Will Gholston Reveals His Monday Feast

February 20th, 2023

“Will, I need to introduce you to pastrami and knishes.”

Like any guy who lasts 10 NFL seasons, Bucs defensive lineman Will Gholston takes great care of his body 96 percent of the time.

But Gholston isn’t always Tom Brady, and he explained during a visit to the Bob & Tom national morning show prior to the Super Bowl.

Asked how he cheats on his diet during the season, Gholston explained what his Monday feasting looks like when he’s feeling naughty after a Sunday game.

Here’s the menu:

3 waffles with strawberries and whipped cream
4-egg spinach omelet no cheese
1 Large bowl of ramen with eggs, pork belly and chicken broth
3 grilled bratwurst
1 bowl of vegetables
1 entire grilled chicken

Joe’s first reaction was, ‘Hey, that’s a football Sunday for Ira Kaufman minus the veggies, and he’s not even playing!’

Gholston, 31, was the Bucs’ nominee this year for the NFL’s prestigious Walter Payton Man of the Year award that honors a player’s charity work. He didn’t win, but just being nominated is a hell of an accomplishment.

Among the Bucs’ many pending free agents, Gholston could be a salary cap casualty and hit the open market this month.

And in this case the word “casualty” fits. What club wouldn’t want a versatile team-first guy like Gholston in their rotation. Gholston hasn’t missed a game since 2017.

13 Responses to “Will Gholston Reveals His Monday Feast”

  1. robert Says:

    love the guy…..

    but his menu? like reading the comment section of a fox news article. lol

  2. Goatfarmer Says:

    Beautiful. Love Will.

  3. mark2001 Says:

    A great picture. But tricky. One guy is a world class athlete? The other not. For a wonderful prize package, too great to describe, can you tell which is which? LOL.

  4. Dooley Says:

    I’d argue in terms of longevity, availability, and ability that Gholston is probably Mark Dominiks’ best draft selection ever, which isn’t saying much but still worth mentioning.
    You’re forgetting Lavonte David. –Joe

  5. BucsfanFred Says:

    Gholston has always been solid for us. I don’t know what the teams plans are, but he’s a solid reliable player whom we can probably afford. I’d keep him and LVD and trade D White

  6. Dooley Says:

    You’re 100% right @Joe

  7. Not Says:

    Wow !!! I never noticed this before , is Ira less than 5 feet tall ?

  8. Rand Says:

    What is his veteran asking price?

  9. Jack Burton Mercer Says:

    I would like him to stay. Hope he does.

  10. Beeej Says:

    Gholston doesn’t make but $4 million or something, does that warrant “cap casualty” status? (He doesn’t get sacks, THAT I could understand)

  11. Destinjohnny Says:

    Quietly been around for a long time.
    Does the dirty work.
    Plus good locker room guy.

  12. Statguy Says:

    Schiano man

  13. BA’s Red Pen Says:

    He will be back.