65,670,000
    Ronnie Stanley = $64,166,00

    Lamar Jackson is not a bad teammate or selfish player for wanting to receive guaranteed money in his contract like all of the above 25 players in the NFL who have gotten such contracts.

  136. NEfan Says:

    Belle, none of those options and Jackson take the Bucs to the promised land. Someone mentioned SF, Jackson is a home run for them.

  137. BelleGladeBuc Says:


    Agreed. Lamar Jackson as the 49er’s QB would be terrifying. It’s a great fit for Lamar.

  138. Pepsi Says:

    Still not a single comment in here explaining how it’s possible to create enough cap to give Lamar the type of contract he wants

  139. Brazen Zebra Says:

    Screw Jackson! The Bucs should stop QB dreaming, and treat their big men like kings. Pay em big, and they’ll win big for ya. The trenches win championships, not a retread QB whose Wonderlic score is below zero, and definitely not a number-one overall draft bust that’ll cost near a billion. Rebuild from the bottom up, not top down. Use Trask, and save money. See what ya got. Find the next Purdy, Brady, or Garappolo as a bargain pick in the draft as a back-up plan. Last thought on Lamar Jackson—even Belichick, the grizzled old-timer with more rings than he can wear, got hood-winked on that fantastic retread Cam Newton. Wrong! What a waste! So, I say—Go Bucs! Go Trask!

  140. NEfan Says:

    Brazen, Josh McDaniels as the Pat’s oc was scouting Jackson and wanted to draft him, instead Belichick passed on him and took either Sony Michel or N’Keal Harry, forgot which one.

  141. optimisticbucfan Says:

    Looking at 2024…yikes…we are still kicking cans down the road.

    Godwin has a $27 mill cap hit in 24

    We still have a long ways to go in salary too.

    Here’s what it crazy…yeah we will be under the cap but because we restructured deals and that is dead money next year. Someone check my math…$22 mill and growing as of now.

  142. sasquatch Says:

    Anybody thinking we could actually be in the market for a big money QB needs to go to overthecap.com and get a clue.

    Plus, Lamar be reeeeaaall dumb. He dumber than a bag-o-hammers.

  143. Buc king Says:

    Beg Brady back or go after rodgers…if neither run it I with Trask n Winston through camp

  144. sasquatch Says:

    Buc king Says:
    March 11th, 2023 at 9:41 pm

    Beg Brady back or go after rodgers

    That’s rrreeeaaalll dumb. Reality still hasn’t sunk in yet, has it?

  145. garro Says:

    Joe! You seriously need to get some help.

  146. Oneilbuc Says:

    Sasquatch. I don’t think the man is dumb and I still don’t understand why black quarterbacks are always considered being dumb even if they are not that good? Lamar Jackson is a good quarterback but the bucs don’t have to money anyway. And why white quarterbacks are never considered dumb when they’re not good is a good question ❓

  147. Denny Gay Says: