Todd Bowles Talks Sean Murphy-Bunting (Video)

February 28th, 2023

Joe is busy collecting all kinds of goodies at the NFL Scouting Combine in Indianapolis and there will be plenty to share here all day and night.

Bucs head coach Todd Bowles hit on all kinds of subjects.

Joe caught video of one Bowles take on pending free agent cornerback Sean Murphy-Bunting.

The Bucs’ second-round pick in 2019, Murphy-Bunting is one of several defensive backs that don’t have a contract for the 2023 season, including fellow 2019 draftmates Jamel Dean and Mike Edwards.

Bowles loves Murphy-Bunting’s smarts and how strong he came back last season from injury. After listening to a lot more Bowles chatter, Joe is convinced would love to have all his free agent defensive backs return, including Logan Ryan.

You can listen to Bowles’ 22-second take on Murphy-Bunting below. Will the Bucs re-sign him? The free agency dinner bell rings in 13 days.

12 Responses to “Todd Bowles Talks Sean Murphy-Bunting (Video)”

  1. Cho Says:

    I hope they resign Dean, Edwards and Ryan. SMB hasn’t been good in my eyes. Seems like the last 3 seasons, every time one of our corners got burned it was SMB.

  2. Says:

    Some tough decisions to be made at One Buc Place this off season… hope they all work out for the best 🤞

  3. Fansince76 Says:

    The free agents leaving and cuts this offseason are going to suck!!

  4. HC Grover Says:

    No to expensive used football players.

  5. jerseybuc Says:

    Money is just not there for more than one of these guys. All it takes is one other team to up the ante, and off they go. One good thing is we will most probably be gaining a few additional mid round picks next year due to the loss of free agents. I am in the mindset of BPA for this draft, maybe even a trade back to gain an additional first day pick.

  6. sasquatch Says:

    SMB will be back. Dean will not.

  7. Joe in Michigan Says:

    sasquatch Says:
    February 28th, 2023 at 3:02 pm
    SMB will be back. Dean will not.
    Agreed, unless some team offers SMB way more than he’s worth.

  8. Rod Munch Says:

    SMB is going to be a lot cheaper than Dean. He’s not a bad player, just inconsistent, but I also don’t know why him being inconsistent would suddenly change in his 5th year. Still, you need someone back there.

    As for Logan Ryan, I don’t get it. He wasn’t good to stick with a bad Giants team and he looked slow and washed up last year. I don’t listen to sports talk radio as it’s one of the most boring things ever, but are the blowhards on radio talking him up or does he do interviews with them? I really don’t get why anyone thinks Ryan is anything but a bad backup and a roster filler, who will probably spend half the year injured.

  9. Larrd Says:

    Let Dean go. He has been inconsistent, too. If Edwards and Bunting will come back cheap, by all means. Teams looking for depth should avoid broken down vets like Logan Ryan. Lots of guys in draft. How many rookies were Chiefs playing in their defensive backfield rotation? Four?

  10. Defense Rules Says:

    Cho … ‘I hope they resign Dean, Edwards and Ryan. SMB hasn’t been good in my eyes.’

    For the projected cost of re-signing Dean, we could more than likely re-sign SMB, Edwards AND Ryan. I love Jamel’s work, but in our current situation the Bucs probably better be looking at Chevy’s rather than Ferrari’s.

  11. Goatfarmer Says:

    I like Joes idea to trade Carlton Davis, use that money on Dean and SMB, and draft a CB in the first four rounds. And pray that someone can give this Zion McCollum a clew on how to play football.

  12. Kgh4life Says:

    Dean walks and SMB resigns.